Copro-sanatorium for boys

It turns out that regular passive anal sex, coupled with fecal massage helps as a great stimulant of almost all diseases. And an experimental teenage anal scat-dispensary. I - frail sickly 12 year old lad. Parents desperate to cure me of all sorts of colds and other illnesses, given there for treatment, especially since not only does not need to pay, but also parents dispensary he pays decent money, t. To. As trainers and scat donor sponsors. The selection of the sponsor quite strict: it can only be a man no older than 50 years, always athletic, good-looking and with a good size penis - at least 20 in length and 4 in width. At the same time in dispensaries shoot for sponsors and abroad exclusive porn movies.
Also sponsors dispensaries are trainers and doctors: young cute guys specially selected with the largest and beautiful huyami erection. Their task: to prepare the boy to have sex with the sponsor, ie razebat it points to a state of pussy, but, more importantly, to learn to finish from anal sex.. Much attention is paid to the development of anal stamina: the boy had to withstand not less than seven hours of almost continuous ¸bli at a fast pace.
Coaches, doctors themselves and the boys were the same as the scat of the donor. Experience has shown that there is no gradualism in this case should not be: the boy immediately should understand that there will not be sentimental with it. Kid laid on a special chair, throws back his leg and fixed, snap handcuffs and fully secured the body and head, so as not twitching.
On mouth put nagubnik that kid could not close it, and held wide open. Please follow anal prostate massage special ribbed vibrator, not too thick, so long as he could freely enter the neraz¸bannoe point. The anus lubricated special miracle cream that not only provides excellent glide, but also acted as a powerful aphrodisiac. Vibrator itself was very long and flexible, so penetrated very far into the intestine. Five minutes later, the boy usually begins to show signs of the onset of anal orgasm, yet, of course, is very weak. And then the boy came to the brand new kid has experienced among patients. That fit four. First they piss together on the boy, completely engulfing his stream of urine, piss in his mouth, and he could not close it, and then one of the guys sits over the boy and pushes out of his ass long sausage feces kid on his stomach. Now guys are completely smear shit on this body patsanchika. He tries to dodge, while he never for a moment cease to fuck dildos in the ass. When the whole body (and torso, and abdomen, and legs and arms) boy covered with an even layer of shit guys carefully smear him and his pisyun testicles.
Now, one of the boys sat on his mouth boy and squeezed him in the mouthpiece to start a small piece of shit. And then I went to him in the position 69 and started to crawl on his body smeared by shit. He dipped his already rather big pisyun patsanchik in the mouth, and he began to suck with relish smeared in shit his pisyun. This picture is more! One of the boys shoved once all broken-down brush in the ass of his friend and pulled her hand, densely covered ermom d. He smeared his face bound boy, rubbed into the hair: Once finished the top, his place was taken by another boy, also defecate on the pre-stomach or the boy's chest. And so all four. Soon the boys were all completely smeared in shit. Bound and tortured the boy loosing. Super-cream and special vibrator knew misfires: all the boys were finishing during the session for long time, and every next orgasm was stronger than the previous one. Newbie barely on his feet. He put on his knees and piss in his mouth for lifting forces. But that is not all. It is necessary to build on the success. The boy was discharged into another room, where he sees a wonderful little shallow pool: face to each other by shit smeared boys are cancer, their assholes go shake retractable from the pool walls dildos, vibrators, which then gradually expands in diameter. If the newcomer in the ass dildo snu¸t just three centimeters thick, then the fifth boy - already six or seven!
At the same time the boys wearing their muzzles to the other dildo, so do not push them out of his mouth. And in the hole at the end of the dildo oozing a mixture of urine and shit on a special tube. They also move slowly, but deeply, each time deeper and deeper, until finally, do not go into the throat patsanchik. They have already several times and managed to puke, and, eventually, learn to suck vproglot. Mouth portions splashes brown slurry, which flows in the sockets, and then again in a circle. On huyah boys put on a vacuum cuff electroshock. This unique invention clinic. They allow for a few weeks two or three times to increase the size of the penis boy. Coupled with the anal sex and scat-massage, which, as it turned out, the earlier we start, the better, not only contribute to the growth of the genitals, but the overall strengthening of health - a stunning result! At 10 year-old boy after a course of treatment of the penis in erection is a 16-18 cm long and 4-5 cm thick! At the same time integrated into the cuff of orgasm force sensor. Until those x long as the boy has finished 7 times with a force of 12 Fa (unit 18-point scale), the training does not stop. Dispensary located in a secluded and picturesque location in a forest near a clean lake on a well-protected area. I was taken early in the morning. Young doctor and a couple of very young nurses met me, and assured that within a month, my health will go to clear the amendment: - After a month he would Fortress. I said goodbye to my parents, with a sinking heart waiting for what was waiting for me:
: This month was wonderful.
Looking at my medical card, the young doctor said: - Yes, you already have is the experience of scat therapy! - Yes, Mom, Dad and my older brothers, Dima and Maxim have treated me so. - Yes, you have written here, that and anal massage practiced regularly. - Yes. - Well, well, let me take a look at your hole. I quickly lowered his shorts and trunks and bent forward, otklyachila ass. The doctor put his hand on the rubber glove, wet it in the cream and gently introduced into my ass first one finger, then two, I felt already, in my already well broken-down parents and brothers, as well as dildos, asshole. - So, have you got a lot of feces. Defekatsiroval long time? - No, I suffer for four days. - It's good that you're so tough. More patience. Your shit still is useful. - And he pulled his hand, nodded a male orderlies at my own business. - Look, what a glorious our patient.
The personal file stored photos to prove that I have passed the initial course scat therapy at home. Dad did it himself during our home sessions. Photos turned out that it is necessary! Here's the first I reclined in our bath-chair, with your feet a little bit, to be visible thick black dildos in my ass. I had just caught a buzz, and I have written on his face an unearthly bliss. Of course, I'm covered in shit mother, father and brothers: shit everywhere - in the hair and on the heels.
Here is the second photo. I stand with cancer, and turned to look at the camera, and my mother, a cool 35 year-old beauty-haired (and I and the brothers Her colorless, went to his father), this time with one hand massaging my ass with his to brush a bit and not elbow and other smears shit on my back, and so is completely brown on shit. Mama herself, of course, also completely shit. It can be seen as pieces of shit ... cover it cool delicious tits. In the third photo yet I and my middle brother Dima lay jack and sucked each other thickly smeared in shit pisyuny. Meanwhile, mom and dad hammering us asshole with huge dildo.
In the next shot the pictures close up I swallow a huge dick my dad covered with a thick layer of my own shit. It is seen as a translucent veins through my father's dick. I'm far from the feces stuck brown tongue to my father's dick easily walked into the throat. My face is completely covered with shit, it's even on the eyelids.