Forest walk

You agreed to meet at the edge and go for a walk in the woods. When you came, he was already in place and waited in the shade, leaning against the trunk of a tree.
- Come on, - He took you by the hand and led him along the path almost imperceptible.
- On this trail unknown practically anyone and nobody goes there.
You moved far enough, suddenly, he turned to you and said ... - Take off your clothes.
- Here?
- Yes!
Look, you pulled a T-shirt and took off her bra.
- Completely?
- Of course!
You have put off the rest and went forward. He picked up odezhku and went after him.
- Do not be afraid, do not look back, go forward, you have heard, and followed by the rustle of bushes behind.
You sharply looked back and saw that he was gone.
- Walk straight! - Heard you from afar.
Alone in the woods, naked, wearing light sandals. Shame has been touched up a modicum of fear, but little trampled undecided you still went ahead along the path.

Progal appeared among the trees. You carefully peered around the trunk. Polyana, in the center of a spreading oak tree grows, and under the tree to spread out the blanket you saw him. Naked, he reclining looking at you and you feel like you have at the bottom rises excitement.
- Fear not, there is never anyone there. Get out.
Slightly embarrassed you married under the bright sun, and went to him.
- Sit down!
You sat down on his knees on the edge of the curtain and took the offered them a glass of wine.
- You're on the road listening to the forest? - He asked, looking at you from the bottom up.
You shook his head.
- It's a pity!
But you as if spellbound sat and looked at how under your gaze rises from the black hair lace his cock. Leaning toward him, you wrapped around his lips and slowly began to move.
- You're not listening to me - he said, - Do not hurry.
With these words, he slowly pulled away from you and put you on your back. Legs apart, he put his lips to your potaenke.
- Listen to the forest. - he said.
You tried to listen to the rustle of the wind in the oak branches above your heads, birds singing, and after a while you felt great in the sounds of the forest are intertwined movement of his tongue, and joined by hand. You absorb the smells, see the green leaves, I saw reflected in his eyes. forest rustles steel rhythmic, when changing postures you came a little to himself, but then immediately plunged into the maelstrom of bliss, painted in green tones on a background of birdsong and wind noise
...You caved in, clung to the rough and wrinkled trunk, and he was moving slowly, so you're not scratched ...
...You stand on his heels and look at the trees surrounding the meadow ...
...You're on top, and the wind develops your hair loose and tickling of your tight nipples.
And, finally, came the long-awaited moment when all was quiet around you and you're lurching for the last time on it, I felt a sharp reduction in the bottom itself.
Caved in, you spread her arms toward the sky, toward the sun and a little sun exploded inside you, holding out his trembling rays to all corners of your body.