First time

My first time happened when I was 14 years old it was a girl from a parallel class, very beautiful, and on the face on the forms, we often hang out at my house after school because their parents were at work until the evening. First we started with kisses, and I allowed myself to caress caress her breasts as it was already far not the first time that I caressed his chest but pussy is not and never has touched. While friends chattered we removed the parent's room kissing and caressing each other. She stroked me but not fondle my penis. Almost after every such fondling I finished. Three days later, I finally got to her pussy, it was something that impression, I was still always came her friend, and as it turned out she was constantly spied on us. All the affection took place virtually without removing the clothes I koryachilsya and tried to get it up the pussy to her breast, she was not a virgin, and so quietly fucked her fingers. She always mokrela very strong and sometimes so sexy moaning that I almost immediately finished and finished course in his pants. After that, our affection for today could be considered finished. Yves from after a week full of caresses and pussy and breasts, she came to me at school and says look at me you, not what you do not notice, I have long looked at her she was wearing a dress in which she often came to me, it could undo and get up and panties and pantyhose to her breasts in her bra. And then it dawned on me that there is no bra, and if much closer look you can see the outline of her breasts. Nipples she did not stick out much and indeed they were of those who do not stick out when this form and understand that there is no point in my bra stood upright. Hardly wait for the end of the lessons, and went to see me again.
It was now the bra is not displeased her breasts, I began to kiss her nipples, and she also kissed me it was the first buds. I finished three times. Her pussy already included four fingers she also received a strong pleasure. Without a bra she came to me a couple of days later I got sick and did not come to school. The first day she called that pass away can not but come the next day with a friend and the always went with a girlfriend at that age why it rarely went with a girlfriend. She came in and we do not think for a long time went into the room I began to unbutton her dress to kiss her on the lips she kissed fun. She bared her nipples fondled their mouth, and when fully unbuttoned dress I was shocked she was without panties. I completely threw the robe and stayed in his shorts. We caressed and kissed each other where an hour later she sat on top of me and I decided that it is time bared penis and gently touched her greatly wet pussy. She gasped softly and I'm so very exciting said yes let's go into me.
Entered the labor is not accounted for and grabbed my dick so heat is heat, it was something. The only big minus and four times I jerked back and forth, and began to finish well and that he managed to pull obkonchal her entire ass. She even told me thank you it was such a pleasure and pride that it was my first woman or girl or no girl. I put on a dressing gown and offered eu water them in the room where she sat her friend but she said that I was one, but it will lie down and rest. I went to my girlfriend for five minutes after the conversation she suddenly said that she saw what we were doing and wanted too ........ But more on that another time.