Tales of the old Onan. Tale of Three: Children? This is what we love!

Those who do not have children, do not know much about that kind of torture. Well, someone from neroditeley know that the first days of a baby's stool is greenish mass that just born child is ready to shoot a horror movie or a shout from them more than from all the dying monsters of thirty levels of the Duma? Usually it happens that the child wants a woman and a man only indulges her desire for the love of it and in the process, not knowing the upcoming nightmare with this lump of flesh .. It turns out that the child is busy mom, grandmother or girlfriend.
..Artem was born in May, and almost immediately he was given into the care of the younger sister of the mother - Masha. First of it - 17 years, engaged in dances and therefore, plus the impact of the natural tendency to a lack of adipose tissue is a rare harmony of shapes, for which it called for the eyes 'board - two nipple'. Painted light brown hair in pigtails before the former, and now shortened to a four of a kind, fun and insatiable periodic tantrums - Masha has become a prominent figure. A friend, workmate at the school, an important member of any company - all these roles of Mary succeeded, but with personal life issues were, and she had a girl with early puberty. Just all the guys interested in her, were too small or too perverted, but those who chose herself, after a little more intimate acquaintance ran, frightened her character and very strange relationship with her closest friend Tank-APC. That had her delight yourself fingers, a shower and a closet ..
At that moment she was sitting in a chair, his thoughts carried off on a hot beach Crimea, where her body was driving everyone crazy. Now she saw lying on her back on a bed, untied the back straps of the bodice for even tan, and suddenly the guy covered in droplets, wet water, sprinkle in the already brown back holodnyuschey water from the palms, she jumps up and rushes for the insolent, forgetting everything and sharply remembered, and he stood and admired her breasts, small but suitable for anything else. his eyes look into the eyes, lasting three seconds - and they are both marching towards each other, he grabs Masha in his arms and carries away into the trees, gently stroking her shoulders and hips, and then removes the remaining, admires and without further caresses goes inside, causing happiness and dealing joy .. the machine arm has long been stoke inside panties, this time light-colored, running his first sponge left, then right, slightly slipping between them, touching the clitoris is more rough skin of the wrist, up and down, sometimes making a wide circular motion, from which all crushes and again were put down, and slime smeared on framing the hair, and then she came into paltsesparkoy as possible to chaff.

Girls in general are sensitive creatures, and the more friends and, not surprisingly, that Tatiana was aware of a strong desire girlfriend. She herself was also not averse to get the maximum enjoyment, and as a more active, decided to help a friend and myself, right now, for this she went to visit in a perfect moment conceived.
..Three friends sitting on the couch together and, for the umpteenth time, looked through photo albums. Tanya was delayed in the picture, where they were in bathing suits, not forgetting to insert compliments the beauty of the female body:
- Mash, you have such a waist!
- :) Thank you. You're too skinny!
- Yes, compared to you, I like a five-ton wagon and "Oka"..
- Nay, you are a little thicker than me, you want to measure?
- Oh..
They stood up. Masha opened her robe and grabbed her friend by the arm, pulling her to the mirror in the hallway.
- Throw robe, he stirs.
- Well .. Take off your shirt, now I'll prove that you're beautiful. Well, you see?
The girls stood before the mirror, partially nude. Tanya was not appeased and pretended he did not believe in myself,
- Yes you see any wrinkles! You are a hundred times already I ...
She pulled off the hanger and wrapped the belt around his waist, noting wide. Masha grabbed him and began to wind was the same, but the tannins hands seized the initiative and did it for her. As if by chance, they stroked the soft girlish skin of the abdomen, even got into the navel. Breathing frequent. Sensing this, the hand froze for a moment, even in the second, on their faces at this point would be to read the agonizing decision: one - whether to continue for another - what happens ..?
..Masha came to her senses first. She put his hands on top of others and pushed them down, inviting to slide further. Naughty girlfriend rejected the proposal, recoiling, and suddenly, rushing into the pool, kissing Mary's neck. They froze, for the umpteenth time.
- What are we doing ?
- Just play. Do you like to play ?
- ...

Their memory is preserved, who stretched his lips for a kiss first, still it happened almost simultaneously. The sweet taste of a friend, enveloping her lips made a shame to retreat into the distance. Hugs were natural, and Tannins hands gliding over the body, caught in the lock bra and undid it. Kiss in the chest, performed by a woman, for another girl like Raffaello - memorable for the senses. Tanya masterfully kissed the one to the other nipple, they have long stood glove, both latter-day lesbian moist to squelch, waving into oblivion spoke incoherently. Among this nonsense Tanya heard "dalshe..drochi menya..tam, lick .." The very surprised determination, it is directly in the hall stood up on his knees, pulled off her panties and buried her nose in vulvochku Mary. At that immediately gave way under his feet, just in time to grab her ass hand saved her from injury. Tanya did test the language movement, the brain it was captured by the desire, the taste reminded her something from my childhood, and she passionately kissed her girlfriend right in the clitoris, invested in this gesture all his love for her.
Masha sharply squeezed his legs, and cried quite noticeably shook all over, again and again, and then once somehow went limp and sank. And Tatiana experienced just a bunch of emotions - surprise, joy, fatigue, resentment, shame, and all the same desire. She dramatically clutched her hips, repeated this movement ten times and also huddled in an orgasm, maybe not such a strong, but so is its desire. Everything was quiet ..
The tea was hot, scalding too, but it was all so far away for them. Masha reclined on the rug, never dressed, Tanya was sitting nearby, admiring the joy on her face and clinging to her hip. They were silent. Masha was built in the head strange chain - Tanya, sex, children - Artem! By the way, that he cries in a strange voice, apparently once again izmochil diaper, a sort of machine for delivered hassle, and Masha rushed to change it. Put it on the table, the usual neat hand movements with delicate wrists she unwrapped the cloth and froze, stunned by what he saw. His penis size a little less than five centimeters thick and with something very small scale, was proudly raised over the chubby infant hairless pubis. Whether it is a little more closely, you would have noticed remarkable for such a small child's meaningful glance and some familiar tone in blond hair. But she just got a new diaper, baby wipes and put it, with a touch of embarrassment prevent it from adjusting member.
When she left, Artem suddenly somehow jerked and published 'Gu' saw a rattle, and he looked just like a normal child.
The guy with the white hair at the same time opened my eyes ... I saw myself in his apartment surrounded by the dying candles, barely crawled to the bed and collapsed into it. Before you fall asleep, he thought, 'to milk. Gu. '