A family

A year ago, I went to university, and two weeks later I was approached by a nice guy, very simply and directly I said that I liked him and he wanted to meet with me, and if I do not mind, to meet in the evening .. The guy seemed a nice, but I am most interested in is the frankness with which he spoke, I was even sure that if he wanted to fuck me just this minute, then he would have said, or rather would have insisted on it .. I was interested in it, from the Man I have not had for a long time, I mean not filed, but it dictated my room .. and leave me. Doubt that he would call there was, 18 hours, I began to gather:
lain down in the bathroom, smeared maslechkom long underwear chose rather panties outfit and could not choose, so called girlfriend, chatted with her about the dress .. of course we forgot to talk about, but this guy .. discussed fully finished talking, I looked at clock, it was almost 10 pm .. checked in the mobile phone missed calls .. any hints! I waited for a call up to 12 .. and went to bed. It was a little angry, offended, but fell asleep with thoughts about it with pleasant thoughts .. set the alarm: I did not want to wake a study (this was perhaps the first time, I went there). I woke up a few minutes before the signal, woke up thinking about this guy! An hour later, I went to school, came at half the couples before class .. She sat a little in the car, gathered his thoughts, I was surprised by him, by his behavior, I'd say some concern.
I decided that I did not maloletochka conducted on the guys so that the more he do this to me! Firmly decided that if his appointment, and the mind do not file his notice, but if they talk to me, I'll be cold, get a second chance to meet him, I will not give! Another moment .. and was ready, get out of the car and it sits straight in front of me bordyurchike, looks at me and smiles .. All my plans have collapsed in a moment, I broke into a smile, said first "Hello!".. He did not even remember the last day, asked how things work, why so long sat in the car, a bunch of different questions in five minutes .. I'd forgotten what happened yesterday! Then he invited me to be absent from my classes and go somewhere, without hesitation I agreed, was about to return to the car, but he stopped and said that the car will stand here, and will go to him. I decided to drop in to the university, go to the bathroom, look in the mirror .. Five minutes later I went outside on the porch was a large red sports bike! Max sat on it, smiled and loudly, very loudly on the gas!
It was my dream, always wanted to ride on such a! Jumped from behind, he turned, put his helmet on me, he points .. Many times I saw the girl drive passengers on bikes, so repeated position that is most common, feet put on podstavochki without difficulty, leaned forward slightly pressed against Max and wrapped her arms around his waist .. The bike jerked from a place with a wild roar .. I'm not a little frightened, heart beating just a breakneck speed .. After about 10 minutes I realized how necessary to conduct himself when the motorcycle brakes, when dispersed, when tilted to the side .. We raced around the track, I do not have time sometimes to distinguish colors cars that sped past .. then I got the idea to look at the speedometer, I looked out of the back of Max, the wind almost knocked me to the bike! !!
But I made her, our speed was about 200 km / h !!! My breath caught in his eyes darkened, I am very nervous, head, helmet or rather, began to beat him on the back, we just shook from side to side, then we promptly stopped .. I jumped off the bike, he took off the helmet, with fists pounced on Max shouted something at him, and in return received a passionate kiss .. we kissed for about 10 minutes .. we went to midnight .. Waking up the next day, I realized that wildly missed a night, I try to understand this reaction, in horror I realized that apparently I'm in love .. in the evening, I received a declaration of love from him !!! We whirled dizzying relationship .. From morning till night we spent together, rented an apartment, live Drew friend .. I was sure that it was for life, and that he has completely changed me ..
I almost broke up with his past life, there remained only my beloved girlfriend .. With it, I shared all his experiences, what she was laughing madly and adds: "Okay, those slut, then tell me stories!".. But I was convinced in the depths of his feelings .. And in Cesc Max udvoletvoryal me completely .. We had fun: role-playing games! With their help, we are in the two accounts do all their sexual fantasies .. Especially we liked to play dad and daughter, wolf and Little Red Riding Hood (which bought costumes), doctor and patient, and vice versa, the nurse and the patient .. in general, as fancy us was not to occupy, sex life was just a supersaturated !!!
Sometimes he fucked me 8-9 times a day .. For this purpose, we met in a variety of places, I could get a stick in the dressing room, uni toilet, in the car at uni or in any other place, but anywhere! Once we burned my mom! We came to my house, her car was not in the yard, it is usually left to the porch, so soon as we got out of the car, as he immediately approached me, pulled out his penis, I knelt down and began to suck, were we are right front porch .. Max finished very quickly, enough for a couple of minutes and, mom came out of the door just when I licked the remnants of sperm from its end! machine, it turns out, was standing in the garage! Thank God, our relationship with my mother grew into a great friendship, so we just had a good laugh with her! but Max for some time avoided meeting with her ..
though sometimes I did not have a rough group sex, but tell him to not have the courage, the more he knew absolutely nothing about my sexual experiences .. True, he was very surprised, he could easily "persuade the" fuck me in zhopku, literally it was like this: I was a cancer on the floor, he tore up my pussy, then jumped and put his dick in my hole .. he had done nothing, I just arched her ass and pushed his hand buttock and said: "I saw in porn, as it is done and also because I want to!".. Four months later, his parents arrived in our plans appeared dinner in the restaurant with them, though Max's mother died when he was young, and of his stepmother, he did not want to talk.
His father called as soon as arrived, agreed the next day, or rather night. We arrived earlier than they had booked a table, we were placed, brought the menu, but before we look around as Max waved and smiled .. I turned around. We were approached a couple. Max told me a little about his father, a former athlete, boxer, now a successful businessman, mainly lives in St. Petersburg, where he had business. With him was a young girl model looks, in excellent expensive dress, blonde. Max introduced us. AI gently put his arm around me and said that he was pleased to add .. "Face, my wife." Lika kissed me on the cheek .. In appearance she was not more than 25, sexual, even if the girl is not a luxury .. I liked it at first sight, and the father of Max, too, I expected more.
The evening was just super ..; hours pleasant family conversation .. I was sure that it was the dream of every girl! We agreed that the next day we all went to the beach.
I have a question of choice of leotard on one hand I did not want to look like the calling, but on the other I was very fond of his sexuality .. remeasure a few pieces, and stood on a bathing suit cherry, dark cherry, top was the most common, no frills, but Thong bottom were very piquant form rather large front triangle, almost completely covering the pubic area, but they were back from three thin ropes, one of which sank directly between the buttocks ... and the other two tight snug side, forming a very sexy crease ..
I dressed him and began to spin in front of a mirror .. I knew I was fucking sexy, but that's what bothered me, broke my doubts my favorite, he said that I look awesome that his father was a man of new views that I have nothing even and embarrassed .. then I bent forward on the mirror, which was full height, took off my panties and fucked me in the ass, I really enjoyed watching in the mirror, his facial expressions .. After 4 hours, when the heat of the day a little bit asleep, called his father, and said that they put forward. We arrived at the beach in 40 minutes, from the clothes I do not dress in a bag lying shorts to dress .. The beach was pretty crowded, it took us some time to find them ..
They took place near the end of the beach, around there were almost no people .. AI lay one, sunbathing on the back .. he saw us, he stood up, asked Max to drive and buy something to drink, as he poured the juice .. Max left. I went to the water .. I decided that I should listen to Max about what his father had a modern man, so my awkwardness vanished in an instant, I became myself .. On the beach, I pay more attention to the gait, it becomes smooth, soft, I gently waved handles, put the feet very, again, gently, we can say the model walk, both on the podium, just sooo easy, the cat .. I sometimes very excited, when a stroll along the beach .. I know that particularly sexy and looks appetizing my ass, elastic, sports (not far from evil) potryasyvayutsya buttock and thigh go in hand with a decent amplitude ...
Everything was exactly this time .. I reached the shore, to help a little leg in the rolling wave .. the water was something that should be .. I looked around, already gathered to go, when suddenly someone slapped me on the pope, from I surprise even slightly screamed, turned around .. it was Lika .. Yeah, I'll tell you, I was worried about her bikini, but she had a leotard dressed frankly fucking: the top two small triangle barely covered her nipples sticking on tits about 4 sizes and below the small triangle with a hint of .. .. and also the presence of dark cherry color .. she noticed my eyes and slowly turned back around .. it was the same as mine, only slightly thinner rope. . Yeah, she had a super figure .. Looking at her abdomen appeared pleasant warmth and emptiness I felt my lips swell slightly ..
Face grabbed my hand and we ran into a run and dived into the water .. A little swim .. Then I was joined by Max, I was ready, that he fucked me in the water, but he swam AI ... I was in the water for long but managed just freeze slightly, teeth chattering, and I decided to go to sunbathe .. sorry and went to the shore .. reached our things lightly wiped with a towel, lay down on his tummy, lifted her bra .. nice sun warmed my body .. she does not remember how, but I began to think about AI I liked that he was in his 40 with a few looks great podkachenno body, especially no fat, hairy chest, this is very courageous, and pretty .. flashed the thought, "Good Face, grabbed himself a rich peasant in fine form". I broke off!
I pressed down on top of the wet body, it certainly was not Max, I was taken aback, strong hand fell on my ass and squeezed it .. became naminat my ass .. then laid two fingers on my swollen lips and hand tightened again, fingers slightly infiltrated in pussy .. I did not make a sound, but a small moaning .. then there was a little voice Faces: " Honey, you're wrong ..".. Of God is! It was the AI but he did not bother to remove his hand at once, he raised himself slightly and said: "ABOUT! That's what I was mistaken! I thought it was you went to sunbathe!"And he said to me: " Honey, I'm sorry !! Old fool mistook his little wife !!"Then his hand let go of my ass and he rose from me .. I do not know how to react, but the first thing that came to my mind was: "Wrong!?!?!? I'm the brunette !!!"..
And he stood by, there was a slap on the ass Licinius, then laugh and type the phrase, of course, is not surprising confused !!! ... little by little I began to rebound, the pair settled next to Max when the phone rang, I quickly threw bra, turned around, he was walking towards us. I motioned to him and pointed to the phone, I remembered the morning he said that he will be a very important call .. He quickly walked over, picked up the phone and walked away .. A few minutes later he came back, kissed me and said that his urgent affairs, said vozmet my car. I gave him the keys. Then he asked his father if they go after the home, and told me to go with them. He left, I went to bathe, I really wanted, and my lips betrayed me .. I got up, went to the water and turned around, a strange feeling made me turn around, I saw Max's father raised himself slightly and vpyalilsya look me in the ass .. The wave of incredible excitement swept over me .. I accelerated.
In the water, I worked a finger and finished, but it is only even stronger inflamed my desire. Going back, I saw that they were going to .. I threw Towelie shoulders, took his hand and sandals thought that the bag was left with shorts in my car .. we started to climb the stairs to the beach, I tried to pass them forward, but A .AND. gesture of a true gentleman missed me forward .. I did not shrink, decided that I would continue by itself .. I was raised, razvilivaya ass in front of his face .. We walked to the parking lot .. I sat back .. Lika, once was tinted in the car, she took off her top .. why she wore it at all ??? They arrived at their house very quickly .. Lika showed me the shower .. I always wore a bikini opolasnulas direct it, I was very troubled by the fact that the door did not lock .. I will not be disturbed. when I came out of the shower, she heard loud moans broaching ..
Apparently AI pulled his little wife .. I listened to the moans and this whore added scathing slapping their bodies .. then moans turned into screams .. their frequency increases with each passing second .. after 20 seconds Face screamed. It ended up prolonged cry of heifers and almost father lion's roar! I vividly slipped into the kitchen. After 10 minutes, as if nothing had happened, wrapped in a towel, he went AI, kindly winked at me, opened the refrigerator, I began to transmit various plates .. basically it was a restaurant meal .. in the end produced a bottle of wine and vodka .. I was very hungry, so I began to eat .. AI I took out two glasses and three glasses ..
Face later on it was wearing semi-transparent, short robe .. one she held in her hand .. went to the table and handed it to me .. and I both wanted to shoot a swimsuit, so sincerely thanked her .. got up from the table, went in the bathroom. removed the top, threw robe and went to the mirror .. I was on a very short, barely covered my ass, bathrobe, and tightening the belt, I found that he stuck to his ass, so much so that it stood out very clearly the contours. I did not want to look stupid capricious, so went back to the table and once again thanked the Face .. to my surprise AI even plainly, and not look at me .. in front of me stood a glass of wine and a glass of vodka .. he and she drank vodka, and apparently has missed a pair stopochek .. he poured her and myself, and I blinked wine I .. I not particularly loved, and also vodka, but vodka I saw a long time ago, so I decided that one pile can be .. we checked, drank ..
I not had time to put on the table as AI jokingly said: "Between the first and second!" and poured .. .. then we had a drink he poured again when we drank, he pulled a bottle of vodka in the direction .. After a moment gave me in the head .. the heat spread across the whole body .. I felt free, turned slightly to the side , threw a leg on a leg and began kushat..Cherez 5 minutes AI poured another one, I did not think mind ... even said some primitive Tostik, allegedly for you !!, but AI He added: "For us!! We're family!".. .. We drank, he got up from the table, walked over to a small table, took with him a little box and put the box back .. on the table and stood beside .. Lika noticeably revived, pulled a chair close to the A. .. AND. I opened the box .. it was up to the top filled with powder!
a small shovel on a table, he poured a large pile, it is divided into three tracks, a little poshmygal nose, put a tube in the nose and in one fell swoop track .. sucked his face a little distorted, the eyes of tears flowed .. he swore, and handed the phone to me ... I had no desire to give up, I got up, walked over, looking into his eyes he said: "Thank you..", Picked up the phone, he ostranilsya back a little, but not in the side, I stood in front of him, looked at him over his shoulder, then on the Face .. she sarcastically smiled and licked her lips .. I leaned forward, sticking out your ass .. AI . He stood very close to me, so when I bent zhopku rested his crotch, his penis probably already slightly raised, or whether it was just a very big .. my robe pulled up revealing a completely .. ass ..
I have inserted a tube into the nostril and sucked in half, then another half .. licked the remnants of the language .. I did not rise in the other nostril, because I lay down on the hip strong hands raised even higher gown .. I handed the phone to Face .. That vnyuhala coke one moment !!! Hands on my hips slowly moved to the buttocks, AI tightly squeezed them, then with one hand sharp movement grabbed me between the legs, as well as on the beach! I moaned .. He became a little crush my pussy, then stronger, pushed aside the rope and put just three fingers in me .. I let out another loud moan .. Lika sat on a chair next to and, licking his lips, looked at me .. And .AND. ceased to fuck me with your fingers, ordered to remove pants, I quickly complied with his orders, he said, that I feasibly spread her legs and froze, he wants to look at my pussy .. He stepped back a little, I literally felt his wild eyes on her suddenly .. he ordered Face otlizat me .. he also threw a towel and sat down on the couch a couple of meters from us ..
Face came up to me from behind .. sat down, I'm still stronger exposed ass .. she started to drive his fingers on the lips, one introduced inside, slowly immerse it .. but it was followed by an order to make it work the language and even necessarily prepared for my asshole. her hot tongue to lick alive became my pussy, then she pressed between my legs all face and her tongue got inside me .. she began to fuck me with it .. orgasm covered me at once, my legs gave way and I sprawled on the table .. she continued. . very skillfully this slut to fuck me, rape my clit, I came again, she licked me, then he started for the hole is above .. at first only the tongue, then asked permission from her husband to work her fingers, and received short "Go ahead"And introduced me to one finger .. he ran into stenochku, she began to drive them around, expanding the hole, has introduced another, srestila them nemngo spread and began to fuck me .. I started screaming out loud .. it continued until I finished ... another powerful orgasm shook me, I almost fainted .. he moved ..
I did not have time to recover, as the hips I grabbed two powerful hands lifted ass, I turned my head over his shoulder .. AI slightly turned towards the body .. because my ass peeking huge dick .. so I have not fucked ever !!! I pulled the ass as I could and prepared .. it spat me right on the hole and slowly began to enter into me, I tried to apply to meet him, but he strongly squeezed my thigh, and I remained in the same position in which to be. Its huge calculus penetrated deeper into me, I could feel his every inch of her .. and finally he clung tightly to her pubis my ass .. he stopped .. it was sooooo great .. he gave me a few seconds, so I appreciated its size his dignity !!! then he began to remove it .. he took it completely, he stretched the hole, so that from it oozed blood from the pain I have tears streaming down ..
he called its wife, told her to lick me, she dutifully performed her warm and tender reed slightly reduced pain, perhaps he rudely pushed her, I heard a scream and a small knock on the floor .. He grabbed my hips and thrust me sharply. . I screamed, and he moaned loudly .. took it out completely and then just drove 5 times .. repeated .. and again .. AI orgasm seized the moment and began to tear me firmly in the ass, covering my mates, he pecked with such force that his balls slapped me .. I screamed in pain and pleasure, from the incredible buzz .. screaming, probably louder than his little wife blowjob 30 back .. then I began to move sharply against his body jolts .. and I began to finish, the legs flowed selection .. but no one was going to stop, and then he suddenly pulled out a member, giving me a few seconds to catch his breath, and put me in pussy and began to fuck as intensively accelerated even more sharply .. I began to move toward me, and then he pulled back and swung began to peck me in the ass ..
and began to descend into the semen overflowed .. my insides ... my orgasm does not stop after a few seconds .. Lika began to lick my hole .. I fell to the floor. felt from zhopki follows semen AI .. sat down on the sofa, Lika stood before him with cancer as a table, on her back, he sypanul powder and without tube vnyuhal him and leaned back .. noticed my eye and winked at me .. I rallied, got up, I was shaking, I reached shower, turned on the cool vodichku and sank to the floor .. I watched as the water carries the drain sperm clots mixed with water .. 10 minutes later in walked AI, he brought me a glass of konyaka I greedily drank it, then held a finger to slide the powder .. it helped me recover a little .. he told me to move, I moved to the wall, he added warm water .. and stood under the stream ..
after a few seconds, re my face in all its glory was a huge dick with a heavy mashenkoy, I come to mind a comparison with the bull .. yes! AI was bull !!!! I took him in hand, a fat cock still never was in it .. he crouched slightly, I opened my mouth and sent it into the .. more from me and was not required .. he began to introduce his dick was right in my throat he first began to drive it slowly, and then began to increase the tempo slightly sitting down, I realized that it is not very convenient, tucked knees by yourself .. is now standing on the op divorced in hand, but straight legs .. he continued to increase the pace .. I have got his hands behind his head, not to beat her on the wall .. and again .. orgasm in a minute AI fucked me as if not in your mouth !!! and I pushed my mouth full ..
I began to choke, he knew it ceased to fuck me, ordered to stand .. one took my foot in his hand and lifted her up, I have a great stretch .. I stood on sock, his cock easily penetrated my pussy, he went not a long time, let the leg jerk turned me, I stood up on his toes, legs spread .. he was raping me from behind, his hands tightly clasped my tits, and he is constantly biting me in the neck, the back of his dick .. beat me uterus! I caught an orgasm after orgasm, and furiously screaming! He stuck his dick, turned me around, ordered to sit down on his knees, and began nadrachivat finish .. I just opened her mouth .. cum like and was not going to end .. He poured me a person .. I took a few sips .. I was all in Koncha .. he did not leave, his cock went limp, he took it in his hand, a little strained and a second struck me in the yellow stream!
He pissed me all over the face and chest .. When finished, a member of the washed and left .. after about 10 minutes left and I .. I will add that AI has invited his friend, introduced me to him as his own daughter .. his friend threw me 4 hours 4 sticks .. AI even then fucked his wife, I no longer became .. morning I made them for a blow job, cum hearty breakfast and even then she danced ... they strip, after which they obkonchalsya me and licked .. Lika at 2 Max called and asked forgiveness, an hour later he came .. We ordered food, dined at the table .. all very cute joke.
Our relationship with Max lasted another month, the gap was very difficult, especially for me, but I believe that it was necessary.