Meet over breakfast

The day began as usual. I went to the restaurant for breakfast and met his old friend. He had breakfast there with his colleague and introduced me to Jenny invited to join them. The conversation at the meal began with common phrases, but soon moved on to our missing couple. Jenny, speaking about her husband noticed that she and her husband married a civil marriage, and adhere to the rules do not interfere with each other to meet other people. Dave was very conservative and, in addition, only recently married, and a frank statement confused him. Soon, he remembered the unfinished work left and apologized. We were left alone with Jenny.
We had a few drinks and have become quite openly discuss our sexual preferences. Jenny leans forward and whispers "Do you remember how much like to fuck in 14 years? I feel all the time ". By now I had a strong erection.
I said that I really like pants, and that nothing gives me greater pleasure than to stick his nose in a good pair of wet panties. She leans over, takes my hand and slowly moves it under the table under her dress. My hand touches her wet slits. Alas, no panties on it there.
- Lick your fingers. When I wear shorts, they are constantly wet, that consent is not very convenient - she whispers. To date, the restaurant is almost empty. The waiter came to see if we do not need anything - anything, and I think that in our mind he realized that we need solitude. He left a full bottle on the table and left.
Soon we left. Leaning toward me Jenny asked how long it takes to get from the restaurant to my apartment and take her home. - 40 minutes .
- Go. My husband arrives at 3 o'clock, and I would like to meet him.
We got in the car and were soon at my home. As soon as we entered the apartment, Jenny lifted her dress over her head and stood in front of me in high heels and a bra. I looked down - on her fluffy pussy glistening drops of love juice. I went to the fridge, took out a bottle of champagne and took her into the bedroom. There I quickly undressed and freed his friend, who was very closely in the pants. We are standing began to drink champagne, looking each other. Jenny reached out and wrapped her tiny fingers around my penis.
- I want him inside.
We sit down on the bed, and I lean towards her furry mound, feel its sweet smell. My tongue starts to slowly play with her swollen clit and fingers creep into her cunt. She moaned immediately. Her pussy was so big that I put to 4 fingers.
- Fuck me - she gasped, approaching the first orgasm - I want to feel your cock inside.
I sat down, and with trembling fingers screwing condom on your riser (this was one of the rules made by her husband), she is slowly brought him into the wet slit.
- Fuck me harder, treat me like a whore. Oh-oh-oh, more ....
I began to move faster and outstretched hands grabbed her protruding nipples.
- Yes! Good! Compress them stronger.
I move a member of faster and faster, feeling the growing tension in their eggs. And now, the last push and I pour out a powerful stream.
I lay back in full satisfaction and looked at Jenny, her hand goes down, and it starts to vigorously rub her clitoris, while the fingers of the other hand their way deep into the vagina. I felt selfish, but I needed a little break before my cock could repair itself is now hanging. I bent down, took out a bottle of champagne, tore off the foil from the neck and slowly move the neck of the bottle into her waiting hole. She grabbed my hand and stuck a bottle deep in pussy. Remains of spilled champagne inside, and deep inside began to bubble, Jenny huddled in a shattering orgasm.
By this time, the whole bed was covered with sticky champagne mixed with pussy juices. I knelt down and began to drink from its lower jaw, this nectar. This had an immediate effect - my little friend looked up. I put on a condom next.
- Oh no. My hole is to relax. You can fuck me in the ass.
She turned and raised her ass. Her little brown hole was covered with a mixture of pussy juice and champagne. I slowly lifted the head of the penis to the back entrance and forcefully drove it inside. Her anus was thoroughly developed, but all the same hole was quite close. My cock seemed to have swelled with pleasure. At the same time I began hand stroking her sensitive clitoris. She moaned: "Yes-ah, more ... fuck me ... more". Her screams turns me on more and more. I continued to hammer away at the power of her ass, feeling that he will soon be over again. At the very moment when I felt I could no longer hold back, she cried: "I'm coming".
We fell into bed exhausted. Jenny knelt down next to mine is now soft member and removed the condom. I put my hand on her neck and pulled her head to my cock. She licked the head, as if trying to taste, and then began to lick all the member to its very foundations. End withdraw this affection, hardened and raised his head. Jenny swallowed it whole, while her hands began to massage my balls. Her lips were moving up and down the trunk, and I soon felt a growing tension in my balls, when I had finished, she swallowed every drop.
Everything was great, but it's time to leave. I took her home and agreed to a new meeting.