A start

In 13 years, it seems that the whole world at your feet! I was no exception. Carefree childhood have not ran, but I customized it. For adult life will bring so many discoveries, which so far only guess. When new acquaintances with men always attribute to themselves a few years. Being a clever girl and soon formed my tales easily swallowed, as a rule, older uncle.
I blossomed. The time has come when a few fans became, somehow at the same time hinting at a more intimate relationship.
We had to be addressed. I opted for Michael. A young man with a good figure and attractive face perfectly played guitar and sang. At his court admired many girls, but he persistently courted only for me. Yes, an excellent candidate! It sluchilos13 April at his apartment. Passionate kisses inflamed me, and I let down lower than the previously surveyed his lips places. Feelings were unusual. Fear, curiosity, shame, all mixed up. But I decided to go further. Here is his skillful hands, disposing of the clothes, slowly remove my girl's panties. At the same time he manages to caress my lips swollen breasts, whispering some sweet words and take off her clothes. Fear gripped me when I saw his cock! Huge, with blue veins, he looked up at the ceiling. The skin taut so that it seemed the slightest touch, and it will snap.
Michael was ready for my reaction. He offered to meet with her "boyfriend". Gently touching up his icy fingers, I felt the heat of the outgoing. Michael, gently stroking his testicles, said that his penis is usually looks differently, but now he is very excited, and the reason for it - Ya.Mne was flattering, but fear has not yet passed. My friend did not insist. He slowly began to explore my body. Kissing and stroking his abdomen, Michael got to my virgin treasure. His hands pushed the slender legs and hot tongue has gently caressed the clitoris. to this I was not ready, not even suspect that a man does with a woman, but could not resist and did not want to because it is so good I have not been ever! This was my first orgasm! After a few seconds, maybe minutes, when I opened my eyes next was totally happy face of my first male. He said that there is nothing more beautiful than to see how your favorite "flies away" I did not understand what it was about, but just in case decided to remember this phrase and think about it at your leisure, and while I madly wanted to give pleasure to Misha. Turning his back, gently kissing beautiful young body, I became bolder. We should not forget that the experience is completely absent. Skilful lover quietly sent my timid little steps in the right direction. Member does not have caused fear. His lips gently touched the top of the head, and now the curious tongue trying to taste this amazing device for the pleasure. Not much to lick it, I would have expected from Misha same reaction that I had from his caresses. But she did not follow ... I lay on her back, tears were coming from a sense of failure to the eyes., Thought that with me that something is not right in the head spinning. Misha whispered in my ear that I was fine as unopened flower on a spring meadow April. He asked permission to disrupt this miracle. Of course, I agreed! Again, strong hands pushed his feet, only now bud disturbed not the language, and the strained his member as a string.
Very carefully entered in my head deep, he paused for a moment ... then abruptly went to the full depth. After a few movements, he shivered. I realized, it's an absorbing wave. orgasm! My feelings at that moment? Pain almost was not, there was no good feeling, but I felt happy. I became a woman !!! Thank you, dear boy! You turned out to be a great teacher, I am not mistaken, by you! Life is uncharted, full of ups and downs beckoned me!