Pleasant memories of childhood-3

1. Natasha (start) ...
In July 1998 I went to the village to her mother's sister - Aunt Natasha. I was traveling with a firm desire to fuck any adult cow. The bus was shaking on the road so that I have time to think, if my balls come off. Two hours of this trip were worth enormous fatigue. And when my friend and I arrived in the village, we did not want anything other than rest. We were greeted by Aunt Natasha - my mother's sister.
She worked as a milkmaid at the farm. She soon married and has managed to give birth to three children. Two sons studied in Moscow, and my daughter went to Kaliningrad. Aunt Natasha was 42 years old. Her large breasts with large nipples heaving over at least more before with a slightly bulging bosom of Venus.
Slightly bulges and perhaps distended abdomen after three genera and wide hips, gently wag walking, talking about the right structure and the right pelvic birth without surgical intervention. Pasha at the sight of Natalia widely opened his mouth and did not find anything else to say, like, "Hello!". Wide welcoming smile of Natasha was his answer.
- Hello my dear! - She said, hugging us. - How was the ride?
- Hello, Aunt Natasha - we said, and went along the street to her house.
- How's my sister? - She asked, and went ahead of us, showing the way.
- Mother in the order - I said, and stared with a friend on her ass wagging.
- So that's great! Now we come, relax, eat, and then relax to the fullest. On the river's go, we take a steam bath in the bath. And that was something one year and to college or join the army.
- Yes, Aunt Natasha - I answered, and we walked obediently behind her.
- I choose which institution will act? - She asked.
- Yes I chose. In medical.
- Oh, well done! Who do you want to be?
- Gynecology, - I timidly replied.
With these words, Natasha turned and looked at me in a strange way - slyly smiling and panting excitedly.
- Unusually. Everyone wants to computer scientists, bankers, astronauts, and you, therefore, we have a gynecologist. What women love to inspect? - She laughed.
All this time, Pasha walked behind me in silence, and he's laughing. I blushed and was silent.
- Well, no offense, Bear! - She said, and came to me. She gently pressed me to her and stroked her hair. - Gynecologists we need. As without them? Come and give birth without them to practice. The nurse, then went.
During the talk we reached the house of Natalia.
- Where's Uncle Sergei? - I asked.
- He died a year ago - said Natasha - drank a lot, and that he died.
- I'm sorry, Aunt Natasha, I do not know. - I said.
- And I have no one and did not write about it. - Aunt said. - Okay. Do you vacation here and we will not talk about sad things, the more that a year has passed and there it is already good. Only here ... - she looked up to the sky and said, sadly - I ... lonely.
We are located very well. Each room was assigned to one of us. We quickly got used. The house was a barn and hayloft there. We jumped and tumbled as little on this hay. And my sexual desires seemed to have calmed down. However, not for long. After lunch and rest, we all went to the river and swim, the good, the river was near. Natalya put on your swimsuit, from which hung her big tits and nipples stuck out blatantly.
Belly spoke little, and covered with pussy bulged, and there was even a depression in the ground can be seen. Thus, not long I went quiet, my masculinity again demanded his.
Located on the beach, we left the towels and ran to bathe. Natalia stayed sunbathing. We swam to oblivion, and the water perfectly removes fatigue.
Pasha stubbornly refused to come out of the water, but I naplavatsya enough, went dry. I lay down on a towel next to the aunt and looked at her. She lay with her eyes closed and sunbathing. Suddenly opened her eyes caught me by surprise, and I could not take them. She looked at me intently and with a sly smile.
- What Mishunya, like me? - She asked.
- Yes - I said without thinking.
- And I like you. He grew up as! Grow up! Come, girls already potrahivat!
- There is a sin. - I said, and wondered whether it would be, and I will respond to her questions in a simple way, without hesitation, and there ...
- Well, what is sin - she smiled. - Look how much your guy killed in various wars, and from such a life, and we need the women a man every day and night. Only a man with a woman can feel herself Baba. This I understood perfectly, having lived with Earring twenty years. We used to love doing every night.
How many have tried all, it gives birth to three children. I gave birth to and more, but only one, I'll raise them not, and Sergey began to drink, since the problems began, restructuring hit. And off we go! At first thought, that everything will be fine and we get better life, but no - did not work. And I had always wanted. Every night! - Natalia tears came to his eyes.
- Do not worry, Aunt Natasha. - I am reassured. - If you want, I can help you.
- What? - She looked at me.
- Well, that's ... in love - I said uncertainly.
There was a silence. She looked at me experiencing gaze, as if checking my words - I'm joking or telling the truth.
- I'm telling the truth, Aunt Natasha. I like you so much. I am a young, healthy man, and I, like you want every day ....
She took a deep breath and let it out:
- What a clever you are. Young blood is - I understand, she was such. And what will my dear sister?
- And we will not say anything to mum. - I am reassured.
- Well ... If you agree, I agree, too. And how to be with Paul?
- And what about Paul? - I did not understand.
- Well, how to explain to him? - She asked.
- Yes, we are not going to explain anything to him. I'll tell you a secret, but you do not tell anyone. I fucked his mom sometimes after school, when they are with the father was not at home. Now his mother is divorced and is ... ... pregnant.
- What do you mean! - Natalya exclaimed in surprise.
- The eighth month already - I continued with pride.
Natalia looked at me attentively and with a smile squint asked:
- You tried something?
I responded just quietly nodded his head down.
- A nurse knows? - She asked.
- Of course not! - I replied sharply, starting "plant".
- Well, as it is with an adult woman?
- Very like! In an extreme case, it is always satisfied and groans, and only as a flowing, and I fully discharged. We, too, with her what did not get up in bed. All studied gynecology! - I smiled.
- Well I do not doubt! - Natalia smiled, patted my hair. - Oh, just knock up succeeds, then all already grasped. So you mean, I have a hardened man, but I did not know. I thought not agree with me love to do. I'm terrified as I want, but we do not have the men in the village, and all the guys on the field, and that's living here alone. What do you like tough or soft. I love on everyone, but we are engaged with Tatiana hard, she loves it.
Bear, I love tough. You see, my husband and I, when the first gave birth, mostly kisses, but other affection, but after the birth I wanted something more. Began to engage more tightly, I liked it, I already ran the whole, a lot of milk was Sergei also liked. So we have become hard to engage in sex. And then, Mishunka when we are alone do not call me Aunt Natasha and Natasha just call me. Good? I will be so pleasant.
- Well, Natasha! - I said, and smiled.
- And what did you do with Tatiana? - She asked curiously. - I like all women, curious.
- Engaged in debauchery! - I said.
- Oh! I once heard this word, so all flowed. Well, tell me what you did to her, please! - She said pleadingly.
- Well, tits kneading, nipple biting and delayed, gynecology doing, anal, so much more than! - I said.
- And ... you're with me so you will be, or even how? - She looked me straight in the eye with a desire to hear a positive response.
- With you I'll be as tough, even more, because I think you need to pull out very well. Your body tells itself and wants stunning sex. Your nipples are always, your Venus hill fifty meters to see, tits while walking and jumping, as if being asked to hand to them crushed. So, to you I will be a such a tough gynecologist.
- Misha, my dear, loan me for real! Very beg you! I'll be all very submissive! All do what you say! Come on now in the hayloft. Pasha bed and meet the hayloft.
- Well, Natasha! I'll fuck you all the time, how long I'll be here, and I promise to empty all your libido. We meet in the hayloft at midnight. Shaved pussy. Grease any do you have?
- Is Johnson's baby! - Cheerfully replied Natalia.
- Perfectly! Bring it! And I will bring all his! All right, finish, and then Pasha is already underway.
Paul already naplavatsya, approached us. He lay down next to me and closed his eyes. I turned my head and looked at Natalya. She lay there, eyes closed, face up, and her face was peaceful smile. Her nipples were treacherous, betraying her secret thoughts. It took half an hour, and we have to go home, it was time to have dinner and relax. But not us, Natalia! Cough cough ...