Moon notes. Part 1

At first I thought that once again caught inflammation of the nasopharynx. How else to explain that in this stinking dirty thoughts nightclub smells fresh sparkling mandarin? But the more I sat at the bar, the more clearly felt it.

Blood, published a wonderful aroma, clearly flowed in the veins of the Virgin.

Okay, we descend, we'll see. I moved away from the bar and the dance floor in the middle of my head covered this pure flavor.

The owner, a young woman, the 22-years old, with beautiful dark eyes and a mop of hair shatenistyh, moved incendiary delights in the center of the circle.

What the hell? Would you say that she is innocent? I moved closer to the girl and caught her eye. Alien mind to let me in without problems.

The girl named Valeria. She was not drunk, absolutely healthy, and loved to dance. The life she had no sugar, babe came here with his cousin, but he had already dumped somewhere, leading a long-legged blonde.

Beside her, I did not see any of the men. Some youthful memories of first love, bright and thick - that's all ended.

Hold me seven! Yes, the girl still did not really kiss!

Lord, I ask you, what are you doing? In this world, there is at least some sort of middle ground, except for women who went from hand to hand, and nine Mari Immaculate?

At that time, as I dug in my head Valeria, she had gone to the bar.

I tune in her mind and sat down beside him.

- Good dance.

I tried to be as gallant.

She turned her head towards me.

What a miracle of nature! A more perfect person I have never met!

- Thank you.

I smiled.

"What white teeth," she thought.

Still, I do perfect.

- Treat you to a cocktail?

She shook her head. I'm tired of it already. Although, not just me, all she's tired.

- I have to go.

My new friend pushed myself a glass of water and went to the door.

I took her glass in hand and sniffed. The blood she must have been as sweet nectar in the gardens of our heavenly father. Yes, at one time, a hundred years ago, I could drink this blood: Now go syschi delicious healthy blood. People ponapichkany chemistry. Of course, I could kill the animals, but it is clear, the mother brought me romantic: want to see that part of the body that you will bite through, belonged to a beautiful lady, is not devoid of merit.

Well, when you put your arms around a woman in bed with his strong warm hands, and she whispers to you: "Take me ..." takes your cock in her womb, note the impressive size, by the way, when it's all tekłt ...

I have a desire now to take the girl out of the club. Fuck it, plant it more deeply, and then drink her blood and seemed stoned to fly back home, sleep all day, and then again to remember her moans and her wonderful taste of lymph. Ltd...

Of course, sorry to rape her, and in the world to me for this reproach, but alas, I can not drink the blood of virgins. 500 shaggy, God forbade vampires drink the blood of virgins. Drink - right to devils on the pan. And farewell to their hearth and home.

I almost flew out of the club. She lived nearby and went on foot.

Quickly I caught up with her. She was wrapped in a woolen shawl, thinking about something else.

Near the house, by which it took place, stood a group of young people about her age. Judging by the smell, they were smoking some type swipes Afghan marijuana, one of them very smelled some sexual disease from another cheap cologne.

I could not climb up to it in the brain, but he felt their desire and drunken thoughts.

Immediately one of them rushed forward, blocking the way to a girl. The rest crowded around her.

Here goosey, why do not you run!

Somehow I began to worry about his victim.

Okay, poimeyut all six, I naemsya and fly home. But, you see, my mother raised me too romantic, and I came out of the darkness, shouted to girl left alone.

Of course, I was advised to go to hell, they had to show their fighting skills, and five minutes later teens fled without looking in all directions.

Valeria sat on the ground crying. Nearby lay a bag. I picked up the bag and touched the girl's shoulder. Throughout the body, I spilled the desire for sex and the desire to eat.

But, again, sin on his mother, I have refrained from violence. My stomach growled with displeasure.

- Calm down, you're safe. Do not walk alone on the streets at a time.

The girl sobbed.

- Yes, me brother was.

We know your brother, instead of the head balls.

- I live near here, do you want me to go up to, bringest myself up?

Valeria pulled away in fright.

- In the cafe, then around the corner?

She was scared and embarrassed, but she agreed. In the cafe, I ordered us coffee.

- Thank you. You are so scattered, you're probably out of the police or the military?

I remembered 42y and the Germans that laid.

- Yes, I think the military.

- Clear.

And Valery started to drink coffee. As she saw it! It was so gently and carefully, she sucked his lips the spoon with the sugar, then the edge of the cup that I envisioned more than adults, and the final picture: I bite through her wrist.

- You know - I said, playing under the table with the toe of his shoe, - I can read along the lines of the palm. Do you want to read your future?

She gave me her hand.

I took the index finger on her hand, she worried considerably. I became indifferent to her.

- You have a hard life. But you met a man who will change her cool.

Well, I lapsheplłt. She's going to die. Just die from blood loss.

Hand Valerie warmed. With every minute of our common physiological desire grew in her mind and underwent an attack of hormones, the body of calling me on the bed. I'm sure she sultry little thing.

She drank coffee and I followed her. Going home on the sidewalk, I saw on the sidelines of a prostitute - she voted a passing motorists. Well, the meat is not fresh, but all failed obdelat quickly. The corpse was left lying somewhere on the outskirts. Nothing, it priberet sun.

Opening the door of his apartment, I immediately saw Sonya. My mistress was already undressed and on the couch beside her wore a leather whip.

I do not understand this human craving for subordination and dominion. What power there is in you, above you, God, for you the devil, and live beyond being among people.

Sonya immediately stretched to attention when he saw me.

- You came, my lord?

- He came. Come to me.

Sonia approached. I read her mind like an open book. She was smart, was not sufficient, plus the nature endowed her perverse sexual preferences - worth humiliate her or to hurt as Sonia would like to have sex with incredible force. I have not played with it and pretended I was myself - a cruel beast, which is driven by instincts. That's why I liked it.

- Kneels.

Sonya sat down.

- Well, what are you waiting for?

I hit a girl in the face.

She immediately began to quickly unbuckling the belt and zipper on the trousers. He pulled out a member, pulled the pants and began to suck. Although she does it well, but not gently.

- Gentle, hear me, bitch? Nuu?

Sonya sighed and became even harder. Warm fingers with long nails slid on my stomach, testicles stroked and played with them. She moaned and her blood had fun endorphins.

- Now I'm gone for five minutes and come back and you will stand here ready, I mean ready, and not as at that time. I understand me, Sonia?

She nodded.

- I can not hear the answer!

- I Understand, my lord.

I walked out of the living room into the bath. I was sick that something: after all, should not have to covet the prostitute. There is Sonya. However, how much more it will stretch, it is not known: Sonia all local doctors can not diagnose a large loss of blood.

When I came back, Sonya was kneeling sing to me. I kissed her, stroked her back and touched the folds, leading to the vagina.

Sonia moved closer, inviting me inside.

I sent a member there and plunged into Sonya's consciousness. I liked the way women in mind in these moments are worn ideas. Sonia is not usually thought of something else, but today was present in her mind her husband and she was engaged in comparing me with him. Somewhere deep down, a woman tormented by conscience, but Sonia came to me so hungry, so deprived of her husband's sex that her infidelity can be understood on two times.

I returned to my consciousness. Sonya was already very close to orgasm, I jumped off the couch and strongly lash swung her hips, moving the member into the anus. The girl shrank together, but grease I got inside and was operating there. The last time we have this kind of interaction has stood out a hitch and I had to teach my ward to relax completely.

The second my hand free from the whip, moved to the clitoris and began to apply pressure on him.

Sonya trembled, I strongly penetrated with two fingers into the vagina and the woman came.

- Good girl, - I patted Sonya on the pope.

She mumbled something.

Ten minutes later I finished. Sonja with my permission to go into the shower, and I sat and talked as logically arranged everything the Lord in this world.

That vampires. Two vampires can conceive of only one child. And only love.

You can turn into a vampire bitten you, only becoming mortal: you leave yourself 500 years, and the treatment you give 500 years. All this - the precautions to vampires especially not reproduced.

The people, too, has its own struggle for survival - flu and terrorist attacks, drunken fights and wars. Smoking in the cold in the elderly, by the way.

But the main thing after all: no trace of the planet Earth belongs to those who walk straight to the monkeys.

Sonia came out of the shower and dry a large white towel.

I was reminded of its existence, I came up, hugged.

- Sonia, let's go into the other room, I tell you there is something to show.

She nodded and dutifully followed me.

It was my sun room - large window was the entire east wall.

Sonia came to him:

- Wow, how beautiful: soon dawn! And why did not you show?

I hit Sonya's face with all his strength and power I was like a two-ton concrete slab. Mistress fell on the carpet and fainted - from under her head spreading blood.

I took a body towel and a vein bitten on the shoulder. The liquid was hot and salty. It was the last portion of Sony. All those moments that I was saturated, I heard her pulse: 60 beats, 50, 45, 30, 20. The heart trembles for the last time ...

In the morning she, like all vampires victims burned in the sun.


Dozhilis. The vampire, who was born in the times of the Crusades, sitting in a cafe with a bouquet of roses waiting for a young human girl, you want to seduce before you eat. The same smell of mandarin laughing: and I want to stick a straw in it, as in a pack of juice and drink. And it is better to give up in Sochi and lying on a deck chair at night, sipping blood from the packaged bottles.

While Valery something told me I delved into her memory. My parents died when she was 16. She attended an internship, lived in a dormitory. With work helped cousin.

- How's your job? - I asked.

- Fine.

- You're used to having people die?

Valeria stared at me.

- And I have told them about your job?

- Of course. Why not go to the dentist? Why where you often can not change anything?

She shrugged.

- Someone has to do it. All go to the dentist, it is easy and profitable, and to be surrounded by people, of course, harder to die from cancer.

- You, probably, and the sight of blood do not you afraid?

- No, of course, but what are you afraid of?

- No, do not faint.

Dialogue is impressive.

- You have beautiful eyes.

- You too. Although you yourself are strange.

- What do you mean?

- I do not know. You say a little about yourself, but you have seen a lot of human eyes. Although you seem to be slightly older than me. So I think: what do you do in life? How many years?

- Twenty five. I collect old things, and then sell them at exorbitant prices.

The cafe in the evening invited the musicians struck up an easy calm music: saxophone, synthesizer, guitar.

I got up from the table and handed it to his companion's hand.

- Shall we dance?

She nodded.

We went up to the stage, I hugged the girl. She seemed to radiate warmth, charm, and has slight sadness in his head. She was afraid that everything that happens to us is over. For her it was a fairy tale, I reminded her of a handsome actor, who played a vampire in the TV series (of that for irony!).

I first asked myself, what am I doing here guys. Then he decided that everything is normal, live a boring, need something to entertain. Here have fun, then I sing.

While she went to the ladies' room, I poured her coffee brand poroshochka, razdobytogo me in Baghdad a long time ago: it there in tea spiked with concubines local warlords.

- I have a house on the wall photo wallpaper with night views of New York City. Want to see? Of course, I would suggest you to go to New York, but I'm afraid you're not so reckless.

Some second mind struggled with the body, but the body has won, and here we are in a taxi.

I put my hand on her knee, a little stroking.

Girl embarrassed in her mind running around disturbing thoughts.

"What I do, I do not know him, then he hurt me, I have never had sex, then he would be me to something forced, as it is wrong. My God, I think I can not imagine, but I so want to be with him. "

Several times she wanted to address to the taxi driver and ask him to stop. Then she wanted to go home, cry and forget me. She thought he was doing wrong and immoral.

I have not heard from women such thoughts ... It seems that in the early 1910s, I loved a woman, which I doubt very much in our relationship, and she thought our connection faulty. He swore to himself each time and went to confession to the church. It was in Prague.

I covered her hand his big arm and whispered in her ear:

- Do not worry, I will not hurt you nothing, you trusted me and I will not let you down.

To be continued...