Girls hit the adventure

Well, I ran into on an adventure! At its lower 90 centimeters ... and not only. And all because of my girlfriend Olka. We sat in my house after uni, drank a glass of the mood. Here Olka found Papa's marine binoculars, and she was curious to see him. The yard, trees, windows ...
Oyy! - Olka suddenly screamed. Oh wow?!
Naturally I also showed interest, but did not find anything special without binoculars.
- Can you imagine a company where the guys next door porn watching on a giant screen!
We both laughed loudly.
- Cho, like porn?
- At itself look? Look, the window.
I took a pair of binoculars, but the right window is not immediately found. And sure enough, on the big screen, even with binoculars from a distance we could see the screen clearly fucked.
- During fucking give. Even draped curtains do not - I spoke.
- Yes they are, I suppose, because in view plunged, they are not up to the windows! - We laughed again - interesting, but they then masturbation will also be together? - He continued to make jokes Olka must clearly wanting me to ruptured stomach with laughter.
- I do not know how to masturbation, and will be desperate to masturbate! - I said with a laugh.
- However, something you got carried away, let me! - And a friend began to take from me the binoculars.
- What, you want to see the story? - I pinned.
- You know, I think I know whose it is a window, and that of the company, - I have suggested, is Olka pretend seasoned spy with binoculars in his hand. - Not that personally acquainted - we live in a neighboring houses. Like a normal company, not some scumbags. The institutes are studying.
- Are you proposing to thrust them into the company at a session of the film? - Olka turned on me with binoculars. And we neighing again.
- Come on, roll forward even for a glass of! And I shall burst out laughing - I suggested.
They drank.
- So you know them? - Start slyly curious Olka.
I must say that it is still a nymphomaniac. And the guys running around her, almost crowds. Then he shares with me his impressions, tells of the adventures, including intimate details. And I for my 19 years, I have had only two guys, but my novels came to an end in two months. And my most stable and faithful intimate partner - a vibrator under the pillow. For all that, I'm pretty cute - in the mirror like myself. But as Olka said my modesty ruin me.
- I think I also know of at least one of them continued to Olka. Kostya ran after me for a long time, we have with him the novel was even, but, however, very short. However, he in bed - that is necessary. And it seems to me that he is I still love.
I had grown accustomed to that with me Olka shares his impressions of his suitors. Sometimes I even became jealous.
- So it may be, you want to keep them company? - I pinned. - Have you ever watched porn on this screen?
- No and you?
- And I do not have to!
For we have not noticed the conversation, like a bottle over.
- Well, let's go take another? Happy day today - my girlfriend laughed again.
- Let's go! Walk, so walk. I'll have wine diet today.
- You're sitting on a diet? And I think, is something you have one bottle so pretty.
We took a couple of bottles of wine - to once again not to run. And then Olka start strongly suggest to go on a visit to Kostik. Type missed it for him, and with the last her boyfriend she broke up two days ago, and has remained so far without male attention. In general, we lay down to visit them. Kostya was a little surprised, however, pleasantly surprised. He invited us to go. The room has four of his friends were drinking beer. Roller, Lech, Cyril, and Sasha. With all got acquainted. Cinema, of course, on television have gone more. Olka chattered incessantly, guys too his words did not climb, everything was great and paddle. We are from the wine, they quietly drunk from beer. And Olka beginning to hint: "like on this screen looks a porno?". Long mollify guys did not have to - it's hard to deny Olka, it is convincing. Included the porn ... On the two men fucked a girl. And then they just did not do it as soon as it is not set. And while I occasionally distracted by the spectacle, but still began to feel like between my legs begin to relax a sponge and begin to get wet panties wet. Thereafter pornorolika began another where two lesbians very passionately caressing each other. Here Olka already troubled:
- No, well, what for is to watch on TV ?!
- You offer to switch? - Vadik said, and reached for the remote.
- Or maybe you without a screen we demonstrate such a scene?
- We're not lesbians! - I tried to laugh it off.
- So they, too, do not! - Lech said, nodding at the screen. - It's an actress. Just such a scene like the guys, so they are trying.
- What I enjoy so much? - Olka said. - Strong winds?
- And on the screen something much, but I live to see !? - Started, was Kostya, but Olka he was immediately broken off:
- Do not wait!
- Well, we do not ask you to undress. Maybe just in clothing, caress each other, kiss ...
- Sighed passionately - Cyril put his word.
The whole conversation was like a joke.
- You that consider yourself uglier these girls from the screen? - Kostya asked, winking.
He knew he was caught, so nly on the "weak". And it is a particular fad. Thin Olka, with its narrow hips and a modest breast considered herself worthy to be a star.
- How are you? - She asked me.
- If the clothes, I do not care! - I replied. Looks like wine diet in me to say ... Especially, I was wearing pants. It Olka was wearing a skirt.
Boys departed, leaving us alone on the big couch and settled down to view the anticipated show. We climbed on the sofa with his knees, and standing on his knees, facing each other, began to stroke each other hands. First the neck, shoulders hair. Here is my hand slipped on Olkina chest, and we laughed.
- All the fun continue! You are super! - I heard the voice of the "audience."
Well, here we parted! Right up close, and began to rub his stomach and chest. She tilts her head so that her hair flew from shoulder to shoulder. Her hand stroking my thigh, I held her fingers ie by the pope.
- Start her hand over the pants!
- Are you a sweater! - Handing out suggestions from the field. And I felt Olkina hand, slowly sliding down on my stomach in my pants. "Ah well? Okay! "- I thought, and stuck his hand under her blouse and grabbed her breasts.
- Enough already? - I asked - good enough is enough.
- Well, everything! Six to nine, and the curtain - asked Kostya.
- Maybe we should not! - I timidly beginning, but Olka put me on the back, and she stepped through me, and my face was between her thighs. At this point, I felt like she leads her face on my thighs.
- Not so not fair - I said - I have something in the pants.
Olga was wearing a skirt, which is in this position, ridden, and my cheeks touched her bare feet, and the nose - her tight shorts.
- Really not fair! - Said Vadim, came up to us and began to unbutton and take off my my summer pants.
- Hey, why are you doing, we did not agree! - I began, but girlfriend lying under resist I did not succeed, and my trousers fell somewhere beneath the window.
Moreover, Vadim found himself half naked too. He took out his penis panties and carried it to his lips Olkina.
At this time Kostya pushed Olkina striped pants and began to caress his fingers th between the legs. Then I realized that we are not forced open here today does not go away. From this idea, and some fear suddenly pulled hard my whole body seemed to shock struck, and all this talk was going in my pussy. Heart pounding, I almost did not finish itself.
Olka has sucked. Then a member of Kostya appeared in front of my mouth. Already excited, and seeing ... the nose of a female cat, I still decided to choose a member, and opened her mouth. Kostya leaned closer, and I'm small nod of the head started to suck his cock. Kostya is thus not left alone Olkina pussy, running in her fingers.
- Something she weakly sucks! - Vadik's voice. Maybe you're her ... uh ... aktiviziruesh? - Vadik slyly asked, referring to the Kostik.
- Now I will try, - said Kostya, deftly nly later with Panties by clearing them through one of her legs so that they hung from her on one knee, transgressed my head, and right in front of my nose Costin member began to sink in Olka. For movements as he plunged into it completely, and Kostya took a few circular motions. Olka has issued a passionate guttural sound. Then they pulled off her blouse and bra lifted.
- Well - I thought, fuck her again, and I lay out in the cold. Even as that was a shame. Again I heard Olkina lip smacks and Kostya began to fuck her from behind. Suddenly he drove her to a member of the full depth and froze. She sighed again, but this time not so loud, because her mouth was yet another member. Here Kostya began to tear it literally, like a cat. His cock thrust into her with the speed of a jackhammer. Olkina breasts bounced wildly back and forth, sometimes catching my stomach. From what I could not endure the overstimulation already, he slipped his hand his pants, and began to immerse their fingers in a gentle moisture.
Olka has not sighed, and was making one big "! Aaaaaa" This rhythm is already clearly could not suck, and then Vadim noticed that just below Olkina screaming rotika is languishing my pussy. He took off my pants, spread my legs, threw them on his shoulders and firmly pulled me closer to him. Then I felt a hard emptiness filled my stomach. Vadik tightly hugged me and started not much, but deep fuck. There are already passionate involuntary guttural sounds flew out of my throat, and Vadik began to increase the tempo. Sweet sense of growing excitement was seething in my stomach. I have just a little thought. I leaned forward slightly, closed her eyes and breathed hotly on Kostya's eggs, which still fought furiously about Olkina pussy. My lips, tongue caught it on his penis, then the egg, then Olkina sponge, because I shook the very strong point to fuck me Vadik. Here Kostya froze, his cock stiffened, took a few deep thrusts, and I felt the language of some new taste. I drew back, opened her eyes and saw a member of the whips in Kostin Olkina pussy white foam. "Ela-paladins, he also finished it!" - Flashed through my head. But here Vadim leaned on me a little more, I'm sweet languor closed her eyes, and I was not up to the girlfriend. I just caught a buzz.
When Vadim stopped, I opened my eyes. Nly me was gone. She caressed the carpet Lech with Sasha. Vadim decided to turn me. But then came "miss" is still Kirill, Vadik and I succumbed to it. While I shifted, I took off with all outstanding clothes without leaving a ribbon.
Cyril sat on the sofa, picked me up, he leaned back on the couch, and I sat on the top. His lower abdomen, I felt the hardness of his penis. But he was in no hurry to enter into me, although it was very close. He hugged me and kissed me on the lips. His tongue so went through my gums and lips, that out of my throat again broke the involuntary sound. His hands stroked my back, drove through my hair. Here he kissed my chest while hugging my ass handed, strongly pressed her to him. Nice wave of sensation ran through my whole body. Tolerate I could no longer, got up, and with his own hands put his cock in itself. We sat back, and I started to move back and forth, but he stopped me, recoiling from the back of the sofa and tightly hugged, hugged her. "Where a hurry !?" - rather than asked, as he commanded me. He kissed me again with the tongue, hand squeezed my chest, and then a few short light kisses on the cheek, neck, hot breath in my ear I finally ignited.
Here it is, still tightly clutching me to her, I began to move sharply up and down and his penis pierced with sharp movements from below me. I moaned, and keep myself, I could not anymore. Overcoming resistance to his arms I began to move the booty back and forth, and then he gave me complete freedom. I was involved in some kind of primeval force that moved my body, and I stepped up and stepped up the pace. In this position, my clitoris rubbed firmly on the male body, and pierced his cock deep into me, pulling to a very sensitive point. Seeing my participation breath, and I'm getting tired, he strongly wrapped his arms around my ass, became firmly pressed me to her, to the beat of my movements. At this time, Vadim tried to paste in my mouth, but Kirill stopped him: "Do not bother the girl cum!" I continued to ride him wildly, suddenly in the lower abdomen all greatly relaxed, sweet and wave one after another peal of my body. The forces suddenly disappeared, and I fell upon gave me such pleasure Cyril. My body radiated heat in the face streaming sweat and tears.
I could not catch my breath, being in his arms, so a little pulled back, and this motion sensuality awoke again in my stomach. Cyril ran a hand through my hair, and then his fingers barely touching my feverish back, drove slowly up and down. From this unexpected pleasant sensations I already arched whole. And as his cock was still in me, he added my bliss. Then I realized that only a few seconds away from having to repeat a sweet orgasm. More precisely, I knew this is not the mind, and my body did all by itself, and again involved in a quick jump. But this time very short, as the wave of orgasm again spilled over my body. I moaned uncontrollably, shaking his head and wriggled with pleasure. It forces me to leave soon, and I just fell to the side to catch his breath. When Costin member of me came out, a sensation as if it were torn off part of me.
- Well done! Good girl! This is arranged for you! - Whispered to me while I was lying down with his eyes closed, trying to catch his breath.
Here before me sunk Olkina oohs, and I was curious, and what it does.
Sasha lay on the carpet at the back, and Olka sat on it, as a rider, only the "backward", and jumped on his cock. At the same time she sucked Lehin member, correcting it in his mouth with one hand. There on the floor Sasha bent her forward a little and came out of it. Olka tried to sit back, but Sasha began directed his cock in her ass.
- Hey, what are you doing up? - Outraged Olka. But Sasha, developing her ass thumb, still put her.
- Prestan! - Insisted Olka, but Sasha two hands just pulled it on the penis. At this time, Leszek lifted her, and she was again sitting in a pose rider on Sasha. Leaning back, she tried to stretch the floor with his hands and jump off, but in this position the venture did not work out. And she had to accept the fact that she was sitting with a member of the pope. Lech, saw that she did not let go the hand, otherwise it will sit on Sashka's dick for the most eggs. He took her by the hair, threw back her head and put his penis in her mouth. Olka began to suck and lick. It took a while, and then loaded it into the throat so that Olka even managed not to cough. Then OL'KIN nose several times rested on Lehin belly and protruding tongue reached to his eggs.
- Well, as you stop, stop! - Lech told her in the very face. - Good girl, affectionate.
Then they lifted nly a little, and her feet flew up, hung on Leshkin hands. They sat back, he went into her vagina, directly above the inserted in her ass Sashka member. And they began to tear up Olka together simultaneously. Olka again started to moan involuntarily.
Noticing that I was ... caught her breath, Cyril Vadik decided to continue to engage me. It so happened that I was lying between them.
- You guys just do not end there! - I said, just in case, knowing that my request is unlikely that anyone will listen.
- Let's see how it goes! - Kirill said. Vadik added:
- Will you behave yourself, we will try.
Located at the back of the sofa Vadik, he turned me on his side with his back to her, lifted my leg and entered me. Therefore, as I need to behave, that it was "good" to find out I could not. His cock slid into me, pulling up to the depths, then playing at the entrance. Gradually I began to wake up sensitivity in me, and I began to move his ass to the beat. Cyril stood at the head, and put in my mouth. I never thought before, that is capable of. Location is in me, but I twisted his head and tongue worked frantically, trying, by all means, do not touch it with his teeth. And I have successfully managed - Cyril published quieter sounds more fun. However, Vadim gradually increased the tempo of his thrusts became deeper and faster, so my teeth began to touch all who took my cock mouth. Cyril stopped and kissed me. My breathing became more and more, and his chest was bouncing erratically.
- Slow down, little, - he said to Vadik, and began to get a job there.
- What are you up to? - I asked, but the answer has heard only:
- In the by!
And I felt another member enters into my pussy, stretching it, I thought, an impossible wide.
- Caution, you are I will tear!
But Kirill member penetrates deeper into me, they both began to fuck me. I have already caught his breath with excitement. In my pussy has never penetrate such dimensions. I lay there and did not believe it was happening to me as I was so diligent in the situation that I was fucked, rips like a cat in two trunks. And the worst was the thought that I like, and I instinctively try to get there in time to the movement of the vibrating shocks me from both sides. Previously, I only dreamed this in my fantasies when I remained alone with a vibrator in her room - under a blanket, and was afraid to gasp once again to my parents did not hear. Immediately I groaned aloud, and the cries themselves involuntarily flew out of me.
My excitement was seething more and more, and I began to actively move the ass to get more pleasure. But it was at the back of my Vadik slipped out of me. He tried to go back, but it did not happen. And then I felt the head of his cock knocking at my ass.
- No! - I breathed. In response, Cyril only kissed me, then lifted my foot, and Vadim has taken over the sighting attempt.
- Do not dare! Nnad UE-Not! - I cried, already I felt like a member of Vadik overcome the dense ring, and then easily slipped deeper. "Well, I thought, now I lost her virginity there. With the exception of the vibrator, it is the first time a live male member has penetrated into my ass. " And they continued to fuck me in the two trunks, but in the two near my hole. I could feel their limbs knocked against each other through the thin barrier inside me. And the pace of the movement grew stronger, and the penetration deeper. Especially who has worked my pussy Cyril. Suddenly he pulled out of me, and brought his cock to my lips. The sharp smell of my own moisture hit my nose. My mouth was open and so by panting, so I just closed my lips, and his cock was in my mouth. I only had time to do a few head nods as warm stream hit my tongue. Next jet hit my palate and I reflexively took two sips. Opening my mouth, I pulled back, and the jet flew in my face, in the mouth, and even chest. As soon as I realized what had happened, like Vadik, making several in-depth reinforced tremors stopped behind me, and a little later, slipped out of my priests. Oh, and he also finished.
- What you are gentle, what affectionate! - I heard and felt his kisses between the shoulder blades.
- I need to take a shower! - Request for me.
Vacationers at this time Kostya pulled out of the closet a large towel and handed it to me and motioned to the bathroom door.
At this time, Sasha with Lekha has continued to fuck Olka, putting it on all fours.
When I returned, my friend was lying on the sofa using a pillow Kostino hip, and waited for their turn in the shower.
- Mineral water will be? - Cyril asked me, pouring a glass.
- I will! - I breathed, and, sitting down on the couch, drained it completely.
Gradually, all freshened up, we had another little by little beer. Kostik, how to end before all, is ripe for the second series.
- Well, the beauty! I'm waiting for you to release and pay attention to me. Both! - He embraced us with Olka - how you look at this venture?
And he began to caress us, kissing is it, then me.
- Are not you afraid? - Onset of acute me - a girl caught between two boys - that's nothing. But the boy between two girls!
Olka has passionately kissing Bones, and I walked a little tongue in his ear. Then light kisses touched his neck. Olka, quickly passed his lips over his body from the top down, and began to apply the tip of the tongue strikes against Costin member who was already in full readiness. I leaned against the lips of the male nipple and took a few quick movements language. It was obvious that he liked it. Olka rose higher and began to do the same with his second nipple. Kostya we hugged, and just caught the buzz seething excitement in it. Then we lowered their heads below and Costin cock was between my and Olkina languages. Then I took his penis in her mouth, took a few circular motions of the chin, and then gave way to a friend of all. Olka taking in the mouth, just swallowed an entire member. Completely. And so a few times while I was in shock trying to figure out how it is at all possible. Then we just did not do it. And together and separately, while Kostya not caught me by putting on my knees so that I turned back to him. His wet dick easily got into me and began to slide inside. Then he made it clear that he wanted me to itself began to actively move the booty up and down. And we began our wild ride with loud claps of my priests on his hips. I soon exhausted, and the pace slowed. I leaned back against the bone. Here Olka, that all this time he caressed her hands, jumped up from the sofa and approached to face me between the legs, which pierced Costin member. I felt her breath, and language, which slipped from Kostya member on my clit.
- What are you doing, right now he's over! - I said, startled. But instead she said Kostya:
- Yeah, you will know how to substitute a girlfriend.
- Let me in! - Olka said, and she and I began to be reversed. She, too, was arranged on top, only to face Kostya. His hand, she held several times on his cock, and deftly put it in yourself. Long sit her Kostik did not give, and she began to move like a pendulum, swinging booty, fully absorbing the his penis. It is only in a porn show that girls in this position, jump up and down. Olka just tried to cling to it as closely as possible to rub on the man's body in his most sensitive spot, and no one centimeter is not letting go of the man's flesh itself.
After a few minutes she began actively to shake his head, her hair began to fly from shoulder to shoulder, and her throat began to fly passionate sounds. I remembered myself in the same situation, decided to help her, came from the back, and his hands pressed on her bouncing buttocks tightly pressed her to Kostik. Olka began to move faster, her breathing became more likely, she suddenly cried a little louder than usual, stopped, arched, and threw back his head back and let out a strange moan. "Did he again finished it?" - Thought with horror. No, it's finished it. Making a few singles ... jerky, abrupt movements forward, she went limp and fell into the arms Kostya. Here Kostya stood Olka and remained hanging on his neck, and clasping his hands and feet. In this position, he carried her and put her in a chair. Perhaps he was not indifferent to her. Anyway, he showed no interest in me. He threw her legs on his shoulders, and began to thrust his cock in her, so that Olka again moaned. He moved it quickly, then slowly, then stopped and twisted inside her his gun. At first, she tried to move in time with him, but then stopped and only occasionally shaking her head. Because, for such a furious pace in time was impossible. Only her breasts jumped up and down. Suddenly Olka arched, quickly shook her head, screamed, and threw herself on the neck of Kostik, again hanging on it. He picked it up in a vertical position, standing on one knee, and occasional deep thrusts bringing it to a frenzy. Olka not even moaned, she wheezed through clenched teeth, and struggled in the arms Kostya.
When she calmed down a bit, he put it back, and legs Olina soared again.
- I can not more, stop, please, - she whispered, but Kostya continued to settle. Then he came out of it, abruptly pulled her foot closer to the edge, and pulled her knees to her own shoulders. In nly had no strength to resist, and even say anything, she just lay there, eyes closed and panting. Here Kostya again entered her so that Olka screamed, arched, and as many eyes widened. I understood that he went into another place it just below. And then Kostya continued her work as a member. I do not know whether it was some remnants of the senses, or he her as revenge for the recent break, or it may just mean it Olka when enthusiastically rolled his eyes, told me that during sex he was "very personal" ... But how does it look the part ?! Full plate! Olka tensed, clenching his teeth and occasionally biting his lip, meekly surrendered his authority. He just tore it roughly and suddenly as abruptly came out of it. He sat down side by side on a soft chair rail. Olka and remained lying with force pressed to his chest own knees, and rarely flinched. Between her white legs bright blush all raspush¸nnaya pussy. Beneath it was a gaping hole in the broken male member, which is in no hurry to close, and she reached down from the white viscous drop.
- Poor fellow! - With horror, I thought, but then I got the idea even worse. Guys dragged beer break, and they too have matured on the second run. A friend of mine is hardly what can be obtained. At steps she needed rest. The only thing in me cherished the hope that it will not ask for much, and continue to fuck them both.
Sasha came up, hugged me, and literally dug his lips in my lips. Leszek came from the back, took me by the hips and I felt his cock slowly into me. He set my feet a little wider to penetrate deeper into me. I have in my stomach again start to accumulate voltage excitement, and my knees podkashivatsya. Kissing with Sasha has not worked. Then I put on all fours. Leszek spread my legs wider, and went back, and Sasha put his penis in my mouth and I began to suck it passionately, and to turn around the language. After a while they decided to pass me, but at the same time and change the partner. I was on the couch in the arms of Cyril and Vadik. And Sasha with Lekha began stroking Olka hands, believing that she had caught her breath and ready to continue.
- Guys, please do not, I can not now. You brought me so much buzz, do not spoil the impression of - pleaded Olka, almost whining. Let a little later.
- Well, you Olenka! We are the main thing that you liked it - obviously blew her Sasha ears. But fuck it, they did not.
Here between my legs clenched with fear again, do all four will fuck me one. At this point, Cyril put me on the side, raised, my leg and sat on my hip and threw me to the full depth. I was sandwiched tightly between his thighs, rubbing my clit one of his thigh, and the other is pressed tightly against my ass and my pussy deeper and more often included men's flesh. Then he leaned forward, my leg flew up above, and then I felt the tension begins to grow sweet in my stomach. My eyes were closed, so I do not even know whose cock was in my mouth. I did not even move her head to suck it up, since my whole body shaking hodilo jerks Cyril. In me again joined some unknown to me the force that moved my body. The movement grew stronger, and I almost finished in this position. For a complete buzz I did not have some feelings. And when I almost finished a second time, I realized what I was missing. I needed to feel the pulsating stream below the uterus to me filled bracer, and millions of men rushed in cell every corner in search of my bored somewhere inside yaytsekletochke that they found her, and one they pierced. I felt that this moment is just around the corner and began to actively podmahivat, trying to speed it up. But Kirill stopped and got out of me. I'm already disappointed howled.
I immediately picked up Vadik, sat on the couch, sat me on top.
- That's what I want, - he said, noting that both I and Olka in this position is guaranteed to finish. He began to press me to her, impaling me to the bottom, and I became like a pendulum swing the booty. Then they took me by the hair, have developed my head to the side, and in my mouth cock was again.
I do not know why, but as soon as I started to roll special feeling, I slipped a Vadkinogo member. So it was two or three times, and on the third time, he lifted me, took aim not to have an open hole for him, and beside.
- Do not dare! - I tried to protest, but to no avail. In between my legs it was very slippery, and its members are constantly slipped to where I wanted to ... but once again, he took aim at my ass.
- Get him! - I continued to insist, knowing that he is about to break out, and strained her ass. But he gently rubbed my clitoris excited, I relaxed and his cock slipped still in my ass.
- You see, dear Helen, - Vadim turned to me. - The thing is that one of us was born a girl you are!
- So what?
Instead of answering, he put his arm around my waist, and the deeper I sit down on his cock, while I did not touch the clitoris of his body. It hurts me was not, but it was kind of strange, unusual feeling. One minute my body was ready to orgasm, and that's a member of my body is charged on the eggs, and the clitoris rubs firmly on the male body, strong arms that lifted me, then lowered. I tried to accelerate ... it was a special thrill, but to finish I did not succeed.
Then I shifted again, and next dropped Olka, and before I heard her sigh. My legs shot up and not to close until the evening already. I closed my eyes ... As I just did not put! As I just do not arch! My mouth was constantly someone's cock. In this one, sometimes two at once pushed between my legs. That one hole at once, in both. Kostik this time, too, "alive", so, too, is very tough Olka battered it with two, then three sides. Sometimes I caught myself thinking that giving away not just moaning, and screaming voice.
I do not know how long it lasted, until my mouth was suddenly filled with sperm, and the last spray fell on my chest. Then all began. In my finishing anywhere. One of the semen I have not had time to escape, as in me a new piece of fly overclocking.
Gradually the boys calmed down and lay down beside him. I lay there, literally bleeding. My nose was cutting a sharp masculine scent in the mouth was the taste, my breasts stuck to one another, and in the legs flowed from all crevices. As soon as I was aimed in the shower, I was ahead of Olka and I continued for another ten minutes expire.
- Is it I? This is happening to me? - I could not believe what is happening ....
Men began to praise me speak different compliments, poured me a glass.
When we came home, it was getting dark. Kostya Kirill went to accompany us. I could not walk normally, my knees buckled. On the way, about something chatted again. Suddenly Olka bullet rushed to the pharmacy in her hand snapped pack, and she put into my hand a little tabletochku:
- On, swallow!
- What is it? - I asked.
- What are you doing, you fool, you want to fly? - Rather than asked, and commanded me experienced in these matters girlfriend.
- I instantly swallowed the pill, not even drinking.
My house was previously Olkina. We stopped to say goodbye. Then Cyril spot just cut me off with the phrase:
- Lena, you're lovely! Girls, you made a memorable evening.
And after a pause he added:
- You this ... I'm sorry, if something goes wrong!
We already laughed. I kissed him on the cheek and went home.
My mother saw me and just shook her head:
- I do not know his name, but the guy, you see, knows his stuff.
I just wearily mumbled in response.
In general, I liked it, but to repeat this experience I do not want. Better alone ... with Cyril.