His aunt (with unrelated parties) the first time I saw a woman in years 11. Then they moved to our city and settled in a nearby house. From how soon this I remember only that immediately drew attention to her gorgeous, soft outlines of his chest. When you embrace me something straight pushed towards them, and as if I accidentally buried his face in it. A light blouse I felt their warm elasticity and unique scent of a woman. I immediately blushed and stepped back awkwardly. This I remember firmly.
Here is a brief description of it.
Then she was thirty years old, of medium height, her short brown hair framed a pretty face. Eyes are brown, elegant nose, beautiful lips. The skin is smooth and dark. A body - a feast for the eyes. Large breasts, female belly with navel charming, long graceful legs, and, of course, attractive, sexy ass. All this of course I carefully considered when we first went to the lake. We swam, and several times I accidentally found himself next to her, touched her feet and hands, floating around. I was very nervous and afraid to be exposed in their true intentions. So it all started. I often visited them, I played with my cousins, they were younger than me for a couple of years. Until that day, I just imagine how my aunt (call it either) looks bare. I still could not imagine any action with it, though secretly studied in the city library medical reference book on the very pages with pictures and knew the theory, as there is that. Once I went to him and found his aunt for ironing. However, she loved to watch soap operas. When the next ad, she went to the toilet. I strongly beating heart, I went to the ironing board. On it were simple women's panties, white, she wore (see more) every day. The room did not have anyone else.
Carefully, afraid of being caught, I took them in hand. Violence. And immediately I realized that it was here, on the inside, they touch her crotch, tight her ass. Immediately there was a picture in my head how it suits them. In the morning, when she gets out of bed naked, he takes them out of his chair, and, leaning over, pokes at first one, then the other leg. Then she takes the bra, clothing and. I'm very excited. I put them both lying, and quickly left. After that I often, when there was always the possibility, b¸le took her and imagined her aunt in it. But once I'm going to the bathroom (where there was a basket of laundry to wash), I saw that the lid slightly ajar. Locked the door, I opened the trash. On top lay a towel, which she wipes after a shower. Under the towel lying bra. Gently, almost without breathing, I took it, the smell of the body HER. Sweet pyanitelny, exciting. I was delighted! The size of the hemispheres, I imagined the size of her boobs real. How I would like to take them in hand, to weigh, to crush, kiss, and, of course, sucking her nipples and just play with them! But suddenly I saw her panties. The same white as ever, as I later found out (only occasionally, after the weekend, across the dark colored or classical), with a mandatory or a rose with a bow at the front. Oh, how they smell! It's indescribable! What I just did not do with them: breathe through them, getting drunk, wore on his head, he touched where the fabric touched her lips, tasted. And, of course, I finished. For a year I learned all of her underwear b¸le, knew by heart all the details of her scent, knew everything. All the better I was learning it, dreaming of the day when I will be able to turn your desires into reality. She loved me, how can you love 12-year-old nephew, who is often a guest, always helpful, a good student, loves, like her, a good classical music.
One day I was at the risk of being caught, through the keyhole, he saw her after showering. Nothing is wondering and not heard because of the pounding heart, I have a bullet popped out. Leaning against the wall, I closed my eyes and all at once he saw again. Aunt Ljuba stood, wiping her hair and face. At the same time her big tits moving smoothly, following the movements of the hands. She had big brown nipples are swollen and protruding, as if asking: kiss me! The thick triangle of dark curly hair irritated imagination to the limit. She bent down to wipe your feet cool. Tits hung heavy, rounded and prizyvayusche. When she stood up, they already jumped. Putting one foot on the edge of the tub, she gently, from the nipple, through the navel pulled the palm down. I saw a leg and sverherotichny silhouette ass, she did not forget to stroke. At this point, I scared, so I ran away. How I cursed myself then that there was at least a couple of seconds! What I would not give to see what will happen next. But it is not over yet, as they say. It took another few months. By the summer I became a master of all disciplines spyware.
But like all spies, I ruined the routine. I forgot to close the door with a key .... She came in, when I jerk off shamelessly, sniffing her panties. From surprise, I almost died. I froze. Aunt Ljuba got into the situation for two seconds. I almost buckled his pants, she blushed as I was, came in and closed the door. Backhand was strong I almost cried out in pain and fear. She said that I should immediately disappeared from the house. No talking. I was afraid that she would tell everyone about my act, and only later came home and went straight to bed. The next day they came to visit us. I got exhausted, expecting that I called. Late in the evening I was called. All this time I overheard conversations as I could. I learned that my uncle, groggy, already very drunk. Trembling with fear, I went. It turned out, I was asked to help my aunt to take the board a drunken uncle home. I could only agree. Aunt Lyuba tried to look at me, as in other matters, and I'm on it. we took Uncle. The children were already asleep. She told me to stay as long as she did not meet. I waited, like a criminal before the sentence is imposed. She returned, without looking at me, waved, Follow. We went into the hall. She put me under the light of the chandeliers, with a minute reproachfully looked at the eyes. Then he smiled and whispered: And you grew up ... I stood there like a statue, she asked me how I was doing it. Deciding to immediately repent, I told her everything. What I love her, I love, often think about it, and that in general I like the adults, experienced, mature woman. I begged, I begged her not to tell anyone anything. Aunt this scoffed ... when she suddenly took my hand in his warm hands and placed it on his chest ... I held my breath. She squeezed my hand and closed his eyes, whispered: Like it? I feel a part of the beating of her heart, the warmth of her breasts and the familiar, desirable, but hitherto not attainable smell of females. I was going crazy. I be aware that I am standing here with my aunt flushed with wine and holding on to her boobs. Looking me in the eye, she pushed my hand and began to unbutton her blouse meeeeedlenno. Throwing off her, she pulled me to her and pressed my face to the satin bra. Pull the arms back, unbuttoned and took off his too. God, it was! The two hemispheres of her breasts were perfect in 2 inches from my face. I felt them coming from the heat, saw the slow swell of her chocolate nipples, huge, tasty, I was not slow to make. Lyuba quietly groaned when I realized omit his hands on her buttocks, bringing her to me. But the bedroom heard mumbling. She quickly dressed up, shoved me out the door, whispering to me to come on Tuesday.
It turns out that my uncle went on a business trip, and her daughters will be all week with his grandmother. Oh, how I waited! I came, crept to her, like a thief in the night. He said that he spend the night at each other. With pounding heart I called. My aunt let me, as always, the truth said, did not see ... Do I have someone. I said no. In short robe her feet looked fine. We went into the bedroom. On the threshold I stopped. Quiet music played ... On the bed and half sitting in unequivocal pose woman Nadia, her neighbor. She was 55-60 years old, she lived alone. She was a plump, busty and young, she looked most years at 40. I was surprised, because it was similar to what they drank wine as close friends ... It was evident that they have not time to retire ... They both came up to me, I formed a triangle. I was given a glass of wine. While I was drinking, I began to undress. I was not going to resist. Aunt Baba Luba and Nadia alternately kissed me, then each other. From wine and excitement, I quickly drunk, but was in working condition. I was completely naked and slightly embarrassed kissing, stroking and caressing two very experienced and mature beautiful woman, and we all enjoyed it terribly. I began sucking movements and caress them, but it turned out that we first started with a woman Tanya undressing my aunt. While their lips merged in a passionate French kiss, I untied the robe and opened it. Back this magnificent breasts! While I kissed them, sucking and licking nipples, Baba Nadia aunt walked back and pulled off her robe. Aunt Lyuba began kissing me passionately, her hot tongue with taste of sweet wine was walking in my mouth, she was biting my tongue, my greedy lips. Baba Nadia pulled her panties with the coolest hip aunt and hugged her from behind, also began to fondle her breasts. I Luba suppressed down, and I started to go down lower and lower, kissing her belly, the navel. I reached smelled sweet triangle when Baba Nadia said: Undress me too, devonka ...
They turned to their faces. I kissed my aunt in her luxurious ass and began to help her. Baba Nadia kissed the aunt, then me. Both women moaned languidly. While Aunt unbutton blouse and bra, I felt skirt lock and opened it, the skirt fell to the floor. Beneath it I found white shorts. They were large and snug stomach almost to the navel. Bending down, I pulled them down. I started kissing her full hips, rising higher and higher. When they reached the place where Aunt smelled thick and dark triangle, I found the same thing, but it smelled different. With one hand I rubbed her ass extensive, another aunt's. The moans grew longer, with greedy gasps and scorching breath. I went up and kissed them in turn to the pubis, belly, the navel. Baba Nadia boobs were bigger than the aunt, but with fewer and dark nipples, and also very tasty and even sweet. They hung tough, and Aunt crumpling them with evident pleasure. I first took the woman Nadia took my hard cock in my sweaty palm, and they began to flex and podrochivat, I began to explore the mysterious triangle aunt Luba stroked elastic curls and wading everything below as Aunt Baba Nadia. They liked it very much, as I do.
Moan moaning, kissing, caressing and stroking all, how we can reach out, we moved onto the bed. I carefully put in the middle of, and Aunt Lyuba with a woman Nadia lay low, left and right of me. I reached out her hands to their heads, playing with hair, stroking the face, as their lips met in a kiss on my stomach. They lifted himself on his elbows, and my aunt said: Now we will do the youth of the boy, and then a man. They began to stroke myself and Baba Nadia, looking into my eyes, kissed my stomach, moving slowly down. My aunt was the second it with the other hand. I was trembling with excitement, breath coming in jerks out of my chest, my woman (MY WOMEN !!!) moaning so passionate ... It was so nice to look at them as they get closer to my droning member ... and suddenly they reached it . Oh, it's indescribable, it must be felt! With both sides rushed up the trunk, two hot, greedy and clever language. They seemed to have a race, but slowly, aspired to the top, playing with my cock and with the other sisters. And ... and ... and ... and here they came together at the end in a hot kiss, which gradually moved to pooch¸rednoe sucking cock. The first was my aunt. Having swollen head into his mouth, as if she sucked it into his mouth, licking her tongue tip there. I already held my breath, so it was a pleasure.
Releasing the head of his mouth, Aunt Lyuba kissed a woman Nadia, passing the baton. She did not hesitate to repeat the same action, but in their own way. I immediately noticed that sucks it in another way, putting a head on the first language and then dragging it into your mouth. I groaned aloud. God, how she skillfully sucked! This went on for a minute, I could only croak: Haaa ... They immediately realized that I was about to finish. By law, the older woman Nagy first took charge of my hot sperm into herself, gasping for it. It was so much that it dripped down my fingers member women Nadi. Aunt Ljuba, noticing this, began to gently lick her hand, moving his hand faster at the bottom. That's the first time I finished in the mouth woman. Aunt Ljuba slapped wet lips semen women Nadi passionate kiss, and began to slowly but surely finish. Baba Nadia completely switched to her, putting on the bed next to me. It was very interesting to see how she was kneeling while caressing herself and her aunt.
Running one hand his crotch, she called me to help her. I of course agreed immediately. I lay down between his legs and aunt watched Baba Nadia, extending aunt's legs, tucked her vagina with two fingers, middle and ring, and became a big circle to massage the clitoris. Aunt moaned and fingered her nipples, rubbing them against each other out. Obnaglev, I decided to try aunt's clitoris language. Thrusting his hand Baba Nadia, I gently touched the tip of the tubercle language and immediately felt as she liked. Lick, lick aunt's pussy boy, said the woman Nadia, patting me on the head. I really became interested in licking aunt's gap, examined all the language, all its folds, pulling her lips, penetrating and deep. Now I knew why her hairy pussy smelled so exciting. It was the smell unique, a hundred times stronger than her underwear. I'm straight and said, aunt, your pussy is very tasty and juicy! Luba finished, when I gave way to Baba Nadia. She skillful hand movements quickly and confidently brought her to orgasm. While Aunt breath, Baba Nadia lay down beside her outstretched her full thighs. Her glittering thicket of moisture droplets and expanding her wet pussy fingers, she began to flex her fingers to her lips and clitoris. All this was accompanied by groans and oohs. Aunt Ljuba became her help, moved to her crotch and face at the same time put me babe Nadia on her stomach. Without thinking I was playing with her huge boobs, putting his penis between them. Baba Nadya pushed me closer to him, taking me by the ass. While Aunt lick her juicy pussy, she sucked my cock and then letting me rub it between your tits. I watched with interest as my cock disappears in her mouth, then slowly, reluctantly goes and rubs between these huge boobs. He was hiding among them, and Baba Nadia, finding it immediately takes him to suck. She began to adjust his aunt moans. I liked it, I groaned in time with her moans. I watched the women face Nadi. Paradise pleasure was read to him, enjoying the forbidden fruit. She smiled and started kissing penis, eyes closed. I felt her solid body swayed beneath me, his chest heaving came, she was very moaned, arching his back and finished. Aunt pushed me with Baba Nadia, sat up on his elbows and lay on top, kissing her. Finally, they finished on time and decided to really do me! Leer two overheated females devoured me. Their tender hands again put me on the bed, caressing my young body. I just caught the buzz. Aunt Ljuba stood on the bed above me. She was sweating, flushed, a smile on the lips of the prodigal. Her huge breasts hanging heavy, sharp protruding nipples, inner side of thighs glistening .... Baba Nadia sat down next to me. Her tit lay on my chest, and hand it became podrachivat my cock. She said that now my aunt would make me a man.
I spread her legs and groped among the thickets of her plump and moist lips, I said that I wanted to try them, too. She smiled and kissed me and told me to wait a bit. At this point, Aunt Lyuba sat down at the knees, spreading them wide and putting his hands on my shoulders. Big, huge chocolate nipples almost touching my face. I raised my head to see what will happen next. Baba Nadia, sitting next to my aunt, stroked its fabulously beautiful ass, moved on, skillfully spreading her lips apart. Well, devonka, come on, she said. Aunt Ljuba, looking into my eyes, slowly began to settle on my penis, which Baba Nadia kindly vzdrochila and held in the right direction. That left just a little bit, and now I feel her hot lips on the head. Aunt Ljuba rose and fell again, taking me even more in yourself, in your hot bud. I felt like my covers sweet languor, emanating from her womb. I baldel looking like my aunt again and again sits down on my cock. I fuck Aunt Lyuba! Oh, how long I dreamed about it! And now my dream has come true! Here it is fully adopted it himself and became rhythmically crawl its wide hips for me! The walls of her pussy rhythmically pulsing, like pumping out of me everything. I kissed, licked and nibbled sweet chocolate nipples. Baba Nadia, like a priestess, watching us. We're moving faster, all gromch¸ became sighs and groans. Baba Nadia suddenly stood up, turning to face her aunt, and knelt over my head, kissed my aunt's nipples. The sweet smell of ripe pizdyatiny has turned my head. The hands I pushed the powerful buttocks, finding abundant thickets around moisture oozing sweet pussy and a soft opening of her anus. Lick my boy, lick a woman Nadia moaned Aunt. I timidly licked a bit of moisture from the soft parted lips. Muco-salty folds were hot and sticky, but delicious and smelled so sweet! I dutifully licked her pussy, hearing how they kiss and moan. Here Aunt Ljuba became all the more moving, shouting and groaning. I still convulsive, jerky continued to please a woman Nadia, squeezed her extensive back and stroked her thighs. From her pussy flowed, she let one hand down and began the poke their fingers into my mouth, then his pussy, and I began to lick them. Aunt Ljuba cried, and I felt her pussy began to shrink and straighten, deeper taking my cock in her, she is almost finished with me. I shot the charge of his sperm in her hot body is exhausted and paused, mechanically following the only language of fingers women Nadi. Aunt Ljuba slid, climbed down, down with me and was breathing heavily, however, as I am. I was back among them. With one hand, I stroked the soft and supple tits women Nadia and kissed her full lips and cheeks, and she stroked my cock his gentle hand, putting one leg up on me. The other hand, I put it on the palm of my aunt Luba and felt like she was still rubbing her clit, catching the endless buzz. I gently slipped one finger into the vagina aunt, wiggled back and forth, took and gave a lick Baba Nadia.
Convulsively licked my finger, she moaned and said: devonki, let me your tongue, you are so very sweet today! I got off the bed and watched as the woman Nadia stood on all fours in front of Aunt legs spread wide, and ran her tongue along the inside of the thighs, the bottom of the hill and along the Dalmatian aunt's belly. Her breasts touched the bed and slightly hung. I lay down beside him and watched as the woman Nadia skilfully licking pussy of my aunt, sucking and licking my sperm mixed with juice aunt's. Running his hand his crotch, a woman and Nadia began to rub her wet pussy copiously, moaning and groaning. Sitting on the bed behind her, I spread her buttocks and began to drive his fingers on her bush, thrusting them also in the pussy with her fingers. I am once again excited, because my aunt was moaning that I immediately wanted to shove his cock in my pussy is not vyebaennuyu women Nadi. It is somehow understood and began to move faster and faster language, bringing aunt to orgasm. And Aunt Lyuba again finished, notifying us about her passionate moans, and lay, exhausted and happy, still twitching his charming chest. Baba Nadia turned to me and we, kneeling beside aunt, began to kiss and caress us everywhere. I hugged her, kissed her face, neck, shoulders and breasts, and she was slowly put off the foreskin of my penis and as smoothly returned her back, caressing the testicles and told me things that I, despite the fact that already happened, I blushed. When my cock reached desired her firmness, she lay on her back next to my aunt and told me: Fuck me, my boy, let me and me his sperm, fuck me, tell me how you like my pussy, tell me what do you like me to fuck ... Emboldened, I said, now we'll see how I like her pussy and took over her, putting her legs on his shoulders (seen in any film) and holding her fucking tits. She took my cock and pulled slightly by inserting it into your wet cunt. Her pussy was a little longer than the aunt, so she squeezed my cock harder, making me moan and whispered in her ear: Yes, Baba Nadia, your pussy I really like ...
She smiled and leaned towards me. I began to fuck her, Slobo first, then harder still, feeling my balls slap her on the ass. Suddenly I felt like it was the deeper I take myself sucking my dick in her tender pussy and even affectionate, and less and less letting him off over and over again. At the same time the walls of her vagina began to pace my movements and shrink again slightly diverge, driving me. I groaned, exhausting exhausted, tired again and again, closer approaching the end, I began to finish, and greedy pussy Nadi women deeper sucking me into its abyss of pleasure, not letting me out. I growled and released her legs from his shoulders and lay down on her soft breast. But it is even more squeezed my cock, not letting him, and began to pulsate, pump, drain, squeeze out the last drops of sperm me. That was the feeling! I was lying on Baba Nadia, we did not move, but my dick through the trained her vagina moving! I finished it on again, but weakly, only slightly jerking on this skilful priestess and then all exhausted. Aunt Ljuba got out of bed, she threw on a robe and a smile we went, judging by the sounds in the shower. I lay on the bed and watched as the woman Nadia looks at me with his green eyes, his gaze prodigal experienced woman. We first somehow timidly began, but then started talking. Basically, I asked, and she answered. I was interested in everything about sex. She answered me all the questions willingly and sometimes with a smile, and everything I could, pointing to himself, for example, how best to caress her big littres where any lips, personally showed her erogenous zones, warning that not all women react similarly to caress. That's what happened a practical introduction to sexual life. I was happy that I did these men experienced women. I got up, poured himself some wine and looked at a woman Nadia. Baba calls it somehow does not turn language, and I began to call her on! name. She reached for the bottle, I gave her she licked the drop from the neck so sexy that I wanted to re ...
Do not watch TV, of course! I asked if the problem persists. She smiled again, and yes moaned: Oh yeah ...