A party

America. City of Santa Barbara. As always 13 year old Max was walking along the streets of different home newspaper (as some children work part time in America). It was a hot sunny day. And he came to the house where the girl lived like him. He reached the fence and saw her .. It was a girl about 14, she had long white hair, a beautiful slender legs and rather attractive ass. She had beautiful breasts, which was already large enough. And her name was Jenna.
She sat and ride on a swing which was tied to a tree. Max came into the yard:
- I brought you the newspaper. - Max said.
- Thank you. - Jenna said, and took the newspaper began to approach his lips to his. He closed his eyes and went to meet her. They approached his lips together and ::. Alarm call. Max tapped the switch button and the sound ceased.
- Aaahh.- sighed Max - This dream was cool.
He got out of bed and went to the mirror. He stood before the mirror and said:
- Really today I'll go to class 7 ?! - Max looked at myself in the mirror and went to get dressed.
When he entered the kitchen, and his mother was something prepared:
- Your breakfast is on the table. - Mom said.
- Thanks, mom. - Max said.
He sat down and began to be taken for snacks and milk. Father came in Cancer suit.
- What is it Dad? - Max asked.
- Today, the boss told me to wear it to attract customers.
- With this costume you sure will draw customers. - Mom said.
- Well I have to go to school. See you tonight. Till. - Max picked up his briefcase and headed for the door.
- Do not break yourself something! - I called after my mother.
- Good mothers.
I rode the school bus and Max took his place. He drove to the school. And he entered into it. The bell rang. He quickly ran to class.
The lesson went well. All students flew by with classes and began school noise.
Max went to study anatomy. And then of physics classroom she entered: Jenna.
Max walked zasmotrevshis it. He had not noticed before him someone came out and cabinet and: BAM. He crashed and fell to the floor. Everyone laughed.
- Are you all right? - Jenna approached him.
At Max's breath. She first spoke to him.
- Can you hear me? - She repeated.
- A? A! Yes Yes. I'm alright. - Max got up from the floor. - My name is Max.
- And I was Jenna.
Max stood zhdal.Dzhenna made a questioning look.
- You wait until I tell you something? - Has asked Jenna.
- I raznoshu newspaper. - Max said.
- A! Max. Well yes. I remember.
- You learn in this school? - Max asked.
- Yes. I moved here this year. I've got trouble in the last school.
- What kind of trouble? - Asked Max.
- I would not want to talk about it. Maybe then you'll know. Okay. I have to go to class. See you
- YES. I'm way too. Then I'll see you. Till.
When lessons were over Max went to music class. This lesson was for those who wish. Max took his place at the very end. And he began to prepare for the lesson. He began to look for something in his briefcase. And next to him sat Jenna. He first noticed. Only he said:
- Hey.
- Hey. Jenny said. - That we saw.
Max looked up sharply. And surprise he became big eyes.
- You, too, go to this class ?! - Max wondered.
- Yes. Strange as it seems.
- It's good. - Max said.
- Why? - Jenna was surprised.
- Aah. Simply: - Max confused. - Just:
- All ready for the lesson! - The teacher came.
- Thank God. Carried. I blurted out without thinking. - Swept into Max's head.
The teacher was good and so hard on the students did not press the more it is a class for those who wish. And the poem all involved than they wanted. But most listened to teachers lecture.
It took around 15 minutes as the lesson began. Suddenly Jenna Max said in his ear:
- Look under the desk.
Max looked under the desk. Jenny was holding a photo of fucking man and a woman. Max quickly looked away again at the teacher and a little flushed.
- At home I have such a mountain. - Jenna said.
Max just quietly heknul.
5 minutes he sat and listened to the teacher. And suddenly he felt a hand on his knee Jenna. He drew back a little. And put your hands on the desk.
- What are you doing? - Max asked.
- Do not you like it? - Jenna said, and took his hand a little higher.
- It can not stand Jenna?
- Too late. I know you're excited.
And she was not mistaken. His cock rested against his fly jeans. Suddenly he felt that Jenna crept higher. And his cock became even firmer. There was a feeling that the fly does not break down and tear. He felt that Jenna has gone beyond and began to stroke his hump. Max blushed. He felt a thrill.
- Max with you all right? - I asked the teacher.
- Yes. - Jenna squeezed his cock with eggs - From: I'm fine.
- Well look! And then you all burn.
- All is well. - Max said.
Jenna could not wait and began to unbutton his pants. But: The bell rang.
Jenna took her hand with his dignity and said:
- Today I party at home at 6pm. I am waiting.
- OK I will try. - Max said.
Jenna came out of the class. Max looked at his hump:
- I such of it did not expect. Interestingly, it is the party want? - Max flashed through my head.
It's 6pm. And the max out of the house. He was wearing jeans and a gray T-shirt. Max went to Jenna's house. He rang the doorbell and it opened Jenna.
- Come on. I'll just wait. - Graciously said Jenna. - If you want to drink. Vaughn near that table have some drinks. - Jenna pointed to the table that stood in the corner.
Max went to take whatever-be. He approached the table and took a Coke. He opened the jar and began to drink.
- And now the guys dance! - Jenna cried ... and play music.
Everybody started to dance. Max looked at all this, and at this time he was approached by Jenna.
- Why are you standing here? Potantsuesh Come with me. - Jenna said.
And they went into the crowd. Start slowly music and Jenna took over Max's neck.
- Today in class :.
- Nonsense. Forget. - Max said.
- I have introduced: .. you have it big. - Jenna said.
- Well:..
- Have you no, whether engaged in masturbation? - Has asked Jenna.
- Well: .net: I :.
- Do you know how to do it? - Has asked Jenna.
- To do that -? Max asked.
- Masturbate. Silly. You know how to do it? - Jenna repeated.
Such directness Max of it did not expect.
- Well, I know not: .. I'm not doing this.
- Do you want to learn? - Has asked Jenna.
- I am not .. receptacle :.
- I know your answer. - Jenna and sent his hand down on his belly to the bottom.
At Max's breath.
- WMS: a better .Not necessary. - Max asked.
- Late. Now I can not stop. - Jenna slipped her hand into his jeans and felt he was not yet a member of the member who gets in his underpants. But it was not long. Once Jenna touched his penis, he immediately began to gain strength. She began to drive his cock back and forth. Max began to breathe heavily. He tried not to attract the attention of strangers.
He could not stand on his feet. This was not a buzz when in his life. Jenna took Max's hand and put it on the ass. Max was excited even more. In captivity, his hand began to knead her own plump ass. He did not recognize himself. He did it with great excitement. Jenna liked. And she began to drive his cock even faster. Max did not know how she did it? He had a pretty tight jeans.
- Come to my room. - I proposed to Jenna. - There is no room for enjoyment.
She pulled his hand out of the Max jeans and headed up the stairs to the second floor in my room. Max stood there a little toward her.
He went into her room and saw a large bed.
- Wait. I am coming now. - Jenna and shouted from the bathroom.
5 minutes later, when a member of the five Max had time to relax a bit and drop by half. Jenna came out of the bath in black bra and panties.
- Let's start to have fun. - Jenna said.
She went to Max who was sitting on the bed and sat on his lap.
- You're so sweet. - She said affectionately.
- What can you do? - Max said.
She got up and went to the bedside table where there was a music center. She turned on the light erotic music and went to Max. Jenna sat back down on his knees and began to kiss his ear Max. She did it passionately. At Max's cock again gained momentum.
- I feel so good! - Jenna whispered.
- Me too. - Max said, and began to knead the ass Jenna. Then Max went to his thigh and began to fondle her on the outside. He kissed her on the lips. And his hand is automatically moved to the inside of the thigh. He caressed her as gently as he could.
- You're so good doing it. - Excitedly said Jenna.
Max began to fondle her has not yet overgrown pussy through her panties. He felt what it was hot. He pushed her panties to the side and began to caress the clitoris. Genii began to moan.
Max stopped, removed her from her knees. And I put it on the bed. He got down and undid her bra. Before him expose magnificent breasts with large nipples.
Max began to kiss and lick them. Jenna postanovat start quietly. Max took off her panties. And stuck his two fingers in the crack. Jenna has already started a little scream. Max began to drive his fingers there - here. Jenna could not tolerate this. This went on for about 5 minutes
Now my ochered.- she said.
Max sat on the bed. Jenna knelt down and took off his shirt. She began kissing his chest. Max pleasure could not sit and lay on his back. Jenna sucked his nipples. She became sent down to the stomach. When she began to lick his abdomen Max went goosebumps. He liked it. She reached Jeans and Max became pies belt. When she undid her belt she licked tubercle Max. She slowly began to unbutton his pants. Max raised his head and watched her. When she rastegula fly it completely pulled off his jeans. On Max were only boxers. She undid the buttons on his shorts and pulled out a member of the Max.
-Oh. Come on baby. - Whispered Max - I like it.
Jenna licked the grease on the head of Max members and took in his mouth.
- Oh. Come on baby. Come on. Suck. Suck. I really like that. - Blissed Max.
Max tensed, but Jenna felt it and pulled out a member of his mouth.
- Do you like my party? - Has asked Jenna.
- Highly. It is the glue party in my life.
- Climb to the middle of the bed and lay down on his back. - Jenna asked Max.
Max went to the middle. Jenna turned to him and his by a pussy lyagla so that her pussy was near Max's face. She took it in her mouth and began to suck dick. Max was right. And he began to lick her pussy to her. They were engaged in these five minutes.
Then Jenna stuck Max member of his mouth and stood up. She turned to face Max. And knelt. She took his hand, and a member of the Max holding it slowly began to sit down on a member of Max. She felt as his head rested on the lips of Jenna and giving a little effort went into it head. Jenna screamed.
- Is this your first time? -Ask Excitedly Max.
- Yes!
She gave a little more effort, and a member of the Max went into it.
This buzz Max or when experienced. He felt the heat on his penis. In Jenna's pussy it was spacious and easy to move a member there. From this heat Max was such a thrill that never felt in my entire life.
Jenna began to move up and down a little moaning, and then, and shouting. Max moved to the beat of her. Jenna beginning to move so quickly that as much bed began to creak.
- Wait a minute. - Panting Max said.
He laid her on spinu.On cocked her feet up holding them began to introduce his cock in her pussy. She was so hot. What fuck it was great fun .. Max began to fuck her faster and faster. His balls were fighting about her ass through the panties. And that excites him even more. He watched as Jenna twitch boobs and even more excited.
- AAAA! Max! ... I'm coming! - Jenna yelled.
Max began to fuck her even faster. Suddenly, Max felt a pussy Jenna began to shrink, and she became a cry of pleasure finish. Max felt her pussy squeezing his cock and he felt very good. Dnna squirmed beneath him as she could, and Max tensed. She saw he was going to finish but could not say a word for such a high. Max jerked and Denna felt the hot jet of sperm, which broke with the force of a member of the Max. Max could not hold on and he began to jerk his arms and legs. He finished right in her because he could not do anything stoned. Max preyvisto twitching pussy Jenna is not sucked all the juice from Max's penis. Max fell directly on Jenna. He had no strength. He tears off her and lay down beside him. His penis had already falling.
- How do you? - Sprosla Jenna.
- It was something. - Max said. - And when you have another party?
Jenna laughed. She took a member of Max's hand and began his podrachivat from this Max immediately vsal ..
- Once, I'll call you. - Jenna said.