From my diary

From early childhood, I run my own blog. In it I write down their thoughts, experiences and feelings. What you read on, I wrote three years after the events described by me. With the highest degree of accuracy in these terse phrases and single I was able to play one of the most exciting moments of my life. Fragment of diary with the given explanations and clarifications.
... it happened seven years ago. I then studied in the seventh grade, I do not hang around on the streets with nothing to do, sitting at home, reading books and taught classes. Naturally, he studied well enough. About sex while not even dreamed of, and itself - was a virgin. I went to the swimming section. Together with us and the girls engaged. All in closed swimsuits, some have clearly manifested his chest. I always took with him into a pool of water goggles to dive under the water and watch them. Sometimes I notice that they are also looking at me, and sometimes even out of the water, for example, when I went from the dressing room to the stairs that go down into the water. I always immediately went home leaving the pool. . to go somewhere else and I was not thinking. But one day there was an exception.
On that day, I usually went home after swimming. All my friends from the pool lived in the other end of town, so I always came back alone. It was the middle of spring, but it was cloudy and drizzle went. I opened the umbrella and went to the bus stop. I'm so used to return via this route, that no matter what is not paying attention, standing under an umbrella and waiting for his bus. It is not immediately noticed a girl standing nearby. She bored reading a book, small droplets falling directly on the page, an umbrella she did not have to hide and she also could not stop the rain ... it was without a roof. In appearance she was about 17 - 18, but when you consider that I - just 13, the age difference is obvious. Blond hair and bangs on the forehead, behind the long, brown eyes, a thin, rather long nose, long cut lip. Rostom it was a little taller than me, about half - head. Her jacket has managed to get wet, but it seems that she did not pay any attention to it. I felt uncomfortable, I'm standing under an umbrella, and it gets wet, so I plucked up courage and went up to her. After greeting and paying attention to the weather, I asked her to take my umbrella, to be precise - simply stand together underneath. Laughed and called me a good boy, she agreed. Book it pulled back in her purse, and we stood facing each other. I had a bit of bully head to see her face. Otherwise, I would have only seen her neck. The conversation she began, but I did not effaced, and at ease, and quietly answered her questions ... what I do, where I study, where food and so on. I learned In the turn, that her name is Sveta, she is studying in the first year at college and is now going to lessons home. About age it is natural, I did not ask, well remembering the words of the parent that issues such female persons asking extremely indecent. I cautiously asked what she was waiting for the bus. It turned out the same as me. I did not want to let go of it, I was even afraid to sit with her in a bus, I thought that she might suppose I allegedly attached and do not want to let her go. But suddenly, the rain stopped and the sun came out. And then I found out. The bus still was not and we had to hurry with the decision. And I found it. I asked her to walk along the route of the bus, referring to the good weather. She agreed. And we went on a footpath. Girls I did not hesitate and did not hesitate. But it came to my contemporaries. Light was also older than me, so I felt a certain shyness. And if we take into account the fact that it is clearly in the conversation took a dominant role, it is possible to say that I clearly embarrassed. But we walked and talked about everything and I slowly came back to normal. But when I completely mastered, she suddenly stopped and said that we have already come, and this is her home. I'm disappointed because it was a pity to leave. But there was nothing. We said goodbye, she crossed the road and headed for home. When she came to the entrance, I walked on.
By the time I was already being interested in female gender and gender relations. On weekends, I always tried to look on television erotic transfer, but viewed without sound, not to the parents heard. I always got up a member of only one kind of naked female breasts, as if I could see on television that - anything else, then I literally felt the blood flow to my penis. As - that time I was resting with his parents at sea. We went to "wild beach"And when they came out from behind the rocks, we saw a naked woman sunbathing. More precisely, we saw her parents, and I only caught because went after them. But that was enough for me. Chlžn treacherously twitching and rose, lifting the fabric funny shorts. Parents certainly have noticed, but I still took off his cap and carried her like a fool at the groin level.
But it was a little earlier, but on that day I returned home absorbed in their thoughts. I did not notice how got to the house, all the questions of parents about school and other things posted at random and horrible. In general, I behaved not as always. At night I dreamed strange dreams. In these dreams all intertwined ... and the girls from the pool, and the light, her face, while others have - that person. . . I had a wet dream. But not the first.
The next time after the pool, I did not wait for a bus, and went on foot. And passing by Amy home, I specifically looked at the window, and lo! Uvidžl it in the window. She, too, saw me, smiled, waved his hand, opened the window and shouted that now go down. She came up to me, we shook hands, and she said that now she is preparing for classes and is very busy. And that I after the next lesson in the pool definitely went for it. She gave me the floor and apartment number. Then we said goodbye and I literally flew on the wings of joy home.
The following swimming lessons I fell on Wednesday. Needless to say, that on this day I could not do anything. Just the thought that I'm going today to visit the light, literally threw me in the morning of pastels. Lessons at the school lasted painfully long, because - due to carelessness and inability to answer the basic question, I got the two, but not angry. Although previously a deuce for me was very rare. I also behaved like the pool - something strange. Although I swim very well, but this time I sailed to the finish line and only the fourth coach seriously attended to my health. But at last the lessons were over, and I almost did not vysohnuv, disheveled ran into the street. I reached a brisk pace to Sveta's house, entered the staircase, the elevator reached the desired floor and with a trembling hand to her apartment rang. I for a long time no one opened, but finally the door opened and I saw her. Needless to say, I saw the light in a completely different light? It's one thing when I saw her on the street, and quite another thing in the house. Through the fabric of your home sweaters clearly showed through his chest. Let not any - any lumps there, like my peers, and quite took shape a woman's breast. Looking up from her chest, I said, "Hello !" and entered the apartment. In the hall came her mother, Olga, and I was a bit upset. It would be much better if the World would have been alone in the house. Politely greeting, I took off his jacket, shoes, put on slippers and went to the light in her room. Then came her mother and said that will soon be drinking tea. Then she went into the kitchen and we were left alone. I sat on the sofa, she is in the chair. At this time, the first conversation I began. After 10 minutes, came Olga and called us to drink tea. Her mother was quite a pleasant woman and left me a good impression. We drank tea and I decided it was time to leave, for the first time everything went very well. A Light said that holds me .... I'm terribly flushed and even indignant, he said that the boys escorted the girls, and not vice versa, but Light laughed and said that the street is now much better than at home. Saying goodbye to Olga and thanking her for her tea, I together with the light went out.
After leaving the house, we got to the park and sat on a bench. We talked on various topics, laughed, got up and walked through the park. I bought her ice cream, then you will ride on the carousel and on the way back, I plucked up courage and asked Amy if she had the guy. She said that there, but now they are at odds, and it is not clear what will happen next. She gave me her phone number, and I told her mine. We said goodbye and I went home.
That evening, when I was sitting at home in my room became my mother and for the first time said that calls me a girl in my life. I picked up the phone. It was Light. She called me asking. Tomorrow it out or it will not be at home moms, and have no one to leave a neighbor's child. Light asked me to come to her after school and sit with him. I agreed and the next day after school has already been e it. The door was opened by the Light, the child was already in it. Little boy, 3 - 4. Light said that he would be watching TV and does not deliver a hassle. Then she said that she would return in an hour - a half and left. The child really behaved quietly, he was watching TV, I do too. Finally, back light, very pleased to see that we have everything in order, he took the child and took him home. When she returned, she offered me some tea. I happily agreed. After drinking tea, we sat on the couch in the kitchen. Then she asked if she likes me. I'm a little embarrassed and said yes. Then she asked me how I was doing with the girls.
I replied that so far only on the friendship level. We were silent. Then she said to her that I, too, like me, and that she always liked the polite guys. We were silent for a bit again and then she asked me if I could join her in sexual intercourse. On this issue, I blushed as cancer and articulated with difficulty, yes. She patted me on the head, said she was very pleased with my honesty, as she has already noticed that I really like. Then I asked about her last question, if this is a joke? She paused, thought about it and said that's not a joke. I did not know what to say. But she said that I walked into the room. I walked into her room and sat on the couch. Following the Light entered and closed the door behind me. I began the erection and she smiled. Come to me, she gently pushed me back on the couch and told me that I just sat there and did not get up. Then, a little moved and removed her blouse. Under the jacket she was T-shirt, under which more clearly show through the chest. My cock literally tore my pants.
It is understood and told me to take off them. I obeyed. My cock jumped, looking straight at the ceiling. Light, meanwhile, took off her bra, and I saw her chest. Perfect breast is pink nipples surrounded by crimson rims. She unbuttoned her jeans and let them down to his knees. She was wearing black panties. What happened in that moment with my cock and say nothing. Suddenly, she came to me and sat beside me on the sofa. I could smell her body, her hair touched my cheek. She reached out and touched my penis. From this single touch, I was ready to come, but she took his hand, squeezed it, and several times vzdrochila it. Feeling strange feeling in the groin, I'm finished. Cum splattered fountain, pretty stain her hand. Then emerged a little seed. Sperm flowed over my feet and I tripped his hand so as not to stain your sofa. Light said that for the first time is enough and went to the bathroom to wash his hands. I remained sitting with drooping member and stained.
When she returned, she told me that I, too, went into the bathroom and brought himself up. That's exactly what I did. In the bathroom I washed my cock in warm water and wash away the remnants of the seed from his body. When I returned to the room, I did not know what to say and just said it was great. She agreed with me. I sat for a little more from her and left.
The next day in school, I approached the familiar high school students and asked them about the sexual intercourse with the girls. They answered me that it only needed a condom. What "condom" I do not know, but they explained to me that it "the sort of thing that is worn on the penis before you enter a term in the girl". Literally these words and explained. And even told how to use them. After school, I first went to the pharmacy. He came up to the saleswoman and asked if a condom is. It at me a little weird look and said, that is. I bought one piece and went home. no one was home. I called his mother to work and found out that she goes to a birthday to her friend, and it's too late. My father was on a business trip. And then I have matured bold plan. I called the Light and asked if she was free. She said yes. I invited her to him and she promised to come. While it was not, I cooked a meal and took a shower. When I coped with everything, I rang the doorbell.
I opened the door, stood on the threshold of Light. I invited her to enter, then surprised cooked dinner. After the meal, I led her to his room and showed me bought a condom. She is thoughtful, then began to undress me. I was surprised ... I always thought that men are usually stripped women and not vice versa. She took off my sweater, T-shirt, then undid my jeans. I'm a little embarrassed to continue undressed himself. And here I am standing in front of her completely naked. She came to me even closer, hugged. I hugged her, light a little bent and I kissed her on the lips. She told me the same. Our lips closed, his tongue she touched mine, I could not stop. But she was a little taller than me, and I was a little uncomfortable. She bent down to my ear and whispered to her, I began to undress. I did not have to persuade. I wanted to unbutton her jeans, but she stopped me and told me to jeans left for later. I took off her blouse, then a t-shirt, unbuttoned her bra and pulled it off.
Breasts, breasts with sharp little nipples staring right at me. I kissed first one nipple, then the other. When I kissed the other nipple, I felt that it is more solid than the first. My cock was ready for a long time and then I realized it was time to use a condom. I picked up the his jeans, pulled a condom out of his pocket, opened it quickly, and sat down on the sofa and put the condom on the head of his penis. Then, carefully rolled it down. Condom dressed. I looked up and saw that the light had already undressed. She stood in the middle of the room and looked at me. From this kind of my breath away. My eyes immediately darted down, stopped between her legs, pointed triangle sufficiently thick hair, beautiful legs. She began to approach the couch, where I sat. But I beat her. I myself got up and walked over to her. He took her by the waist and the two of us fell to the carpet. Light lay on her back and put her hands under her head. I do not know what to do, again kissed her on the lips, covered with kisses his chest.
I wanted to go down below, but she told me not to hurry and more caressed her breasts. Once again, I clung to her nipples, wrapped their lips, tongue held on them, they became sovsžm solid. From Amy mouth came a groan, then another. She just spread her legs. Continuing to caress her breasts, I had a hand on her stomach, closer to her vagina. Feeling pubic hair, I continued to move his hand and covered her labia. Light moaned louder. I acted on the touch ... two fingers opened the labia, then small, felt her juices. My finger touched her clitoris. Light screamed, closed her eyes and whispered to me, so I continued. I continued to caress her clitoris .... then pulled away from her chest and took his penis in his right hand and slowly introduced into her vagina. Suddenly she grabbed my neck and drew him to her. My penis has entered half. Then she grabbed my legs back. From this came my penis to the end, and then I realized that I was not her first. But I'm not angry, that's what I thought.
I rested her hands on the floor, helping himself to break away from Amy. She almost relaxed his arms and I pulled back. My cock is half came from it, and then I sat down again and brought it to the end. Then the Light even stronger legs wrapped around me, I rested on the floor with both hands. she makes a move hips to meet me. Her breathing quickened, on the forehead of sweat. Continuing moaning, she clutched his fingers in my buttocks, ragged fingernails. I screamed, but it only strengthened bliss. The feeling in my groin overwhelmed me. I felt numb as a member, heard moaning and writhing beneath me light. And when I felt that that's - that I finish, I pulled out his penis from her vagina, somehow pulled off the condom member, hitting him, and at that moment I had finished. Cum fountain shot up, watered my friend from head to toe. Few drops fell on the carpet. It emerged a little more, and I fell senseless on the girl. Panting, she again put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the lips, then slid his hand under my belly, down below and began to masturbate.
It seemed to me that I was not up to par. I asked her about it, but she said she just wants more. And then she screamed and I realized that she had finished. Then again I touched his hand to her "Kitty". She was all wet and trembled at the touch of Light. I kissed the Light again, then rolled onto his back, it was on me. Her hair came down and covered my face. Now I have reached out and touched her buttocks, feeling the smoothness of the skin. Light bent by lifting the breasts should be me. Once again, I stared at them, lips, tongue caressing nipples. With your right hand, I continued to stroke her ass. Then, very gently put her finger between her buttocks and felt the anus. Light barely audible scream, I placed it between her buttocks whole palm. Gently spread her buttocks with your fingers, I carefully began to introduce her into the little finger. Light screamed, jerked, but I continued. Initially, the finger did not enter, but I made a slight movement with his hand, and he went. First per centimeter and then completely. Light moaned again, but no longer as the first.
Now she was moaning with pleasure. I pulled the little finger and ring finger began to enter. Light leaned back, then forward, and so on. It turned out that I am doing with her finger anal intercourse. Well I've always short fingernails. I'm excited again. My cock stood up again. She felt his hand, bent down, took it into his mouth and licked good. Then she leaned forward and I very gently rubbed her anus to the head of his penis. Holding her hands on the buttocks, I started very carefully to let the light. Naturally, my cock was much thicker than a finger, so he walked with difficulty. I'm a little more spread her buttocks and member entered her half. Light continued to moan. A drop of sweat fell from her face on my forehead, she bent down and licked it. Member already fully entered. And then the Light put her feet on the floor and began to push off from the floor, then rising, then crouching. Feelings that filled me at that moment I had never experienced before. I groaned, moaned Light, our moans were heard in the room.
It was good. I felt my cock twitched inside her anus and I finished. Her movements became slow, weary groan. Light stood up and I pulled it out of his penis. A few drops of semen dripped from her ass, I reached down and felt the warm moisture. She sat me on his haunches, I hand rubbed her anus. . .
Five minutes later, we got together and went to the bathroom. Light was in the bath itself, I'm next. I turned on the water and lathered washcloth. Light bent down and I began to rub her back, then neck. Slipping his hand under her belly, I once again touched her chest. Then I washcloth rubbed her ass, gently washed his anus. Then I soaped his hand, stuck her light under his stomach and washed her genitals. She began to moan again. My cock began to come back to combat readiness, so I gave her a washcloth and offered domytsya itself, and he just walked away and I began to masturbate. Light washed the feet, hands, armpits, washed her hair. . I'm looking at her. And when the water began to wash off the foam from her beautiful body - I again had finished. . three times per day, and the third time in an hour. Then I stood next to the light under the shower and she washed me ... with particular attention to my penis - it gently washed with soap and water. Then we wiped each other with a towel ... she had me and I her. A special treat me delivered to wipe her intimate parts of the body, and when she touched the towel to my penis, I again began erection. When we fully brought himself up and wiped the traces of our affairs, I came to my mother and we sat some more. It was late, the light began to go home, and I volunteered to hold her. We went out into the street, already dusk. But we went on foot. We walked for about an hour, but the time passed quickly for me - as one minute. Came to a house. We stopped. I kissed her on the lips, she did. Then we parted. . forever . . .
The next day I pulled hard problems ... mainly in school, so I did not call the Light. I rang her three days later. The tube was raised some - something unknown to me man. But I was not taken aback, and asked for the phone Light. He called. I talked with her and learned that the young man returned to her and she should stay with him, and she invited me to stay with her friends. I understood everything. Our relationship could not be anything - something more than just one at a time. So I thought then. And now I think so too. I politely said goodbye and hung up. No, I did not have tantrums. There were even tears. But that's what - something changed in me, changing me a bit. I also did not call her over and took her around the house. But it has been many years, and I continue to keep the leaf with its phone number in the box of your desktop.