The day was normal, it does not bode well. In the morning I, as always, had breakfast and went to work. The working day took place in a continuous bustle, but was cut call a friend, who had not heard it already seems an eternity in the middle of the day. He invited guests. In the evening, after the guests, we are pretty drunk and his wife were returning home. The road ran through a wasteland and a small river. On the banks of the river grew quite extensive thickets of some bushes. In autumn it gets dark early, and therefore although the time was eight hours, the street was dark enough. We walked to the river, and the wife, looking back on the parties said: Wait for me, I was fast.
With these words, she went into the thicket. In my mind immediately surfaced excerpts from stories read on the Internet, and I followed her, unbuttoning the zipper on his jeans. The wife heard that I'm going back turned and wanted to say something, but I made her sit down and put in your mouth has already become a solid member. She never refused to make a blow, especially when she was drunk. Soon I felt that I could not hold back any longer, and I held her head. She impatiently shifting from one foot to the other said, and now let me move on. I shoved his hand into her panties and felt her pussy wet with anticipation. Slightly higher Venus tubercle grope slight swelling. The wife moaned, shifting from foot to foot, and I ducked and pushed her panties aside. Pussy was wet in the extreme. However, as is always the case when my wife, a little drink of wine. My cock went into this soft pink and began to move there.
Less than a minute later, she came. I also no longer hold back and poured a stream of sperm directly into it. The wife sat down with a groan, and out of her pussy flowed first small stream, then a small stream. My dream has come true. I always wanted to see how the woman wrote. Member of instantly excited and I introduced him to the mouth's wife wrote and made me a blowjob at the same time. I finished this time quite quickly, and she drank every drop. When she got up, she said that such an orgasm from oral sex she never had, then cocked her head and offered to try the same at home, adding that there I could see all the details.