On the decline of summer

Dzintari concert hall. Light concentric thickening of the bandstand. Here the musicians tune their violins. Applause, all pulled neck - left conductor.
Neck wrinkled old women, are moving in the low-cut dress like a turtle. Neck men strong and Adam's apple like a birch logs. Do we ever let us come to the concert after colorless day out of daily soldering experience?
The conductor raised his hands in silence for a few moments was clearly heard the noise of the sea.
Began to play the music of Bach, geometrically beautiful music of Bach. At the same time the musicians are reflected in the glass of the bandstand, lying vertically. At the top are two elegant cellist, more graceful than it actually is.
- I'm more interested in the reflection of the musicians than themselves.
- And I - out of the girl two rows.
It's funny to see how each musician's hands moving in rhythm specified by the conductor, but his figure. Eye-catching shoulders, face, arms, billowing movements to the beat of the conductor, gently dancing, as if seeking, and do not dare to fly.
He - like a black candle flame, shaken by the wind from the sea. Darkness surround, bore down on the sides. Here, in an open room is better to feel the fragility of the so-called cultural values. Applause. Moved, came to life in a turtle neck low-cut dress.
- Well, as you?
- Never mind that something in it is, in this Johann Sebastian.
Embarrassed smile from beneath a black brush mustache.
- I do not go there?
- Well...
They moved between huge pine trees that grew straight out of the dunes: the roots could be seen thickness in men's hands. They moved, streamlined warm air, which hovered elusive acute anxiety.
Summer gave the last chord. Cafe opened, some long lines. Nothing has changed since they were here last time. Only here the summer passed.
- You know, music is sometimes a strange feeling, as if the conductor is drawn to you. And he just faithfully reproduces the music notation.
- Yeah, the illusion of communication. As with the girl. Holish, caressing her body, and it seems that the man, timidly peeping through her eyes, understands everything. Feelest understanding and willing to go crazy with gratitude. Very, very funny. Fortunately it passes quickly - just grab mezhdunozhnoe cake ...
They laughed.
Across the street in the wind like a frog proprygal gray sheet.
- Wrap?
They went in round pavilions. Several tables were occupied. Sat Company overweight men, one of whom was pouring wine professional accurate movements. Kayfovat couple near the little window: pimply young man in a suede jacket and she was thin, with thin knees and so naked eye, that it is better to look at the knees.
They sat down to the lady, apparently resting in some nearby resorts, it is an intelligent species. She was about to leave, but took more coffee and cake. No, her name was not Tanya, Natasha. Yes, of course, in the sanatorium. No, of Bashkiria. What do you! It is south of the Urals. Of course, I love to travel! The most interesting? Caves, yes, stalactite caves.
Finally, she got up. She really was quite curvy figure.
- Well, I wish you a pleasant evening, boys.
- Allow me to hold?
He felt naked eye from the corner and realized that today they do not miss his. Natasha chattered something catches your eye, has not yet understood that she likes more. As if it might have some value.
They went to the beach. Grey Waves body of water and sand, rough as the back of a huge marine animal. Both acutely felt tart beauty of the night, coming back a slight chill of cold weather. They walked away from the brightly lit main entrance in the direction of Bulduri, in the darkness of night. She fell silent.
It was nice to guess in the dark with a familiar childhood places. They unwittingly imagined crowds, mugs volleybolistov, thumping the ball, shouts, laughter, a kaleidoscope of multi-colored swimsuit. Strangely, it seemed now almost uninhabited beach.
Sergei lay on the sand blanket, even storing seem warm hot day. Disputes and expertly stripped Natasha, easily overcoming resistance delayed - and whether it be? Her breasts dull glow in the dark like two courtesy light, long legs were buried in the sand at the ankles. She clasped her hands as if her shoulders before bathing.
They were in no hurry, holding a pause, gourmet.
- Well, who's first? - I could not stand it.
- Both at once, Natick, both at once - it's not you Udmurtia! - Said Sergey fun, uhvatyvaya her wrist and pulling down on the blanket. Alex closed the usual combination. They squeezed, squeezed her body butter sandvicheobrazno elastically swaying, falling into a rhythm. Sensing the inevitable, Natasha limp limp between them. The voices and bursts of laughter small companies izpedka ppohodyaschih on kpomke water ppidavali exciting piquancy of the moment. They are not included - broke, broke simultaneously from both sides, causing painful voluptuous muffled groan, well blended in a soft rumble slightly agitated to the sea at night.
- Meeting on the Elbe - Sergei snorted.
They stepped up the pressure, taking from appetizing, helpless flesh undulating, almost inhuman groaning. Some of strolling in the darkness caught the note of desperation, pleasure and pain, reach the outskirts of the dune area. Several amorous couples stood still, listening, feeling each other excited. No one wanted to miss out on a rare opportunity to accomplish intercourse against the night beach rape. By some sixth sense Natasha knew that outsiders savor what is happening, shame forced to restrain the groans, thick horn stabs inexorably into the hole ass at the same time deprived of her self-control, self-esteem deprived the remnants ...
They allowed her to escape, to slip. She began to run - in the darkness, in the sound of the sea. Behind it pursued, she could hear noisy breathing, trampling bare feet. It caught again - silently, rigidly - and led to the bench, hocks in an obscene pose. Hands were immediately bolted to the back of the bench, but she still tried to resist. Some of them did not hesitate punched her several blows ringing.
- Mordasov at Mordasov! - Sergei muttered.
Obediently, she spread her legs stuck out her ass.
Someone giggled - I think it was a girl's voice. It turned out, I had already formed a small circle of spectators.
- Use! - Generously offered to Sergey.
After a moment of hesitation vobuzhdeniya trembling fingers grabbed her crotch and skillfully opened the entrance.
- Mike, give her mouth! - It was the same girlish voice. The dark silhouette appeared in front of her, buried her head in a smooth bent down his face. She pursed her lips.
- It does not bite!
...Fingers in the crotch once set in motion, and so are clear clit, she squealed.
- Suck, bitch!
She let a member and began to lick it clumsily.
- Mediocrity!
The man grabbed her by the ears and took the lead. When he finished, he pulled out a member, abundantly spilling seed on her face.
- Following!
Natasha suddenly felt before a female, specifically smelling muff. Woman to Woman? Is that possible?! However, the gap was already wet in front of her, and a few tweaks to the sensitive depths of their own shells reminded that should hurry.
Natasha introduced tip of the tongue between the elastic lips, timidly caressing them.
- Higher! And the deeper you fool!
She dutifully went deep, pressing his lips, caving, feeling a sudden surge of lust.
- Well, someone nidud back! - Choking, said her tormentor. - In the ass!
Sergei and Alex were sitting side by side on a bench, smoking and resting. From the sea, pulled cool. On the long spit silently blinking lighthouse.
- Yes, it's not you Udmurtia, Natick! - Sergei repeated with poluzevkom. - Remember an evening, is not it?
Natasha was unable to answer.
- Well, if it is time alone? - Alex said. - Guys, then spend the girl to the resort - no matter how pleased the clutches of what some sexual bullies.
- Everything will be in the best possible way - gogotnul someone. - In luxury box.
- Everything returns to normal, - Sergey mused as he and a friend moved away. - On such evenings are particularly difficult to curb themselves. You home?
- Uh-huh.
They broke up. Alex still had a way to Riga. Brightly lit by electric car. You look out the window and see your face. It is so peaceful. As she's said? Travels? Stalactites in peschepah? Funny, funny ... He entered the apartment, closed the door and immediately felt the dog poked his head in her lap. He felt his hard, covered with short hairs forehead.
He went into the kitchen, and the dog came close, he could hear the characteristic tapping claws. He turned on the light. The dog was sitting against the wall and stared at him with love and devotion. He took out of the fridge a little cold meat, poured beer, remembered the sand upon the marble-smooth buttocks, the pungent smell of seaweed, flushed bosom and thought that seeing the summer, perhaps, were successful.