My "sports"

I do fitness in the evenings, as it strengthened its forms. After one of the training as usual went to the shower (for women), and there was no water there. I go to the manager - because they say so where the water. He explained - has long been a problem in any way we can not fix it, but if you want free and there is no one in the men's soul. Do nothing - had to agree. Came, undressed and stood under the shower, suddenly a voice
- The back rub?
I turned around - a young man standing and, judging by his pants, too. I quickly turned off the shower and went to his clothes, and Man sent to hell. Fortunately for me, he came out of the shower and I hastily wiping began to dress. So soon as I pulled the panties and bra in her hands, the door opened and this guy came with his friend and said:
- You do not have to rush to dress!
I materkom on them, and one of them jumped dramatically, took me to the back of his hand and began to hold. The second act began - came up and immediately took my nipple into his mouth and began to suck. I tried to pull away, but then treacherously ache in the lower abdomen and my pussy began to swell. Already for decency, I mumbled something about her husband, and so on, but the hands are no longer escaped, and his eyes were closed -.. I gave up. The guy who stood behind it is understood and let me go, I went in front and took a second nipple in his mouth. I put my hands on their heads and began to cuddle, their boobs .... Four hands explored my body, pulled her panties and stroked my pussy ... a few moves and I finished it in his hands ... My head has not pondered . They straighten up, put me on my knees and get down pants - two magnificent member in front of me ... Sosa them one by one, stroking testicles ... The first guy does not stand up and ends up in my mouth ... Sperm very much, even the whole could not swallow . The second guy sits down on the bench, took out a condom, it quickly pulls. I turn back to him straddle and sit on his dick her pussy. His term is not very long, but plump. I rest his hands on his knees and passionately fuck this term ...
I was the wave rolls and I'm coming for the second time, the thrill of his thick cock in ribbed condom just wonderful. Not long fucking and he grabs my tits and finishes. The first guy is back, he takes me to the other and puts on the floor cancer, shoves her finger into my pussy fucked long and inserts it in the ass (I love anal sex and my ass stretched hard enough). Then they did something that until then no one did, one pulled me my hole, and the second poured semen from the condom directly at me for the lubricant and began to fuck me in the ass. This time Fucking was long, and when he had finished, pulled prezik and again poured my semen in the ass. Then they quickly gathered and told that now I can wash, but I'm not going and went home well.