In the basement

Once upon a time, in 14 years we had a company, we all spent time in the basement, where we had a room with an iron door, sofa, table and all sorts of back kind, tape recorder, small cupboard. There has always been a lot of people, I came after all and left early.
One day I decided to be absent from class, and sit in the basement seemed to me a great idea, because the street was November, I asked Sasha datmne completed, he invited me to meet in the basement at 9 am and it is open to me.
The next morning I arrived he was not there at the door, I found him in the basement uee. I went, stripped (there was always tepllo even hot), on my own way collapsed on the couch. We sat talking, listening to music, he suddenly stood up and closed the door, and suddenly someone says, we will do not have to interfere?
"Take off your clothes!" - he said. Of course, I asked him not to do anything with me, but knowing his position is not particularly zealous.
From the cabinet he took a rope.
"-Razdevaysya Fast, bitch!" -with these words he came at me. I started to take off her blouse and skirt slowly. "Skirt long leave, take off your tights" Left in boots and skirt thong, I felt some whore what he told me immediately and said.
"Nagibaaysya" . It is worth noting that around the walls at different levels were the pipe, and when I bent down he tied my feet and hands to the bottom of the pipe.
"Now listen to me, the charm, I never trhayu these whores like you in vlagalishe, you already fucked in the ass?"
"No" I get scared, I could not do anything, besides Sasha was big and strong.
"So now, bitch, you're following my orders will stretch your ass, I do not strain!"
He came to me slapped me on the ass, spread my half, dramatically drove me in the ass finger, I cried. "Do not lie bitch, virgin asshole you. So so now I'll untie you, Will you take in the corner of a bottle of vodka, put it on the carpet, take off your skirt and sit on her ass if you do not do it for five minutes, I'll shove you a bottle, like a finger, you understand?"
I quickly realized that I should try another tear my ass. I got out of the corner otkudato vodka bottle, he threw me a condom, I pulled him on the neck, it is an order to go to him (he was sitting on the couch), and bend down with cancer and half breed, then he spat on my anus and said, "Getting Started!"
I went to the bottle, knelt down, took hold of the neck of the bottle, nachel it on his hole and slowly began to sit down as soon as my anus razdvinulsyamne was terribly hurt, I tried to get up but then he went up slowly, underclothes began to press me Spaulders - bottle all I went deeper and deeper into my ass. Then he took me by the waist and started pressing down to pull back and forth together with the unbearable pain, I suddenly began to feel some sort of reel, and suddenly I had finished, I cried "More more" During this time he vdernul bottle and stuck into me his penis and began to scrub my ass ...

This, too, all is not over ...