Amazing trip

Urgent telegram of serious illness of my wife's father came unexpectedly, as such things come. She had to urgently meet in the street. Riding 250 kilometers pleasure is not a pleasant one, especially not at the wedding. I volunteered to accompany my darling to the destination, the benefit of just four days successfully deported me back to all the department in February next vacation. Although the ancestors of my little wife, I could never digest, I just wanted to unwind, take a sip of life-giving air patriarchal province and at the same time pass Zyatkov considerate and compassionate husband. Companion of my life is incredibly cheered and she laid them to overflowing me lots of trunks and bags with different metropolitan grocery deficits for Dad. It was in the era of half-starved, Gorbachev's perestroika. My wife was 27 years old, finished a university, had one-spinogryzov Nikolka at the age of 4 years, which often took away my mother to himself, lived in the house next door. This is our similarity and ends. I met her last year at college. Married Larisa we, as usual, out of love. Reared in strogopuritanskoy little family, do me a favor, a sour-faced, surrendered only after the wedding than the last, it is very encouraged by me. However, I soon began to erect erotic-sexual locks our upcoming intimate life. It turned out that sex is interested in it as well as my daily morning route neighbor's Rottweiler Porthos. Pushing the legs, it is at the most inopportune moment could ask the kind of ... " Andrew, you did not forget to ask in ZhEKe when they send plumbing "? A member of my reaction to this total failure to perform their functions assigned to him by nature, wrinkling up shameful values.
No other affection, except kisses, bounded from the navel and above are not included in our menu. I remember, once, tried to lick her klitorochek remember how sparks from the eyes of her knee kick, no longer trying to .... No smart sexy books for the young couple, nor my bitter lamentations on intimate manipulation enrichment nor no avail. Here, among other things, she became pregnant. On the advice of friends and well-wishers of our other family recommended me to her not to stick, say, sex is detrimental effect on our long-awaited child. It was easier to convince my boss to give me a regular holiday in some velvet August than persuading her to give me. It bothered me the order and I started pogulivat on the side benefit of the institute remained another notebook with a substantial amount of my passions phones.
The bus, leave the highway and shaking on bumpy country roads, finally brought us to the district center, where parents lived Larissa. They lived with her two daughters - Natasha, who was 16 years old and 19 years old Katya. The eldest of the daughters was my wife Larissa. They lived in a pretty spacious two-bedroom apartment in the center of town. The door opened to us Katya, I have not seen for nearly four years, from the time when she was a 15 year old girl with an angular manner. Then my eyes appeared a tall, slender dazzling, ashy blond with green eyes. I dropped lower jaw, pleasant primitive shiver ran all over his body, expressed in a stupid, horny smile deprived of male attention. Clean air hinterland it was obviously good. Even through the jacket could determine the size of her breasts - no less than the third and fourth. From state istukanizma brought me cry ... Katya Andrew! Lara! How nice that you came "! With these words, she rushed us around his neck, pressing firmly all over, kissed me on the corner of the mouth, from what I felt treacherous stir in the pants.
We got off the road and drink tea during the whole process, I could not take my eyes from Katie. It turned out that their father suddenly fell ill, he underwent emergency surgery and now he lies in a district hospital. And the mother, Anna Petrovna, with younger Natasha is there now. It turned out that the father of any of them, every night is that today there will be a nurse, and Natasha will be back soon. We chatted a bit, and I left the sisters alone. As a precaution donning the jacket, I went to the balcony to smoke. Returning after 10 minutes, I found them in the company of a pretty girl. Something in her appearance was familiar to me. Yes, I was right - it was Natasha. My God, what happened to awkward teenager, I knew? It was a perfectly formed woman with bottomless light brown eyes, flowing brown hair, slim with a glossy, white skin. With a cry ... "Andrei"! She hung on my neck, her plump lips obchmokivaya my face. I felt so good that I momentarily forgot himself and kissed the fury went straight to the top of the sponge. Natasha, surprised, smiled looking at me. I swear that in that smile I caught a promise to allow me to do it again, but in another, more suitable environment ...
Shout wife ... "That dog! Not enough of him to Moscow sluts, so now on sister Pozar "! He brought me to the hateful reality.
It was about 9 pm when Larissa was going to go to the hospital, make the company a mother and father to stay in bed for the night. Anticipation that I will stay one with Katya and Natasha to the early morning, excited me any different pohlesche Playboy. I could not have such a gift and wish. I was so sincerely grateful to my little wife that helped her pack up and even filed a coat. Leaving the parental nest, she sternly and looked pointedly at me, squeezing through his teeth ... "You look at me ..." I walked into the living room to the girls that are about something whispered and laughed merrily.
- And I can join your conversation? Smiling, I asked.
- Of course, Andrew. -almost one voice they replied.
- Girls, I have not seen for a long time so that's Natasha almost did not recognize. As you prettier and matured directly beauties!
Maybe have a drink of spirits? Well, do not sit in mourning the entire evening!
The girls looked at each other, and Kate said rightly elder sister of both ...
-What Natalia, come on, we note the arrival Zyatkov cute! - The girls laughed hysterically, exposing neat rows of white teeth.
Encouraged by their agreement, I jumped up and went to Moscow our supplies. He took a good bottle of Armenian brandy and set on the table. Natasha and Katya were busy in the kitchen preparing a snack. I was looking forward to a happy evening ... I could hardly cope with the surging at me wild animal stimulation. After the second piles girls open up and flushed.
-You know what our father tyrant. If it were not the case, then we are with Natasha would still be in virgins and went.
-And that in the case? - I asked, pouring them brandy.
-Nothing special, then somehow. - Kate broke off, catching the glare Natasha.
But I understood without words. Information about the state of the genitals sisters meant to me. This has given me the courage and drive. Cognac is ended, the procedure drunk girls, Natasha and then decided to play music and invite me to slow dance. Kate sat on the couch and watched us. Natasha svom all young and appetizing body snuggled up to me and threw her arms around my shoulders. I felt her deep breathing with a dash of cognac fragrance on her neck.
-You think I did not notice that not "sibling" you kissed me - she whispered in my ear. - Do you want to repeat?
-I very much want .... - Honestly I admitted.
Her soft lips sank into mine. Her tongue wandered in my mouth and his hands slid down my back. I felt her breasts through her blouse and began to frantically mashing. She began to breathe more deeply, do not forget to kiss me. My cock was bursting from the riser, pleading to give him his freedom. We are so busy that you forget completely about Katya. I glanced towards the sofa and I almost fainted from the sight. Katya was lying on the couch in shorts. With one hand she fingered nipples if she wanted to tear him, and the other hand was in her panties and desperately massaging the clitoris, with her body bends and straightens up in time with the movements hands.
Her huge, beautiful breasts with large nipples swayed like a tasty pears on a tree in the wind.
Finally mad, I dragged Natasha on the sofa. Undressed, I started tearing clothes with Natasha. Her breasts were smaller than those of Katie, but the same elastic and preserver, alluring and delightful.
I pulled off her panties with Katie and got between her legs. My eyes appeared gladkovybritaya pussy Katie, from which oozed juice of love. Without wasting a minute, I plunged to the lips and tongue, what resulted in complete sexual delight her mistress. Natasha grabbed my hand starved dick and put him in his mouth. She did it so well that I wondered at her age; where she managed to learn it in their 16?
I felt that I finish now, and removed his hand Natasha. Kneeling on the couch, I gave Katie legs on his shoulders and quickly entered her.
-Another nice, more ... oh yes! - Begged sponge this beautiful blonde. My cock was part of the whole depth of her pussy juices squished, taking my frantic blows.
Natasha, meanwhile, climbed to Kate and offered her pussy her tongue. She took the body and sister, hugging her ass Natasha began her lick. It was clear that they are doing this is not the first time. Kate roughly finished and snikla. I came out of it and asked for Natasha to turn me popochkoy.
- Yes, Andrew, I've waited so long for their turn - she murmured, - I beg you, come to me deeply. Turning back to me, Natasha began to gently kiss his sister.
Her ass was seductively-circular shape, and I do not take long to beg. Her pussy took my friend no less hospitable.
-Deeper, dear, I beg you deeper - she moaned
Natasha finished with a wild screech and fell to her sister. A member of my jumped out of it and, continuing to pull his hand, got up from the couch and walked over to Kate.
-Help me finish, Katya, - I asked I came a Katya.
She got out of Natasha and grabbed my cock lips. It makes it exciting, and I quickly poured out a ton of sperm in her mouth.
It was a crazy night. We have tried almost everything that may come to mind.
After 2 days we left for Moscow Larissa. Katya and Natasha had promised to visit, to visit his nephew. I look forward ...