About dream and life

How like:
- I was 13 years old. He sat in his yard and replayed in my head images of porn, which looked at the neighbor. At that moment I was approached by my classmate. Her name was Val. She has already begun to appear breasts, and ass she had that right. But most of all I drove her crazy sponge - a fantasy I had the rich, and I could easily imagine how it makes me a blowjob. In the classroom, sitting in the classroom, I often imagined how her undress and caress her body is not yet definite shape. However, I am very ashamed to meet her eyes. She came over and said: "Roman, I have something interesting for you, follow me". I was very surprised because she never spoke to me before, but still got up and trudged behind her. I was walking a little behind and saw her ass fitted by jeans. That now would stick his hand between her buttocks - flashed through my head. And then she turned and looked at me almost caught her ass! I'm terribly blushed and thought she was going to say something insulting, but she turned - and moved on.
I walked behind her and continued to stare at her ass, and she went forward and did not say a word. For our houses built garages, and, as it turned out, there is me and led. She stopped so easily said: "You looked at my ass". That's right, absolutely without reproach and anger, without a question in his voice - as if talking about going outside rain. "You looked at my ass". I stared and stared at her. It is as if rushing somewhere upside down, said - It feels want? I could only nod his head. My mouth went dry instantly, and became close to the pants. She turned and his seductive otklyachila ass in my direction.
Having overcome the trembling in my knees, I walked over and put his right hand on her round ass. Well well, bolder! Looks like she's taken in head to laugh at me - the thought flashed through my head. I began to stroke her through the fabric of jeans, enjoying the elasticity of her ass. But I wanted a very different - a member already nalilsya blood and standing (if not the pants - almost vertically). I spit on everything and began stroking between her legs. Second Hand meanwhile captured is not quite took shape girl's breasts showing through the fabric shirts. Valentina's eyes clouded and his lips whispered: "Well, well, stronger, more, more, do not stop". I realized that now she will do everything that I did want to.
I unbuttoned her jeans and put his hand inside, caressing her most intimate place through her panties. Ha, yes, it probably describe! - I thought, but then he remembered the pictures from porn. Yeah, so in fact it is excited! Quite emboldened, I put his hand right into her panties. His fingers touched the soft gun virgin pussy. Soon I will leave alone her breasts and put his other hand back in her panties lowered while her jeans. As it turned out, it was wearing pink panties, which already had a large wet spot. My hands met in the crotch of the girl. Without stopping to caress her, I whispered in your ear: "I also touched". It was not long to ask her twice, and, lowering his hand on the front swollen pants pressed. I have the pleasure almost buckled legs. She, meanwhile, slid his palm to my underpants and fisted my cock. My hands are the same, without losing a second, stroked the folds in her crotch.
Feeling supple hole, I tried to introduce a finger there. Valya moaned and spread her legs. Soon my finger plunged into her hole to the full depth, and I started to move it, feeling it inside. She moaned and became a free hand to set the rhythm of my movements. I finally completely pulled off her jeans with panties, and now - in front of me in a T-shirt is a girl, I dreamed of every night. I released her and straightened. All the while, her hand gripping my cock. I said only one word - "Pull!".
Immediately, one jerk, she pulled out of his pants, my languishing member and began to feel from different sides - as pat pet. Her legs buckled and she got up on her knees. I took a step toward her, and my cock was right in front of her face. Now she fingered my trunk with both hands, and I stood, eyes closed with pleasure. But suddenly I felt his penis on something wet - just for a split second. At first I did not understand what it was. But when our eyes met - I realized that the same -one kissed him! "Want more?" - She asked. "Of course!". And here it is slightly stout lips covered my penis and began flexing tongue and bridle. In front of me it was dark, and I sat down next to her. Valya began to sink my cock deeper and deeper. At that moment, when she took out of his mouth, I saw how he shines from her saliva.
I could no longer endure. Taking a member of her beautiful mouth, I threw her to the ground, and, leaning from above, in one motion parted her legs. "No!" - She screamed. "I've never: .aaaaa!" - She did not have time to finish: my cock slammed into her hot juicy flesh, paving his way. I pressed harder and harder, until breaking the barrier, my penis did not enter into it until the end. At the same moment she stopped screaming. Tears flowed from her eyes. But I'm not going to stop. I began to move her hips, all increasing the tempo. However, I still could not believe it: "Now I'll fuck Valyuh - can not be!". But squeaked under me girl, with all the seeming impossibility of the situation, was the best proof of the contrary. I felt that soon explode. The feeling of orgasm was already familiar to me, as I often masturbated after watching porn. But stop, I could not. He plunged his penis into the vagina stretched Valentina, I violently ended, and my sperm jerks began to fill her insides. When finished, I fell back on the ground next to her and took a long look up, without a single thought in his head.
Girl, I just deflowered, lay next to me and cried:

As it was:
- At school and failed to give up her virginity. I read a lot of books about sex and watching porn on a video player, but the real case with someone to fuck and do not provide. At age 19, two years after graduating from high school, I was still a virgin. Then I worked for a company. And one day I just hit in the head: "It should happen today". Since the girl I've never been to me was one - to remove a prostitute. I went on the Internet and in the search bar next to words "I'm looking for:" introduced: "a prostitute in the city of N". The system has given me a few dozen links. Among the many sites I found this where "clients" discuss the advantages and disadvantages "Fairy". There I found the phone. The office said that going to the customer.
Unyavshi trembling, began to call on the mobile phone: "Hello, this is Oksana?" -"No, Oksana is now busy, call later". I call back in 15 minutes. "Oksana?" - "Yes". "I've been on the Internet announcement from you saw - you need to meet". "What ad?" - "About rendering (pause) various services" - "Clear (explains how to get there)". Going to the drugstore, bought a pack of condoms. Driving up to the place, I bought for the courage and drank a bottle of beer (as it turned out, fatal). The door was opened by a short, crocodile. Nothing superfluous, everything in front of her, but the face of it I did not like. But there's nowhere to retreat.
We went into the room. Just give the money owed. She lay on the bed and turned on the radio for some. I began to undress. I sat on the edge of a chair - the brain refused to accept what was happening. With a smile, she said - "Well, what about you? Undress the same:". I undressed and lay down on the bed. Just lay on his back and stared at the ceiling ... simply and casually said: "Let's start with a blow job". She started kissing my nipples, then belly, then began to breathe on my cock, gently touching his tongue. When I got up, she pulled a condom, and finally swallowed my cock completely. It seemed that my body was in some sort of a pump - it is as if she wanted to suck me all through the penis. Then he sat up and tucked him in himself, sitting on top. The first time I saw it as revealed when a woman's genitals, saw my cock in and out, saw her small lips and what seemed to me, was the clitoris, but it did not take. I just lay there and watched. She leaned slightly in my direction, and her breasts somehow unpleasant dropped. Whispering in my ear "come back"She got off and got cancer. I got back and started poking her with his cock. She slipped her hand between us and helped to enter. I did not feel it completely - because worn a condom and due to drinking beer. Here on the radio and even started advertising. The story about some new windows and about mobile communication. At that moment I no longer listened to the radio than watched where my dick! A couple of times, when I started to move too boldly, member slipped out of her, but this time I myself was able to insert it back. It should be noted that it was much (twenty centimeters) shorter than me, and I was uncomfortable to fuck her - quickly tired muscles. I then asked her "on the edge of the bed". I signed up by himself. And the entire depth, feeling the cervix penis. At first she moaned in pain, and then began to howl "Oh, Momma!". All the rest of the whore was silent. Kneeling on the hard carpet and will drive it into a member, I no longer felt the pain of his knees than anything as a member.
We then a few more times on my initiative changed posture. I almost reached the orgasm, but at the crucial moment in my trouser pocket cell phone rang, my dick immediately fell. She had to again excite me and put on a new condom. She did it "crown" reception - he took it into his mouth and pulled on my dick without using their hands. When she once again sat on me, knocked on the door, indicating that the time is over (they worked Independents with his girlfriend). The money I did not have more. I could not finish. I think because of that same bottle of beer. Hours did not have enough. I got up, washed his penis and left without saying goodbye. The pharmacy near work from work bought butylžk miramistina, and watered for a long time with this rubbish my cock, standing in the outhouse of an office building. Since then a year has passed, and the women I did not have more. None.