I want to tell his true story of how I lost my innocence and the rest of life, and I was now 60, was a fan of everything related to sexual relations between men and women, and all pleasant, which is associated with it.
There were the fifties of the last century. I was only 6 years old. Summer was fine. Vacation, I - Leningrad boy, as always, spent in a village in the Ukraine. Like many of my peers in the summer all day long chase through the surrounding fields and woods and the house appeared only to eat and sleep. Places around were great, I had a lot of friends. Across the road from the house begins the forest, where in the bush we were nooks and where we usually were making tents, dugouts, playing "the war"- In short, carefree spent their "vacation" time. The best my friends were neighborhood children - brother and sister (Tania - my same age and Peter, younger than us for 2 years).
Then one day, on a hot July day, we with Tatyana and several rural children went to the lake, which was in our forest. At the lake in the July days I was always going to a lot of uneven rebyatni. Plenty nakupavshis, our entire group (15 people) began to play "hide and seek". At one point, when once again we were hiding - I was in one of our hiding places, along with Tania and a girl from across the street - a fifteen-year Nastia. Hiding, we sat quietly in a small clearing among the thick bushes.
As time went on, but we did not find. Sitting bored, and Nastya suggested we play a different game. The game, as she called it - a game in pleasantness. Tanya and I agreed.
She said that for this purpose we have to take off her panties and the first did it herself. Tanya and I followed her. Then she told us, so we sat on the grass, and pushed his feet. And to show how. The first time I saw a young female "pussy". A special experience is to me, at first, it did not produce, and Tanya, the more.
- And now, to make games like this - said Nastya, and put forth his hand, I took my finger member.
- It is necessary to masturbate pussy - she said, and began to gently stroke my dick. From this, I felt the warmth in the abdomen and in the penis, saw and felt it quickly grew in size.
Behind all this, sitting with her legs spread, with interest watched Tanya.
When my cock graduated increase, Anastasia became bare penis, repeatedly pulling the upper body down. I felt an indescribable pleasure and desire that she did it without stopping, but she suddenly took her hand and asked what I would have touched her pussy. My hand rested on Nastya's crotch. She was all mokrenkaya and slippery. From these experiences I just shaking and knees were shaking badly.
Nastya said that I did not correct her masturbate and, taking my hand, I began to show how it should be done. At that moment I felt and saw that the two halves of her pussy swell and disclosed. She showed how to caress the hump is between swollen pussy halves. I poslyunil index finger and began to caress this natural wonder. Nastia began to push my hand to gradually speeding up the pace of movement. My penis swollen badly, and I was on "seventh heaven" from this. Suddenly Nastya shook strongly, loudly and intermittently breathed, pressed both hands palm of my hand to her pussy and once all limp.
-I finished - said Nastya. In her mind, I realized that it was very nice and asked: - And I can finish?
- Now try - she said.
I was so busy with this game Nastya did not notice than busy Tanya.
And she was sitting, and not understanding, palm stroked her pussy. Nastya asked Tanya to masturbate my cock as she did. That, in imitation of everything that makes me Nastya, began cautiously and awkwardly bare head. I, despite his excitement, said that the size of my penis was at this moment in time is 5 more than usual and hard as a stick. But whether by Tatiana inept actions, whether a member of the surge began to become soft and absolutely fell.
Nastya said that we did not work, and promised to continue tomorrow.
To be continued.