He was 12 let.Byl he built, high podrostok.Na it was a white shirt, white trousers, legs were sandalii.Maks went to the mirror, and began to examine myself. Palm touched the neck, then began to fall below. Chest, elastic stomach. Hand fumbled below. He began to unbutton his pants, the other hand was under the shirt. Max stood in the same white shorts and examined himself. The long, beautiful neck, broad shoulders, small breasts, flat stomach. Slightly tanned, beautiful legs. Between the legs, he stood a mound. He stood. Max looked at the mound, and began to pull at his left hand. He took off his pants. Small penis stood at attention. He began to stroke the penis. He liked it - he felt some weakness in the groin. He lay down on the couch and spread his legs, took two member rukami.Odnazhdy night, Max heard a creak. He quietly got up and tried to determine the source of the squeak. His older brother was sleeping in his room. Max saw a brother to masturbate, faster and faster. Then came a heavy breath. Brother uspokoilsya.Vspominaya it, Max swung faster and faster. Inside groin felt something. This feeling increased. It seemed that there, inside, to be an anthill, and it starts to spread further, closer to the penis. he liked, and he continued, quietly, slowly. This feeling came over the whole of his groin. He started to moan. Suddenly, Max felt a splash, his little tryaslo.Eto was his first orgasm. He stopped. I looked to the penis - for him flowed a small trickle of white liquid.