Another story that happened to my girlfriend in 1998godu.
Not a great hostel. old style house, built probably 60s .. A narrow long corridor. As probably in all dorm, on the windowsill bunch of ash, beer bottles on the floor of the same thing - cigarette butts, crumpled pack of cigarettes under. Somewhere in the narrow dark corridor and heard someone shout, I felt children cry toli again who is scheduled regular booze. By the end of the corridor is not clear what the shade, probably junkies gathered again. I walk down the hall, pulling keys from his jacket pocket. In the hallway is dark, not a damn thing to be seen, almost to touch find my door, and another minute probably pick at the keyhole trying to get the key. Finally, open, and I hit it. I can say to his home. Small one bedroom apartment, in the same room I live, the second is empty. There's a long time no one lives. The door closes and the lock, but since there's nobody there, it is open, no one to close and shut down. There's quite empty, but the bare walls. Sometimes, passing by, and looking back, I want to leave something on the wall, so it did not seem so empty. I want to brighten up the emptiness of the room.
I walk back to my room, dumped kurtyahu, cap, color natural small mess. Suddenly the phone rang, so quietly, almost inaudibly.
- Speaking ...
- Ale is Valentina Petrovna in to you during the day ...
I knew that soon I'll be neighbors, and now I will not be so bored and lonely as before.
- Valentina Petrovna Well ... good-bye.
I hung up and went to the kitchen. On the kitchen table lay a cigarette, lit a cigarette, I began to wash the rest of the morning with the dishes, humming something under his breath. After washing the dishes sat on the windowsill and stared out the window. Outside the window was January. The day today was surprisingly warm. There was a little snow. I smoke, I went to my room and again took up the pencil. The head loomed someone's image, but while I myself was not clear whose, but it was clear that this girl. Start gently apply pencil strokes. Half an hour later the phone rang again, this time to the wrong number, so often. I went back to the kitchen took a cigarette again sat on the windowsill, and stared out the window, thinking about what is happening around. By the entrance drove a truck.
- Well, that and guests here and neighbors arrived, I thought, and extinguished the cigarette.
Not having to sneak himself from the windowsill heard a knock at the door. Opening the door in front of him, I saw a lovely little miracle. Girl with black big eyes that murmured and ran again. I did not close the door because it was clear that what the guys are furniture. Remove all excess with a corridor, not to interfere with anything, I went into the kitchen. While his uncle once tried to drag all the furniture in the room, I was leaning against the doorframe, watching everything going on. The girl was on the phone, apparently talking to Valentina Petrovna. After talking on the phone she turned and began to speak with embarrassment ...
- Sorry, I called ...
I politely interrupted her ...
- ...It's okay, it's okay, do not worry, you tea or coffee?
- Tea, if possible, with a smile, she said.
I went into the kitchen to pour tea. In the hallway, he slammed the front door. All was quiet, it seemed to me that I was alone again and sure step went into the corridor to check. Leaving the kitchen we have encountered with my new neighbor. Even slug frightened by surprise. And she said, even from the fear which is not very clear sound. Then both smiled at each other. At this point I noticed what her wonderful smile, but did not sharpen its focus on this.
- You were waiting for hot tea, drink until they cool down, I said.
Remembering that no stools in the kitchen, I went away to her own room.
Stepping into the kitchen, I saw that my neighbor puts on the table a whole slew of products, sweets. I put a stool at the table and reached for a cigarette.
- Sorry, you do not mind if I have a smoke in here?
- No, of course, not against it. My name is Lera. And you?
- Zhenya. Very nice.
- I also nice.
After exchanging a handshake with Leroy light, I lit it. He sat on the window sill I have not gazed out the window and looked at the times Leroux.
- Jen, and you live here for a long time?
- Well, maybe a year and a half ..
- And all the time one?
- Yeah, I said, making a regular inhaling and blowing ring.
- Wow, cool rings are prepared as you you let them? I was all no way I can learn, I did not get.
- You smoke?
- Yeah.
We talked Leroy. Lera was just a child. She was 18 years old. She moved here because from here it was close to the institute. Father, she did not, rather he was, but he does not remember Lera. Mother in her work. Lera told why she did not live with their parents, why she decided to live alone.
During the conversation, I noticed a couple of things, this little ring on your finger, thumb, and one earring. We sat for some time in the kitchen talking and then Lera went to his room to disassemble their stuff. I'm removing all unnecessary from the table, too, he went to his room. And as always, I sat on the bed took up a pencil. The image began to emerge all the sharper and sharper. Looms eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips. Then I heard a soft knock.
- Can?
- Yes, of course, come ...
Leroy came into the room, quickly gave her his eyes, removing eye with a bang, and sat side by side on the bed.
- You draw? You can take a look?
- Yes, of course you can, I handed her the figure, but he is still in development, this afternoon I started to draw.
- Beautifully said Lera and smiled, let's go see telly? Lera suddenly jumped out of bed, and gently grasped my little finger, pulled me to him.
- Not Ler, I do not like the telly, I'd rather sit here, okay?
- No, Jen, well, let's go, I'm afraid there is one, will sit a little, see what's going on in the world, and at 23-00 on NTV will kinoshka cool.
I could not refuse her, and we went to the room Lerke. For some reason I liked her perseverance, her liveliness.
Going to the room Leray me as it was scary, but it was a momentary feeling, then everything fell into place. Normal room, not counting the bare walls, a small sofa, an armchair, a little half-open closet, a writing table with wheels and a small TV.
- Fall on the sofa. Arrange how it suits you best, I'll be right back.
All this seemed to me a little familiar. But at the same time, what caused the pleasant feelings. Lera returned in half a minute.
- It's my turn to take care of you, said Lera and looking at me ... a cute smile. She sat down beside him and start channel surfing. MTV. Clip "Tattoo"
- Ren, as you like "tattoo"? I'm wondering, how do you to them ...
- 'I m fine, I continued with his answer her question. And how are you?
- And I just prus from them, I really like Julia!
Lera embarrassed again ran into the kitchen.
- Jen, please Pridvin'e table closer, he heard from the kitchen.
- Yeah, baby without any problems!
And silence.
- Snatch, I thought.
- Sorry, I did not hear what you're saying?
- Nothing Lehr.
I'm a little embarrassed. For a long time this was not with me.
Leroy came in a few minutes, she brought a tray of two cups of coffee, sweets some, and still something. It was almost 11 pm. Finishing his coffee, I began to gather to go to him.
- Jen, where are you going? A movie is not going to look at? It's about to begin in five minutes. "communication" It called, watched?
- Yeah, I looked, I said and I now just became clear that Ljerka of ours.
Leroy piled on the sofa laid her head on my lap.
- You do not mind? - Lera asked smiling.
- Yes, in general, no, I do not mind, I answered with a smile.
In the course of the film Leroy commented on the film at times, and I just sat and stared at the TV in the Leroux. I started to catch myself thinking that I'm starting to like Leroy, as a person, as a woman. It was that something that attracts. At all. Nature has not cheated Lerke beauty. She had very thick black eyebrows, long eyelashes, dark brown eyes when she smiled on her cheeks she has a dimple, are funny ...
- Jen, let's go have a smoke while advertising, she looked at me with those beautiful eyes, Jen, what are you doing? All right? Or is there something wrong?
- De No, it's okay, I'm just a little thought, on the film. Do not pay attention.
We went to smoke. Ljerka all discussing the film. She was interested in some of the details. Going into the kitchen, Leroy sat on a stool, and out of habit I stood at the window, lit a cigarette and stared out the window. The street was quite dark. In the reflection I saw that Lera how strange looks at me, some mysterious eyes. I turned and she immediately dropped her eyes, dropping ashes. There was complete silence in which one could hear breathing.
- There is already a movie, let's go look, said Leroy, put out the cigarette.
- I'll be right back, and finished his come ...
I finished his, put out a cigarette in Leray went to the room, sat on the sofa. Lera again put her head on my lap. Now Lera has not discussed the film and lay silently staring, almost at the end of the film Lera asleep. She slept so sweet that I did not want to wake her. I stared at her, listening to how sweet she sniffs, then gently laid her on the couch tucked her head under the pillow and having covered with a warm blanket, she turned off the TV and went to his room. Another half an hour I painted, causing any shadows, glare. The image became clearer and clearer, and only then when I realized that it Ljerka. But how so? Is this not. But it was precisely Lera. I have from it even goose bumps all over my body. I put down the pencil and lay down to sleep. For a long time could not sleep, tossing and turning in his head climbed all sorts of thoughts, thinking about today's the last day, but most thoughts were of Leray. Me it was cause for concern.
- It seems butted Eugene, I said to myself, and turned to the right side soon fell asleep.
In the morning was awakened by extraneous sounds, at first could not understand who it goes, what's going on, but then I remembered that now because I live with a neighbor, with a very nice neighbor. I have a half-hour tossing ... too lazy, but still pulled myself out of bed. Wearing the sweat pants and a vest over his naked body, I trudged into the bathroom. Wash, brush teeth, wake up in common.
Lera was busy in the kitchen, and there was a pleasant smell that, Lera something cooked.
- Good morning, sleepyhead! ...) Up late watching the telly last night?
- And you with the good. No, not until late, just not used to getting up so early, I said retired to the bathroom.
He washed I felt eyes on me. I looked up, looked in the mirror. It was Leroy, she was standing behind and looking at me.
- I Affairs and then to the store, you need something to buy?
- Leer No, thank you, I have everything.
- Yes, what do you have? Nothing you do not. You when you last ate? Yesterday in my coffee and everything? You do something to eat?
- Of course it ...
- Nu-nu, he said Ljerka fun, I can see how you eat, look how skinny, so who is this? Breakfast on the plate, I went.
Leroy smiled again and left, closing the door in the bathroom, and then, and input.
- Yes, a caring neighbor. Lucky me. I thought I was coming out of the bathroom and going into the kitchen shoveling a pack of cigarettes from the table. I was not accustomed to this. While on the other hand it was nice that someone starts to care. So the days passed, we are very good friends with a chaser. When Valeria was not at home, I painted. Now, our rooms were common, Lera could easily come to my room, I could watch her TV. As the Lera brought home a small little white kitten with blue eyes. We have long thought to call the kitten, and Lera decided to just call it - Barsik. So we had our third inhabitant, is not such an empty apartment. Once Lera asked me to paint in her room on the wall something like that.
- So Leroy, you can not.
- Why can not I also bought this room, and now I can do anything here, Leroy said.
In general, we have started a fun life.
It took not much time, I'm very accustomed to Leray as it becomes lonely when Valeria was not at home, as though something was missing. Then came the month of March, the time is right for March 8, and I decided to make a small gift Leray. And when he comes home Lera going to my room I saw a chair on the huge white bunny with a heart in his paws. There lay a card and flowers. I have not heard how come Lera, I considered myself in the mirror in the bathroom. Here Lera flies and throws me on the neck.
- Spasibki Genia, so I liked the hare, he's so cool! I adore you!
My eyes grew a little more. I was stunned by her words. She almost did not admit in love.
- I just thought you'd like it this is the hare. So I decided to ...
Leroy looked me in the eye. Her look was somehow unusual, but I can not figure out what she wants to say to your eyes. She took me by the hand ... for a long time silent and looked me in the eye ...
- Jen, I have to ... I want to tell you, just do not know how long ago ... I want you to say it, maybe even from the very first day ... or rather I felt it from the first day ...
I looked at her questioningly eyes. I felt that her hands were trembling slightly.
- Jen, you just do not think about me, something so bad ... well, I really like you! You told me from the very first day was like ... A couple of minutes later, I saw her eyes, then Lera ran to his room. I was a little shocked at the state of 2 minutes standing motionless ... then again rinsed his face with cold water, and without drying, I went to the bathroom and went to the room of Leray. Leroy sat on a couch and hugging a rabbit. When she saw me she was embarrassed and looked down.
- Lehr, she looked at me with a questioning look, Lehr, it's not bad ... on her face there was still the same charming smile. Do you know why is not bad?
- No, maybe ... why?
- Lehr know, I, too, it's hard to say, I've been nothing like anyone said, but you ... you really like me too! I realized this since the moment when I saw you at the door. I always tried to hide these feelings, drown them, do not let them go free. But she could not. Lera hugged me and kissed me on the neck. Once again, I felt the warmth of the lips, it was almost forgotten feeling. I looked at Leroux, and read in her eyes that her hand towards me more than just a "likes". Plucking up courage, I gently touched his lips to her soft lips. In me everything turned upside down. Something clicked in my brain. I'm just beginning to realize that without Lerke I simply can not live. I gently hugged her and kissed her again on the lips, turned and silently went into the kitchen. Lit a cigarette again, I stared out the window. In the reflection I saw again Leroux, but did not turn around. Lera stood in the doorway, leaning against the jamb and looked at me. Long looked. Silent. Then he came over and hugged me, clasped my hands on my stomach. I took her hands in his.
- Lera, you know, it's not a toy ...
- I know Jen, but I love you!
- Lehr, is not just a word?
- No, I sincerely, from the heart. This feeling !!!
- It's just that I had a bitter experience, it was a year and a half ago, I was a girl, we had been a very long time ...
And I told Leray about his life. Oh how I loved how everything was great. And how sad all over. And that after the incident, I have little faith in love. But somehow I believed Leray, sincerely believed. And I feel better just because I do not cheat, do not want to hurt me. Again, not hurt yet fully healed wounds on the heart. Lera, in turn, also told me about her life, that she, too, for a while there was a girl and oddly enough, it also is gone from it. Our lives with Leroy were very similar. What is it, what happened to me, were treated at the time severely, just threw it. We do not care about our feelings. But now it seemed to me that in the future get better in their personal lives, and they ask, and I did. We became very close with Leroy. I was ready to do everything to Leray was good. And I knew exactly what Lera from me will not go anywhere, and I'm from Lerochka'm not going anywhere. Mezhuyev us was a real, human, selfless love, the purest, lightest, that there is in this world. We just could not live without each other. I was glad to regain the person close to me, I was happy each day spent with Leroy. Now I will never forget what real, pure and sincere love. I'll be all my life to thank God for what he is, one might say, introduced me to a lovely, lovely girl as Lera.