The first time I was at the time studying at the military university in Ukraine. The company we had great guys from all over the USSR. The leader was a Tatar from Ufa, Rustam. Athletic build with a loud voice prankster and joker. One day I received a leave at the same time with another guy, Oleg. Oleg lived nearby, on a farm and offered to go, revel in it. I agreed. Time spent at the level of: blonde, vodka, sauna. Before going to bed, and lay down a smoke on the terrace. Almost fell asleep, I felt thigh Oleg, was next. Instinctively, I rubbed on her by a dick and suddenly Oleg turned his back on me and huddled. My cock got full. Earlier, at home, in Kokand we boys used to rub against each other and jerked off, but no one turned ass, all valued his manhood.
-You're joking, or do you want?
Olezhka admitted that much is going through because of a gambling debt Rustam. He lost a lot of money to him, and when he wanted to recoup lost even his ass. Oleg offered me all of himself in exchange for a solution to his problem with Rustam.
-I would rather give myself to you.
I reluctantly agreed. Oleg pampered my dick heartily. But I was worried about the upcoming dismantling of Rustam. And because of what? Due to the jerk-weakling. I had always attracted to girls, especially blondes. Especially here, in Ukraine, they are just Ssali from me. Growth 185, 95kg of muscle, hairy torso, I - a swarthy man with a smart-Uzbek by a dick 16cm dormant and 22 cm working.
However, Olezhek too well tried most of the night. My dick calmed down only at dawn. But I did not tear his virgin anus. It was evident that he had zhopku nobody gave. In the mouth Olezhka took one torgrvtsa-azerasta, he did all the subtleties of the Caucasian plowshares and trained.
The next day, in part, Rustam accidentally stepped on my foot, I pushed him, he fell. In the evening for dining I did otpizdil. It was not easy, I missed a couple of powerful blows, and only gathered his last strength, flunked it has finished and sat down on his grudak, saying:
- Next time I will tear!
Two weeks passed and bruises on my body healed. But the emotional shock of winning the fight .... When we were fighting, I woke up in passionate lust, I knew I wanted him to fuck, and fuck, humiliating, hurting him, tearing cock anything that would get in my handsome Rustamchike. At night I dreamed of fighting with subsequent acts, in the afternoon I was getting dark in the eyes of his stentorian voice. So one day I tracked him down when he went to shower alone. He waited until he undress and take a booth, I went in and took the next. The members began a pleasant languor, blood started pounding, I looked carefully at the temples in one of the holes in the wall, Rustam mylil member, eggs and ass. His head was already in a lather ... My stood upright on all 22cm and has allocated ample lubrication. I started to smear grease on the head and stroking all the way to the eggs. When I looked in the direction of his cabin, I realized that he was now spying. I began to masturbate at the hole, he breathed heavily.
I broke into his booth breaking, jerked bolt. Rustam, holding his dick, fascinated looked at my lips on his cheek, saliva, sweat.
- That's what I know, man! (And as for myself, I added, is not that Olezhka immediately reached to substitute the ass.)
A sort of stallion will need to make it resist, can become his to conquer, tame necessary. But the essence of man's love. I do not like passive men, she is much more interesting than ready to lend a man. I loved Rustam, Man with walking up and down Adam's apple, hairy, muscled torso, standing by a dick and burning eyes. In his eyes: pride, fear, hatred, lust, pleading.
- What are you peeping, Rustam?
...Silent ...
My end was ready to explode, sweet languor burned my groin. I'm trying to embrace Rustamchika, he weakly resists. Finally, our dicks are touching, voluptuous and begins rubbing heads. His cock too major, but less than my flat on my head length. With one hand, I take his ass, the other's neck and kiss passionately. His first elastic lips gradually relaxed, saliva flowed on its bristles. From the movement of my fingers in his hole, he winces and squeezes tight lips. In the kiss is no longer responding.
- Jerking me, do not stand like a post!
... does not listen ...
Gradually, I press on his shoulders, Rustam starts to move down. My dick, got into his stomach ... ... poked closer, closer ... Stop! How nice to rub against a member of his hairy chest, nipples on ... and ... be Intermedia skillful fingers friend and foe! My end stood as before still never got up. Skin stretched so much that I felt my cock is now the owner of all male showers in Ukraine. But the end can not come there even more pleasant areas. Adam's apple ... I take his head and rub my penis length wei about his neck, and his Adam's apple. There is nothing of this bristles fucking! It is their roughness almost brought me to the limit, I'm ready to shoot, but ... Your courageous cheekbones, a thrill to drive hefty cock down your cheeks and cheekbones. My grease and his own saliva made it shiny cheekbones. Yes, this is not Olezhek! Rustam Mouth slightly open, but with head approximation tightly closed. I bumped into his mouth. He grabs my cock and hands, eyes closed, lips and tongue caressing the tip of my dick. Well, there are also trade-offs. A little more and I'll shoot myself ... trying to hold back, but move a dent, a move ...
- Rustam, you are my most favorite guy in the world ... and of course ... the coolest after me!
In the mouth and take the girl, but such a heavy beard only with him. I will extend alternately in the mouth, along the cheeks. Rustam, I feel myself zakayfoval, then rubs his cheek, then kissing, it will take in your mouth, swallow or two hands fingering and sucking the head. His own cock rubbing against my ankles. I can no longer hold back and finish ... first jet onto the bristles and then deep into the second, third, fourth. I took his head and planted entirely to the glands.
- What is the hot water came on my ankle? You too came, Rustam ???
In the future, we often spent time together in nooks. Rustam liberated ... and even once tried to take me, but ...
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