To meet the cow returning from the herd, it was always Kolkinoy duty, because in the evening he went to the end of the street. Cows mooing and fanning tails of gadflies, pylili already on the road, hurrying home. Zorka, seeing the host, fell out of the group and and trotted to meet him. Kolka remained just walk behind her, her postłgivaya Whip gently, so as not to fond of the grass that grew the edge of the road, as if the cow did not ate for the day.
Today it was like all, as always, but not quite. Kolka drew attention to the fact that Dawn somehow nervously twisted his head and an unusually invitingly lowed. And out of the tail of her braid hung adherent mucus from the hair, causing the base of the tail, and it was wet. Concerned by what he saw, Kolka touched the tip of the whip of the mucus. Zorkin reaction was very unexpected for him: Dawn somehow suddenly swung stopped, lifted her tail and bent back.
In Kolka head flashed a stray thought, which immediately responded his penis, just a stake sticking out The old tights. The idea was very interesting and scary at the same time, besides also impracticable. Especially here, in the middle of the village street.
Kolka Zorka lashed the whip on her side, she moved from place and gradually moving away from the excitement and trudged behind her Kohl.
As they approached the house, he went out of the gate Kolkina mother and thrown through a shoulder yoke with two buckets went to the well, which was them two hundred meters. The gate is left open, and Dawn flew into the yard, and immediately ran to the corral, where it (she had grown accustomed to it) were prepared chopped pumpkin and overgrown zucchini. Cow enthusiastically took their meals, and Kolka, unable to resist the temptation, once again had a Whip under her tail. Everything happened exactly like this morning. Kolkinym eyes appeared her wet vagina, slightly puffy, as if slightly opened. Poor wondering what he was doing, Kolka tore off the bench fence with which the mother milked Zorka, placed behind the cow and jerked down tights, put dumped on the freedom to process cow pipiske. Everything happened as if by itself: Kolkin pisyun slid deep into the vagina, and then he felt such an indescribable pleasure that jerking backwards a few times Kolka immediately terminated. Now he flew off in alarm with a bench and pulled the tights and chat with a bench in the hands ran to the gate. He looked out of the yard. On the street it was quiet and calm, the mother was still at the well, which struck up a conversation between the women gathered.
Ashamed of himself, and not having the strength to resist, Kolka returned to the corral and then joined up with Zorkin ass. Now he has ebalsya with properly, with deliberation, listening to new sensations for themselves. He even had time to think about whether not pregnant from him Zorka (in biology, he was not strong), but relying on random, pulled Zorkin in the bosom of another portion of the seed.
Only now, his cock began to fall, and was lying in the courtyard of finding some kind of cloth, Kolka wiped himself, dabbed Zorkin pussy and threw a rag at the barn ...
In the evening, he had not been able to sleep in my head scrolling experienced in the evening. From these thoughts pisyun again stood stake and Kolka jerk with pleasure, later, as usual, is lying in bed in your own sock.
In the morning the mother woke him at dawn and ordered to drive away a herd Zorka, and she hurried to the bus to take to the market accumulated for the evening and morning milk.
Kolka as the wind blew out of the bed. He darted into the yard bullet and quickly "tore" cow, until the herd was still far from their homes. Zorka calmly took Kolkiny affection, and when approaching the herd again became restless and moo like to look through the eyes of someone else. Then the young bull breeding, which the villagers were kept together in a herd, tumbled out of the total cow crowd jumped to dawn, stuck his snout under her tail and instantly shot up at her, his front legs dawn on the withers. Got out from somewhere red, sharp at the end without a miss dick stuck in Zorka. Bull a couple of times swung backwards, then jerked forward and then slowly began to slip from iobessileno Zorka.
- Kolyan, tell your mother that your cow today obgulyalas, let the number of writes! - Kolka shouted approached a shepherd, Uncle Bob.
.. Kolyan whole day spent in the memories of what happened to him during the evening and morning, and dreamed that this evening he again something zasunet dawn. From these thoughts he had finished three times per day, but at night it was waiting for deep disappointment. Zorka, no matter how he tried, did not want to stand still. As soon flushed Kolka substituted a chair in her ass as she moved from place to place, nullifying all his efforts. Exhausted, Kolka razdrochil your hell and pulled in a rag, prepared ahead of time earlier in the day.
And the next day he went to the city to study at vocational tractor: vacation ended.