Under rain

- If you sit in this car, it's all over between us! I said.
- So it's all over between us - she was peremptory - in the end, it's because of you I was on this desolate highway, do you have, in the mobile phone took the battery, it is you, not the machine. Well, that Savic, agreed to give me a lift. You want me to ask him, and he will throw you?
I was furious. And I told her silence.
- As you want. I wish you to return to the city, 'she said, and went to the side to stop the car.
It was a black Mercedes. The models and I never really did not understand, and what's the difference, what kind of model.
What is important is that that I loved, or rather thought that today would leave loved leaving me to fend for themselves to really deserted highway. So much progulochku, here and picnic, here and in the open air sex. Yes, and the storm is about to begin. I watched the receding Mercedes, and walked toward the city.
There were a huge field and not a living soul. The field was sown, which is grass, probably the bread.
The farmers would laugh at my knowledge. Bread grass, but how else can you call it from what makes the bread flour must have grass. Reflecting on this topic, my mood improved gradually. I had forgotten about this bitch, and that I am in the middle of the field alone, that's just a few little things I did not like (if we assume that it is a trifle). The clouds became more and more, and from this everything became darker and darker. Eggs buzzed from an overabundance of sperm and a member ached with unfulfilled desire to finish (not masturbate can I myself alone in the middle of the field, and such to put it mildly, not the favorable weather conditions). And now he heard the rumble of thunder, and all was light up a succession of lightning, which, one after another appeared in the distance. I had all the chances to get wet to the skin. Take cover was nowhere. Well, not in the same grain grass. And he livanul. It poured with terrible force and fury. The field was covered with ripples. Everything was gray. I decided not to stop, at least in such a way to keep the heat of his body. Although I must admit, the rain was warm in summer and even enjoyable. But his body drops hit hurt.
I was right, when the road in front of me lit lights. At first I thought it was lightning, but then realized that the car behind me was going. I stepped aside. And I had not occurred, that the car can stop. Nevertheless, he became slow down and pulled up next to me in a suit the meter. It was a big black BMW. I went to him to view the driver. But nothing could not see. Then I sat on the hood and the whole body toward the windshield. He flashed a flash of lightning and I could see it. He was a huge guy, attractive appearance. His eyes looked at me with interest. The hands were on the steering wheel, and he smiled slightly and waited for what would happen next. I do not know, maybe I just thought it was lightning, or not enough, but it seems he was black.
My shirt stuck to the body and has become something of unknown color. Lightweight shorts (at least in this lucky, it would be terribly disgusting to be wet in the pants) stuck my ass and become translucent. Fun course, but I was without panties, and this situation has me amused and embarrassed at the same time. Water flowed through me streams. There was nothing that would have remained dry. It was such a shower that would not match the power of any other. Hair plastered to his head.
The guy in the car followed closely behind me. I just saw his eyes that peered intently through the glass, a pleasant warmth coming from his eyes, that I want to quickly get into his car ...
The guy opens the door for me and just baffle me completely clean of Russian and pleasant voice. With his chocolate skin color, it looked funny.

I drove into town .... The deal was excellent, and the mood was just cool, and even approaching storm, could not in any way affect my mood. His head swarmed thoughts as to spend an evening?
It would be desirable that the cheerful, joyous, sexually depraved (within reasonable limits).
And I did not want to meet with a large number of CMV people and an unlimited number of CMV alcohol ...
But with that in mind I have not raced, but simply rode that to enjoy the view of the nature of the field and has already started to rain ....
It was not so dark, but the lights are already included, and I saw a figure ahead. It was clear that this guy because he was tall, and through his shirt soaked to the skin could see his broad shoulders, and below, a small, round, convex ass.
Without a moment's hesitation, I decided to take "traveler" and thus make a good gesture and will share with his good mood.
BRAKING. The boy hesitated looks at me through the windshield, and I see that it is beautiful like a magazine cover, which in his view is a simple, not a fake, but the facial features on many simple, it is the beauty in natural form.
Not to mention the rain, which made him a figure, hair, and face- simply stunning ...

"Sit down quickly or you have nothing to lose?" And these words are such a smile, I forget about the rain and wanted to jump in the car, but I'm so wet, that inside of me is all wet ...
--- I do not want it to in your car right now was a flood ...
--- And now, and will stand?
--- You do not have what the cellophane?
--- No. There is a towel in a bag in the trunk, you can get it, take off your clothes, wipes and a bullet in the car.
--- Yeah, and I without panties ... (why did I say it all?)
--- You're like a kid young ... I had not seen naked guys, or between my legs, something else? I think you did not how shokiruesh, and wrapped in a towel, and then a lot of chattering, colds, then you will know how to practice "good manners"
Again, such a smile that does not need to have not any words ....
I ran to the trunk, pull out and not very large towel, hastily undress, wipes and jump close to those who are already familiar to me, and enjoyable .... Do not know that it is turned within me ... (no, it can not be ) ...
Towels are only enough for that to cover up one thigh and my sinful (sinful, why?) Place. On the second leg is almost not enough ...
He sees my swarming and says:
--- Well, I'm sorry, darling, so what is ... Relax and if you do not want to get sick, there in the back seat there is a package, find themselves there of something to drink, I just purchased, home-bar refill ...
I turned around and began to examine the contents of the package and stopped at "Martini"
For the ultimate in relaxation, I refueled (only for the sake of health) "Martishkoy"We went and talked about that, about this ...
Naturally my first story was a story about how I got here, and then we talked about women, what they "dedicated". "standing" and "not prudent"
Rain poured down so that no one could see nothing at all, just a wall of rain.
We stayed on the sidelines ... and decided to wait a little bit, did not want to risk it, and he and I as it turned out, was not much rush.
---I love when it rains...
---Of course, when you have such a machine, and you sit in it.
--- No, really, I sometimes want to, just walk or stand under a warm, summer rain ....
Perhaps this "Martini" or the idea that "I have nothing to lose" It pushed me to the next ...
--- So what prevents you now to do it?
--- Nothing, except that you do not want to wet clothing, shoes and has spread ...
Again I heard him laugh and then gave:
--- So come together naked. Won the right rivulet, which is possible, and to run it ..
And I have a towel with you then share ..
--- Before your "generosity" I can not resist ...
He immediately began to undress and clumsy, engages behind the wheel took off all ...
It seemed to me, or was it in fact, but it has become a member of the sit up slightly.
Maybe this is not normal to look at him, but turned away, too, was somehow funny ...
At times, two, three, we jumped out of the car and rushed to the side of the river, a couple of meters coming to his senses, that we want to get wet, and not vice versa, we stopped and went slowly.
All this certainly looked interesting ... Two, in the pouring rain, go talk about something, the water is poured on them, and all the members are hanging around does not seem real ...

Suddenly I felt a slap on the ass. Nothing in my life is not so annoying, like slaps on the ass. I spun around and was about to tell him that it affords. But before I turn around, my lips were immediately pinned down his lips. Water got into my open mouth in surprise. The sky ran lightning. His hands were cuffed my body. Quite a strange feeling. He's biting my lower lip. Heck! I like it. I stopped struggling and gave it to him. I begin to suck his lips. They are so soft and plump. I suck with them moisture collect droplets. It gives me pleasure. I'm starting to collect drops from the lips of his face. I do not have time, they are becoming more and more.
He pats and squeezes my buttocks, kissing my neck, nipples ... that his hands touched my penis ...
His hands caress my penis, it seems they have become bosom
Friends, my cock and his hands and on the contrary, had sworn allegiance to the grave.
My tongue also gave the same oath of his language.
My feet are his feet, his lips my lips, my eyes are his eyes.
I distinctly smelled neon. Maybe lightning too close. Or is it the smell of his body.
Or I'm too close, and a spark running between us. I like his figure. This Man, with a capital letter. When he breathes his chest heaving invitingly .. His lips ... God! His lips Shchekotov my cock.
It seems he is now swallow me, suck and spit out a single skeleton. I can feel my sperm is looking for a way out. No!
Not now! I want to prolong the pleasure. Legs shaking and give way, and I lay down on the grass. Yes, the wet, but cool .. This Great and Terrible man lies down on top of me.
Great and "terrible"I want to call it "Goodwin"And I pulled it. He was not paying attention to it, as if it was called and it continues to kiss me for a moment to step back and looking me in the eye. I like his face. I love his eyes, looking so close to mine. I like to feel his cock, hot rod lying along my body. What am I doing? I abruptly straighten and move away from him.
Yesterday I hunted jokes about gays, and now I'm lying in the pouring rain, in the cold grass, it is unclear where, under hefty mulatto. I'm going crazy. He looks at me. Charming. His eyes were so warm, so tempting, so mesmerizing. So fast approaching.
Here it is not two eyes, but one I can not see the second, he was too close. He lifts my legs. Heck! Something very unpleasant to my back. Another moment and I forget about the pain, because my body piercing is completely different, previously unknown. I cry out. What is the cry?
So do not cry out in pain, as screaming with pleasure.
Water slides over the body. Our body too quickly rub together. Perhaps the water is now boils. I can already see par.
The steam coming from his body, and can mine, but who cares about my body. I'm so excited to see his body. His strained thigh, his firm buttocks, his tongue, looking out a little half-open mouth. His cock, so satisfying.
I heard somewhere that men enjoy anal sex due to the fact that a member of the partner rubs against the prostate. I do not know what this thing is, but I like this feeling.
It's not like an orgasm, but still it's nice. He again zapoluchaet my cock.
And he starts to masturbate. More gently. More gently. You can not treat a member of the stranger. Cum again coming to the door.
There are very few. Adrenaline rages in me, -That it stimulates me. His cock found a common language with all my body.

I am yours. Take me. Vladey me.

Just tell me and I'll do whatever you want. Come on .. Come on ... Come on ... It's easy. A little bit more. One movement. Yes! Like this! Why did you stop? Oh, you came. How could I not guess, hearing the roar, moan, quiet outcries ... And I? You know, what i want?
Yeah, you know. You know every cell, every centimeter of skin, you are able to negotiate with me and with my body.
Goodwin took from me his penis, he was hung, but it looks very impressive. His lips snapped back to mine. What are you doing with your tongue? Its godlike. It's great. Something is happening to me. Something's going on in my head. Something unseen, unknown. I put my hand on your head and trying to help you. You do not need my help, you know all too well what you're doing. You're a wizard, and doest wondrous.
The sky fly zipped. One, two, three.
Here you kiss my body, suck my nipples, lick stomach, navel ... suck my dick !!! Yes! Yes! Yes!.
This is not the lightning that would be fireworks. I salute my body. My body
Salutes back. My sperm spreads on his lips. Do not lick my Goodwin. No! Do not! You are so going. Although...
Wait ... I better Dyke. It is salty or sweet? Strange, I always thought it disgusting smell. The smell ... This smell ...
It's the smell of his body mix it with sweat, his sperm. I want the same. I want to smell it all the time. I'll have this smell, I gather it is.
I keep it in my head. And I will remember in the moments when I feel like ....
We lie. Tired. Relaxed. Rain pouring on us. Trickling down to us. We do not care. A little bit more.
Yes, a little bit more.
He takes my hand and pulls to the creek.
Going to the bank of a small river we noticed that the rain calmed down a bit and we are so accustomed to it?
The beach itself was not, and only a small protrusion and the whole sand creek in bubbles ... We sat down on the sand next to the river, we were not cold, and we felt down feet in the water, that is "water as milk"
---Come iskupn¸msya?
---Of course.
And we, as children with squeals and shouts began to swim, because there could not swim, rivulet depth was up to his waist, and then somewhere in the middle of this "Mighty river"...

What good this kid, I even could not imagine that everything will turn out, it is not just good, but great.
The smell of his youth just drunk. His temperament is mixed with naturalism excites him with great force. His eyes, which echoes the fear of lust ...
Excellent figure, gorgeous cock and ass ...., round, convex and solid.
And his virginal point, and how he gave it to me, it can not be the way descriptions.
Yes that point, it all without residue to give me, and I took the whole thing and with great pleasure.
And now we are splashing in the creek, and he's like a stallion galloping in water, and left a hint of what he was involved in a few minutes ago ...
Plenty napleskavshis, we decided to go, and he went first to the shore.
Where the water was knee-deep, he has appeared in four of his limbs. The view was simply stunning. Rain ended, the evening twilight and point directly in front of me. To me that's broke, exploded ... And I, without any tenderness and introductions, moisten your saliva cock, spitting it into his hand, grab him around the waist and insert it firmly to the end.
He screamed, and I immediately woke up ... " I'm sorry, baby, something came over me, I'm sorry, I'm sorry". - "No, do not apologize, and keep me nice even when I feel pain. What can I please you with his body, excites me and I have a pain in the sweet bliss. I did not think that there is love at first sight, and even more, man to man ... Now I know. She is! I want to belong to you, and allow you to do with me whatever you want. I'm sure - I'm in good hands, and you do not do anything that is not pleasing to me." - " Yeah, baby, yeah."
I slowly began to enter and withdraw his dick in his ass was so warm and cozy, and that would be enough for two frictions that would come, but I wanted to prolong the pleasure and confidence and to him. I took his cock got into the water on his knees in front of his hole. It throbbed, and I began to caress her tongue. My baby immediately began to squirm and moan, and substituted otslonyatsya me. My tongue has already entered it and fucked, and all disappeared around, only moan, moan ... and his words: " Yes, I'm yours, do with me what you want ... Ooh ..."
Zalaskat his tongue, I put a point each to his, his cock and felt the butt itself is placed on it. And here we are again eb¸msya, ¸b¸msya firmly and gently, like a real man. Neither any words, only moans, sighs ... I kiss him back, neck, earlobes. Hands stroked his flat belly, caress his nipples and penetrate her fingers in his mouth. He licks and sucks my toes. We manage to unite in a kiss and then I lick again and passed into his mouth his tongue.
The tempo becomes disposable, and then a cry, a double, and my "I konchaaaaayu !!!"
How nice to finish at the same time !!! And my baby came, not touching your hands to your 19And centimeter member. Now I'm sure that everything is done correctly, the only thought about how to give him maximum pleasure.
And now we are sitting in an embrace in the puddle, and not as we can not put in order the beating of our hearts, and breath, it seems not at all possible.
I handed turn his face to him and look in his eyes ... They only pleasure, gratitude and devotion .... Maybe this view I was missing in my life? Can! And I'm pretty sure now I will often look into those eyes and see the same view.
--- " Well, let's go? We are still waiting for the city and now it's ours!"
--- " Yes, gone, and the city, I think not only our today .."
And we are slowly, almost in complete darkness went to the car ...

As it is warm and cozy. Our body is still wet. He gave me all the same cloth, calling her a towel. I take it in hand, begin to erase the drop from his body.
With his hair from his groin. All. It is too wet. But I continue to drive it through his body. I enjoy it. I study his body centimeter by centimeter. In the car closely. To me, something rests again. It's his penis. My long as I did not answer.
Do not worry, I'll wait. And yet. I take his cock in hand and begin to stroke. Each time, more and more making efforts.
He bites my earlobe. His fingers rush to my ass. Do not be in such a hurry ... They will not be late. They're inside. Once again they are attacking my body.
Therefore my movements become more energetic. It is with great bitterness Tereblya its trunk. His lips swear my love. How close and how our bodies as stuffy car. And how do I feel good! How good!
Just do not stop. No, do not stop. I beg! Go on!
Go on! Without end, over and over again!
And for the first time. All from scratch with a clean slate.
All that is in my head, it will play from start to finish. Many times.
The whole body will be longingly remember this.
Who is your all.
Only now and only yours.
And now we are rushing ... Already on the horizon of the city lights ...
It is necessary at the time to put your wet clothes, which would then remove it from Goodwin's home ...
He invited me.
Well, that Savic, accepted a ride, now my ex-girlfriend and how good that I stayed in the middle of one field in the rain. If not for all this, I would not have met my Goodwin.
And thank you, Goodwin, for the fact that did not leave me on the road in the rain ....