Games in the summer camp

As a child I loved to go to summer camp. At times I spent there for two or three consecutive shifts. I do not know what attracted me there so can freedom from parental care, can chat with their peers, and can:
I want to tell a very real story that occurred to me in one of those trips. She is very influenced my future sex life and my fantasies.
It all began with a simple card game in the fool:

Start with yourself. My name is Olga to me. I was only 11 years old and I had a rather interesting girl, but it was not yet developed as a woman. I have straight brown shoulder-length hair and dark eyes. The figure of course was only a baby. I was very skinny and awkward girl with disproportionate forms. Slender and thin legs and a bit longish arms. Sisechek I did not yet exist, and of course there was nowhere hair. Pussy I have always been very okuratnenkaya and completely naked. In general, I was so awkward and skinny nymphet, as they say now.
I went to the camp with her best friend Svetka in my class. We had then very good friends, and we did not have each other any secrets. Sveta appearance was like me, just a little taller, and her hair was lighter. We really liked her two boys of our party. We just wanted to meet with them closer. Closer to our understanding, this meant a maximum of a kiss on the cheek, and then only if no one knows about it. Their names were Michael and Sergey.
I think we liked them too, they are in the dining room are always trying to get closer to us and to draw attention to themselves. For its 12 years, they have been quite brazen and courageous guys. And that's how the times they had the courage, but cowards, I would not call them, and decided to move forward in our relations with them a little further. Bear came up to me and said:
-Ol, we would like to meet with Sergey you have in the gazebo in the evening,
-Serge brought home from the card can be in something to play.
I was just in seventh heaven this proposal. Sveta course sradostyu agreed. She was very fond of Sergei. We began to gather after a quiet hour. I wore my favorite green dress. It was very light and quite another child, but then I thought it was very cool. Sveta is dressed in a blue short skirt and pink T-shirt. Kras then we did not know how and the makeup of course no was no.
And here we go with her to the sacred arbor. Guys already waiting for us.
In general the evening proceeded quite boring. We began to play the fool for a couple of Svetka, and they are against us. We have tried to somehow keep the conversation going, and boys too, but something is not quite turned out and we have already become bored. Pacanam is also rather tired, the more we Svetka lucky and they remained mostly fools.
-And let's play at something, suggested Sergei,
-Let us support it Light.
-And what, I asked,
-Let's play on the desires, Sergei said.
-And what, that was my reasonable question.
-In all, they had a reasonable answer.
And we began to play. I wish we had different, but basically a very childish and stupid, for example, obbezhat gazebo or bring a drink of water. Speaking of drink, we vipili for the evening very much, because the more intelligent, no one could think of anything to make us Sveta drink three glasses in a row, and then some time later and two more.
After several consecutive lost parties, I felt a very strong desire to go pee, Light mine, felt something similar. But to say about it in the ear, we certainly shy. Soon this desire grew in my obsession and I realized that if after the party I do not pee it might happen something terrible. I had to admit.
We finish the and I said that I shall come in five minutes and the World said that to me goes, too. But the boys had other plans.
-You lost, Sergei said,
-Then we play another game, and is not going anywhere.
At first I did not realize this, but then I realized that we have agreed to fulfill all the desires necessary. Do not run it would not be fair. We continued our game, but for me it was a continuous torment. For Amy, I think, too. We are constantly fidgeting and could not sit still. And finally, we finish the course and lost again. I am almost in tears said that no more can and must necessarily move in the bushes. No, no one will not go anywhere, Bear said, and if you want to write something to write with us. We Sveta was very ashamed, but we hesitate to write with the boys. They could not have so much to see, it's so embarrassing.
We continued to play, but the cards just toppled out of my hands. In the middle of the game, I said all World also began to nod. Well, if everything, then let's go into the bushes together and that we all saw with Sergei Misha said. We had no choice but to light as to fulfill their desire. We went into the bushes for this unfortunate veranda, and the boys followed us. We Sveta smiling like fools, but do have could not do anything, the game is a game.
And here we are already in place. Well, will write together or in turn, Bear said. However, we said in unison. Well, then start, just so that we could see everything. We Sveta looked at each other, and stood in front of the boys. I lifted her dress and she asks her skirt. We were both children were little white panties, which we had to remove. I started them down and holding her dress at the waist. Light looking to do the same to me. The boys stared at us as between the legs. We sat down and lowered her panties, spread legs, and the boys sat down at the ground and did not take us to the eye. I do not when it was not so shameful. But the desire to pee was stronger than that. We looked at each other with Svetka and smiled at each other. Her smile was something attractive and playful. And then I heard from Svetenoy Picea ran. I immediately relaxed and began to write, too. I immediately felt so relieved and could not stop. We Sveta wrote a very long time, it has become podomnoy accumulate small pool, but it was very good, it was such a relief. And then I saw Sergei stretched out his hand to Svetkin Picea she gasped but continued to write. Bear also reached out to mine. At first I tried to keep his feet but she felt that he had written to them, then relaxed again. Bear touched my Picea, he was still mine, I write on his hand, he just stroked it and smiled. I said, what are you doing, and they seem to have not listened. Here is Sveta and I had finished writing, too. We had abruptly stood up and put her panties.
The boys smiled and told us that it was great. We Sveta turned around and went to offend.