Lisa - baby

Previously, Lisa did not have to live in such cramped conditions. Her parents were prominent specialists in major corporations, and in the regional center, where they lived before, they had a wonderful four-room apartment. However, the case has contributed to their simultaneous promotion of the career ladder, and now the family has moved to Moscow, where the couple were waiting for responsible positions at the head office. To delay the move was impossible, but the flat, which was to become their new home, still was not ready, and they are temporarily housed in two rooms apartments service company, and the other two took another young woman with her two sons. Junior, Volodya, was only a year older than Lisa's, he was 13, and his brother Roma - 15. Lisa was a late child, unexpected joy of parents who, at the time of her birth, has long walked thirties.
Therefore, we took care of her immensely, well, spoiled, of course. They could not get used to the idea that their little girl is growing, and if they noticed that Lisa is not five, then the mind is not fed. Temporary relocation in communal had no effect on family habits - all remained the same for Lisa. Sleep it laid immediately after the program "good night, children"That Lisa weaned "adverse" TV watching with the same interest. Before dressed up in flannel pajamas with utyatkami Lisa seated to the blue screen, her whole family bathed. Dad or Mom with immense tenderness shampooed fingers, heels, and certainly ass and pussy baby. Latch on the bathroom door at the same time is not used, so that very soon, and one, and another boy under various pretexts began to look into the bathroom while bathing Lisa's what naive lysine parents could not make some bad sense. However, the favorite entertainment of boys began to other customs of the family of their new neighbors: Lisa from infancy had a sweet tooth, a lover of pies and rolls. My mother indulged her, but to pay for such a diet had not only charming surpluses to the pope and thighs (which, in truth, looked like imported chicken legs), but also a long seat on the toilet.
- Well, honey, berry, well, tighter! - Mom admonished, standing in front of the open door of the bathroom where the toilet sat on the girl. Lisa obediently tuzhilas, groan, bunch, but it did not move forward. On the second day an indispensable family council in the kitchen decided to put an enema. The preparations were noisy and vain: on the sofa Stela kleenochku, pelenochku, phlegmatic Lisa long laid comfortably on the flank, and finally my mother put in her plump ass tip Green rubber pear. Both brothers held their breath, took an observation position at the half-open door neighbors. Run to the toilet, according to the parents, it was back-breaking exercise, and got out of bed Lysine pot, elegant product in the roses, her father brought all the way from Germany. As you would expect a glass of water does not have the desired effect, and now the Pope holds a rubber cup, and my mother, endlessly lamenting, Vaseline liberally lubricates the hose and ass daughter. After some persuasion, patience, stroking tummy podgibaniem legs, a girl again seated on the pot, from which hang deliciously ripe halves of its priests. To the great relief of the parents and the delight of the boys, audible farts and shmyakane softened pieces of the bottom of the pot. Then suffered ass was thoroughly wiped out, and my mother took the girl to the kitchen and eat and be comforted fresh apple pie, key to tomorrow's inconclusive meeting in the toilet. However, culinary research are not only encouraging girls - the first day of a loving mother pinned on the door of the toilet lined sheet, where the day with a self-consistent defecation lovingly painted red star and inspired a comment - "Lisa fellow, pokakala very much!", Bad days designated dull green dash and stoically borne enema - a drop of blue, with the designation of water and praises resistance girls. However, the family practiced not only encouraging, but also punishment.
For the mother received triple gently zhurila, and his father, who thought that a certain rigor still need to be placed before dinner daughter across his knees, took his pants (high trousers with fleece, with the same cheerful utyatkami and bears, other underwear mother thought the right way to mysterious and dangerous inflammation), and, muttering angrily slapped a failure. After that she went to wait for dinner in the corner of the kitchen, turning his nose to the wall and put on public display spanked pink ass that just shone between clamped at the knees shorts and battened down the robe, which she held in her chest. Volodya and Roma, the boys do not really evil, with all my heart wanted Lisa twos for a year!
Soon, however, an event occurred, stumped parents Lisa. Dad had to go on a business trip, and my mother had to go home, that would follow the dispatch of affairs in the capital. But what about the baby? After some thought, a large sum was offered to her neighbor, that would be on the absence of the parents paid the former Lisa attention and care. The amount was such that the mother of boys, if they thought the behavior of the new neighboring countries, preferred to keep their opinions to themselves, but to the school to accompany her had Volodya and Roma. Since Lisa became reluctant classmate boys only class under Volodya.
On the first day a neighbor came home really early, feed the children, and filled the bath and shouting "Lisa, go and wash up!", Considered his duty fulfilled. The next day she left for lunch and dinner in the fridge, and decided to stay at work late, besides, just now she had the chance to arrange his personal life! It was only on the arm of her sons. Should there be any doubt that the procedures were carried out in full! At first, the girl sat on the toilet, and with pleasure brothers looked at the details of the anatomy that are available to the observer in such a position. In addition, they endlessly mocked goaded the girl, and finally feel themselves masters of the situation. This was followed by an enema, in which, it is clear from the brothers had no practical experience, so that they enthusiastically izvazyukali all lysine crotch in petrolatum and with the water pumped into her rectum so much air that the whole dinner entertained by loud sounds, which she involuntarily emitted: without the participation of the vocal cords. Then they wash it, and even paid special attention to her vagina, disguised childishly plump lips. They are so long crawl on it and spend too much time delicate petals that before you wear pajamas, Lisa complained - "Burns!". However, she also suggested them out - mother in such cases, smeared pussy baby cream. So do not put on his pajama pants Lisa returned to her room, which took a large basket, and handed it to the boy. What there just was not! And children's cream of several varieties, and three jars of powder (this is for my popochki calmly explained to them Lisa), and the oil for the kids. The guys tried to pisechka affected everything. Finally hygienic procedures have been completed, Piggy and Stepashka said goodbye to his loyal spectator, and Lisa went to bed without a murmur.
- Who will wake me in the night, that I would pee in the potty? - She asked before going to bed.
- Sama wake up! - Roughly answered sweltering with the experiences of Roma. He urgently needed to retire, what would masturbate. The youngest of the boys first experienced pollution with night. However, Lisa, too, has not escaped the troubles - the morning she woke up with wet pants. A neighbor has run away from home, drinking coffee and hastily leaving instructions that his sons reheat for lunch, and that ... for dinner.
- Poor girl! Are not you ashamed! - Delight guys pulled off her wet panties, Roma and laid her down on her knees. He spanked it is not much, but for a long time, and then she said to the indescribable joy, obediently went into a corner to defend the required five minutes.
In the evening he bought the girl diapers of a large size, were found in the pharmacy. With some difficulty, but the brothers managed to pack them in his neighbor the next evening.
Lisa did not see anything strange is happening - in fact, if parents thought it wrong that the boys see it in the toilet or in the bathroom, they would have forbidden it to them, and now she was guilty, and punished her. So they have this right! Still, the girl felt the excitement as never experienced before.
About Boys and say nothing - in their hands was an obedient toy, vibrant baby doll! Do not boast of this school was not possible, and even more "popularity" Lisa added photocopies "toilet registry"and "blacklist"That Roma found in her room, where Mom edifying recorded when, how, and for what Lisa was punished, how many slaps received by "naked ass" and how many minutes are defended without panties in the corner. Girls contemptuously toward a new classmate, and the brothers discovered an unexpected source of income - and their classmates, classmates and Lisa were ready to pay, that would be on the Rights of "dear guests" take part in the evening entertainment of boys.
Now, Lisa turns washed five or six boys, do not hesitate to comment and timid girl finally realized that what is happening there is something wrong, embarrassed, but did not dare to protest.
The apotheosis came before the arrival of Mama Lisa - guys built for themselves a party with beer, and drunk teenagers having fun as they could - Lisa was spanked for received three, longer than usual stood in the corner, under the friendly laughter made an effort on the toilet, and finally was forced to substitute ass under the indispensable enema. After the usual dosage per liter, most require boys "continuation of the banquet". Mug was immediately filled again, and cheer Roma held it up for all the din of the hose. Water gushing with force in a crowded intestine girls and Lisa whimpered angrily. On the controversy filled the mug again. Belly girls ballooned from convulsively compressed zhopki trickled drops. Lisa stopped whining and just breathed heavily. Finally she was allowed to stand. She barely turned her stomach swayed, like a pregnant woman. Uncertainly half-naked girl took a couple of steps, and then she ran to the foot of thin trickle, to escape from the holes with your fingers pinched.
- Bring a bucket and then obosretsya here! - Roma shouted at his younger brother. He instantly understood, and brought from the kitchen an old enamel bucket. Lisa groaned and sat on it, from the irrepressible desire to relieve himself indifferent to the chorus of cynical comments. The jet of liquid feces escaped from it with a roar jetliner. Lisa moaned with pleasure made an effort, and experienced a real ecstasy!
Then followed an indispensable wash, creams, powders for pisechki and popochki, stretching diaper. Vovk from the first day was the water at night sweet tooth Lisa soda, having decided to bring the wet diapers to a record weight. A couple of times he even drags used diapers to school, what resulted in an indescribable delight classmates girls - "pissing in!".
Completely exhausted Lisa fell asleep, and I must pay tribute to the Roma, if not, he was sure to be raped that night. But the guy was able to pull myself together and calm friends, recalling the terms and conditions in the area.
So a week later Lisa returning parents moved out to this apartment in the elite house on the other side of town, and the next year went to have a new, elite English school. Surprisingly, this week spent with brothers, she managed to keep secret. However, for the psyche of the girl she had not been in vain - Lisa little interest in dancing and sex, behaved extremely modest, and very much supported institutions in the way of the house. She graduated from high school, went to university, but the third year all lived with her parents. Went to bed immediately after parting with Piggy, allow yourself to wash, and to get a coveted enema saw immodium. Very offended, not finding "commendable record" in the toilet, and on each observation the teacher immediately reported to his father, humbly pristraivayas on his lap. Special pleasure it delivered infrequent moments when suddenly came away found her in the corner with a red ass, and a dutiful daughter, she did not dare to cover it up as long as the mother or father, distracted, finally from visitors, not remembered that their daughter is still standing in the corner, embarrassed showing guests their plump buns. She reported that the punishment is over, and Lisa, sticking out his ass more than I should, I pulled flannel trousers with a colorful pattern that still produces our industry for the ladies "70+".
In the third year the mother was betrothed to her girlfriend of his friend, a serious man, much older than Lisa, whom her parents with a light heart entrusted their little girl.
He, being a progressive, as well as the enemy of condoms and many children, Lisa accustomed to the pleasures of anal sex. So enema remained in her life, and even carried out more often than before. Severe and profound, often spanked her husband, and sometimes being in a bad mood, even flogged, to her indescribable delight. Lisa was not enough just standing in the corner with your pants trousers - but you can not claim all! The Life and developed so happy ...