Notes modern Moscow ladies. Part II. Diary of the girl, who had just one shoe in the ce

For a long time I was a student full-time. Heprilichno long. I was a student full-time for five years, and finished with a total of three and a half rate. Then I became a student of the correspondence department. It's not trivial in these figures and calculations vulgar compliance training courses completed years spent at the university. Unfortunately, I can not remember how to determine the effectiveness of (a term from the textbook E. Prokhorov "Introduction to Journalism", Not to be confused with virginity) journalism, but I remember all my life the fact that while I was in full-time university department, I have always had only one shoe in the season.
In such seasonal shoes black, as far as I can remember, I rushed from the subway station to the native Borovitskaya faculty with full confidence that late. It was two in the afternoon, and set-off has begun, as they like, ten. Of course, I slept. Given that takes Shohov, set-off is over for sure. Shohov - an excellent teacher, the dream of every student. Smart, energetic, drinking man about forty years old. Not pass from Shohova meant to be a complete moron, or a complete failure. The only trouble is that taking exams Shohov rarely, only in the event that other teachers were ill. The subject, which he led, called the history of Russian literature. Today, due to unknown problems in the department, Shokhin took a group of 208 credit in lieu of Professor Krasovsky. Miss this chance in any case impossible.
Hesus. My cheap colorful dress with a fluffy skirt once again brings me. At that moment, when I try to open the heavy door of the faculty, the skirt gently took off and used a perfect circle at my waist, reluctantly dropped. What the heck! The same thing she did a few minutes ago when you exit the subway. Would panties beautiful - damn you, get up. But when the student scholarships and the beginning of perestroika, there were only little white panties, unpretentious and modestly, to Moscow shameless wind is not calculated.
Ha faculty crowded. Hesus to the third floor. Along the way, the incident at Sasha, keep forgetting his name, a funny kind of who holds in his hand a textbook on Russian literature. The subject, I must say, and I scarce at the moment necessary as air. I brake firmly on the fly and reach for the old shabby binding.
- Hello Sanya!
- Hello, I am Sergei.
- It is even nicer. Listen, be a man, give me a tutorial.
Face Sergei slightly stretched, as if I had said something very strange.
- Lenka, these textbooks for 250 people day and night one hundred, not counting absentee no more than two dozen. And I set off tomorrow.
- I - today! No, I - now! Yes, I have all too late!
- In this case, you have a textbook completely useless.
He laughed at her as he probably thought a fine joke, and not paying attention to my angry facial expressions, which, according to plan, was to plunge him in awe and paralyze the will, literally ripped from my hands and left the textbook. Just picked up and left! Swine, cattle, Well, you ask me in the winter snowball into debt!
Igor Petrovich was about to leave, when I flew into the audience. He has already collected all the papers, signed a statement in front of my name and wrote "It was not". And yet I could, I had to take the exam.
- Ta-a-ak ... Well, what would you ask such a ... Did you read the story of Pavlov?
- Oh sure.
- Now we find out. Why is the story of Pavlov "Scimitar" so called? What scimitar?
"Scimitar. Scimitar. Something I retold in a coffee shop. There tearful, snotty love fatal. The main thing is to act confidently."
- Scimitar, it is a weapon. Firearms. It is this kind of pistol or revolver.
Igor Petrovich frowns.
- Let me once you will correct, and then you finally zavretes. Scimitar - a melee weapon, not a gunshot. This type of blade. Okay, and what is happening there?
- This is the story of a great and pure love. The main characters of the young boy and a girl, combined genuine romantic feeling. Tale Scimitar - one of the best works of Pavlov. Hado noted that the author himself nowadays undeservedly forgotten. But at one time it was known ...
- Enough. Well, and what it was over? - Igor Petrovich was obviously not interested in me.
- He shot himself.
- Who! - Teacher looks at me in amazement.
Hell, I do not remember the name of the deceased!
- Main character...
- Than? - Even more astounding.
- Scimitar.
- Oh, my God, - Igor Petrovich wearily rolls his eyes - we are just a few minutes ago, agreed that he did not shoot.
How could I forget! Shokhin with obvious indifference closed my record book and handed it to me.
- I will be glad to know that you have taken the test a professor Krasovsky.
But it has already been an unmitigated disaster. Heskolko seconds I sat without moving from the record book in his hands and a look of horror on his face. During this time, Igor Petrovich had time to get together and, taking his daddy and leaving without looking dry "All the best" , gone. For some time I sat at the table, then jumped up and ran out of the audience. Thank God Igor Petrovich had not yet had time to leave. He tried to make his Zhiguli, who wind up just is not very much and wanted. I rushed to the car, wondering how best to secure the health block her path with his body. And in this moment a gust of wind swooped down, picked up the hem of my robe-sparafan, raised the level of my waist and thus showed all those present at this moment in the courtyard of the Faculty of Journalism in the color and texture of my pants. I met his eyes with an interested gaze of his teacher and realized that I have a chance to still pass the remains of the session. Trying to drop a dress on a girl fitting modest level, I ran to the car, Igor Petrovich and stopped in front of him.
- I am listening to you, - he stopped vvertet ignition key, but only that he was very interested in this process.
- You see, the thing is that I have an urgent need that to this very day ...
- All clear - he interrupted me, opening the passenger door. -Prohodi, Sit down, tell all today.
I jumped into the car, hoping that it is now a little flirt, I can speak his teeth, and he did not notice how I put the hard-won, we can say standings. But events took place not quite as I expected. As soon as we left the university courtyard, Igor Petrovich Shohov married Ph.D., professor of the leading university in our country and the father of two children (girls, among other things) silently put his hand under my skirt, right on the shin. I almost jumped from such a rapid and unequivocal turn of events. Igor Petrovich took his hand and laughed
- Okay, do not worry. Do you want to come back tomorrow to the professor Krasovsky, read still Pavlova, and you can now call in to visit my friends there to solve your problems on the five balls. I'm sorry that all on the go. Just I'm already late. I promised a friend to be 12. If you have other plans - without any problems.
Thoughts I have absolutely confused, I even shook his head, suddenly it's all a lie. Igor Petrovich laughed again, life in general ... it cheered enormously. My modest person also, certainly, seemed ridiculous.
Despite the fact that Igor Petrovich constantly repeating that he was late and he was very uncomfortable in front of other Seva, which is being a great supporter of punctuality as a lifestyle, is now waiting for us in the country, we have three hours scoured the city. We did some shopping, for some reason, stopped by the publisher, we sat in the international negotiations on Gorky, and finally, if I understood correctly, Igor Petrovich was brought by the family of products and otbrehalas wife. It was only seven o'clock in the evening we got to the other punctual. Seva Villa made a huge impression on me. The house stood in the back of a fairly large area, it led to a narrow stone-paved path through a large orchard. The land between the trees was planted with grass flat. It is unlikely that this herb has grown herself, she was too rovnenko, blade to blade of grass. Ha spacious veranda of the wicker table sat the master himself and his girlfriend. The owner was a tall, bearded, and looked more like a geologist from the feature films of the Soviet period, than a dentist who actually was. His girlfriend called Hatasha. Then it was about the same age as me now. That is about 27-28. However, it was unlike me high, busty lady, about such talk: "stately". All this - the very cottage, garden, veranda with seating and a host of his girlfriend, I could see, while we were doing a long way along the stone path between the trees.
- Well, finally! - Seva rushed to meet us - Shrimp have been waiting for. Beer just warmed.
Seva unobtrusively section eyed me, then dressed and spoke to a friend:
- Imagine me as a student.
Is it clear now. The bulk of the credits and examinations held here. Igor Petrovich frowned. Apparently immediacy Seva not liked him.
- Her name is Lena and she was no longer a student, - he said.
- I immediately thought - quickly reconstructed Seva. - If you do not know, Igor leads literature course at the university. So I gave it a strange assumption.
Normal! I almost fell! What means "no longer a student"? This is how many years old Well I look today!
Indeed, under the wicker table Seva was beer packaging in cans. I must say that at that time, it was quite chic. Canned beer was then considered a much cooler bottle, but the shrimp should just say it separate. Of course, I admit the possibility that somewhere in stores "Birch" they were sold. Moreover, it is possible to sell them in the central public grocery stores of Moscow, but for a provincial girl, shrimp in 1991, it is quite frankly not a rarity and delicacy, is an unknown product. How is - unknown, looking disgusted as Japanese worms for Europeans. Moreover, there would not be desirable, in my heart there is confidence that it is a big crap. And Seva shook in my face a bowl with these same prawns, assuming, apparently, cause ecstasy. Shrimp cooked fish stink, showering me with steam and cause lung toshnotno urge. I smiled for decency.
We settled for a braided table. I vyzhrat on an empty stomach and a can of beer, may I ask if there are any on zakus something even more abruptly. Thank God he did not offer mussels - until now can not stand any taste or odor, or in person. Ha my salvation in the suburban dentist refrigerator was cool ham. She, in fact, I escaped the whole evening.
Hatasha was already drunk and constantly stuck to Seva, trying to put his hand on his shorts close to the crotch. Seva gently pulled away from her. He, like most of the men drunk, wanted to talk. And he wanted to speak with Igor Petrovich how he Seva, it Igor Petrovich, steeper life. It was probably his favorite subject. We Hatasha mostly silent. That is, she sometimes let go of short notes between portions of beer and I guzzled sausage in silence for the future.
- Forgive me, Igor, but you're just a loser. No, of course, everyone knows that you are the creator. This in itself is fine. Did you find where to put their strength and, therefore, are not drunk, as most of your friends. But you've convinced yourself that life - it's just a reflection of your personal creative writing. Forgive me of course, but you fuck a woman and think about how this episode could be useful to you in the next act of self-expression.
- But I do love. This is my calling. My readers and readers like me. It is most important to me.
- What young mademoiselle is thinking about the meaning of life? - Pouring beer next portion Seva turned his attention to me.
- I? I think there should still be a family must have children. They protect from the fear of death.
I wonder if I could phrase this profound prove that I'm not a complete idiot? Havernoe not - Seva laughed. It is, for sure, for all men think they are fools.
- Lovely lady, when you are talking about children, I am again reminded that the time of their birth is preceded by a process of conception. Did you read at least one story of Igor? There almost all of the children. I mean the process. By the way, old man, I want to say - tired. Really, with all my love to the sensuality in all its manifestations, even in the form of porn, bored.
Seva sold outright. He even began to sweat. Igor Petrovich quietly ozvereval, the last effort trying not to show it. In all this, I may say, discussions were showing something personal. Maybe Igor Seva Babu led 5-10 years ago? This dentist is not one of those who forgive.
Seva, meanwhile, poured vodka for himself and Igor Petrovich and us Hatasha liquor from solid white bottle.
- Well, for self-expression. For creativity, in short.
All drank
- Hatasha - Igor Petrovich gave her a peach. - What are your plans?
- So, - Seva gulped cold crooked shrimp - I mean what am I? You see, every time read about the taste and smell of the genitals, even if it is written in such a way that the mouth appears a strange sour taste, after all, at some tenth story is ridiculous. Ultimately, it is the same vulgar and trivial, which lies on the stalls in the underground.
Hatasha realized that it is necessary to save the situation.
- And I have almost a farewell party - she said smiling sadly. - After five days, I'm leaving.
She said this phrase softly, but everyone has heard, and even Seva shut. It seemed to me that her big blue, like a sad cow eyes glistened with tears ascended. Seva pulled Hatasha to him and kissed his cheek.
- Not CHIN, girlfriend. You'll be fine.
She said nothing.
- Hatashenka married - said Igor Petrovich, - and leaves her husband to Germany.
Hatashenka silently drank a glass of liquor.
- Hans wonderful person - said Seva.- I introduced them.
- His name is not Hans, Hatasha sighed and got up slowly with a cane chair.
- It does not matter. - Seva waved his hand. - All German name Hans. The main thing is that your choice is correct.
Hatasha did not answer and walked unsteadily into the darkness of the garden.
- Survives - she nodded in her direction, Igor Petrovich.
- Not pay attention, - Seva said, picking up the bottle. - Let's drink. Something your lady sad.
We drank .... And, I decided to try the vodka. Not in the sense of the first time in his life, but in the sense the first time this evening. Hi one bitch of the audience did not smoke. I ended favorite cigarette "Rodopi" and hope for the chance to find cigarette butts in the house was not.
I got some difficulties with lousy wicker chairs. The contours of the wooden cottages Seva blurred in space. I was wrong. View shrimp remains aggravated unpleasant condition. Hado somehow, subtly and intelligently ... ick ... hiccup something ... find out where in this oasis of good living Head.
- Kozel you probably each Seva, - said the reason I - By the way, where you got a toilet?
Seva is absolutely not surprised, much less angry. Apparently accustomed to the truth or do not resented.
- Milady will find the toilet in the bottom of the garden. You will be able to serve as a reference point white shorts and untanned legs Hatasha. You see, it all turns blue in the bushes.
Fool. Heuzheli difficult to understand that I can not now focus on distant objects. Ha is actually a good guideline might be Hatasha sobs. She sat at a wooden toilet, on the ground and cried softly.
- Why did you fight in hysterics? - I asked. - You see that he does not care. He's a bastard, send him in the ass.
Hatasha roared louder.
- After all, it is only to say the word "stay" and I'll stay. I'm waiting for the word. And he says, "ezzhaj, arranges his life".
Eek ... Damn, I hiccup and that's it! What kind of attack?
- Thank God. It saves you a fool by this monster.
Probably deep down Hatasha understood everything better than me. But stupid female nature, which are or have stubborn loyalty or sense of ownership that is exactly I have not yet figured out, protested it. Further discussion seemed pointless to me. Let the Ride to your Gans, five years later is still the dentist say thank you. Often, after the lapse of time, I want to say - thank you, dear, once madly in love that you sent me far away and did it in a rude manner, and that in fact would not have gone!
I put Hatasha alone with its universal grief, especially since I stopped vomiting. Having surveyed the neighborhood, I found a very useful space - namely, shower. It was summer and there certainly was no hot water, but I did not care. Type shower was a civilian, with the exception of a small puddle on the wooden floor. Apparently someone recently bathed.
Hic ... It's hot and stuffy. I'd like to get rid of his own sweat. I rastegnula sundress-robe and he fell to the floor in a puddle right colorful edge. I wanted to catch him quickly, but then did not. Haplevat, even lying. La, la, la. Before my eyes slowly zaplavalo mirror reflection of my face. All clear. Strawberry liqueur made from white opaque bottle had its effect. What's all nonsense. While drinking a pleasure, and in the morning feeling like after cheap vodka.
I tried to focus on his reflection in the mirror. Behind me stood Igor Petrovich.
- Do you dress fell, - he said, and bent down to pick it up.
- This sundress-robe - I corrected.
- Why not just a sundress?
- Because the buttons and straps at the same time.
- In your definition of too much logic - he smiled, hanging my clothes on the hook. - Come on, I'll help you take a shower ..
Of course, you can refuse. To say thank you myself. And, frankly, I would prefer these developments. But everything was predetermined. All was clear. Alas, I did not like the man, but, however, and did not cause hostility.
In my head I have very logical, but not quite correct concept about gender relations. I, unlike many of her friends thought that if I agree to a party with beer in the country, after it will be fair to surrender on my part. After all, I'm accepting the offer to drink beer perfectly understood why I was invited. So I knew a lot about sex and very little about the art of flirtatious refusal. Men who like me, were not able to take care of, wait for me a great gift, and sometimes even sacrifice, love, and, for a long time waiting, I want more and more. Havernoe, at the time I did not have a very good opinion of himself.
In short, I agreed to accept the assistance of Igor Petrovich. Very strange, but I was embarrassed. Not to say that I am delighted with his body, but when it comes to bed, I calmly throws off all the rags and did not feel the complexes, but now it took me some time to mentally prepare for the removal of cowards. At last cowards slammed into the same pool as the sundress-gown and I'm using Igor Petrovich was warmed in a barrel under a day with water.
God, it's still a cool drink in the village of vodka, to get under the shower and let the water gushes directly into the face smeared makeup. The head becomes light, almost weightless and most importantly, a blank-blank. Black Brooks cheap mascara ran from the eyes on the shoulders of the most powerful - in the stomach, thighs, legs and dripped with sharp little knees.
I completely forgot about Igor Petrovich! Meanwhile, he was here, standing in front of, just a few steps, and stared at me. It seems that he, too, followed the path of the stream of black mascara and place of his death he was particularly excited. He took off his shirt and shoes and came closer, I began to stroke the rough hand, sometimes clinging engagement ring nipples.
- Have you ever said that you have beautiful breasts? - He asked, voice muffled stranger.
- Yes, I often lied about it. It's like saying the girl, whose legs Iksom that it charming gait.
His whole torso was covered with thick blond hair. Igor Petrovich was rather well built for his age.
- You have dark nipples. It is by nature or are you giving birth?
- You mean, if I did have an abortion?
- No, I wanted to ask, what is asked. By the way, come to me on you, if you are not very difficult.
- Rather yes than no. And you're difficult.
- Well, maybe if I was naked you, you will be easier?
Now it begins to undress and crawl under my water. I knew it! Indeed, Igor Petrovich naked and crawled toward me. Very strange. He stroked me half an hour. I stood before him naked and wet, but he has not yet begun the erection. Any of my partners have already finished. Perhaps forty years is still relevant, despite the popularity of Wikipedia, in which middle-aged men, the authors prove the opposite, in terms with the formulas of chemical reactions and the abundance of terms.
- You bristle - I stroked his cheek.
- And you have too - he ran his hand at me in a place that in the erotic novels of authors like to call "gate passion". "the most sacred place (?!)". "sweet bud" (There are variations on the theme of botany, still pistils and stamens not win!) "hill covered with rings (a must!) dark (less often light, reddish, golden) hair"Between the legs shorter. I was confused.
- One could not imagine going for a test that should be put in order not only to knowledge.
- Now we are all correct. - Igor Petrovich took down the razor and shaving foam spray for Seva.
I thought that he manyak- pervert! ... But, nothing terrible happened. Igor Petrovich knelt down and, after brushing my schiplyaschey foam began to shave.
- Oh, it tickles! And scary. You slice the me now! Why all that? - I was indignant, saying that he decided to make my hair a rookie.
- So much more erotic.
- You're probably a pedophile. Now I look out there like five year old girl.
- And beautiful! Yes, I am a pedophile, and still gerantofil, fetishist and I love to spy.
- One word, a pervert.
I looked around my sadness "hill, once covered with ringlets of dark hair"my "bald bud passion". Hichego erotic in this picture I found. But Igor Petrovich was delighted, and he came erection. And then ... Then there was what was supposed to be. Unfortunately, I do not have the gift of writing love-erotic scenes, which are run by reading drooling. Quite simply, we fucked in the shower. Moreover, he tried to make love to me, not just sex. He did everything so tenderly and prudently, I'm slowly dying. Heozhidanno for myself, I took over his pace, his rules of the game, although accustomed to a more vigorous action. Later, recalling this story, I became more firmly established in the thought that the young bulls not hold a candle to one intelligent teacher University.
"God, who is that? He has gray hair ... That's my teacher! That last kick ... And it leads us? No, in my profile, I did not know at all. Hado to rise a little and see what it looks like from the front."
I begin to rise slowly over the sleeping man next to me, trying not to creak bed. And when I was about to reach the goal, he suddenly opens his eyes.
- Good morning.
- Russian literature - involuntarily escaped me.
- Correctly. Test passed! - He laughed. - Let me kiss you.
- Not now - I'm trying to avoid
- Why not now, we're already awake.
- First, you need to brush your teeth - all of a sudden, I'm telling the truth, we are talking about those teeth, which have long been in need of major repairs.
- Fool - he is still laughing. - Hikogda not embarrass yourself, even if there are some problems. And do not let anyone convince yourself that you are not all right.
And then my teacher threw me on the pillow and kissed passionately, rough and hard. The door quietly opened a crack and peered into the room Seva, swollen and battered with a telephone receiver in hand.
- With the awakening - he probuhtel - Igor you, Anya.
Igor Petrovich jumped up as a young moose, grabbed it and pressed it to his ear, went to the corner of the room, covering her bare ass.
- Anya, I'm listening. - Came the side ass. Yes .. Yes, of course ... damn tired. Thanks Seva, fed-warmed. Not to worry, honey. Thank you, dear. As the girls? What Olenka wants to talk with me? Well, of course, give her the phone.
No matter how indifferent to man a woman, but none of them can be taken absolutely calm to the situation. At least I'm not like these and I did not know so far. I felt very uncomfortable and very disappointing. Why? Not I can explain! But the mood was irretrievably ruined.
In a year. Again summer session.
- Serge, and you're so comfortable?
- Yes, yes, fine
- Sergei, but nothing that I'll put her heel on the side?
- What a heel? Is that a heel?
- Yes. This is my heel.
- Are you wearing shoes?
- Yes. I took off everything except the shoes.
- Oh, I can not! Why?
- And that's a lie, I feel that I can. Well as fun in the shoes, right?
Sergei does not respond. He, as a woman during the act of love, closes his eyes, throws his head back on the couch and clenched my hips hands starts to intensify direct my movements. Oh, no, not so interesting! Now, Seryozha, you cum, I telegruppu so quickly do not fuck. I love to fuck telegruppu slowly and languidly. I pause and start rastegivat his shirt. Unlike me, Sergei is still practically dressed. That is, he is wearing pants, a shirt, even in socks, but no shoes. And fly he rastegnut, and a member has been removed in this same pants, but on a limb, I'm naked, but their only black shoes. Black - because the universal color. Suitable for any color of clothing range.
- Lenka groans ...- emotional elder telegruppy - kidding? Well, what have I done wrong.
- Remember - I'm starting to rise slowly on it - I asked you in the last session of a textbook on zarubezhki?
- May be...
- Exactly, exactly. Remember that the entire course was not more than ten textbooks? - I stopped so that the tip was still inside me.
- I remember. What? - Sergei even opens his eyes.
- And the fact that you have a textbook was, I know, but you did not give me! - I abruptly go down on him and begin to quickly move his hips back and forth, feeling it in yourself, feeling like he was beating on the neck, and he tightens even more, though, it seemed, no longer where he is growing inside me, I was almost bursting from it, it rests somewhere beyond the cervix, as I have everything inside is compressed and shoulders suddenly passes titillating chills in the eyes of the dark ... just remember the little colored stars, as though someone in the grass at night the scattered colored iridescent beads. Yellow, bluish, silver, again yellow ... He poured decreases and off. Maybe this is not the beads, and multicolored fireflies ...
- You Th uproarious! - In front of the curtain that separates Sergei angle from the rest of the room, is his neighbor Max. - More ohreneli, I have guests.
Max, quietly cursing, goes to his corner. There's soft music playing and a saucer ring stolen in the cafe on the corner, cup. Apparently he had a party queen, he invited her for the first time (that's for sure, because it is usually in the second ladies already fucked) and tries to pose as an intelligent student and gallant gentleman, and now this. I'm usually not very Shumla, but Sergei shouts. This is a very poor quality for a student living in a dorm.
- Lenka ... - whispers Sergei.
I look with curtains, through which lurks just the silhouette of Max, per person, on a member which I am still sitting. Damn, I wanted to fuck him slowly and sadly. I carried away.
- Well?
- And what about the textbook on zarubezhki happened?
- I did not have a textbook, because you did not give me. Because of you, as a result, I did not give credit. Because of you I did not want to admit to the examination session.
- Lenka - he laughs and bent me over, hugs, - if I knew, I'd give you not only a textbook, but notes.
- That bastard, you had also notes. If you knew that?
- Well, that you and I would like this to spend time.
- It is always necessary to foresee. A man should always help the woman, and she suddenly he ever will.
- Very valuable advice - Sergei laughed - now I will always support women.
I carefully climb down to the earrings, trying to stream running over my feet are not rushed sperm ... on the bedspread. My partner got up and staggered a little, nataschili pants, goes to the bathroom. He does not forget to kiss me on the road again. Sergei is a good man and considerate man. The main thing - he's no fool. This is important for lovemaking. By and large, we fuck head. I laid on the bed, waiting for the bathroom when available. In the twilight of the room, in the courtyard of the warm Moscow June. Sometimes in Moscow are warm iyuni. I sipped, I feel good and relaxed. I roll across the bed, lift your feet in black shoes on a wall, and my long blond hair hanging from the bed to the floor. I close my eyes and try to remember the feeling of peace and tranquility. Time gone, the world does not care even a little bit, and before the eyes of tears. Havernoe this moment of happiness. By the way, Serge this has a very indirect relationship. It's not in it, I can not even pinpoint what it was. From start such happiness for me. There were only a few, remember everything and I can count on your fingers. I remember the circumstances, people, place and time. I have not heard back Sergei. He dropped to his knees beside the bed and kissed my cheek at the corner of his mouth.
- Are you crying?
- No. - I open my eyes, smile and reach for it with his hands.
Hair. What are all the same at Seregi good hair. Thick, grits, fluffy hair. How nice to run into her arms.
- And why do you have the cheek wet?
- I'm just fine. I am now very well.
- Maybe you're going to fall in love with me? - Sergei asks warily.
- Durachek - with meyus I, shaking him by the hair - then I would be bad, but I'm telling you that I am very well. You are a wonderful person and one of the best lovers. I am very glad that we're friends.
- Friend? Is fuck friends?
- Is fuck enemies?