Maksimkin summer, or "first joy"

From the author:
This series of stories based on my personal memories and my experiences. I transferred the action in the old days, because I believe that the story must be the beauty, poetry, and it simply a description of who is where and what put that experienced at this. Romance, piquancy, lack of coarse vulgarity - that's what I was trying to achieve. I hope I did. I now present to you the first story of the series. Then there will be others.
Maksimkin summer, or "the first of joy."
Maxim, a twelve year old gentleman, sitting alone in his room. On a rainy autumn evening had nothing to do. The boy remembered the summer, looking dreamily out of the window, sitting on the couch. He held his hand between her legs and her fingers went through his testicles. Every man and his habits: someone rubs his nose with emotion, someone confused, licks his lips. Maxim loved moments hesitation thrust his hand into his pants pocket and hands to touch his testicles or slightly delay its segment.
Once he, forgetting himself, almost did not do it with my father. His dad was a doctor, he is often lost estate, and when I was home, closed in his office and wrote scientific articles in medical journals. His mother died when he was born, and grew up with a Maxim's father, who never remarried. For the boy he keeps an eye old nurse Natalia, who tried to raise a boy calm and kind. Almost she succeeded, except that the boy grew up too high-handed.
He was used to getting whatever he wants, and to carry out all planned. Nanny Natalia used to complain Vladimir Ivanovich - Father Maksim: "Painfully he, sir, shabutnoy! And naughty. You will become to him to require, and he and cub zyrknet a shout: "Do not you old, I indicate" To this the doctor pointed out, puffing at his pipe, "Well, you'd better, Natalia, my dear, do not be angry at him. He's a guy in general good. And the kinks have everyone. He can see, all my life growing up without a mother, may, maternal affection is not enough. "
Yes, the boy did not have a mother's love, affection, and because of this he grew wildly. The nurse instilled in him a kindness and compassion towards others, but she could not teach him to be a man - stoically endure the difficulties, do not be discouraged by setbacks, always go forward to protect women. My father gave it to the boy: he was engaged in science more than the son. Perhaps because of this Maxim afraid of girls. In high school all of his friends were sighing object, and only the heart of Maxim was free. A boy does not understand after the last summer, what's going on with him. Heart starts beating frequently-often at the memory of the girl. Again and again he dreamed of what happened in the bushes on the river bank. Let me tell you about it.
The father saw the boy bored to be alone in the mansion during the summer holidays. Therefore, it is usually asked his brother to send him to the summer manor son Sasha to stay. Although he was 4 years older than Maxim but great guys came together and spent a lot of time together. They built huts in the manor park, swimming in the river, rushed to race through the alleys of the park - the usual boyish fun.
This summer Maxim knocked 12 years. Sasha, who by then had become a slender sixteen-year-handsome, did not come alone, but with other Lesha - lean, blonde young men with thin, delicate, almost feminine features. Alex was a couple years older than Sasha, but despite the age difference, the guys found a common language. They played if sleeping together, and were quite happy in such a pastime. One only saddened Maxim. In the evenings, when the sun began to set, with Sasha Lesha went to the river, and it with did not take.
He tried to protest, to demand, but nothing helped - the guys were adamant. Once Maxim decided they threaten to tell his father about their campaigns, to which Sasha replied that if they leave immediately to his home and back to another summer is not the gate to it. This prospect does not suit a boy, and he humbled his pride. But one evening to do was absolutely nothing, and came up with the crazy idea: "And do not track whether me for them?" And then, Sasha Lesha go for an evening swim along the shore of the ravine, and Maxim silent shadow follows them, quietly running across from one hive to another.
Arriving at the river, the boys took off his shirt and dropped his pants to the ground. Max snorted indignantly, lying on the edge of the cliff in the bushes above them when they swam way, they did not take off his underwear. And now here you are - one, and to the goal! The boy felt hurt: "I, too, my friends, is called - when I fear undress" At heart, he was eager to see what is the secret pride of any boy - his "cock". So "it" referred to him as the nurse Natalia. When Maxim was very young, she had soap in the bath.
One day, when the nurse was in a hurry to wipe the boy's body fluffy bath towel, she several times rapidly to - here rubbed it between his legs: where hung pisyunchik with eggs. And the boy was surprised to find something going on! He touched his Segments and found that he no longer hangs softly, and reared up and became hard as a pencil! Babysitting is also noticed this and said:
- "Oh, sir, you too early. Put your cock. That'll be an adult, then ... "
Maxim asked with interest:
- "What if the nurse?"
- "You'll find out when grow up. Now put on your pants, shirt and go to drink tea. "
Over tea boy pensively pondering why only adults are allowed to have hardened "cock"? He instinctively put his hand under the table, I put it between his legs and began to touch his little testicles. Over time, it grew into a habit. And now, lying on his stomach in the bushes on the cliff above the river, he had stretched out his hand to the lower abdomen, suddenly what he saw made him forget about everything. When friends, for whom he spied, dropped his pants and ran to bathe, he saw only their ass. But now, coming out of the water, he saw what he had long desired: eyes opened "males" boys, emerging from the water.
Oh, it was a sight! In the rays of late afternoon sun from the river out two young Apollo. Sasha, powerfully built athletic teenager was just perfect! His long brown hair soaked and beautifully hung down over her shoulders. He smiled happily. Maxim with a sinking heart, looked between his legs. There were hairs and a member of such a thin but long, dangling from side to side. Translating look at L¸shu, Maxim saw almost a man already. White hair was swift, harsh facial features, but beautiful, blue eyes radiating sun. Alex was a broad-shouldered, lean. Between his legs was a lot of blond hair, and a member of the - of the - it's something!
Plump sausage was on the large eggs pair.
Maxim felt his "cock" again became hard pencil. He slipped his hand between his legs and squeezed segment together with the eggs. The touch was pleasant. Meanwhile, downstairs, heard the voices of his friends.
- Water as fresh milk. As well here. Thank you for bringing me to Maxim! - Lesch said.
- Come on, we're best friends. You Lesh, for me the closest person, I love you so much. - Sasha said, and hugged each other's waist.
- You also my best friend, Sanka! - Lesch hugged Sasha behind her back, pulled her to him, and they kissed on the lips ...!
Maxim was surprised to look at them from above. He felt that only men kiss women. So, anyway, it is sometimes seen. It turns out that the guys are doing well! He decided that he will certainly kiss his friend Danko from school during the school year.
What's happening? With the "cocks" and Sasha Lesha something interesting is happening: they inflate, become more! Leshin getting fatter and fatter, if it does not burst, so fat! And Sashka and stouter, but stretched out long and looked like a small spear. Sasha touched her ... sticking to the edge member Leshina, who held out his hand and began stroking Sasha's eggs!
- Give now to make each other well - said Lesch
- Leshenka, you begin - Sasha replied hoarsely
Alex knelt down, picked up a standing member and the other bared head. Maxim trembling hand reached into his pants and did the same. What was a pleasant feeling! Segments as though freed from tight shirts and wafted pleasantly cool. And Alex Sasha began to suck dick like sucking candy at the fair! Sasha sighed, patted himself on the pope, and then the sweet groaned, his ass twitched. Then all was quiet, Maxim saw that Sasha's dick is back normal, not bristling.
- Alex, you swallowed?
- Yes, Sasha, I really like the taste.
Maxim reached closer to see the edge of the ravine, but hrustnuvshaya branch almost betrayed him. He quickly crawled into the depths of the bushes and hid. Below all was quiet. Again he crawled to the edge of the ravine and looked down. Friends were not there. He thought, where do they go, when he received a strong blow to the head and passed out.
He woke up in the lap of Leschi. That alarmed and embarrassed looked at him.
- Maxim, my dear, I'm sorry, I did not know it was you, who think someone else.
The boy tried to stand up, but felt dizzy and slumped back, quietly weeping. He was not a crybaby, but this time it was a shame to tears, so that his friends treated him.
Above him, the figure of a naked Sasha.
- Listening, Brother, well, forgive us, we're not on purpose! If we had known it was you ...
- I hate you both! - Sobbing, said Maxim evil. - That will come and all will tell your father that you are doing here!
Sasha and Alex looked at each other, and in their eyes flashed fear.
- Man, look, we love you Well, we're friends, I do not have to! If you want, I'll do what you say?
- If you love me, kiss me on the lips! - Maxim said.
Sasha leaned forward, Maxim felt how often he breathes, and then licked his lips. Then tongue slipped deeper. Maxim felt such bliss that closed his eyes.
- do you like? - Sasha whispered.
- Yes ... - panted Maxim
- lie, so do not open your eyes, will now be more pleasant - a voice Lesha. Then Maxim felt remove his pants. Between the legs ran a gust of cool evening breeze, and then the "cockerel" Maxim plunged into something warm, wet and terribly pleasant. He understood now Lesha suck his cock. Boy relaxed, spread his legs even wider, and Alex continued to suck. Sasha kissed his nipples, abdomen, ears. Such bliss Maxim never experienced. Suddenly a pleasant feeling reached such an extent that he thought that his body would break.
- All that's enough, I can not, I'm afraid - he tried to sit up and started to speak, but Sasha's hand stroked her hair and gently, but firmly, turned back. The ear softly whispered: "Fool, now you fly away to the magical land."
Bach - like body leaped skyward! "Aaaaaa !!!" shouted Maxim, but Sasha kiss his mouth shut. According veins flowed like cool spring water, invigorating every cell of the body. It really was a feeling of flying: the strongest feeling experienced by Maxim in his twelve years of life.
For some time he lay panting, then opened his eyes. He was on his knees at Leschi. Turning his head, he is right in front of my own eyes saw Leshin member - large, with a shock of blond hair.
- Wow! - Said Maxim, and gently touched the Leshina head.
- Large - he whispered admiringly.
Then he stood up and stretched his arms to Sasha's. He came closer, and Maxim carefully picked up Sasha's thin long cock - a spear.
- Beautiful ... - he said, and stroked it a few times. Sasha just groaned and Maxim saw that members of other strains. He suddenly wanted to thank a friend and make it enjoyable. He asked:
- How do I make you feel good?
Sasha brought him a member of his arms and hands to move there - here. Maxim and entered. A few minutes later Sasha gasped, grabbed her hands Maksimkin own hands and became quickly - quickly rub on them. Maxim felt something hot. His companion was quiet, let your hands. Maxim opened his fist and looked at his hands: they were in some sort of white viscous thing.
- Is that Sasha? You described? No?
- Fulmar - he laughed. - Just wait a year and you will also. That's my juice. Lesh, show it, and then I have little left for the second time!
Alex began to masturbate his penis, and Maxim was surprised to see how after a while it began to pour streams of white liquid. One jet hit him on the hand, he gently licked. The taste was unusual.
That day, he could not sleep and did not let the hands out of his pants, touching his penis. And Sasha Lesha told him a lot.
It turns out that a man "lying on women" and get great pleasure from this. A juice which emerges from the men can make children when it remains in a woman. Maxim had heard from his friends in high school something similar, but they spoke indistinctly and riddles. And here - such a discovery! Sleep did not come until Sasha did not stroke his head softly humming. Then the boy snorted and went to sleep.
This autumn rainy evening Maxim sat alone and recalled the summer day. He wanted to repeat everything. He heard the sound of footsteps in the corridor, the door opened, and the room looked Egorka - room red-haired boy of fifteen.
- Barin, you'll have some tea? - he asked.
- Well - ka, come here, - said Maxim. His pisyunchik began to harden.
To be continued…