Do not shoot. Part 2. (11 of 21). Katya and Natasha

In the bathroom, he bought up, I decided to rinse things off the beach when crept Andrew. At first I thought it was Alex, but, remembering his sleepy state, I immediately guessed who it is. My posture was for him, it is better than you can imagine. I stood there, leaning into the bathroom, naked booty to the door. He immediately stuck behind me, clutching my hands.
- Who here such a cool ass ... that's posture.
I otbrykivatsya from him, but he dropped his shorts, Tipo:
- You wash them yet, but I'll help you back, still complain Lehi, you insult me, - jokes aside, but I felt his risen member.
I knew he was going to fuck me in the bathroom, when I fall asleep Lesha room. I felt that I even liked the idea. I spread her legs wide:
- Come on already, manak!
Realizing my consent, he peeled himself away from me, became Nestle helped move my hands on the far edge of the tub against the wall, legs spread even wider. One of his legs had remained on the floor, he placed second at the near edge of the tub, turned me more convenient to itself, aim, penetrated into my flesh. Having put on the full-length, tightly I grabbed my hips and went to ram me. I felt a mad rush, I have in the bathroom, the door ajar, to bed to sleep my husband, or already asleep. I have rested one arm, the other I began rubbing the clitoris itself. Andrew became, as it were, among other things, to report that now all go to the disco. I remember saying that I stay with Lesha sleep.
- How do you not go? - And Andrew went out of me.
Gad! Then the voice of Katie, she comes to us, Andrew complains to her that I do not give it, do not go with them to the disco.
- Natulchik well you do, my Andryushechku offend. ABOUT! So you've been in it - (it is hand wraps member Andrew) - invented choose, he fucks you now, and you stay or do you dress and dance go together (laughing voice Andrew - and I fuck you then!).
- Okay, figs with you, go to the disco!
I looked around Kate, she looked just "scribe". Splayed hair, white short dress, tight-fitting, white stud. She growled at Andrew:
- Damn, you go get dressed.
Alex had already peacefully snoring.
- He was not Obtain? - Kate asked.
- Ha ha ha, do not lift a gun!
Wearing too light dress, I was going to wear panties, but Kate looked reproachfully at me, she lifted her dress, she was naked. At first I threw them, but when Kate came out, I came back and quickly put them on. They were the finest, just three stripes. Sergey also declined, and the four of us went to the disco. In the upper hall was jam-packed with people, the music was deafening. Making his way to the bartender at the bar, we ordered cocktails. Andrew asked him to wait, and after drinking it almost in one gulp, went out somewhere. As soon as we were alone, we immediately began to provide favors by offering to join a table, order a drink. We, smiling politely refused. Andrew came with Cyril, is they agreed to meet on the beach. We descended into the lower hall there was more comfortable. On the small stage a few nearly naked girls made plain dancing around vertical poles. Their movements were relaxed, the music was much quieter than in the upper hall. Very close to the stage dancing pair, one focused on each other, while others were watching a striptease. The guys booked a table for eight people, he was in the far corner of the room, a sofa letter "P". Anton made the order. On the table were fruit. Drink ordered all together, after a brief dispute there was a bottle on the table "Tequilla", Glasses of gin and tonic, ice. We started slowly inflated alcohol to have fun. Anton began to take care of me. By the way they looked in the evening do not like kids, they were older age, the first year after they finished the eleventh class. After a smoked cigarette, I felt that hops have hit in the head. Then we went dancing. Mainly couples were as follows: I have with Anton, Kate Kirill, Ira and Andrew. I asked Anton, why are they now do not pay attention to young girls. True, they were almost all occupied. Returning and drinking together, the music began again. Dancing with Andrew, he was of the opinion that Antosha me great ardor.
- Andrew, he is younger than me by half.
- So what do not you want to youthful. On the beach I saw their erections at you, wow be healthy!
I watched the dancing couples. Yes, the part could be seen that the guys have a greater interest to us than just a friendship. Kate melted into the hands of Cyril and Anton kept trying to give up lower on the ass Ira. These fantasies excited diluted alcohol blood. We have added to it a little more whiskey at the bar. Then the guys went at our table, and we went to the toilet. Pozhurchav booths, we near the sinks and mirrors to direct marafet steel.
- How do you like our boys? - Asked Ira.
- Oh girl, I can not vouch for myself, I've wound up, - said Katya.
- So that you think will be continued? - Saying that not only I, probably, and they understand that all this is going on Andrew.
then, they blew it, probably still on the beach. Of course he could not imagine that Alex will stay with Sergei, and now they have the cards.
- Cyril offers then continue with them.
- And what they have for the apartment.
- I do not know, I realized that they live themselves. They said that they are treated, that is, all at their own expense.
- Neither of which currently krutyak.
- Oh, girl, that now to think, relax, have fun, we are in the south - Katya, were satisfied with their appearance, and went to the exit. - You go?
Ira looked at me:
- Well Natulya dynamite, or what?
- I do not know, yet do not want to go, we'll see. How do you think?
- Agree.
It is not hard gaits we came back to the boys. The next drink turned out to rum and Coke, then Martini, then dancing again. Lead offers wishing to get up on stage. Rises gradually, four girls from us unexpectedly agrees to Ira. They begin to dance beautifully slowly, Ira, one of the best. We are at the table, far away. Andrei Kirill clinging to Kate, after all, music is loud about something talk. Anton and near, drink it out of their hands, give me eat a banana. I open my mouth and bite off, meet his eyes, covering us laugh. On stage, the girls gradually freed from clothing. Ira without a skirt, her thin panties and unbuttoned blouse, some bare chest. The guys from the audience, including Andrew, cheering their cries. Kirill, left alone with Kate emboldened, hugs and starts kissing her, Kate tells him. I'm looking at the scene, I see their peripheral vision. Something I have to kick. No what yourself the boys no timid. I feel the hand of Anton in my leg, she gradually moved higher, slides under the dress and comes to panties. I light a cigarette and look at translating it. He appraising looks me in the eye. I'm funny and I wonder how he will behave further. I provoke him a little push the legs. ... I am convinced that he is not timid, and alcohol affects us. Fingers stroked me through the first silk and then, seeing my reaction is zero, push the edge and pressed against my pussy. With the other hand he begins to lift my leg until it is delivered to the sofa. We currently see no one but Katie Kirill, which however is not up to us. Short dress ridden up and I opened. It excites me, I feel like it is now not protected before this boy. Continuing to stroke me, he pressed me. Pulls the lips, I give him my cigarette in his mouth. At the same time her protracted, it is part of my finger. Because how easily he slipped into me, I know that much already moistened. Stub out a cigarette, wondering myself, I substitute him her mouth, we merge it with a kiss. My hand rests on his pants and immediately finds his risen member. A little tinker with lightning, I run there fingers back down the pants. And his strong member clamped in my hand. (And probably will be continued, carried by thought) I was very excited, I do not know how it would have ended, but there was over music, screams, applause. I release her hand, lowers her leg. Anton razacharovan explicitly (as well as I). Go back in the arms of Andrew Ira, he was holding a big bottle of champagne martini. It turns Ira won first prize. We congratulate her and go to the toilet. Boys to him, and we to him.
- Irishev you're lovely - it is our common opinion.
Katya and her kisses, congratulations.
- If I had underwear, I would definitely too zabatsat. And maybe even make up my mind.
Iroq gets a jolt in the booth, a small place. Kate hugged me whispering:
- Natul you want to continue with the boys?
- And you? - We have already clearly drunk and excited.
- I want!
- I also!
- Umnichka, let me kiss you!
We merge into a long kiss us with interest glances girls.
- Next! - Irina comes, stares at us and immediately adds. - Yes, go at least into the booth - and it pushes us back.
- A little Katyusha brotherhood popisyat! - We laugh with Kate and, once closed in the cabin, immediately merge in a long kiss, caress our hands eagerly body.
It breaks his fingers under my panties, I straddle and immediately insert it in two fingers. She was very wet, and indeed I am. Shame of the situation for some reason, we do not have a toilet, all, all the drum, we are in the grip of passion, emotion. Katka starts moaning in my ear, and sit down on my fingers. Immediately open the door to us, Irina pushes it sobering us, but as always.
- Girls, you're crazy, all right, quiet! - Smiling, she whispers to us.
- All we have now.
Consciousness comes to us. Kate pulled away from me, raises a dress settles and begins pisya, drunken babbling:
- This tequila, this rum is a martini - finished and carefully promoknuvshis gives way to me.
I occupy its place, pick up the dress:
- Wait, let me - do not have time to figure it removes my panties, and really, I just lift the leg on the queue.
I sit down and pour as from a tap. Katya looks at me without stopping. I get wet and try to get up, but Kate prevents me, running her hand between my legs again.
- I want you! - She whispers to me.
- I love you too - I say, reach out for cowards.
Kate gets hung her purse and deliberately removes them there. He kisses me on the lips, and staggering:
- Everyone go! And then I'll fuck you here.
- Similarly!
Laughing, we come out of the booth, Ira smiling at us. Coming out of the closet, Kate suddenly begins to sing:
- As well in the Soviet country to live!
We really laugh, heading for the table. The guys already waiting for us. Andrew hugs Kate:
- In general, so now we go to the baths, already booked, and then .... we'll see.
We look at each other with Ira. Andrew saw our confusion continues:
- I sent Sergei SMSku - "We have everything in order Call" -So far no call probably they sleep, call, we will say where to find us.
While the boys were calculated, Kate dancing shouted like a football match:
- In the bath, the bath, the bath!
Even danced the last dance, we got out of the club. Cyril explained that going to be a long time. We just found a minivan, which could fit all. Although the place is enough, Andrew Kate sat on his lap, and his left hand under her. Soon his hand, pushing the edge of the dress, squirmed under Katya, she dug into his mouth. We sat with Ira just opposite and concurred that Katka blows the roof. Sauna was very decent guys ordered beer, tea, sandwiches, champagne we had with them, won by Ira, and a big bottle. We decided that enough (so we Katya sure!) The proposal to make a relaxing massage, the girls like it, but Andrew refused, saying:
- And we are on that?
All, of course, stripped to the goal, but Ira and I threw the sheets on her hips. Katka has all obbegat by giving us:
- There is great!
It was fun to watch her bouncing ass with tattoo. The guys poured us champagne themselves gallantly refused to now bring the beer. When applied together, we drank beer, all went to the steam room. It was hot for our state, and at my request, the guys opened the door, climbed up on the top shelf. We are located at the bottom, probably because we are more accustomed to the bath was Ira. We soon ran Katya jumped into the pool, but the water was very cold and we immediately got out.
- Come on, I'll show you a bath, - Katya pulled me along.
In addition to the banquet room with table and couch, I also found the following rooms: a Jacuzzi, a billiard room, a small gym, a massage room with two beds and two additional lounges. Particularly struck by one, with the current small waterfall and a huge bed almost the entire room:
- How do you trahodrom?
- Yes, impressive, is freely fit 8-10 people.
At this point, I sadly remembered Lesha, a pity that it is not currently there. He liked a good bath, pool, steam room, swimming pool. However, in a state in which we were, he hardly appreciated all appreciated.
- Natulchik, here there is a jacuzzi. Come I am now.
Apparently she asked the staff how to use it. When I came in, he has begun to seethe. I am pleased to have climbed, the water was warm on the contrary, and gives a pleasant feeling of movement bubbling water. Soon Kate appeared with two glasses of champagne and smoking cigarettes. Putting champagne and giving me a cigarette, she ran for the ashtray and plopped me into the water.
- You umnichka, great idea.
Clinked their glasses, ... sipping champagne, we also smoked relaxed. Soon I felt his fingers Katina foot in my crotch, she drove them smile on my pussy.
- Nicely?
- Yes!
- And so? - And her thumb inside me.
- It is even better! - And I also found her toe hole.
We looked into each other's eyes, smiling while reading in the eyes of our sensations.
- You can finish well? - Asked Kate put out a cigarette and gave me an ashtray.
- I do not know, maybe if you help yourself by hand, - I also extinguished and removed it.
Katya mischievously looked me in the eye.
- Well try to finish! - I dropped down the arm, felt her little foot.
The thumb was all in my pussy, and made some movements, what she could think of Kate. I began rubbing the clitoris itself, we have put aside their glasses, they interfere with us, we pulled free hands to their heads, trying to kiss, it was uncomfortable. Realizing that I can finish not said:
- No, let you cum! - I pulled the toe of Katie, as much as possible pulled her to him.
We have merged in a long kiss and entering her two thumb, began to fuck her flesh. Katka gave herself to me with a great desire. She began to breathe heavily, moaning that it was still more convenient, I pulled it out of the toe itself, and we clung to her closely. Her fingers hands immediately found my pussy, trembling, she tried in my opinion, to start them all.
- Opa on! - I like that shyly took a reluctant glance, stood beside Andrew. - That's what laponki then engaged, and the boys get bored! Can I join you?
As I pondered, Kate reluctantly broke away from me said:
- Andrew, well, not bother me ... I see ... how good ... ahhh .. Natasha.
- And in her mouth who wants to?
- No! Do not bother us .... I want Natulya! - And she eagerly pressed her lips to me.
Andrew went out, and we indulge in sensual appreciation of each other's fingers and mouths. Soon Katka, pulled away from the face, looked me in the eye:
- And ... on ... .. Natul you soon ... I ... have everything .... almost ... daaaaa! - And she covered her orgasm, she huddled in my arms.
I am deeply stuck her three fingers, to be more like a member.
- Katyusha umnichka ... .. my .. konchayyyy.
- And you...?
- I do not know .. is .. not yet .. aa .. so .. so .. so - Kate is completely focused on me strongly fucking my vagina with his fingers.
Well umnichka Katya, well, more, more please do try and I'd probably finished soon. But it felt that Katya something distracted. I opened my eyes, Katya's eyes were turned towards the door. Behind her I saw Cyril and Anton, they admired our intercourse, members were on alert, young, strong. They admire us, and Kate tried to make them more effective:
- It is not good for the elders to pry - to collect his thoughts, I said.
- Well. can you allow, we are interested in.
- Let him look!
Katya, saying, covered my mouth with a kiss, I have continued under the water with your fingers. After a long kiss, a sigh, I whispered to Kate:
- Katya, all will suffice, as long as ...
- You're finished, baby?
- Itself I do not understand, like no, and batters cool.
- Guys, bring than wipe! - They immediately brought towels and sheets.
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