University sex with teacher

My name is Anne, and today I will tell the story of an unforgettable sex, which has remained in my memory for a lifetime, because it was truly enchanting and exciting. It was during his student years, and I, like many other female students, it occurred vtyurilsya in his own teacher who was really funky compared to many others. It happens to many, especially when the teacher is a man of middle age, and excellent external data. On his pairs, I always went crazy, not even counting on anything. Because I'm not a particularly impressive appearance, small in stature, with fragile features, small breasts, narrow hips. A complete set of teenage girl though that I was not. On pairs of my favorite teacher I was always very interesting, I even asked for to write his term paper, because it was exciting to him, tempting, and, of course, because he liked me to distraction.
And it often happens that they come from the steam, I thought about it, and would rather lick their pens into her panties to fondle himself, imagining how he takes me by force, and ottrahivaet right in the audience. I bet that such thoughts and fantasies do not come to me one on our course, but I wanted to talk to him a little more than others, ask questions, glares at him, and dreamed that one day, a gorgeous man will pay attention to me. He was tall, broad-shouldered, inflated and surprisingly sexy.

One day after the pair, he asked me to stay. I'm excited because I thought having some problems with my course. His speech, he began with the fact that I now look remarkably well, and that he especially likes to work on my course, because I am gifted girl. From these words of compliments from my breath, I was waiting for the continuation of his words. And he said that it is necessary to discuss some questions about my course, but the university had no time for it, and if I do not mind, I can come in the evening to his home to discuss everything. The message was understood, and I was going crazy with happiness. I made a kind of naive and honest girl and agreed to come in at six o'clock at the address. Stepping through the door, I thought, what if he does not have the time, and he just wants to talk about my course.

I came home in high spirits, and immediately headed for the bathroom. I could not calm down from the excitement, so I had a little play with themselves in the shower, and then began to thoroughly prepare themselves for the evening. I made erotic haircut, little has cut the hairs on my pubis, and began to choose clothes. I opted for the red kit, which I was very visually increased breast bra and made me incredibly seductive. I make up, chose the sweetest perfume, and when the time came, I went to meet this remarkable man.

He received me very kindly, and I was upset, because it seemed that we really will parse questions my course. His apartment was cozy, we settled down in the living room, there was a large sofa, he offered something to drink. At first I refused, but he said that we are not a pair, and if I want to relax a glass of something strong, I can afford it in his presence. I agreed. He brought the whiskey and poured a little diluted with cola and offered me.
"You know that I would not invite you to his home, only to have to talk about your course" - that's what he told me in the next minute. "I've been watching you, you're different from the rest, you're insanely beautiful and interesting", saying this, he moved up to me on the sofa and was sitting quite close to me. Already only one of his words, I soaked panties, I dreamed about what can go on such a wonderful conversation. But instead of something to say, he leaned over and kissed me on the neck. A wave of pleasure and excitement immediately went through my body. I did not expect such a quick turn of events. But kissing me, he stepped back, and said that if I doubt and I do not want anything from him, I can just tell him about it, and it will not be scary. I was afraid to miss the chance and did not realize the most important erotic dream of his students. God, how many nights I dreamed about his inflated and strong body, represented as his strong hands would wander around my fragile body, and instead of answering, I just sat closer to him. He took the glass from my hand and kissed. It was not just a kiss, which I had had before, he immediately entered the language in my mouth and began to actively work to them. I could not resist and immediately replied to him in return, and become sweet moan. As he kissed me, his hands were stroking my shoulder. It was great, he hugged me, hard and tight that I could not even move. He was hot and incredibly strong. Passionately kissing me, his hands, he began to look for the zipper on my dress back. He found it quickly, and just as quickly lost it when he reached the zipper of my bra. He lowered my dress and took off her bra, pulled back to look at my breast. Looking into my eyes, he approached one breast and began to lick her. I'm almost finished with pleasure. He licked her full, caressing tongue around the nipple, when I began to moan even more, he bit the nipple, and began to gently suck on it. It was unforgettable. The same thing he did with the other breast, to enjoy it, he stepped back and began to caress with their hands. He squeezed my breasts, squeezing her nipples with your fingers, but I came with pleasure. I could not do anything, just went crazy, and nothing thinking.

Fondle my breasts, he went below, licked my stomach, took off her dress and underwear, and here was my pussy in front of him. I was already quite wet, and only waited for his touch there. He walked his tongue over my labia, spread my legs and began to caress the tongue my clit that excitement became a bit more than usual. Frankly, such a pleasure I never received from oral sex. His movements were gentle, light, like a feather caressed me. I finished pretty quickly and went with a loud groan. But that did not stop him, he began to caress me all the way, walked across the tongue pussy, caressed my hole, and from this he was moaning already.
He was impatient, and as soon as he had finished caressing my sweet hole, he quickly took off his trousers and pants, pulled out his huge and hard cock, which was already, as the count, and entered me. Entered into me hard and fast, that I even cried out and became hard to move back and forth, back and forth, I moaned and felt every cell in your body its heat. His strong and big penis was much larger than my holes, so the fun was just unreal. I moaned as he whispered in my ear, that is not about that I wanted every time, sitting on his pair. I could not even agree, I just moaned as the last whore, and time after time it enters me isterzyvala wave of pleasure, and each time it becomes even harder, and so I felt powerful and strong orgasm and screamed and struggled in his hands so strong was a delight.

As soon as I had finished he came out of me, put me on his knees in front of him, he stood, took my head in his hands, and offered to caress his beautiful cock. He stood, and licked it completely, and then knitted into the mouth. I began to move faster and faster, and heard him moaning sweetly. His cock was so delicious and more that I could not stop. I'm swallowing it by the throat, I did not breathe, but I felt crazy fun. I caressed him for a long time, and then I decided to devote time to his balls. They were large and soft, I sucked at first one, then a second, this time I masturbate his penis with his hands, which was originally a good spat to my movements were gentle and mild, and only brought him pleasure.

But a blow job we could not stop. He removed his penis and kissed me passionately in his mouth, and asked if I had ever anal sex. I said no, because I was afraid to try it with someone. He said that to him it would be nice, and do not hurt. I was too excited to refuse. He turned his back on me and put cancer on the couch, spread my legs, I could not see what he was going to do, and was afraid that he is not entered into me too quickly and strongly. It is instead a member of his I suddenly felt his tongue that caressed my anus. It's crazy, because I'd never experienced anything like it. At first he just licked my ass, then slumped to the anus, licked it, and some even climbed into the very hole tongue. It was very nice, I was all wet, and his saliva is also my anus was already all wet and moaning and could not stop, because I strongly felt his cock in my ass. At first it was unexpected and even more, I involuntarily screamed, but it did not stop. He kept moving, and pain now enjoy it! I just stopped to think about anything, I moaned and screamed that he was moving even more quickly to fuck me and I finished right in the ass. It was fine, I did not think that anal sex can be so wonderful.

It was a very long time to me, and finished right there. I felt in my ass spreads his sweet sperm. I wanted to taste it, but I still had to come. Then he turned me to face him and asked if all this I like, I could only say so easy. A little tired, we were kissing and caressing each other's body with his hands. He had a very strong and manly shoulders, with clean lines, which drove me crazy. Lying on the couch, we could not enjoy each other's company. Then he felt a new wave of excitement, he asked me to sit down on top of him. His cock was already standing, I sat up straight at him, and felt him hard and strong inside me. I began to ride his powerful member, and I felt like an orgasm wave permeates my body completely. I groaned, and jumped on it even faster, he moaned too.

When I was on top, he caressed my breasts, kissed her nipples passionately kissed me, deeply, with the language. Once I have twice finished on top, I wanted again to caress his cock with her mouth. I sat down on his haunches, he was on the couch, and began to fuck me in the mouth. Of course, it was unexpected, but very nice. Suddenly I began to feel that it would end soon, and already dreamed that he did it in my mouth as he abruptly pulled his dick out of my mouth and finished powerfully on my face. His semen dripping down my face, he groaned. I took a little bit of sperm on her finger and licked it, to feel the taste. Sperm was so much that I had to use a towel. Then he offered a shower together made for a refreshing dip, but simply washing it is not over. Because in his heart he has made me a cancer and a good fuck, and then had finished my mouth, and I had this incredibly pleased.

That night I stayed up in the morning, before the course, we have not reached. The next day I set off for the University was his subject. In the audience sat a lot of people, with all of my course, and when I went to his desk to answer questions, it is not noticeable under the table with his hand penetrated me pants because it was summer and I was wearing a skirt. It was an unforgettable experience in my life, because she caressed my clit with my finger, and I finished in front of the entire audience, but, of course, had to do it quietly, and I held on as best she could. According to credit, I received excellent, and after a couple of excellent, I gave him a blowjob right in the university, when there was no one. Our love affair continues to this day, because he can bring me to orgasm in minutes, sex with him is something unforgettable. And I can not look at their peers who have nothing in all this do not understand.