I stood in front of the desk ensign, deputy head of the clothing service Suvorov Military School, a young man of twenty-five, which is neat handwriting was the act of finding them the fact of theft of government property Lipatov listener (ie, me) with the school store. This broke off my training, because the theft at the school would never be forgiven. If not for the lump in my throat, I am, in spite of their pride, would begged him to forgive me, to promise whatever he wants. Well, that is two vests, which I foolishly took off for myself and Oleg, his best friend on the course, which after the release of Suvorov was going to do in the Penza School of Airborne Troops? Now there will be no release, no friend, no Penza school. I wistfully remembered tearful, but happy mother's eyes when she came out of the cabinet chief Suvorov Military School, who received me, despite weak knowledge as an orphan, the son of an officer killed while on duty. What I am now going to tell her? What do I say to my children that in every one of my coming home from admiration and respect inspected and touched my form, asked to talk about the school? All flew to hell because of the stupidity, stupid impulse. Yes, we would have bought eventually vest for myself, whenever some money! Barely holding back tears, I waited. The act was finished, and the ensign, rising from his chair, he said to me - to paint!
I sat down, took a pen, through the power forced a: - Where? He said, I signed it, and at this point no strength in me, and I shook with sobs, his head in his hands.
- Yes, okay, tribunal, probably will not be - the price is not high. From school, of course, trample. Well, life does not end, but an officer you will not be. - He put his hand on my shoulder. - Come on, go! My report and I pass an act on the pitch.
Sobs just shook me. I even had no strength to tell him what was going. Still something hoping I did not go. Finally, I blubbered face lifted from the table.
-Maybe somehow it is still possible to solve? - Provo me.
-Well, how? - He shrugged.
I again buried his head in his hands. It was a moment of despair. Then at least head into the maelstrom.
God, how embarrassing! An hour ago, everything in life has been good - and the already bad. I fully imagined the whole humiliating procedure of my expulsion from school. Through it all to pass. Well, what is this ensign forget everything? How to persuade him? What promise?
- Well, my dear! You also worth nothing! After all, no one did, except we do not know! For you this - ugh, and for me - life! I'll do anything you want! Were used the money - I would have given! Well, I have no money! - I bowed my head to her knees and began to cry again.
-You well remember the words? - I do not believe my ears, pulled his face from his knees.
-All that I want? - He smiled.
- Yes! Yes! - I screamed like crazy. Only he had not changed his mind. I flopped down on his knees, embraced his feet. - I believe that I am your slave! Forever!
He patted me on the head, held her close. - Sorry for you, of course. Still young. - He ran both hands into my thick hair, stroking his head, he is increasingly pressed to itself.
Then he turned me around to face him and strongly pressed to the crotch. Under the cloth clearly palpated his tense body, which rested against my lips. I suppressed the desire to involuntary recoil, stopped for fear of causing the slightest of his displeasure. He began to drive my head up and down along the impressive bulge, pressing harder. It hurt from the rough hard tissue, but I endured. His breathing became heavy, gusty. Without releasing my head, he unbuttoned his pants and bared his penis. I still did not understand what he wants, and stared at this miracle of a naked, wet head, from which came pungent, unfamiliar, exciting smell. His cock moved slowly to my half-open mouth. I involuntarily leaned his head back, but his hand firmly holding my head.
- It does not hurt! But you promised! - His soft voice washed over me like a cold shower. I froze, and he slowly walked into my mouth, parting her lips, and moved farther and farther, until it ran down his throat.
I looked at him in horror, afraid even to react. He slowly began to come out of me, leaving only the head inside. - Well? Did that hurt? - I could only faintly negative shake his head. His advance was resumed, and he again rested firmly somewhere in the throat area. I was gasping, panting face. It is increasingly squeezed my head, it speeds up the movement. He closed his eyes, threw his head back in time with the movements loudly whispered: - So! So! Yet!
I was sick, coughing uncontrollably torn out, but I do because of all the forces restrain themselves. He had moved like crazy. His hands denser impending my head on his oncoming traffic. Suddenly he groaned and stood by me, and his hot cock, throbbing and swelling, spewed a long time in my throat hot fragrant moisture.
More I could not stand. I stopped coughing, spraying the contents on the floor of the mouth. I was shaking and I could not calm down. He stroked my twitching back, something quietly talking. When the coughing subsided, he picked me up, smiled and said: - This is only the first time is difficult. You will get used. And yet, I'll take the paper in the safe. Just in case. Come rest and not think about nothing. As will be further, I'll tell you later.
My sexual experience to this point has been almost zero. Intimacy I have not had engaged in self-satisfaction is not as simply did not know how to do it. Like all my classmates, in the morning to get up out of bed immediately, ashamed of lying, until everything came back to normal, but in addition to the usual teasing Nezlobnaya friends were to run no matter what. A large number of discussions "this" Topics with friends worried, but due to lack of implementation of these fantasies was perceived as something abstract. From time to time during the night or wake up in the morning with wet shorts, but the eruption process of catch has never failed. That is why what is done with me in the office of the ensign, shocked me, terrified upcoming unknown, but the circumstances were such that it did not have to choose.
Two days passed. No one has touched me, and gradually the severity of the incident disappeared. I became complacent. Came the hope that everything will be forgotten, will as before. But it was just beginning.
- You call today to seven in the glove department of supply - said one squad at dinner. Heart heavy ache. In order not to go, there was no question. But coming muck and dirt advance drives the melancholy.
Exactly seven I knocked on the door to the ensign. The door immediately opened.
- Come on! - He let me into his office and closed the door tightly behind me. - Take off your clothes! It was something new, but I dutifully stripped to his underpants. - All the shoot! - He said, pulling off his form. I took off my pants and awkwardly hiding behind her hands, staring wistfully out the window.
He was completely naked, came up to me, stroked my shoulders, breasts, thighs, buttocks. His lips gently sat down to her stomach, gently pinching the skin. His mouth slid lower and began greedily kissing thighs, testicles, swollen flesh. He abruptly turned me over backwards, and I felt his tongue slid over my buttocks, dived between them and fluttered somewhere .... If not for the wildness of the situation, I would have groaned in bliss engulfed me. His hand pressed on my back, and obeying it, I was a little bent. He went deep in my hot tongue, and I involuntarily started to meet him fed. My body tensed, just sticking to the stomach. He spread my legs hand, penetrated to the testicles, and his rough caresses made me just moan. Clasping my flesh, he began a gentle up and down motion. Yielding new sensations, I helped him to the oncoming traffic, all of which were accelerated. It is not trying to figure anything, I squeezed his hand and with his hands thrust into her for the most eggs. And at that moment there was a knock at the door.
He stood up, grabbed my arm and dragged behind the cupboard where he had fenced off section for clothes. - Stay here and quietly to me! - Then, quickly pulling the pants went to the door and opened it. On the threshold stood Pasha, the course of two younger than me, thin as a reed, short stature. Ensign looked into the corridor behind him, convinced that he alone, and closed the door behind him. - Take off your clothes! And quickly! - Sam quickly took off his pants and waited Pashkina exposure. His cock was not cooled down from our conversation, greedy sights on Pasha. I gently parted the clothes, and trying not to give himself away, watching the scene. Pasha approached the ensign, knelt and clasped his lips habitually member. His movements were deft, in every way he helped himself with his hands, than quickly brought up to the ensign of extreme excitement. He dramatically raised him, led him to the table, forced to bend so that Pashkina feet remained on the floor, and he lay down on his stomach on a table. Then, eagerly parted his legs, a strong movement drove his cock into it. Seeing the obvious discrepancy sizes Pashkina backside and its members, I expected a cry of pain, but only quietly boomed Pasha, his hands clutched the edge of the table and closed his eyes blissfully. Ensign entered it jerky on all their length is not small. The pace of his movements all increased. All the more clearly we heard slapping his stomach on Pashkin ass. He groaned, moaned, arching forward. Their noisy breathing merged into one passionate wheeze. I'm also not a possession. The hand itself grabbed the burning flesh and tormented her in time with their movements. Something happened at the bottom of my stomach. My flesh is incredibly swollen, and the testicles become like two peas. Waves of bliss rose from there, filling my body rolled all the stronger and hotter, until it grew into a sweet convulsions, and the first time I witnessed the man's ordinances, accompanied by a sense of unearthly happiness and delight.
Pasha between the dangling like a chicken on a spit. On the table beneath it was already a pool, and he was waiting for when it's over. The end was swift: Ensign grabbed his lower abdomen, stabbed him, arched, without removing from the Pasha himself, who, with his mouth open and his eyes bulging, groaned in time with convulsions within.
They both fell exhausted chairs. The eyes of both were closed, breathing is interrupted. I froze in my shelter, without giving signs of life. Finally Ensign rose, gently pushed his hand Pasha: - Go! - He dutifully dressed quickly and left. I came out of the closet.
-And it does not hurt? He's so small! - I looked questioningly at the ensign.
-Well no. Everything is designed. We have been together for two years. He was now only the buzz catches.
-How did he get here? He then was twelve?
- Yes, the same and found! - He chuckled - Like you! Me and him are the paper. And you are not alone. Man just eight. So do not be afraid, dear, everything will be okay.
I'm in a daze and stared in horror at him. This is not a man, it's a monster! Who of us is a thief? I foolishly tisnuvshy two vest, or he stole eight boys in peace, innocence, unalloyed youth an opportunity to openly look into the eyes of others. And no one there is no way to stop this mess, which fully expecting me. I quietly zverel.
-Give me my papers!
-Well, I do not! Persuasion was!
-Give me my papers on the team! Let me judge! I want to be in the office of the school! There's all over and we will understand!
-You're an idiot! You did not know what to say! You vyprut in a jiffy! Pity you will all my life!
I did not answer and decisively toward the door.
- Stop! Well, to hell with you, take your paper. - He quickly opened the safe and found my folder. - On, choke! - He threw it after me.
- Either you you give me all the papers at all, or sent by my team. - I hate staring him straight in the eye. And he added quietly: - Just so!
Maybe something in my appearance led him to believe that everything will be as I said. He darted around the room. He has nothing thought, in addition to its security. For a few seconds he stood, assessing what happens if to silence me, but then he realized that he would come a serious commission, and all in full will reveal in a moment. He was already shaking.
- Well, on! No not like this! - It quickly became to remove paper from the folder and tear them into small pieces. - Now nobody and nothing ever proves. All! - He sighed with relief and wiped his sweaty forehead.
- Scum! - I came out of his office, and an overwhelming sense of disgust made me distorted. Prove really could not be anything: no documents, and affected children from a sense of shame would have refused to say anything. But I was glad to be able to stop this abomination. I was glad that no longer boys, who are so terrible and perverse will get their first sexual experience.