Dotting the i's

In any case, I must admit that I put up with him for a long time. All these "Give-fetch". "Dishes are washed? Now suck!". "Honey, I'm home from work! Give chmoknu on the cheek. And now on his knees, whore and suck!" and stuff like that. Year hateful garbage and any ohueesh or go mad. I still do not understand which option I got.
And you know what the taste of dick adult man after a hard day's work. Who also gets something through time? Do not know? Can you try it once, in any of his friend. Something is wrong? And why do you think that we like those stinking perepreloy urine and God knows what kind of nasty garbage tassels?
In general, this bitch again priperlas home from work. And I waited. Actually, I'm not waiting for one, but he did not know about it. Dressed with of being a cheap porn. True leather lingerie was not, but black stockings, suspenders and bra were found. He closed the door and turned around stunned. "Hello dear!"
It seems to him flew half of the Ponto time. Or maybe he thought I was the first time in our married life she really want it. I smiled invitingly and almost licked her lips and swung his hand with a neat stack. Provocation? What is there to do...
With silly mug, he began to undress. With boots and he finished, smiling foolishly toward me. At this point, the side of the kitchen came Serge. It looked good in leather shorts. He came up to me, stuck his front hill in the thigh, pressed against my backside and hands covered my chest. I've never clung to him with pleasure. heat wave swept through his stomach and broke the bottom, causing the clitoris to swell and lips when his hand slid down and covered my crotch. I closed my eyes and tilted her head on his shoulder. I've never had it so good. I felt protected. The near future I can not be nothing but pleasure. Of a sexual nature. But, what is this fuss a few meters away from me? This drone and Ilya busy with my goat. What a distorted face red! And the rattle, saliva, and the eyes ... It is possible to donate half of his life, only to see her beloved husband in this state. I wonder how they feel when they tear the clothes from. Them damn, strong men's clothing. I, thank God, never raped in this style, but really, it is better I did, what he gave me.
Yes, but with Vitka already stripped sweater and shirt, damn, they are uncomfortable together, at the same time keep that pig and rip off his jeans, but right now I need a man and a member of the hand, a pancake, so need a cock! From the room came with a jar of Vaseline Dan. I think all members in the assembly. Drone Ilyukha to get by alone, and when the world seemed fair, Kripen'ka buttocks of my husband, I broke down and ran a hand Serge pants. Bah, what is this here zmeyuku curled. I caught myself on the fact that both the current crazy bitch be afraid of him squeezing his ass and his cock in his fist clench his swollen head in distress panties skin almost poddrachivaetsya, but every now and then come across heavy fingers on healthy eggs. His hands run through my body, chest bare, he squeezed and their paw, electrifying his hands when sliding on the waist or abdomen, crotch, and when they swam back, falls on me such pleasure flow, which legs give way. God, his magnificent member can not continue to sit Twist in such close quarters. I release it into the wild, it instantly turns in all its ugly force. There is nothing nice, it is quite thick, a little crooked, but very brave. I was even pleased a second clasp his lips, dip into his mouth and lick it and touch the tongue.
I realized that I suck again, and in fact all started not to do so. I slightly hit the balls Serge, making it clear that it behaves like the last selfish and turned her attention to the rest.
Dron and Ilyukha keep my Believing in the knee-elbow position, piled struggling. This is growling, then whines, then rock the boat, and Dan, in his deadpan manner smears member Vaseline.
Finally he was ready. I look at Serge, and lifts. He unfolds a bit of me and holding the buttocks with one hand, starts to enter his penis into me. I am happy to admit it. God, what a thrill. What it is warm, strong and powerful, it gives me real pleasure, he is in me, and it tickles, and exactly what you need it deep inside me and I feel it as the most amazing, masterful but incredibly necessary part of yourself. I feel it as their own body, suddenly decided to bring me to orgasm.
I'm on the second opens his eyes and I started the strongest, long and fulfilling orgasm in my life. For all my senses seem to be pumped up my mind pure pleasure.
The fact is that at this point, Dan finally finished lubricate its end with Vaseline and began to get a job in my ass Blessed. He yelled, eyes climbed out of his head, he jerked, so Dan had stronger grasp his shoulder. When he still got into this zhopku, his phlegmatic smiley face appeared similarity slight smile. That smug creature! He grabbed Vityushiny shoulders with both hands and began to be implemented struggling. Before I could blink, he was tough with ottyazhechkoy, all quintals his muscular body fucked my dear hubby. Vitya, I must say, once wilted. I do not shout, almost twitching, and somehow foul sobbed.
- You you look! This bitch like! - He heralded Ilyukha and reached a hand sticking out in between the bent leg member of her husband.
- Do not touch! - I said firmly.
Member Serge groped me and gave an unearthly bliss, and thought that my super-male fuck, and he drags the latter bitch just drove me crazy. I wanted it to last forever.
- Well che, blyadushka, like you, - said Dron husband and slapped in the face with his hand. Meaningful expression has not appeared.
Drone realized that you can no longer keep, stood up, put on display protruding member, a pretty strong shape, I went to her husband sat in the front and began to shove dick in his mouth.
- Well suck it, bitch!
- Mm-m
Clear Slap Shot
- Suck, damn!
Squeals, but it does not open the jaws.
Dron, charging him in the face with his legs. Then again. Once again. Seems, the hero has lost consciousness. Drone patted him on the cheek, and when he opened his mouth a little, once stuck to his dick as I could. Victor zahryukal and began to choke. You're my darling, when I had the same problem you're just inflames!
- Come on, Dron, come on! - Hoarse and I fall to my knees, orgasm wave covered my head, I do not control anything, Serge, this gorgeous hot piston slams into me with incredible force, tearing me and sweet to be given throughout the body, it seems that he drives an orgasm me directly into the brain, I do not feel anything but him, I just addition, I halo of pure pleasure around his cock, a pure ecstasy in the form of the female body. And cry. All my frenzied emotions come out of me through the lungs.
Vitya fuck in the ass and in the mouth, he grunts, but adapt himself, something flowing from his nose. Oh, damn, he found the right rhythm, that fag, podmahivaet both my friends! And his dick nalilsya blood and sticks out like a sleeper! Here you whore, and "You do not know yourself if you have not tried anal sex ..." ...
- Serge, I want to, well, taller, and, ass, please, well, fuck me in the ass, cute, and, please. - However, it is not necessary, and especially to ask. I feel his hot, wet head, pressed against my anus ringlet, gradually pushes and penetrates. Big. But the feeling only better. I think I'm crying again.
Serge comes, I feel like in the gut swells and shakes his cock, I feel filled. Serge begins to remove a member, with champing of my ass starts to pour his sperm, he was all smeared, but still standing. Coffee shade sperm derived from me, flows through the crotch, legs. Serge easily sticks smeared his sperm in me and my current term in the vagina, I cry out of happiness, on my buttocks squeezes his hands and makes the sharp and strong movement of the pelvis. I begin to cum again. I was very hurt and beats me with his hand on the buttocks. I go in the throes of orgasm. I'm exhausted, but I'm on top of happiness.
Apparently, after watching us, however, mostly, probably, Serge, Dan began to finish. From its throat rushes inarticulate roar, his fingers digging into her husband's ass, and he pulls out of all the forces of my macho to his penis. Then it twists, it begins to erupt, Victor shouts, and with each new portion of sperm, his eyes bulge, his cheeks and his Adam's apple twitching, throat and heard a muffled sob. It is full of new experiences.
Here Dan finally fell away from him, Victor is on all fours, head down, trembling nervously. I walk around him from behind. Ilyukha hands caress my body, I clung to him. Drone clearly in thought, seen in the mouth of my husband he did not like and he does not know whether the same advantage of his razebannoy ass, or a mistimed challenge to me, whether to Dan.
In the warm hands Ilyukha I feel confident enough, of course, not angry, I bestow affectionate, mischievous smile, but also nothing. In front of me the extended hole of her husband, there follows Denova sperm. I spend two fingers between her buttocks. Victor begins frantically to squeeze the sphincter. A nehuy. I'm stuck in a hole in her husband's two fingers and fun feel of the intestinal wall, filled with sperm. I pull the fingers, a pleasure to watch as along with them goes a little bit of pink shiny fabric intestine sperm. I again presses, and she comes back. Hole perfectly lubricated, thanks to Dan, I fuck her husband in the ass, trying to stick his hand as far as possible. He moans, it turns me on. Ilyukha tightly squeezed my breasts, his cock pressed into my crotch, he pulls me to his pelvis, his penis between my legs but not inside me. He smeared the remnants of sperm Serge. How warm and cozy in his hands!
Victor begins frantically to reduce leg and pull her hips, trying to hold the femoral head of his swollen member, over and over again does not work, but he is placed on my fingers. That promiscuous whore!
He pulls his hand from the floor and stretches to the penis. Drone sees this mess, and with the words: "You are what you do, bitch!", Vebyvaet him in the face with his foot. Vityushin sphincter frantically squeezing my fingers, poor shrinks and dies. And then again furiously trying to catch a member of the hips and to fuck myself with my fingers. He moans and cries and is placed on my fingers and begins to scream out loud meaningless until Dron again thrusts his penis in his mouth. Howl is replaced by moans and champing. This time Drona like. And my ass podmahivaet blyadunishka Now my fingers. Oh, you're a goat!
Ilyukha unceremoniously tilts me and penetrates into the vagina a member. Oh, how I could stoskovatsya male member in itself. What is happening at once filled with new colors, meanings and feelings. I fuck on all fours husband Ilyukha rear, powerful movements fills me with a sense of Serge collapsed in a chair and podrachivaet snikshy your dick, Dron grabbed Vitya hair at the back and skewer it on a piston, Dan looks at us and stroking its not fat but the good friend who has stood up a little bit.
I feel his fingers throbbing ass husband, and she already gave herself Ilyukha, his cock in me, his strong arms hold me, I scream with pleasure. Five minutes ago, I was angry, now I'm a bitch Ilyukha, he fucks me more incensed, and I struggled podmahivat almost fuck it. There are also normal men.
Here we met eyes with the drones, I saw what he was doing with Victor, and he was all eyes looking at us with Ilyukha, and then the three of us simultaneously began to finish, shuddering with bliss, I felt kept all my muscles and sensitivity It is that I feel every millimeter Ilyukhin, a member of its sheath, his foreskin is strapped back and throbbing head, it seems, tearing me, I'm on top of a huge mountain of bliss, and each portion of his sperm filled my cunt and shoots me even higher. sperm, mixed with my juice slosh spilling from the crowded vagina when Ilyukha again drives himself into me.
Vitya sausage, because what happens with my vagina, and going to his throat, but his drone firmly holds the hair at the back and sit down on yourself.
- Swallow, filthy nipple! - Serge tells.
Something hubby manages to swallow the rest spills out of his mouth, runny nose, it is on the verge of fainting. The room four people screaming at the same time, ecstasy gradually leaving my body, replaced by fatigue. I run a hand between her legs, collect what is flowing out of my holes and smearing his face licking his fingers. Divine, it is necessary once again. Fingers stumble on Ilyukhin member, grab, I am bringing him to his face. Along the edges already dries up, but on the head and under the foreskin still have some of this mucus intoxicating, I carefully all suck. I pick some more sperm from her crotch and ass and smear egg Viti. With the new lubricant nice even fuck him in the ass.
Then, I felt the remnants of sperm slowly cooling off running down my thighs down and accumulate in the folds of the knees.
Perhaps it is time to clean up after the Vita guests.
I went up to him and stuck her crotch to his lips. Shrewdness slut, immediately began to lick his tongue between my carefully poke gentle folds, a little swollen, blood nalivshihsya for the last hour of the event. He licked them very carefully, each individually, but as he moved away from the entrance of the vagina to the clitoris, vaginal natech kept pace a little and had to start again.
Serge finally stood up again, he came up to us and breaking our family entertainment knocked on the sofa and broke me. God, how good it is! He fucked me, and I realized that it was ready to surrender to him forever when he wants to endure any humiliation, if only this term though occasionally visited my pussy. I passionately kissed his face, neck, ears, and all that came. When he changed his position a little I got to his nipple and his lips clung to him, and could not resist a bite. For this he moved in me member that I pierced a sharp pain, and its piston, it seemed, came into the uterus. My God hit me in the face, but his cock was in me, and I gratefully clung to him. You may want to fuck me as though quilted chain, just be me!
Member Serge exploded within me, and within zachavkalo, I felt filled. Serge was visibly pleased. He lifted my chin and gently kissed on the nose. Then he pushed so I fell on the bed and alternates to the kitchen to the fridge with beer. Still, all the peasants there is something rotten ... initially.
Dan, meanwhile, was again in readiness, and apparently intent on vyebat my hubby in the mouth. And he was already on the floor rubbing his thing, just to finish. It looked so sorry that I have decided to show a little mercy. Vitya laid on his back, stuck a dildo in the ass, and droops from overstimulation member neatly put on a condom. For I deigned to let this unworthy garbage in your vagina and could not let his vile Malofey was there, and even mixed with the sperm of these men. But first, I sat down on his muzzle on his heels, and allowed to try its taste. He had a long and enthusiastically licking deeply climbed into the vagina tongue and looked at me with adoring eyes crazy. Previously, it was necessary to find out who among us masochist, bitch.
Finally, I sat down on his rubber covered cock, he looked at me with the eyes of the dog sick and was afraid to move. He was trembling and seems to be happy, to be back at his wife, who in the morning in a penny did not put. His semen stained lips stretched into a smile. And yet, the idea in my honor was just beginning.
Dan perfectly capture the spirit of what is happening, he sank so that Victor found himself between his legs and his mouth, just opposite the member stuck to my husband in his mouth and began struggling to fuck him back. Victor squirmed like crazy, sipel, wheezing, groaning, growling, but sucked. Dan was obviously delighted, at least I thought so, judging by the speed and amplitude of his movements. Before my eyes flashed up and down his buttocks clenched, eggs swollen and pressed to the base member, who then appears and disappears in the mouth of my Viti. And he wriggled like a horse on the way. I hardly it held, it bends to the right and to the left, he almost did not get up to the bridge with me on his penis, in general, he served my vagina at such a pace, with such amplitude, zeal and ingenuity, which has never not shown for all of our family life. I cried and laughed with pleasure and delight, jumping on it, the hair out of her eyes, chest, jumped, into the vagina at the same time it seemed the work of several members, wheeled and rammed me from different angles. As if the abdomen lit a real fire from members and I really liked him.
Then Deng began to finish. Sperm flowed out of his mouth Victor Dron again stopped the rebellion with his trademark kick in the face, and Dan quietly and softly said:
- Swallow. - Radiant looking my wife in the eye.
And he began to swallow. Moreover, he became a member of the Dan lick limp, suck it, to drive his tongue over the trunk and testicles, swallow them, and all this without taking his eyes off of Dan.
Physical discharging him has clearly occurred. I felt that the condom slips by filling it Malofey but overexcited member still standing stake. For the first time in my life, it's my pleasure.
Left came to me Sergei, but in the right hand uncorked a bottle of beer and left, I took him by the raised member. I felt the back of the motion, strong Ilyukhin hands slid over my body tightened Goody, patted his stomach, rubbed the clitoris, picked up some of the liquid accumulated in my crotch, smeared on the penis, which is then gently and easily slid into my ass.
Dan raised his head and stared at the stands in front of his nose, a member of Drona. Drone with an unreadable expression on his face was staring him in the eye. Do not look away, Dan gently licked the head. Drona's expression softened.
Dan's lips lifted slightly, and he focused his tongue along the Dan trunk back and forth, then the other, and after a few seconds already enthusiastically and passionately sucking dick of his best friend.
The setting sun painted the orange walls and ceiling of the room, and just like that, sitting on tightened into the condom, bathed in sperm and lowered her husband, clutching at the right hand of a cold bottle of beer, and in the left member of a loved one with sinking in Ilyukhin hands and with his cock in ass sunset I met his family life.