Saga Galyah

First Galya
Grade 9. 16 years. Brains overflowing sexual obsession. Each female silhouette excites and fascinates. Ready to fuck -30 hours a day! And the experience just masturbation:
Hats semiklasnitsu Galya after a movie. We wander a meter from each other, until it gets dark: Summer is in full swing. In polusumerkah advancing step by step guide to a friend mown wheat field with rows neubranyh after the combine straw stacks. The intention is clear and Gale, but she bravely follows the path given me. The depth of field for a long time with anguish kiss, fearing disunite lips, and she and I know what is brewing, and this wish: we are afraid of this. But hormones and curiosity stronger than us.
I spend a hand on the girl's breasts almost fledged. Galya shudders, but does not protest. So he agrees.
Giving up his jacket on the edge of the shocks, I align the straw and took a great interest for a girlfriend. It falls on me and freezes. Risen has long been a member of almost stiff with pain and stress through trousers rests on her stomach. We are experiencing embarrassment and mutual interest. I move Galya beside him, arm, almost imperceptibly, a member of the parallel translate belly and begin to study the young busy body neighbor. Hands gently ducked under the blouse and sliding cups for solidity worn a bra, gentle hillocks covered with protruding nipples. The expression of imaginary grievances Ghali quickly disappears as the intensity of the work of your fingers. Nipples harden and touching them makes girlfriend moan that sounds like a declaration of love and harmony undergo other carnal meal. Intuitively I translate one hand on hip, thigh, and then under the feverish touch the girl's pussy. Remembering instructions mother, Galia strongly indignant and moves the hand back on her hip. -So I remember touching the lips of her intimate curls into silky hair! And she did not interrupt his hands hike, although it could not have been unaware cunning plan! Gradually I lift the blouse, exposing one breast, the nipple which immediately embrace burning lips. Indignantly satisfied yelp-Ghali melts in listening to her new sensations of your body. Balde near disclosed girlish "peaches"Then kissing them, gently biting her nipples. Galya can not keep advertising and motionless body position and begins to involuntarily squirm, tightly clutching the crotch of my leg. Like accidentally puts his hand on her tight ass and snuggle close to her, moves become stupid dick to her pubis. I unbutton his pants and sliding the panty elastic rid "slave"Who immediately Well, ducked under Zadran yubchenku, stared directly into the vagina lips! Only the thin fabric of her panties solid separates us. Fearing continued, Galya squeezed my hand while clinging tightly to the penis. Position stalemate: fuck wants to bear, and what to do, did not realize. From despair I begin to crawl member, trying to push through the swollen head by an elastic band of cowards, lower jaws desired flesh. I want to howl in frustration and rvonuv hands sharply dismisses tissue barrier. Member dramatically pushes the moist lips of the vagina and rests against the incomprehensible barrier. A guttural cry of a girl and a member of the tumble it to the ground! Both freeze in the new sense of the novelty of the rule of instinct continue roda.A on simple, wide open for us by surprise eyes I feel the wet warmth enveloping her closer to shake my penis and vagina dominance in it. All attention is focused on the head, where the limiting valve barely keeps sperm avalanche. I'm afraid to move, so that the seed is not splashed over the edge.
Galya has passed the primary pain defloration and it is with the same curiosity to listen to yourself, feeling the fullness of alien flesh and wishing and fearing to continue.
My excitement gradually subsided, and having moved several times a member of the first happy to perceive the basics of sex: pleasure on the move! On another dive member- sponges, slipping on the trunk, pull the skin and the head of the penis becomes super-sensitive, responsive to every cell in the vagina girl. Excitation increases rapidly and uncontrollably, and there is no power and the desire to resist the inevitable.
Drove up to the stop member is screwed into the body and cramp Ghali passion paralyzes the body. The first reset spermy- like thunder, then a second, a third and up to a full release of all inventory seed. I limp, but Galya in a panic! Violated basic safety instructions! Moaning and wailing, freed from my limp body, she ran to her for the shock of a goal driven.
Silence. Sing grasshoppers. Far harvester rumbles and occasionally bryaknet empty bucket in nearby homes.
Contrary to fears Galya not "flown"But our relationship suddenly cooled, we started to shun each other, trying not to meet even glances. We swept time. She quickly got married and became a power to have four rural Matrona.
However, always walked past the memorial field, Galya stops for a moment and her vzlyad stops at one point. Point of reference of lost and acquired possibilities ..

Galina lessons
In the evening, my mother casually informed that "Village Council" I determined to wait on us teachers. morning, behold "cornstalk" under two meters, skinny, round-shouldered, with powerful lenses on the eyes. He's all too much, hands, feet, nose, pockets. Only glasses in place.
-Yarema:., Yarema Matveyevich, the representing me. With his mother already introduced selsovetovskie.
Surprised-skeptical considering a lodger and gut feel interesting life with this Yarema.
Intuition is not summed up. Yarema taught physics and mathematics and an excellent knowledge of their subjects. But did not know life, I loved to sleep and was naive like a child. We highly experienced rural boys, he graciously forgave ignorance of life's basics and especially not spoiled "Hoosier" blood. Peaceful cohabitation with Yarema lasted six months.
One guest came from the area in some baldezhnom condition and threshold announced the upcoming marriage. Immediately!
Rushed alarm from distant Galicia parent Yarema desperately begged his son to postpone znamenny event. The glass eyes were the offspring of the dimensionless love for the unknown and the desire to legitimize Galinka sudden spiritual kinship of souls.
On almost-wedding first I tried sea crabs, Carpathian very strong brew and vinigret of honey agaric. This trash barely got on the stomach, and, if not vypendrony newfound bride-wife Yarema, umotal to sleep. But the cost of gastric Galinka torment.
Fife was 15-30 years! Pretty, miniatyurnenkaya, eyes modestly, shyly downcast. Breast bristle, like my odnoklasnitsy. And look, goosebumps: Whether strips, or smears faded whorish look thin layer of his own conscience. Amazing creation!
It turned out, Galya, a waitress in the cafe "Gull"! Able to bring nice grub Yarema bed, nice carry empty dishes. Beautifully puff beautiful nose, puffy paint whimsical gubki.I longer: nothing!
First wedding night Yarema slept in schaslivo lovingly pyanom bran and imaginary virginity of the bride-wife stayed with her. I patiently stuck in a thin wall adjacent to the tin mug-amplifier and whistle except snoring spouse, so his sighs drazhayschey half nothing interesting zapelengoval. The second day was held at the hangover troubles and wires ... guests. Yarema kick by lunchtime and experience mnogoumudrenny dad watered son avaricious man's tears at parting and sorrowful sigh on the kind of happy daughters in law.
Hardly laid Galya Yaremu creaking on the marriage bed. Ungainly figure newlyweds breaks in the most unexpected places and hardly placed in the bed.
Wearily puffing and go to the kitchen. Bardak awesome! Galya is not even going to touch dirty dishes. With unfinished bottle fills two glasses of dessert wine and a thick juicy kiss me on the mouth, slowly sucking the liquid.
Solid cold-sticky, sucking my eyes carefully studying the angular figure. Red and drained pour into the throat portion of his wine. The heat was on his chest and a strange wave touched the groin.
-When she returns from work - with feigned indifference inquires Galya.
I told her about my mother mode, which works on the farm, go to Burenko 4-5 o'clock in the morning, afternoon milking, then evening until 11pm. hostess mode she liked. The bride poured more wine and we went to inspect my room, the checkpoint in front of their bedroom. Sitting on the couch, Galya thoughtfully examined me, took a sip of wine and put the glass on the floor, pulled my pants purse to him. Startled, I stared and wine splashed on his pants.
-Well, now you have to rinse your pants - Galya laughed and unbuttoned his belt deftly walked her fingers on the buttons shirinki. Freed pants slammed to the floor. Wide boxers bristled rebels member in its direction. With a soft laugh two hands dipped last barrier on trembling knees in languor. Bare Crimson dickhead cheeky targeting Gale nose. It is with interest the instrument and my rampant: suddenly licked the head. As the balls like an electric shock, and I almost fell to the floor.
Galya has fun with all the heart, choking with laughter Coming out of his pants, standing idol. Urine is not, as you want to plant Laughs, scares but dangerously close Yarema. Finally Galya took pity on me and pulling her to him and kissed my nipples. Trembling with excitement, like an aspen. head of the penis rests on the half-breasts of the girl and is ready to flood their semen. Apparently sensing my limit state, Galya lies on the bed and bending your knees widely separates them by opening my eyes red curls object of my penis aspirations. I climb between the legs of lightning and blindly poke her in the crotch. Galya, laughing hoarsely, adjusted member of the hand and prick rapidly fell into the hot wet pit. Without interval hastily I begin to poke pussy, as if in a fever. Snoring behind the door ajar Yarema urging me to hurry. Status Ghali does not control all the attention at the end of the ready to erupt member. A couple of quick deep dives and a member of an extremely tensed, pulsed, rapidly filling the vagina sperm. Galya screwed into to the ground, a member of the pulsation is transmitted to the wall of the vagina, it suddenly shrinks. The partner, issuing a groan trembled and stretched as a string. For the first time a woman had finished under me!
The next day in the third Galya as much in the evening. Embarrassed hiding his eyes, and she flutters at the hut, like a moth. Look innocent virgin! Hard to believe that we have recently copulated by snoring Yarema. Finally left alone. Galya fumbling in their rags, still not paying any attention to me. Stupidly I look in a textbook, now becoming rubber and stretches unbearably slow. To aim to withdraw from the house, when suddenly a warm Galina hand back with a laugh entwine my neck. Promptly moves on a familiar couch, and my cock with a mutual sigh liberated liberation dives into the familiar abode. Cumming almost immediately, but the member keeps fighting qualities and I measured Yareminu pump up her passion to the desired condition. I am watching with interest orgasmic state partner, feeling the satisfaction and pride of the men of the outcome of that member. This is a completely new kind of pleasure from satisfied thee women. Gal does not protect it and did not care about the consequences of sex. Its main goal is pleasure.
We copulate at any opportune time for us. Periods sex sessions increase. I learned to hold back before ejaculation and prolong the pleasure of direct contact my restless member and hospitable Galina pussy. Sometimes she had several orgasms during intercourse and I'm enormously proud of his growing sexual abilities. Sometimes we pereebnutsya and short-circuited, without undressing, quick. By Yarema I'm his mistress for some reason was not jealous. With interest I listened to the rhythmic creaking of the bed and from the imagination of their copulation greatly excited. With difficulty waiting their turn and then fucked Yareminu wife violently and almost rude, that loved Gal.
It lasted less than four months. Galya faithfully taught me the basics of copulation, and she did not remain in the loser. Suddenly Yaremu summoned for some courses in the area, and his little wife at that time migrated to the regional center. Return Yarema clouded protracted disappearance of Gali, which caused a storm of emotions in a relationship inbreeding. I finish the story of her father's arrival, which dragged obveshanogo horns son in the nest under his personal supervision. Galya long disappeared from my sight. Only ten years later, I happened to meet her in a regional restaurant, where she served our table. She looked some faded wrinkles of her face had aged, and an abundance of cosmetics gave my first sex teacher vulgar kind. Galya did not recognize me and I did not stir the sweet burden of the past. More twists our life do not overlap. But the memory remained:

Salvation Gali

We are not the families were friends, sometimes just talked. Roots and Galya looked wonderful couple. It was nice to look at mutual love in their behavior, looks, touches: Roots finished college and he was lucky to get a job in the Drama Theatre chief electrician. Galya was proud of her husband's new position and is often visited him at work. Soon, she knew all the local bohemia in the face and gossip about each "cultural" Celebrity features. How and where it drew that information remains a mystery. However, her curiosity, her and summed.
One afternoon Galya calls me at work and excitedly asks to meet to discuss some issues. Himself Up, strained voice caller worried me and I immediately went to the meeting. Galya was waiting in the square, and she looked dejected, depressed. His problem is told in one sentence: "The roots mixed up with the actress and did not sleep at home". Puzzled reflecting on her words, I frantically analyze the situation and options for their participation in family affairs buddies. Not wanting to get involved in a triangular puzzle arose, but sparing Galya, I propose catch Korney at work.
Drama Theatre is a whole labyrinth of corridors, rooms and service. Without a guide to find "apostate" It proved to be impossible. Tired of fruitless wandering settled in the cafe "cultural center". Vipiteno wine does not ease tension opinion Ghali. She sosredochenno, unseeing, forlornly staring into nowhere. It was dark.
He finished his wine, I deduce drooping woman on the street and catch a taxi. Movement in Gali, like a rag doll, eyes extinct. I'm afraid to let her alone. Imagination paints a gloomy picture. And I make a decision.
The screen ... Small-family one-room (Gal son left his grandmother), exhibit on the table, the stuck on the way a bottle of vodka and unceremoniously rummage in the fridge in search of a snack. Galya was sitting on the couch and passively contemplate my trouble. If I could cry, I think it was easier to b. I chatted nonsense. Finally victuals on the table, vodka into glasses. Portions drums. Surprised examining a wine glass, Galya suddenly swing famously drained it and relish matyuknuvshis, announced: "-Today The first time to fool around!" With whom, I do not specify, guess.
A few munut Galya prepared bed and stripped naked, shyly slipped under the sheets. Psychology it has not coached for rogonosnyh acts, but an encouraging initiative. Bares her small breasts and slowly the whole pocheredno, then one, then another. Lips massaging nipples, caress her neck, earlobes. Budding slag has started up and demanded, pulling me over. I went into it with some fun outgoing anger and without delay, pump up intensely moaning girlfriend. Galya Odd selflessly and temperamentally. Her thin slim body trembles and writhes beneath me. Incoherent words and groans fly from his lips. She enjoys the first betrayal, new sensations, looseness and breaks to a head. Galya boost orgasm and he covers it with a hurricane. With such a temperament copulatory peak I encountered for the first time and miraculously remained unharmed. Defensively konvulsiynyh from unconscious strong hand grips and poluvampirskih kisses, losing love and fervor stock of sperm remained unspent.
After a respite novoopredelivshayasya rogovestnitsa gratefully smacking my lips, he flew off to the kitchen. The second round of lovemaking, warmed easy gourmet appetizer, was refined and relaxed. Galya hands caressed my body and thankfully looked into his eyes. I lifted himself on his elbows and looking to admire her beautiful body. Her lips were slightly parted, and one broke a barely audible whisper:
- Take me! (Even in bed Galya dignify me to you)
Such an order is required for any normal guy. I went to a woman with such force that if I break her hymen. Galya surprise cried and dug her nails into my back.
- Take me, take it, shall inherit me ...
Under the strong and sharp jerks her body shudders with pleasure at every member of the dive. She grabs my hips its slim strong legs and vigorously directed towards.
- I'm coming, and-and-and ... More, more, more!
Orgasm arched her body in an arc. His head fell back, his mouth hungrily enough air, pupils dilated so that brown eyes look almost black.
- Do not stop, do not stop ... Continue:
The second orgasm came immediately after the first. Opening his legs, Galina sighed:
- And now - slow down. I want to enjoy you.
We brought abyss of pleasure each other, exploring the body postures and variations nuances copulation. Thrice released my balls of sperm, and it took all of a tireless Galya. Toward the close of a joker and she was laughing like naughty schoolgirl. Like a child a toy to play with and teshilas member and could not stop. And do not let me go. Even opening the door, completely unaware of their nakedness, forced me to stay, because member "suddenly" She plunged in her sweet, restless crack. Adding to the remnants of the seed I had previously established reserves, staggering, I go out on the street the morning. Naked Gal from the window waving goodbye my hand. Her mental state is no longer bothers me.
Soon ochuhalsya Roots of love spells muse Melpomene and penitent view returned to the marital stall. family life improved, and flowed in the same way. Although Ghali family crack I had even glued a long time:


The third month soared in swing General "blockhead" perishing of the company fools. I am looking for orders for the company, nemeryannom drink, live without the regime, wages, sex: My pal stationary Lawrence - a man in years, the experience of worldly agromadnogo, through prospirtovanny and perfectly bald, always remain in full calmness and acquired wisdom: do not rush. Day, as usual, he brought us to the nearest diner. Almost empty dark damp room, cement floor, obschepitovskie speakerphone furniture, shabby counter and zadripany: graceful, regal deadpan muzzle with white kokoshnik and blue eyes. Completely indifferent to the environment, ie, me and Lawrence! In order to revive the queen-counter call her Helen is beautiful and life-giving water request, ie vodka for two former reaching the top, but the fallen members of the Order of Honorable Members! Abracadabra unexpectedly revived the idea in the eyes of the ruler of pub and she remembered us. On the third day we were chatting with her, like old friends. I knew about the Gal (Gal again!), Almost all: married, daughter Ira, unemployed lazy and pathologically jealous husband Oleg and nerd-in-law Galya (Galina again!). Both husband and mother-in-guarded honor Ghali, day and night. In-law worked in a diner, and Oleg "pass" husband from the corner "Hall"Lazily sucking beer.
Noting the continuation "total" controls, order "abundance" of counterfeit vodka and Vinigret. Lingering at the counter, rummaging in search of the little things and under watchful eye nym wife calmly expounding Gale, that the current situation dictates
the need to award a husband worthy of horns. For this he deserves his wages. Flashing eyes Galya counts and surrender: I agree. Offers whisper together create the conditions for this interesting design.
While vodka is absorbed, we plan to Lawrence ripens:
Tooth Galya suddenly fell ill, when in-law went to the city, the pub was empty and replace her husband could even behind the counter. Lawrence stayed to guard Oleg and I "displeased" View went start "Zhiguli".
"-An hour and a half"- Proceedings in the car "ill". I drove to the hospital ,: past the hospital and into the woods. He stopped among the ferns. The motor is switched off. Silence.
I turn to her and Galya lips greedily merge in a kiss. Breathing often excited. His hand on the thigh, between the thighs: It's hot! Hand under her panties, stroking the vaginal sponge, felt her clit. Sighs, lustful shivers. I remove all unnecessary, sidushka in a horizontal position, legs Ghali divorced. Member rams pants and cries of impatience. Quickly rid "the sufferer" and I spend a dickhead for moist lips parted. Once, more, more: moans and squirms, trying to quickly spread on the trunk. I enter slowly, slowly moving his lips along the member. Pleasant soft living warmth gradually captures the head and admits a member to the end. Kaif! A moment still introduce our bodies. Nerve endings member fused with Galina vaginal cells and pleasure literally overwhelms each other. Lyapota: Noise Forest. Quietly move my head, feeling the tender flesh iridescent sliding partner: Slowly come out of Gali, leaving the head in the arms of the hot lips: Again, I move the head caressing sponge inside: Quiet, predorgazmennogo kicks! Galya at the limit. Very caved in again trying to absorb the member. But I keep my body in sync and the head continues to stroke her hot mouth of the vagina, vulva and ... caressing the clitoris.
Sit down unexpectedly Ghali she happily groaning and covering my butt kicked, trembling and moaning in orgasmic stupor.
Half an hour later we enter the cafe. I carefully support weakened, with swollen (from gum) Galya cheek elbow. Husband looks inquisitively exploring wife and Lawrence carefully sticks to her chair, and a conspiratorial wink at me, splashing "sick" vodka. The operation was a success! But it is not over:


We Lawrence turned into welcome guests Ghali home. She convinced the household of our promising utility for Oleg possible employment. And we took the upper class. Moonshine was flowing river, zakus different image, and Lawrence with some sexual interest through his glass of vodka opolovinennuyu studied Galya-svekruhu.
Our Well-Galya barmaid sex were not frequent and they pre-marched complex combination preparations. But every time we fucked like a bud the first time.
Oleg and especially svekruha herded us relentlessly. They control every gesture and glance. And this game is wound up, warmed up the excitement and add enthusiasm. Flown or will fly!
Returning from the bathroom encounter with Galya.
"Tomorrow morning going to the city to aunt", -proronila It, as if by accident hooked hand trembling out of place member.
In the morning I took her to the middle of the crowded route Laza. And for good reason. On the final stop of Galya (following the instructions of Nurse) Oleg kept watch. We flew past "morality guardian" almost next door, and he saw a miracle we did not. "Zhiguli" dutifully delivered the body excited lovers to garages. And there are three garages neighbor poking around in their ruins! I omit sidushku Ghali horizontally, covering it with a blanket and give the face a mask of concern, open garage. I park the car, close the gate and: leave. Ten minutes later, back with iron things (for secrecy) and locked alone with the machine and Galya.
Copulate immediately. Wailing member breaks into Galya, like water in a meek sands of the Sahara. Legkovushki plaintive laments his fate, simultaneously responding to the bodily variations in the cabin. Spicy smell of a woman and sperm.
Changing posture, pace. Galya-rider. Gallop on the penis. Head thrown back, a silent cry of ecstasy skewed mouth spanned bowstring naked body, bunches of ripe drops titek beckon and promise:
Galya filled with my sperm as a cream cake. And still lust overwhelms us. It is unclear what is the source of strength. Almost without a break, we ram each other, and we can not get enough. Occasionally replenish energy sips of stale throat church bottle "Cahors". Orgasms just constantly shake lover, and finally overwhelmed her. My fighter was tired, too, and sheathed completely exhausted. Silence. The painful return to reality. It's time to leave, to go back into the world of games, pretense and lies.
I deduce girlfriend in the same way. Soot on the bus at the intermediate stop, having bought it previously needed to blezira urban consumer goods. Then she will play solo "Virgin" to households for their scenario. And so talented that they are obliged to believe her, though, and do not believe.
-Everything is fine - say Ghali eyes the next day.
-What will you drink, -They mouth Ghali, considering our Lavrenty swollen face.
Life, that is, The game continues.

Ghali, ticks:

Again guests at Gali. From fusel abundance we sailed Lawrence. The reason for the feast to Oleg. Together, it determined to work in our spot and a company with a salary of a laborer-that svoruesh, then yours. In the darkness of the street. Staggering walk out to the car and try to sit behind the wheel. Lawrence's body should be taken home. Suddenly sober pal almost hundred-ra-tor-but he announced that he would get the family on autopilot, but I can not risk it. Strangely, both Oleg and Gali unanimously supported it. All chorus rolled iron in the yard. Lawrence, determining the azimuth of the home, turned on the autopilot and majestically withdrew, after leaving a tuft on the cuff of his pants wicket. My living room was pushed back into the house. The feast continues:
I try not to drink almost intuitively anticipating the need to maintain at least a fragment of the mind in anticipation of future events. And they do not take long.
households Council identified my crushed by night on the couch in a narrow corridor between the bedroom young kitchen and pass half susche separately co-sponding svekruhi Gali and her father Peter. Last frail figure had repeatedly rubbed his unworthy Shirts, age Welcome to Don Quixote and voice poetisized eunuch. Skies and he disappeared after the first sip "okovitoy". In my memory imprinted Peter, as the shadow of the second hand.
Strongly stripped to his underpants dive under the covers. Cut down all the dreams and desires. Screw around contraindicated in such conditions. Very'm going to sleep:
And I dream that Galya straddled me and my member slowly then introduces himself, then let go almost to the end :, delaying prick in her hot lips treasures. Member derevyaneeet and preparing for praznichnym volley. I groaned: garjachego moist lips shut my mouth.
I am not sleeping. Galya busily prances on my rebellious unit, silently screaming, clenched mouth and hard nipples of her breasts rhythmically relate to my body. Blooming hair tickled his face. Status charming dangerous. Ebemsya frantically quietly listening to every rustle and sigh in the house. Ends pirates intense and focused, like a bud counting the beat of each sperm in their gaping vagina zevu and seeing each tadpole life in the womb, to the waiting egg. Have a good laugh lust, Galya noiselessly as a cat murmured to the family lodge, where peacefully snoring her chosen life.
Silence. Gauge sniff of sleeping people. Again, I fail to sleep:
- How can my nevestushka Mahal? Sweety on a stick? -svistyaschy Shepeta throws a handful of adrenaline in the brain and sleep blows like a fog. In the twilight of the room above me is white body-Ghali svekruhi. Ripe melon full titek almost touching my face. Intuitively, I grab the nearest nipple lips. Quiet splash of continuous modulation current "Prosecution" speech, but I do not perceive the content. Sluts desperate coward, without a man gone crazy and hide their own veiled rebuke. The nipple to my lips justified her hopes, but with joyful anticipation of the coming of copulation, the woman can not stop the verbal deluge.
Spend a warm hand on his bare thigh, wanted, curly bush oozing desire labia, clitoris stroked the mound. Interrupting the flow of words, Galya quickly straddled my hips and professionally planted on the insurgent member. Laborers do not let me down and started to diligently investigate another habitat, depth, and the upper floors of the vagina pulled hard. Copulating furiously, but silently, like two wrestlers in the ring. She falls and springy member almost with eggs hidden in its depths tainsvennyh. Lift, partner squeezes member vaginal muscles, as if reluctantly parting with him ... and gives me excellent enjoyment.
-Yeah, l think I -in this house in honor cavalry fun:
A rider is already on the crest and barely restrained from discharging. Slowing the pace of it tends to prolong the pleasure. But I'm starting the game. In the pauses, then slowly, then briskly move my head member, causing convulsions of lust response. Finally the woman breaks into the realm of orgasm! If not for the situation, she would howl in ecstasy and issued b an ancient victory cry! In reality, in the dark, watching the pantomime of the grimaces of pleasure for quite comely face sorokapyatiletney women. The body arched convulsively, and my hands hurt squeezed, caressed her breasts. Just screw the member Galia freezes in a tense posture. And then I explode, I push discharged into the depths of his mistress. The ecstasy hardly retain consciousness, so violently I react to the reaction partner. I want to please her and to leave a long memory. When another member of his aunt turned up:
Galya oklemalas from orgasmic shake briskly and is aimed at the continuation of relations, rhythmically nasazhivayas on deciduous member. These Gali probably treat me as kitchen utensils, but I'm exhausted. And the danger of the knife in the stomach or ax temechku becomes tangible. Exact poluudovletvorennuyu Matrona in the nipple and gently slap sent back to the room. As soon as her sad ass disappeared around the corner of the corridor, quietly dressed and clinking door Klyamko, relief deduce the car. The night wind cools the face, rustling road asphalt. The strange detachment from the bustle and quiet sadness at the next page of the inverted life.

Ah, Hope!
We met my wife. It was the middle of summer, full swing "struggle" for the harvest. The institution, where she worked spouse cheated on weeding of sugar beet in the sponsored collective farm, and in the evening I went for it. My wife asked for a ride and employee Nadia high busty girl in a thin short dress, from beneath which shone persistently strong shapely legs. Nadi unremarkable face, high cheekbones, a wide mouth and a sweet Scherbinka in the upper teeth. On the way I learned that Nadia is single, lives alone in a studio apartment, and her parents live in the village. We parted with Nadia with established mutual sympathy, which, however, his wife has not given value.
We have elevated rates in our small town at various events, or simply on the street. Exchange greetings, jokes, but no more. One winter I was driving home from the regional center on the outskirts of the city among the voters noticed Nadia and picked it up. She visibly shivering, and I offered her a sip of vodka. They drank together. We joking animatedly arrived late at night to our provincial towns. Breaking up is not wanted and park "Lada" of the forest belt, I took the remnants of vodka nemudrenyh snack. Half an hour later we eagerly kissing in steamy car, my hand cheekily Masta intimate place to place the girls, bringing us to the blue erotic heat. Imagine my surprise from Nadi recognition that it remains a virgin at twenty-six! Depriving an innocent young girl in unsanitary conditions, distress and discomfort seemed inhumane, we kiss enough to lipstick and blue separated until better times. These times came two days later. Inspired by the trip to slip in the maiden monastery. Hot kisses feast by candlelight battle unfolded on the couch. Score: zero-zero, not in my favor. Hardened years virgin did not give up under the pressure of my penis. Nadia was terrified of the pain and was tense, like a spring. I discouraged thinking about continuing the attack, and she was babbling something about the dissimilarity of characters. Secluded in the bathroom, studying cosmetic gadgets Nadi found some rich cream which generously greased osramlenny member. The trunk is a member and the head became so slippery that it is possible to ram through the keyhole of the ubiquitous eye curious neighbors.
In the bed and kisses her hands again, Nadia warm up to the necessary standard and am getting a member to the entrance of her guardian honor. She involuntarily tense, but I'm in no hurry. Slowly spend the head along the vaginal lips are gently passed it to film. Massage the lip member on the inside, she relaxes and moans she unconsciously tries to spread on a member. I contain it and continue to heat the light passes along the member eager sponges. Excited Nadia almost no control over himself and asks, begs to enter it. Member acquires iron strength and I go down sharply at the girl. Holler, motionless minute experience of pain and I'm starting to slowly wiggle member muscles, pelvis, spending dickhead poluvraschatelnye movement under the uterus Nadi. Member still resting in her womb, only the head examines the pristine treasure of the former (already) girls. The cream has appeared with some tannic additive, from which head of the penis almost lost feeling and I'm not looking for some, the seed valve controlled by the brain, not hormones. Pain in Nadi passed and she is experiencing an increase in the excitation of the member filled in, which gets up to the end of the dance of lust in the depths of her vagina. She moans and writhes and needs to fuck her in full. Dutifully doing the will of his mistress, and therefore the member begins systematic reciprocating work, and lip stick into hard nipples heaving breasts. Balde gave the feeling of the female body, and constantly drives it resilient member. Nadia suddenly stops. Hands hoop wound my body, and with the strength of my legs shrank, so that a member of the most immersed in the pussy. Nadi dangle head on the pillow, and she frightened and enthusiastic shouts: "-What is happening to me! What is it! .. Oh !!!". The body of the girl is shaken convulsions, after which she had long come to life. The first orgasm in my life! But how much is lost precious time for such pleasures flown for years: Nadia sadly aware of the senselessness of prolonged virginity and try to catch up. I have no doubt in this.

Friends wife

One day, in the rare moments of idleness, for some reason, I decided to review the friends of my wife. And surprised. And then I was horrified! It turns out that they shared part of her fate, ie, slept with me.
Since his marriage in my view there were three of her bosom girlfriend, Tatiana, Sveta and Alla.
First he attacked me Svetka- low, busty blonde. And from it, I like the least expected. It seemed, at first sight, she asks not sympathetic to the latter-day husband of his girlfriend. Or growth, I did not come out or it does not face my priglyanulas- until now do not know. I talked this "button" with me arrogant and condescending. In the eyes of disdain was read. Yes, and communicate with her did not want to. When I imitated Svetka employment and walked away from the contacts. And this vixen appeared frequently, even knowing that her friend is missing. I, apparently, showed no aversion to it, but it is perfectly read the actual opinion of himself in my eyes mocking. One day, waiting for my half from work, she asks priperlas three hours to four. Sitting on the sofa, trying to make a secular meaningless chatter. Stumbling on a group of interjections and monosyllables Tip, he began leafing through old magazines. It took me some tools lying in the couch, and I asked the maid to sit up. No reaction: I repeat the request. Zero attention:
Unceremoniously lifted Divan lager with the body hussy and rummaging in the tool drawer. Suddenly two Svetka legs wrap around my neck, so much so suddenly and tightly that captures the spirit! From the ceiling ... oxygen and awareness of the upcoming mating with the best friend of his wife. He turned the neck and the mouth portion of the life-giving air hvatonul. Hands threw uninspired glands and reflexively ducked under a brief yubchenku Svetka. Instantly gain horizontal position, legs parted, and in the small rukah- winning box pale blue panties. Giving up the banner of the enemy on the floor and sliding on his knees sportivki triumphantly hoisting a flag pole in ugotovlennoy his place. The whole procedure took the fight quickly and silently.