Tipping the weekend. Part 1

Almost a month ago, after graduating from the pedagogical, Natasha came in the direction of the school number 231, which was immediately due to lack of teachers assigned homeroom teacher in 10th grade "A". The first three weeks passed almost unnoticed. Meeting with the teaching staff and students, as well as the entrance to the course of affairs took a lot of time, but there were not a burden. But today, on the last school day of the fourth week, something happened that turned upside down the whole it seems to be a well-established longer life.
But more about that later. At eight o'clock in the evening, as it was said today, the bell rang. Natasha, in a short light dress with a deep cut on his chest, holding my breath, opened the door. Guy Schwartz & Garden (strangely it came to mind their nicknames, not the names) were on site at the open elevator. All three smiled, realizing that she was entirely theirs. Turning, Guy - "chapter" This trio - made Natasha gestured toward the elevator. Trembling, she took four steps forward and turned the rear wall in the elevator.
- Bend, Natalya Petrovna, - she heard Guy.
- Rest hands on the wall above his head, stand with your feet, and do not shout.
As soon as she did so, his hands Guy fell on her hips and slowly slipped down to the hem of his short dresses. Natasha felt fabric slid up, revealing views of men covered with white panties buttocks. That someone's hands holding the panty elastic, pulled them down as far as allowed her legs wide apart. Young guys throwing short replica and fingers almost touching his female genital opening, slowly, studied the naked lower body of his mistress. They "dolamyvali" her as a woman, to completely subjugate. Natasha forehead cold sweat: the bottom bare to the waist, she is cancer almost on the landing, allowing the three to his disciples to consider that it is between the legs. But the last drop of pride made her only quietly whisper:
- Faster please. Immediately people can go - and ...
She broke off as someone's hand lay on top of the back and two fingers to stay near her anus, buttocks pushed.
- Shaved clean, - Garden said.
His fingers slid down and a few seconds studied the genital opening of a young woman.
- And here is smooth, like a girl ... Come spread your buttocks ...
Natasha understood that they are not going to rush. After all, in front of the whole evening, the night and the whole Sunday for their fun with it. She was older than them for 5 years and this gave a peculiar piquancy fun that coveted its owners. A tear slid from the left eye on the cheek to her lips parted. Broken woman, severing hands from the elevator wall, grabbed the buttocks and spread them apart. Rear opening treacherously revealed, encouraging use of this provision. At the same time he heard the creak of a door opening upstairs, and she saw (between the legs) as the Garden unzipped his pants and pulled them from his swollen red cock.
- Up there ... - I started to Natasha, but here this term stared into her anus.
From above came the sound of a door locked with a key, and someone quickly began to descend the stairs.
- I beg you, dear ... All will make you wish - Abused woman pleaded in a whisper.
After a moment's pause, all four were in a closed elevator, which began to rise up. Dress Natasha sank, half hiding stuck on spaced legs panties. But that does not reassure her, because immediately the three pairs of hands began to walk with this same dress, using the fact that screaming woman did not dare to feel. She felt hands that examined her genital opening, stroking the buttocks, penetrated into the anus, which is why she had to shake her hips, as if nasazhivayas on someone's insistent fingers. And the sight of her eyes were Guy who, looking at her fixedly, fingered nipples protruding through the mother's breast bra and dress. So guys acquainted with the unfamiliar body millipara twenty-three other women, which would satisfy their many fantasies. A moment later, all four went down back, and went to her one-room apartment. Approaching the table, standing in the middle of the room, Schwartz jumped at it and missed by a hook on which hung a chandelier with rope handcuffs. Then, pushing the table to the window, the boys turned to his victim, watched with horror these preparations.
- Natalie, come here, - said Guy.
She meekly approached and held out her hands. When the snap handcuffs on her wrists, Schwartz pulled the rope so that the hands of Natasha stretched upwards, with his with her dress, from beneath which were visible panties petals. Garden stood in front of a woman and holding both hands on the collar dresses, jerked it down. Matter exploded immediately to the waist. Garden grabbed the top of the bra cups, and also strongly pulled down. The material did not yield, but both of a woman's breast popped out, bristling nipples in different directions. Men have seen broke out with the cheeks of their homeroom teacher. Smiling, Garden squatted down and tore the dress to finish quickly pulled him to the floor. His hands were trembling on the ankle Natasha's feet and slowly spread upwards - to the panties. And this piece of cloth slipping down her legs. After a couple of seconds and a bra that held her breasts slightly raised, she fell to the feet of the disciples. Completely naked woman wept quietly when they began to assess her body out loud. But through a veil of tears, she saw the bulging front of jeans. And suddenly, Natasha realized that she was pleased to see it. She looked up at the guy, who looked at the shaven triangle between its serried shapely legs and flashed that she was glad to remember that these youngsters like her body. They succeeded. Undressed her homeroom teacher naked, feeling the skim it and discussed it aloud "charms"They killed it reasonable woman and woke up the female, the longing of their absolute power over them. Boys, too, understood this. While Schwartz untied the rope and took off the handcuffs Natasha, kissing her on the lips, Garden unbuttoned his pants and placed next to a chair. Fulfilling his desire, liberated woman stood on a chair and sat in it on his haunches so that her breasts lay on his back. Closed their hands behind his head, she suddenly found herself in the large mirror trellis that Guy with Schwartz put in front of her. And at that time a member of the Garden ran into her anus.
- Do not go there - she turned to him and said quietly, Natasha, but Garden continued to do what he wanted.
His hands went to her shoulders and holding a woman in such a position, he introduced the term in her anus. She cried out softly, his eyes closed, and her little mouth remained open. Member slowly went out and again completely immersed in the widened rear opening, causing regular moans. The head was raped a buzz that it did not hear the closed curtains on the window and turned on the light. And only when the camera shutter clicked Natasha looked in dismay at Guy. But it was too late. Garden, fucking her, completely naked, in front of a mirror in a lewd pose through the anus was already captured for history.
- To oppose it is useless, - he stated Guy, going in front and sat down on the floor. - Better wider legs apart and smile at the camera.
It is impossible to count how many thoughts raced through my head ... in that moment, for Natasha. What happens in school? How it will go in their class? What will tell me? From this shock brought her another push into her Garden members. The legs themselves parted to the side until the pain in his groin. Burning with shame Natasha's face turned towards the lens, and a small smile when languid eyes become adornment next porn frame.
- Whether to continue this obedient - praised her and Guy, put his hand under the back of the chair, lightly padded broken woman hand between her legs.
Startled, Natasha sat up quickly and dropped her hands clasped them behind his hand. Sad Member froze it. The woman realized she had done what she could not do: it deprived them of the pleasure of seeing her in the position in which they put it. She quickly opened a hand over his head and dropped her breasts in his chair.
- Later, bitch, you will be punished - said Guy.
Schwartz went into the corridor, and a member of the Garden again went inside. Guy got up and going to bed, took off her handcuffs. Natasha heard it, but she did not have before: a member of the Garden convulsively twitching in her anus. She moaned as she suddenly felt terribly ashamed and sorry for myself.
- Boys, let me ... Are you a little of what I have already made?
Garden brought a member and went to stay in the same position Natasha front.
- And what did you give? I have not seen anything yet, - said went down with ropes in the hands of Schwartz. - Come on get down ...
Naked, Garden raped, the woman climbed down from his chair. Her movements were a bit unnatural, as extended sick anus. Guys want to first see the results of the work of the Garden. They set the table included under the chandelier.
- Lie down, Natalya Petrovna, breasts and ass up to the mirror, - said Guy. - Hands behind your head Establishments. We naruchnechki them ... so that you do not interfere with us ...
Natasha realized that these young males are amused with it as long as it does not bother them as a female. And no amount of persuasion will not help here. Sighing, she lay back on the table and started a hand behind his head. Guy snapped the handcuffs and, skipping rope under a table, tied it on hips lying woman.
- What do you want to do? - Natasha worried.
The answer she served as their actions. Schwartz and Garden, bending her knees, holding the ankle, separated on both sides of the table, while lifting her pelvis. Crucifix on the table woman trembled with fear felts, roofing felts of shame ... They not only do they have stripped it to the goal, raped and photographed in obscene poses, so now also, depriving it of the possibility to defend themselves, they launched a naked woman, so that all hides between her legs has been disclosed under the chandelier for public viewing and feelings. Both holes female legs in this position and opened in front of the guys from the anus sperm flowed White Garden. Suddenly the doorbell rang. He took Natasha from semiconscious state.
- Oh my God! - Natasha whispered, shaking now only fear.
She pounded her eyes scanned the students who continue slowly to look at everything that was between her divorced feet. Neither Sad nor Schwartz did not pay attention to this call. Moreover, without changing the position of her legs, Schwartz lowered his other hand on her genital opening and began to pull at her clitoris with your fingers. Shame and anxiety mixed in with a woman feels when languor Garden in addition began to feel her breasts, lingering on the nipples quickly. Start all over again Natasha made a ringing call.
- I'll get it - calmly told Guy, and, to the horror of the crucified on the table naked groping women, I went into the hall.
Schwartz became even stronger pull at her clitoris with his strong fingers, causing distraught from his position Natasha moaned in time realizing that you can not scream. But guys, it seemed, that it wanted. Looking into her eyes, Schwartz began a strong squeeze the clitoris, and the Garden began to twist her swollen nipples. There was the sound of the door opening. Natasha, teeth clenched, silently struggled in their hands, not being able to stop them from torturing their female organs. The front door slammed, and entered the room Guy, leading by the hand ... Lena. Natasha was just shocked by the appearance of his pupil.
- Hello, Natalya Petrovna, - as if nothing had happened greeted first-class beauty.
The situation is ... to strip to goals, young beautiful homeroom teacher on the table with his hands tied and divorced legs wide apart, and three boys - students paw between her legs in front of the mirror, looking at allowing her shaved genitals everywhere. At this point enters the girl - a pupil and greets ...
- Say hello - said Garden, slowly spending his hand on the breasts naked mistress.
- Hello Lena, - forced a ready to burn with shame, Natasha.
The girl, as if nothing had happened, went to the table by the widely divorced feet to feel the teacher and looking at her face, she began to pull at her clitoris.
- What are you doing? - Natasha pleaded.
- I want to bring you to ecstasy in their presence, - Lena said, not looking up from the case. - You're a teacher? So show them beautifully how the discharge in young women. By the way, it is better you raise your feet higher.
The last phrase was intended to guys, and garden with Schwartz made it. Knees tortured touched the ears and chest, doctored Guy, is now stuck between her legs in the vicinity of the stimulated clitoris. All genitals Natasha is now owned by this quartet. Languor through her body. Lena knew what she was doing, and Natasha was not in a position to be indignant again when the camera clicked again Guy, fixing everything that was going on between her legs from under the chandelier rasklyachenoy women. And the last shots have been a miracle: Natasha shuddering hips, shaking in ecstasy legs and white liquid flowing from her genital slit and flowing on the rear hole on the table ... The light fell on her open her eyes wet with tears, and her head was process:
"Yes, I'm exhausted before their eyes by clicking the camera. Yes, I can not prevent them to consider their swollen clit, and both wet hole between her legs. Yes, they are free to pat me on the thighs and breasts. Yes - because they are now my home, and I just - stripped to the goal of a woman. And they can do with me whatever they want. And I will take the most shameless posture just so that they can enjoy these views and make a few good shots, which then will be able to see the other".
- Good! - Agreed to the guys holding the feet of Natasha and untying her hands.
- Go to the bathroom and podmoytes well - ordered her homeroom teacher Lena, starting to unbutton her skirt. - And then continued education of children.
Covering his hands stuck to the hole, Natasha slipped from the table and quickly went into the bathroom. Schwartz, grinning, followed her and locked the door behind him. It could not be washed away with the pupil, even in spite of all that they have done with it. But he abruptly turned her face to the sink, bent, propped woman on his breasts and arms, lifted her right foot on a side ... the bathroom and dumped his cock easily entered her hot sex gap.
- Ask aloud that I fuck you, - he said, and suddenly introduced two fingers into her anus, still moving in a member ...
Lena remained in shorts and bra when the bathroom were heard plaintive cries classroom teacher with a request that the Schwartz raped her. Guy and the Garden, before which the young girl slowly undressed almost to the goal, smiled.
- I'll go do Schwartz "this" interesting, - said the garden, away into the corridor.
Left alone, Guy and Lena became close. The girl bent, took off her panties and lay down in front of a guy on the floor. Guy walked slowly around her and stood at the head, unbuttoned his pants. Then he sat down at her as his cock entered her exposed pout lips and face was close to her hymen coated genital opening. Slowly sinking cock deep into the girl's mouth, he looked like, revealing the fingers of one hand view of the stubble for him, the other fingers she began to torment her clitoris. So fucking a young girl in the mouth, Guy watched her tormented his penis for his pleasure. To complete the effect, she lifted her legs up, spreading them in the process in hand.
Natasha Schwartz begged to fuck her again and again, when he opened the door to the Garden. He saw that Schwartz busy two holes of a naked woman. But there were still her breasts and mouth. Garden climbed into the tub and turned the hair Natasha to face him. Schwartz continued to fuck with sex gap and fingers to expand the anus of his homeroom teacher, making the latter harboring breath and moaning. Garden sat down in a dry bath and Natasha pulled her so that her mouth was next to him, and breast drooped over the bath between his legs within reach of his hand. Tortured have two young boys, a naked woman was forced to have his hands behind his head again. Garden, meanwhile, began to play with her breasts, crushing and pulling them down over her nipples and passionately kissing her ...
After some time, Schwartz finished it, and washed his hands, and a member, came out of the bathroom. A few minutes later, have a good laugh with him unresisting breasts naked woman came out of the bathroom and garden. Natasha was left alone ...
Who is it for them? Homeroom teacher? No - two clean-shaven holes between widely divorced for their convenience of the legs plus a small mouth, although not used them yet for its intended (in terms of men) designation - the adoption of ejaculations of their members. A wave of despair swept over again Natasha. Yes, this Lena ... let the water in the bath, the young woman began to wash, neat and straight from the tin to continue to meet these young people who were interested to have some fun with it.
Entering the room, Garden saw that Lena was completely naked on all fours in front of sitting on the chair Guy who fingered her girlish breasts and Schwartz held at the same time raised above the head of her hand. On the girl's face were traces of male sperm. Seeing Sade, Guy pushed the girl away. Do not resist, Lena had fallen on his back, arms and legs to the side garden, standing over her, looked at her private parts and breasts. Thick red saying that she did not regret itself, to satisfy the desires and Guy Schwartz. Dressed quickly after the garden to admire lying between his legs on the floor young naked females, Lena started to leave.
- Where? - I asked her garden.
- I just tell everyone from the school of Natasha and back, - she said.
Garden looked at Guy and Schwartz. Night and Sunday with a woman performing all their whims, promised to be supererotichnymi. After a few seconds only guys left the room.
- Here "schoolroom". Pofotografiruem it yet - Schwartz suggested. - And then with her dinner.
Sitting on the couch, Guy & Garden turned their eyes to the door, where their comrade appeared, and together neighing. Schwartz was carrying a naked woman, grabbing her hands on her thighs and parted them to the side, making the whole crotch was paraded Natasha.
- Come on, Natalya Petrovna, show your feminine charm - Guy said, pointing a finger at her genital opening.
Rasklyachennaya Schwarz hands feet from lounging on the couch of their students, homeroom teacher fingers of both hands gently spread her labia apart, exposing their private parts for a more detailed inspection. With a minute and Ki Garden, leaning forward, groped back and front openings disclosed woman, touching the fingers Natasha's hand, which she flaunt.
- And now we will be photographed for memory, - said Schwartz, putting a woman on the floor.
Following the wishes of seventeen men, young woman pulled the legs black stockings, wearing black high heel shoes, I have made up the mirror, her hair and climbed into a white kombinashku.
"Lord, what do I do? Worse than prostitutes. That only it is given, and then - for the money. And I? The guys wanted to meet with the female body. I wanted that young, but already matured woman, not a girl, undressed in front of them before the goal. I wanted to touch her breasts and nipples. I wanted to see what a mature woman between his legs, to touch it all. In the end - it wanted to rape her bare different, interesting ways to monitor. And all this they achieve from me! Woo blackmail! The story, which took place at the school six years ago, was continued ..."
These thoughts flashed in Natasha's head while youths photographed her in his arms, kissing her and putting her in naughty poses frank, revealing all her feminine charms. Allowing your body to dispose of the woman, meanwhile, recalled that happened to her in the ninth grade ...
It was customary duty in the classroom after school. A friend was sick, so Natasha was left alone to get out. Everything was as usual, but suddenly in the class quickly came nine tenth. The door immediately closed on the lock. Guys quickly surrounded aback Natasha. One got included with the camcorder on a table on them and started shooting. Just eight pairs of hands began to undress the girl. Two held her hands and two, sat down, clutching her calf, making it impossible to resist. The remaining unbuttoned her dress and pulled it over his head. Then, without looking at her twitching, lifted combination. Harried glance Natasha hit the camcorder lens at the moment when someone undid her bra and a few hands, entering under him, walked through her girlish breasts ...
...She just gasped, cross-legged pants when it began sliding on trembling legs. After a few seconds, stripped to the goal under the lens camcorder girl was in the center of the circle under the eyes to the side departed guys. Natasha instinctively covered his hands chest and genital opening, but the guys again quickly returned to her. Watchful Eye video camera has recorded as eight guys paw naked girl, surrounding it on all sides. Resistance was impossible. The boys touched her everywhere. They groped breasts, fingering her nipples, diluted leg side and penetrated between the buttocks to the anus, making their way between the legs to the genital pore and studied it for a long time. Natasha tried to stop them again. Then the guys putting it back on the teacher's desk, bent her knees and spread them wide apart. Sexual and rear holes on the table ... crucified naked girls were now at the disposal of the young men, who immediately began to undress. And here is the first naked guy came up behind him and lay down on it, and, breaking through the hymen, introduced his penis into the girl's hot bosom.
- No! - Burst out of her mouth, but his kiss closed her lips.
The camera recorded the sexual act and the four assistants, holding Woman in the correct position on the table. Following another three of them went to Natasha and fucked her while the other paw her breasts and examined at intervals extended wet womb. Then they put her face to the table, forced to bend forward to touch his nipples and those who did not fuck her yet, did it slowly turns into a rear opening, pulling it toward you for chest ...
It has been six years, and Natasha had almost forgotten that terrible day, but fell to Guy that videotape, which was recorded all that they have done with it then tenth. And what now? Unable to refuse, she poses in front of the camera lens, allowing his students to denude themselves wherever they want. Here, it is now put on all fours, to deflect the nipples touch the floor and lift up kombinashku back, exposing both of her holes. Here Garden spreads to the sides of her legs in black stockings and expands the already wet fingers on permanent touch sex gap. A moment later Natasha hears the click of the camera shutter. The next frame, on which one of the students has a sexual organ of his homeroom teacher, ready!
- Well, Natalia, that's enough, - said Guy. - Dress Dress is now output to the skin. Now come the guests. Let's have some tea.
- Who! What for? - Natasha stood out in the eyes of tears.
The answer she served grin Garden. So, she would undress in front of others, and his disciples, who will want to see her naked. It will lie on the table with divorced in hand for the convenience of their feet, and they will be looking at it from all sides, to feel her sex hole and penetrate it with your fingers. And it will have to be discharged before their eyes, so they can see how it happens in women ...
An hour later, Natasha drinking tea at a table with Guy, Schwartz, Garden, Lena and who came with her moss, Pete and Peter. Last looked at her with interest, do not hesitate to look at all of her figure. Apparently Lena has told them that the classroom teacher will meet tonight all their desires as a woman. Therefore, Natasha seemed as if she's naked, even though she was wearing a nice short blue evening dress. She does not even removed her black stockings and shoes with heels.
- So, let us zoology - Lena broke the silence, sitting across the table from their homeroom teacher. - Natalya Petrovna, undo and show the children her breasts.
Natasha stopped in surprise. No, this can not go on. She jerked her gaze to the Ki ... and her hands reached for the buttons themselves. Film...
Dress unbuttoned to the waist, humiliated woman pulled out first one breast and then the other. Guys, with bated breath, looked at the horns sticking out the sides of nipples, and Lena, beating around the table, pulled her dress from her shoulders Natasha, exposing it with the top to the waist. Future man sat back, watching as she laid a hand of a woman over her head and began to stroke and feel her breasts. Natasha was hard to breathe. In front of students pupil teacher caressed her half-naked, giving them a very spicy spectacle. For horns and her nipples swelled beneath their views.
- Spread her legs - Lena ordered and sat beside Natasha Guy and Pete, his hands resting on top of a stocking the teacher, lit in the side of the leg examined women, as far as possible to its sheath.
Moss Garden and quickly carried the table to the window. At the request of the Lena Natasha lay on her back on the floor. He sat down on his haunches beside the girl section of the woman, leaving her only stockings and shoes. Perched on chairs around the boys watched as their classmate stretched apart and hands, knees bent, feet bare teacher and plunged four fingers into her bosom, twisting fingers of the other hand on her nipples. Natasha cried out of shame and powerlessness. Here it is, stripped to the goal, lies between her students that the top and looking at it from all sides and discuss how it reacts to caresses Lena. About two minutes later the pelvis of women rose on shaky legs on the field, and she eased her fingers on the girl in front of the six excited boys.
- Feet together not reduce - Lena told her, taking the wet fingers from the hot sex hole homeroom teacher.
From there, once I posochilas white mucus, and the girl got up from the pelvis, lifted her legs up so that enhanced sexual hole and back hole again reddened with shame women were considered like the top.
- Now, in turn, bring her to orgasm, - Lena said. - May be reduced to a pulp at all before you want to have fun with it.
Natasha darkened eyes. Each of these students are now for your joy will bring it to discharge, and then will be something else. No! She was jerked, but guys like waiting for this and then pressed her hands to the floor, and pulled up his legs so upwards and sideways, both holes were near the pelvis sticking to the sides of the breasts. Hand Guy fell on warm genital opening rasklyachennoy women and, looking into her eyes, he began to bully female, fingering her clit and fingers penetrating deep into the womb. Three minutes later, the woman jerked the pelvis, and a trickle of warm fingers hit the guy. Guy took his hand, giving an opportunity for all to see, both from overworked hole flowed white mucus. As Natasha was no longer up to the resistance, the guys stopped to hold her, and sat on the floor around her. As soon as the woman calmed down, his fingers already Moha slowly climbed into her hot wet hole, and Peter began to drive the index finger on the teeth in her mouth half-open. Heaving chest homeroom teacher disappeared in the palms and Lena Schwartz. Garden wider spread her lying on the floor straight legs in black stockings and shoes, and Pete took a few shots from the top down on their side ... A naked woman was discharged five times. Five times, moaning in pain, she rolled on the floor with his eyes closed and mouth wide open, and her female organs spewed white mucus. With bated breath, the boys touched and looked at the two holes of his naked teacher during her discharges. When was the last time Natasha has calmed down, with the Garden Guy lifted her off the floor and dragged him into the bathroom, as she herself could hardly stand on his feet.
Here Lena noticed that the views of the remaining guys in the room literally pulls off her clothes. Hands girls themselves drawn to the hem skirt and slowly pulled up her to her stomach. Approached close behind Peter ran his hands in his pants classmates and lowered them to his knees and began to stroke her girlish bosom. Pete deftly unbuttoned her blouse and small breasts fell out of her bra, began twisting both nipples.
- Stoney and licks his lips, - heard Lena and immediately complied.
Guys caressed give them a Woman, do not hesitate to ask her about it tested at different caresses sensations. For some time, they compared the girls' genitals to women who owned it before. "heating up" classmate, Peter put her in front of him on his knees. After a moment the face of Lena stood his swollen member. Shading her eyes, she reached out to him and gently kissed his lips shiny head. Member shuddered. So ... not opening his eyes, the student continued to light touch lips and tongue to please someone in the class. Meanwhile, Pete crouched behind her slowly took off all her clothes and began to drive the girl's hands on the naked body ...
At the age of sixteen Lena undressed to a goal in front of the men and boys more than a dozen times. Even in the eighth grade at the zoology lessons that led weird old lady, almost never looking at the class, Garden, sitting back, wringing her hands behind her back under his desk, allowing Guy freely, for all to see, slowly remove her entire clothes. Not being able to scream and fight, the girl was crying silently, until a neighbor's party take his belt on her dress unbuttoned and her bra in front of all my classmates, took it down, quietly fiddling with her small breasts. Then the whole class, with bated breath, watched Guy lifted up her dress to her, get to her panties and climbed into their hand. While hand Man bulging front pants girl deathly silence broken only by the class teacher and the monotonous drone of noisy breathing feels half-naked schoolgirls.
And Lena Simon came to such a life through his father. Sometimes, when she was still young, he came home with two or three tipsy, like himself, cronies and began hunting for her mother. Drunken men drove the woman in the corner and, leaning on it, groped her breasts, long something in turn made hands in the pants between her legs, why she pursed her feet and cried a lot. Then the eyes of the girls it slowly stripped from the wall to the goal and for some time looked at from all sides, and then usually cut down on the floor and fell beside her. Their bodies are obscured by a naked woman, and somewhere in half an hour doing something hands between her legs. All this was accompanied by her irregular noisy breathing and cries:
- No, not there ...
After that, despite requests to withdraw a daughter raped, they fucked her in different poses in front of the child, causing then to suck the remains of white mucus from their members. Such an orgy with her mother Lena repeated from year to year as long as the girl did not turn into a girl. It was then that my father and started her sex life. Began to undress in front of goal "guests" father, when three or four men were pouring it on the table and tore her all the clothes, drove her hands between her legs, breasts groped and kissed her all. Further more. And now, when a trickle of sperm hit from Peter member in her mouth and fingers Pete sank deep into the two holes between her legs, Lena did not feel any shame ...
Guy entered the room and garden, leading by the hand podmytuyu Natasha. A young woman tortured discharges, hardly moved his feet, oblivious to their nakedness. It was already one in the morning.
- Let's go to school - Schwartz suggested. - There are now all night - a disco ... Alumni Meeting. And there we all ...
- Similarly, - I picked up Guy. - And earn some money. After all, Natalya Petrovna is now so eager for a male ...
An hour later, Natasha was lying on his back on the banquette in the men's locker room near the gym where music blared. She was lying with hands tied behind his head in his underwear, and crowded around the boys from different classes. And where it does not cast a glance - from all sides the curious eyes of the future of men literally took off her bra, through which shone the swollen nipples, and soaked with sweat and mucus panties. High school students are located mainly on the part of its attention with slender legs and slowly saw scantily clad teacher.
- Natalya Petrovna, - broke the tense silence of the voice of Guy. - You see, the guys want to know you as a woman. Bend your knees and spread them apart.
Natasha gasped. Tears came to her eyes. The boys saw the tense, hugging each other, her legs in black stockings. She suddenly realized what would happen next. At first, these boys divorced her hand and feet will be treated and feel her buttocks. Then someone's hand will delay gum panties, opening on a review it shaven front opening and a locker room quickly filled with the smell of ready-to-female sexual intercourse. While part of the guys will keep her legs and pelvis, someone has put off her panties at all. At the same time removed from the breast bra, nipple which will be treacherous to reach for the boyish hands. The last pulled off her black stockings - like a prostitute, and in the hands of boys will squirm completely naked young woman trying to cover up their hands and pervasive views. But she did not succeed. Grabbing her ankles and knees, guys will give her such a position that their eyes will be opened both of her holes already overworked. Many hands fall on her body, and will long to feel her breasts and between the legs of iron. Their fingers to penetrate her anus and it will expand the sex gap, from which immediately posochitsya mucus. Her lips will be merged in a long kiss with some, while others will enjoy her naked body. Students learn about the soul of his teacher, fingering the nipples of her breasts and walking hand between her legs. Then the elders expelled from the small locker room. Naked teacher put on a banquette at the knees, and holding tightly her head, hands and pelvis begin to rape. The woman will certainly fight hard in the hands of boys, but their members will inevitably enter into its wide genital pore and its movement causes her moans ...
Then Natasha seemed to come back to reality and realized that while these thoughts occupied her head, guys are not idle. Stripped to the goal, it was on the floor on all fours, with legs wide apart and odinnadtsatiklassnik Phil, standing behind the knees, slowly fucked her in front of others. His hands were on her hips and pulled her to the member so that the hanging breasts swayed back and forth, the nipples on crawl Schwartz outstretched palms. Just a couple of minutes of a naked teacher Phil satisfied before the last time he planted it with the power on his spear and powerfully discharged into it. The young woman could not suppress a groan escaped from her parted lips. Phil also came up to her front, suddenly lifted her hair and using it Ach, put it in your mouth limp tool. And then, suddenly stilled students, homeroom teacher of the 10th grade, looking up in the guy's eyes, she began to suck his cock, his balls over hand. Surrounded by the pair of students excitedly at each other, realizing now the reality of his power over the woman.
...When high school students saw a month ago, a new young teacher, they drew attention to her as a beautiful woman and the lessons in their minds wandered such thoughts, from which she would immediately soaked panties. And their daring dreams come true. In the school locker room they did not resist stripped Natalya Petrovna to the goals and were surprised to find that all of their interest in her field she shaved the girl. No hairs around the genital slit and the rear opening. At this time, the young woman was as if lost in thought, and nothing prevented 16..17-year-old boys to surround standing in front of them naked 23-year-old woman and ex acquainted with its charms. And when pressed on her shoulders, they sat her on his haunches with his back to the wall, lit it in the side of the knee, and every one of those present in turn moved his hand between her legs, poterzal its rear opening and penetrated her fingers in her sex gap, it became clear that limit their desires will be no end. It is one thing - to undress before the goal after lessons resisting peers - a girl, holding her crucified on the desk, take a picture of it on the part of the legs ... and then make fun of her naked. Another thing - to remove all clothing from the 23 year old ex-teacher and slowly get acquainted with the already-formed women's bodies, without meeting with any resistance. So which came not even a naked woman were attached to such positions, in which the boys were comfortable feel her breasts, stroking elastic stomach twisting swollen nipples, horns, fingering clit, irritate the rear opening ... Especially they like to introduce two of the three fingers in her wet slit and extend her legs Natasha shook with the strain, and had to keep her lying on her back on the banquette with cocked to the side and legs. And she, almost unconscious, in the buff, to crawl the pelvis, trying to free his private parts of their grasping hands, resulting in considering these and tormenting her delight ... After ten minutes, enjoying the torment of naked women, the guys decided to satisfy his lust and vanity. That is when Phil started to fuck her, Natasha, and walked away from his dark thoughts. And now the teacher naked, kneeling in front of his student, sucking his cock, recently emptied her womb. In her left leg from the front holes oozing their total mucus. And Natasha produces mouth clean tool Phil again kneels down, leans forward and twisting the fingers of one hand the nipple, bends, and introduces a couple of fingers himself in the rear opening. Students frozen: completely naked young woman caressing herself on the floor in front of them ...
The end of the first part. To be continued.