Hello everybody. You probably know me I hope. Here you decided to write a new story and look forward to your estimates and statements. Email me at the address, I will wait for your letters, I will answer all the possibilities. Also looking for friends and friends of interest to the dog, well, you know what I mean, we share tips, letters, stories, istoriyami.Eta story happened in the summer, when the sun was hot so strongly that I wanted to undress and throw off all my clothes. Marina was the name of our heroine, was still a young girl: a little boring, very skinny, dark long hair, which was slightly below the shoulders and chest of the second size. Was it a little more than 14 years, and like all the girls dreamed of a prince, was still a virgin, and she loved to masturbate under a blanket when went to bed. She loved to penetrate with a finger in her ass and rubbing his kisku.Ona went to her grandmother in the village on a summer vacation and have a good time with my friends went to discos, in bars and walked late at night. She stood for a long time with his girlfriend at her fence and chatting, they ran past the neighbor's dog - a huge Alabai (her future lover). They said goodbye, and she went home on the street. She badly wanted to go to the toilet to pee. She pulled down her panties, spread her legs and started to write a thin stream, watering the ground beneath them. She heard a rustling behind him and terribly frightened, thinking it was someone talking and turned around. It was the neighbor's dog, and watched as she wrote. She stroked it and continued to squeeze off his urine. The dog began to fawn to her, began to poke the muzzle in her crotch, his only girl drove away. The dog began to growl and persistently stick to it she was frightened and began squatting barely go to the fence trying not to startle the dog and that he did not bite. The fence Marina saw a hole and thought: "I climbed right now and I will be in my garden, and quickly come running home" .She put her head and torso in the hole, and the priest, which was broader and was not able to crawl and Marina got stuck and ended up trapped she tried to climb back, but ran into the nails and her dress caught easy and she realized that, still standing on all fours, skirt tangled in nails and Marina was afraid to twitch, so as not to break up, she could not move neither forward nor back in. I caught in his own trap. She calmed down when he heard a dog growl and came to ney.Alabay sucked air and his nose began to sniff her crotch bulged her ass. Marina began to try to get out, but she could not. The dog licked her foot to the inside, he ran his tongue over her thin Belenky panties, revealing her virgin pisya and buttocks. Marina stiffened in surprise, but his tongue made her involuntarily relax. The dog began to lick her panties with a bang, causing them mokret eyes. With her pussy juices began to flow out of love, and her panties could just squeeze. So good she never had, and she involuntarily arched her back and looked like a very young bitch, over which employs doggie. Alabai stronger than all began to lick her through her panties, enjoying her helplessness, and the girl has closed its eyes and just quietly moaning: she was crazy about his language, which was opening her panties. Girl wanted more: it is more spread her legs, and put forth his hand back, pulled off her panties, revealing ALABAY access to her young still virgin pussy. The dog as if waiting for this, he began to lick her pussy, pushing her tongue sexual sponges, soaking the anal hole with his saliva. Marina whimpered with pleasure, it is strongly bent, and the widest possible spread her legs, to her doggie could better lick her pussy. Her pussy juices just poured and feeding Alabai: juices were so many that they are thin stream trickled down his thighs, forming a brilliant tracks. Marina closed her eyes and enjoyed every minute, she could not move and was caught, but it is not chased away from the dog itself, but on the contrary was getting excited and excited. She was just thrilled with his licking and moaning softly and asked not to stop, but to continue faster and deeper. Alabai his rough tongue lead up to her pussy insanity, she got into her secret depths, stretching and wetting it, ready for more. Alabai stop licking her, and Marina began to beg him to continue. You should see her now her friends had used did not believe that it can continue to ask the dog to lick her pussy. Alabai jumped at it as a bitch ready to mate with a male. Marina did not understand what he wants: first she was delirious. A Alabai meanwhile just comfortably settled on her top and firmly clamped her legs. When Marina came to herself, it was too late, and so it was trapped in the suction hole, and then there's the dog gripped her, making it impossible to move. She felt that by its entry in the pussy something rested, it was something very hot and a fat. She realized that it was a member of the dog, she cried and tried to move his legs and tightened, preventing him to get into the holy of holies in her virgin pussy. A member of Alabai has completely got out and dangled big stick under belly and terrified by its size. And it was just awful for deflowering little inexperienced girls. How could such a club can get into its narrow and small pussy yet no one showdown. Member really was beautiful: full 30cm long and 15cm thick in girth. He was covered in red wreaths and at the end of the beveled and with drops of juice that dripped from him, he was ready to climb up to the end in this bitch. Member began to slowly push into young pussy, and Marina felt every millimeter that was part of it, and could not do anything. Her hymen could not stand the pressure and treacherously broken, a member with the strength and speed he flew to see 10 young body, causing Marina screamed and tried to escape, but the dog held her and, realizing that the longer he has no barriers began to move member stringing Marina to your thick and long fallos.Ps moved his pelvis, penetrating deeper and deeper into the young body. Marina stopped crying, began to moan in time with his movements, and the dog did not lose time and tried to shove his cock fully in Marina. The girl felt that her body was torn into two parts, a member, a member penetrated by 20 cm, and it seemed to her that he already gets to the throat and just sobbed and squealed underneath. She realized that while he did not fuck and do not finish, he will not let his bitch and Marina was hurt. But her body demanded sex, dick went long strokes, stringing it all the stronger and already pressed on the inside. Marina decided to help the dog: parted legs and more bent, then a member of practically flew into it, why Marina put her head on his elbow, which was on the ground and enjoyed every movement of his penis in itself. Thick long and full member in the juices are already fully immersed in it, stringing one blow, causing the girl to weep and mumble from it. Member of the almost completely out, and then all went into the pussy 30cm Marina a strong and long stroke. Sexual lips tightly encircled him on return and, a little twisted on impact, bringing her supper fun. Marina even more parted legs, taking dick all without a trace. A dog all stepped up the pace, driving member stronger and stronger in the very depths of the vagina, uterus pressed on, blow on it, the girl even stronger vyla.Alabay had it swoops enjoying her fate, fucked her without pity as the last bitch. Marina had already lost track of time, but only had finished and finished, clutching a member of the vaginal muscles. She asked not to stop the dog and continue to harder and harder to fuck her ass instinctively began to push his penis, thus he began to enter deeper and stronger than help ... and how could your dog lover. "You should have seen it now mom "- she thought, -" knew that her daughter bitch hungry member ".E thoughts were interrupted shout: this woman called Alabai home from a neighboring house, but the dog did not even think to leave, but only became all the stronger to fuck e.- Alabai , Alabai - screaming woman - come to me my psik.A Alabai began barking, as if calling her to him. Marina did not know what to do it now can be caught during fucked with the dog, and she began to twitch. But Alabai would not let her, his cock began to grow and took monstrous proportions. Marina became harder to howl, and the dog still nailed cock in her, her pussy was burning with fire, legs shaking, body torn to pieces by his punches. He clung to her that there are forces and his unit began to grow into young pussy, extending it to the limits. Marinin crotch began to grow on the site and has already hung. Marina was afraid to look down. She came to the castle with the dog and have never been able to b used to escape from under him. Alabai member has moved in it and could not get out, her pussy tightly around his lower assembly and not allowed to leave. And milked it sucked him and asked him to cum. The woman took a flashlight and, calling Alabai, came to the door and went in the direction of the girl. Marina realized that it is doomed. The dog began to finish, burning her insides, and pumped her with his sperm. Sperm were many, it is a trickle became a drain on the legs devochki.Zhenschina shone towards the dog and seeing that he fucks someone, went to him with the words: - Ah, wretch. And what about your mamochka.Podoydya closer she saw that it was not a bitch and a girl. Already standing with him in the castle. Coming closer and illuminating place fucked she realized it was her neighbor maloletochka Marina. Alabai meanwhile cranked and started her backside and began to bark, seeing the mistress. A woman came up, patted the dog, sat down, checked the castle fortress and began to rub the crotch Marina, why the girl had finished and again barely standing on karachkah.- You probably terribly pleased with him - said Zhenschina.Marina shook her head, as I could not speak. The woman went over and fotikom sfotkala Marina in the node with the dog saying: - You're his bitch. And not only ego.Chlen dog Opal and flew to squelch pussy legs flowed sperm, forming a puddle. Elena was the name of the woman helped the girl freed from the trap, and led her to his home. Walking, Marina felt the legs of pussy cum dripping dog mixed with her juices and blood. When he came home to Elena, she sat on the edge of a chair and did not know what to do. How to go home she now knew it was a woman taynu.Elena 27y.o., not married, lived alone and was also zoofilochkoy with the experience, seeing the girl, she finally found a girlfriend for sex with her pets. Helen took off her robe, under which there was nothing, went to the marina and began eagerly to kiss her. Marina said her affection. She section girl, and they went on a thick carpet and began to fondle each other. They lay in position 69 and lick pussy, bringing crazy fun. Elena liked this young bitch always ready for sex. She stood up, walked over to the nightstand and pulled out a double dildo. He was slightly less than that of Alabai, but too large for 28cm on each and plump. They both started on all fours ass to ass, and Elena has introduced one end of a second in a broken-down pussy Marina and sharply pressed against her ass. All 28cm entered the girls' bodies, and they began to wiggle, tap ass and strung themselves on the penis. The room was filled with cries and moans sighs yelps. And the girls just stepped up the pace and speed, twisted her hips and moved out on a limb. Marina was the end, forgetting everything, barely put her hands on the floor to keep from falling, and felt the moving member in her, bringing her to distraction, forcing more and more to finish. Elena, having finished, wanted anal seksa.Oni both stood up, and she took Marina to the toilet and made her an enema, washing it, and themselves they came into the room and began the most interesting stage of sex. Opening the door to the room, entered two dogs, two dogs. Already coached on fucking with the girls, and began to rub near their bitches. Marina realized that she was a bitch today one of the dogs. Two girls started on all fours, and Elena called them, each walked to his bitch, and began to lick them. Again Marina went into nirvana on his tongue, who just got into her drink her juice. Both bitch moaned licking strongly caved in and spread his legs. The dogs, bitches licked, began to remember them by themselves they have got out of their members who were simply enormous, and were getting almost to the floor. Full 35cm each. Marina could not believe that he is fit, or at least be able to get into it. The dog was already hard at Elena, who mumbling and shouting to the beat of the wild dog blow member. Dog Marina set in front of a member of her anus, on the other hand its small narrow holes and began to put pressure on her. Marina began to resist, she did not want to be fucked in the ass by the member. But the dog, growl, bite her neck, and she trailed off, realizing that she's just a bitch that dog. Elena already being screamed at her Great Dane and Marina saw that dog pecked her strong and long strokes. Fully stringing on his cock, Elena just grunted at him. A member of the dog became a little push and butt Marina barely began to penetrate into it, it was very painful, because such Mace could not immediately break into her anal hole. The dog with the strength to push member, tearing ass Marina, trying as quickly as possible and more to enter it. Marina lowed more arched and spread her legs as she could, that his Mace could get into it. It helped a little dick just got to see 20 and, sensing this, the dog began to nail down the member as soon as possible, leading to madness Marina. Her wall tightly encircled and its crimped on all sides. But the dog was not enough, he tried to completely drive in her his penis as a pile, fuck it swoops, Marina has howled in pain as a member just tore her apart, her anal burning from friction, guts were filled with his thick member, but he insisted, see see for hammering his staff. Elena is fully able to take over his penis and already moving to meet shock screaming like a bitch. Marina barely breathing, there were still 5 cm to complete the capture of her ass, but she could no longer take it, but the dog did not give up, and all the jumps on it and pierce with a bang. Marisha lost track of time: she grunted from each push Marina ass was very tight and met a lot of resistance, however, soon ass was completely taken - all 35cm flesh Marina felt in his zade. She felt his groin pressed against her backside and realized that a fully drawn. Vision washed off, his eyes rolled out of the orbit of his thrusts. She sobbed, knowing in depth what tucked this term. All that she thought about how to get his huge cock deep into popku.- Fuck me - Marina screamed, dropped her face on the floor and lifted her ass up, claiming it was the chlen.Marina push your hips up and she strung on his penis, his balls hitting her pussy and she already knew exactly what he sank completely. All 35 member crimped see her ass, body shook, when he furiously moved down, causing even more anal stretch. She came without ceasing, from squirting pussy juice of love. Sucking sound filled the room, two dogs fucked your bitch, penetrating them completely his huyami. Dog pecked her long and deep thrusts, forcing bellow and scream at the same time. Node began to swell, dog drove his cock tightly, pulling the Marinin ass. Node swelled in the anal and the connection was very strong. Host was ... just great. Dog stood on his back and his cock throbbed and swelled. Marina moaned when the dog began to cum in her anal, filling all space with his seed. Sperm was the sea, and it filled the entire anal. Marina is simply hung on a thick cock and dog could not pull in her eyes swam, she only saw the dog turned Helena, and she just hung beneath it: two bitches were just fuck their dogs. Dog Marina cranked, bringing her a lot of pleasure, and she became like a bitch, standing in the node with the dog, it is many times seen this picture, but could not imagine that she will be in the role of knots. She stood there for 20 minutes, after a member of the dog jumped out of her anal, it fell to the carpet, and could not get up and out of her ass steady stream flowed sperm dog, forming a puddle underneath. It was the first night Marina - a new bitch in sele.Esli you liked the story forward to answer all comments !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bitch Nadia!