At the perfect time, when I was fourteen years old and we went to school, suddenly awakened in me a desire to try gay sex. It all started with the fact that I dreamed that one of my classmate, I sucks. It was so nice that I woke up with a protruding member for a long time could not calm down.
About a week after school, we went to the Pasha, the same one classmate, and the conversation went about the fact that we all care, namely about sex and our pipiski. We talked about that, who like fingering as pleased about the feeling of orgasm. These conversations led to the fact that we both lowered his pants to his knees, and began nadrachivat our pods, showing off his ability to masturbate. We both finished, with it was much nicer than before, alone, such a strong orgasm ...
All this is for both of us liked it, and we continued our studies: one week we decided to try "dick in her mouth". I first tried it. Trying not to breathe, I grabbed his lips Pashin member and held it a few seconds in the mouth, making sucking movements.
- Phew, now you suck! - I said, sweetly sinking. He brought his lips to the head, licked, and now my dick in his mouth. As in a dream!
- Well? - he asked.
- Great! Only a little. Come on, who prososłt longer?
And we began to suck for a while. At first thought aloud seconds, then watched the second hand, and finally lay down and took in his mouth at once. All these exercises have led to the fact that Paschke finished right in my mouth. I'm not offended by it: in the age of the sperm was still small, even it was very nice to feel how tense and twitching in his mouth his cock.
I could not finish and began to masturbate. And just ran out of Pasha looked at me and his penis began to rise again. To me creeping orgasm.
- I masturbate! - I cried and leaned back. He cupped my cock and quickly moved his hand. Here I have a really yelled from the strongest orgasm, I do not masturbate himself, and me! And it is doubly nice.
From that day on, our meetings became regular. Usually, after school, we went to him or to my house, stripped naked and gratified each other. Every day we are increasingly entered into the taste. We jerked off each themselves and each other, sucking our members, swallow cum, licked the head and testicles, invented new ways of perverse caresses. Pasha came up with this: first, masturbate, and just before the orgasm, giving partner in the mouth to enhance pleasure. So really it was nice to finish, right in the mouth. And I came to shove in the ass and move your finger from that, we were finishing quicker and sweeter. It was great to feel that dick in her mouth twitched and grew, shooting sperm, while a finger frantically grabs hot anus. Here are just a fuck we did not succeed, well, could not paste, no matter how trying. A profusely smeared with something slippery we, fools, then did not think.
I was especially excited when exactly what we were doing something forbidden, shameful. The thought that I am almost every day fully undress in front of their classmates, suck his cock, touch the ass, I got up immediately.
Spring came, we continued "meet" and even come up with different erotic games. For example, as follows:
1. Examinations. On the table we decompose inverted paper with different desires: "sucking 5 minutes". "licking ass". "come out naked on the balcony"...
2. Who does not long to finish. By all means we excite each other. Who came first - lost. As punishment, he makes winning sweeter orgasm, such as licking his testicles or anus during orgasm.
3. Who is to finish first. Fingering each himself who first dosig orgasm - won. Loser performs any erotic desire winner.
That this is what we get stung. I was impatient to get to suck him right in the school that we the next day and did. The school had two lestitsy: primary, which all enjoyed, and a spare, or "black". Here on this very "black" you can only get from one floor, the other doors were locked. During the break the two of us went down there to the first floor, and went even lower, to the basement door. There never was anybody ever reigned eternal twilight, and we can be calm. I fully lowered trousers, pulled up his shirt and pulled her head to his Flank protruding member. He sucked, squatting. The unusual situation excited us both and forced him to kneel down, get and start to masturbate his penis. Imagine the picture? Two fourteen teenager excite each other directly in the school! And then I saw this picture of Julia, a girl from senior class. No one but it would not be able to sneak up quietly so. What she forgot to empty this ladder ??? I came to smoke without witnesses and ran into us.
She looked at our game, all eyes for a minute, then struck a lighter, and our eyes met.
- Well, well ... - She said she was inhaling. Her voice sounded like a shot. We did not know what to do with shame.
- Julia, what are you doing here? You do anyone? Yes? Do not tell me?
- Well, of course ... This scene ... I will let it slip - she giggled, mocking our embarrassment.
- No, you do that, we want to do for you!
- Oh, let it slip! - And with a smile again produces smoke - And you go on, I liked it.
What is already here ... We continued hesitated hesitated, and quickly pulled his pants.
- Well, that's what! I will not tell anyone about it, if you once again to do everything in front of me, and I'll watch.
- Uh-uh ... Right here?
- Well, not necessarily. Where do you usually get fuck? I have not seen here before, and you have obviously not the first time.
- At home I ... sometimes. Or Pasha. - Very embarrassed, I murmured.
- How cute! Then today, let me. I was so comfortable, and the evening will not be exactly one. So immediately after the sixth lesson we meet and go beyond the school.
Astonished by what had happened, we slowly climbed the stairs. I had nowhere to go, and after school we trudged to the appointed place. Julia is already waiting for us and immediately took with him. She lived nearby, within easy walking distance. They walked in silence, the three considerably worried. Julia was looking forward to the tempting sight of two sex dependent on her boys, Pasha was burning with shame, and I at the same time more and still felt the growing excitement. Now I'm going to undress in front of not only the Pasha, but also to the girl! And she would consider me ... and can even touch ... wherever he wants! What if she is excited to the point that she undress? Or even want to fuck? That would be great to fuck her in turn! Or, at the same time: in the pussy and mouth. And even better to fuck her while suck Pasha ... Member I stood for a long time and prevented a go.
But not fuck or suck Julia that day did not want to. When we arrived, she sat us down on the bed, and she was left in tights and a long shirt and climbed to his feet in the chair opposite.
- Well, start. That is, continue.
I hesitantly touched his hand his penis through his pants. To extract it was a bit awkward.
- Come on, come on! You ... that, while there were - forgotten how? To begin with, both undress. Completely.
We slowly began to pull off his clothes. That's me there were only incredibly bulging briefs. Now, right now she sees me without anything!
- Oh, you want to have? Pash, take off his pants.
Pasha readily pulled them down, and then I was completely naked in front of him and Julia. She eagerly dug into my eyes and the whole body clenched in his chair.
- Take off your pants with Pasha - she said in an altered voice.
Now we were both naked. Our members stuck.
- Feel each other.
We began to touch and podrachivat our pipiski and soon openly masturbate in front of her. Julia stared at us lustful gaze and all clutching their legs.
- Now let's both on the stairs.
I lay on my back, and Pasha grabbed my cock lips. A moment later he stood on the floor and said:
- Now you tell me, I can not.
I sat down in front of him and moved his mouth as usual. Very soon Pasha groaned, and my mouth filled with the familiar taste.
Julia stunned asked:
- You are always like that, right in the mouth?
- Yeah, so nice! - And I got up on my knees and continued to masturbate, and Pasha lay down in front of me and began to touch my testicles, holding his mouth ready. In order to please Julia, the first jet I let so that it was still visible. The jet flew accurately to open the mouth, and only then I plunged to my dick completely.
- Well, now you've seen everything. And show us yourself? A?
- Yes, show me! We won both before you were manufactured - supported me Pasha.
- Not-ee-t, we did not agree. You are here sucking me, just so I would not blabbed. However ... if you are still and have sex, then maybe I'll show.
- We have tried, does not work - I mumbled apologetically.
- Try again - and she ran from the room.
We interpreted this as a proposal to start without her, so as not to be embarrassed. Post decided from me, and I got cancer on the floor of the room. Pasha fell in behind and began poking his cock in my ass, but as before, poked a member of the above, then below, but stubbornly refused to climb into the hole. Julia came in. In the hands she had a jar and a suspicious object, very similar to the member.
- Are you just like that, without lubrication? You do not get. Pash, otodvinsya.
She sat down next to my ass and finger touched the anus, then stroked the testicles and penis. I was delighted. The girl touched my most intimate places! Then there was this: she opened a jar, climbed to a finger, and the finger is inserted into my anus. Then he smeared his rubber cock and began to shove it into my ass. It hurt, ashamed and ... nice, especially when free hand gently Julia podrachivala my cock. Rubber toy was already all in me, the pain was gone, I was ready to cum on her playful pens. But she pulled the dildo, beckoned Pasha and greased his dick sticking out.
I felt like a member of Pashkin poked between my buttocks. Julia hand sent him straight into razdrochennuyu hole, and gradually my ass pressed pubis Pasha. Again, it hurt, I leaned forward, trying to come off the penis.
- Do not move, now you get used to it - said Julia, and I again began to masturbate.
Her grip makes me so happy that I involuntarily became fed back nasazhivayas on slippery dick classmate. Julia realized that I no longer hurt.
- Now, fuck it! - She called Paschke, let me go and sat down in his chair.
Pasha put his hands on my buttocks and began to gently move. I then relaxed, the anus is strongly bowed his cock. Yulia looked at us with wide eyes, and then, as if waking up, began to undress. Seem small breasts with pink nipples, then a shirt and pantyhose were discarded, and Julia ostalast only in shorts. She stood up and walked very close to us and slowly pulled off her last piece of clothing. The beauty! Slender, naked ...
I was ready to scream with delight. Still would! We managed to get fucked in the ass, but still in front of a completely naked girl! But Julia sat back in the chair and there gdadila her breasts, touched her finger clitoris and admired copulating naked boys. Here Pasha squeezed my hand, and I knew he was going to finish.
- Only I did not pull the! - For some reason I called.
But it was too late, Pasha has released in my sperm and contentedly sat down on my back. And vengeance Julia rubbed her clitoris, legs spread shamelessly. I was released from the penis in the ass and get closer to Julia, which is already rapidly approaching orgasm. She grabbed my head and pulled her to him and breathlessly whispered:
- Dimka, lick me!
I eagerly clung to her excited slits and felt the unfamiliar language exhilarating taste. Even my incompetent actions enough to Yulechka half a minute twitching legs, grabbed my hair and finished with some sob and gasp. Julia was lying contentedly in his chair in front of us, and we are standing in front of her on his knees, looked at this miracle. I still jerk off at the same time and ended her leg, right on the fingers.
Then she opened her eyes, she saw drops of sperm, smiled and raised her foot to my face. We understand each other without words, and I gently licked this delightful maiden leg.
This was all for today. Satisfied Julia shoved us at least satisfied, promising not to tell anyone anything. And then there were, of course, more meetings, and the implementation of our fantasies, and even sex foursome with her girlfriend ...