Twilight came suddenly over-year. After some 10 minutes, it was difficult to discern the face of graduates, solemnly lined up at its last line of the Lyceum. The heat gradually subsided. In the dark thickets of knotweed, densely covered with a running lawn, he tightened his eternal song night violinist - Cricket. From the windows of the nearby student hostel showered all the choicest American expletives "white guy" Eminem. Drowning his refined speech of the speakers at the Lyceum porch blaring anthem of Independent States:"Soul E th tlo set for our freedom! .." A strange trio! I looked at the excited girls dress discharged in the most solemn and unimaginable styles for boys, awkward and chained in strict evening dress. Their faces were joyful, cheerful. But this cheerfulness wing some unusual doom. Somehow unexpectedly, suddenly matured my classmates and schoolmates ... I wonder, I do look older than usual - solemn meeting dedicated to the end of 11th grade, allow considered closed! - The director Larisa Makarovna as it lowered the curtain on an official part prazdnika.Slovno obeying some invisible signal, graduates hurried to the nearby waiting for a bus. Minute - and place in an old LAZ, is clearly not designed for so many passengers left. I firmly pinned to the wall. The doors slammed shut with an effort, and we tronulis.Bylo many turns, bumps and traffic lights, until we finally arrived at our destination - Cafe "Metro". We got off the bus, immediately jerked up and the disappeared around the bend, and the uselessly trampled on the pavement. My attention was attracted by our girls. The figures have already been formed, and I could not help admiring the thin waists graduates, their slender, rounded hips and breasts sharp young, rampant corsets and bras of various konstruktsiy.- Hey, Mike, went fotkatsya! - Merry shout classmate brought me out zadumchivosti.U porch was about the company: 5 girls and 3 guys. Head teacher Tamara Markianovna set up a fancy digital camera, staring at the screen. I went to the guys and perched somewhere on the edge. Just to get into the frame ... Suddenly it seemed to me like a hand gently but firmly hugged me by the shoulders. Yes, that's right, I hugged Zhenya Romanov. Oh, Genia! I knew you'd like it to me nice to your touch! Would know how many times I saw you in the sweetest of my dreams ... Summer lightning flashed in flash. All surrounded by a teacher, considering the resulting frame. Zhenya and I, too, came closer. At that distance, at which she was to me, I clearly caught the scent of expensive perfume. And where it only took them? Certainly not in its factory Gordeevka! She wore a blue dress - open enough to unleash the imagination, but also quite closed, so as not to be vulgar. Leaning over the screen digicam, I accidentally touched her breasts. Hastily withdrew his hand as from hot. She looked at me - fun and not serdito.- Excuse me, please. - And only managed to squeeze out sebya.- Nothing. - Her voice was almost playfully, and blue-gray eyes staring fixedly like spotlights, highlights the hidden corners of my dushi.14 steep steps led into the main hall cafe. Laughing, we were seated at a table. Tamada seemed middle-aged woman, tired and badly faded. She quickly extinguished as dogorevshaya candle, giving graduates to entertain themselves. I poured myself a glass a little "Chardonnay" and looked to his right. There Eugene in a circle of girlfriends contagious laughing over a glass of fruit soka.Nachinalis dancing. DJ, the same expressionless as toastmaster, while not shying away from its responsibilities to direct and put Confessa Celentano. Couples formed instantly. Every guy said beforehand liked the girl, and now, warmed wine, gentlemen invite the ladies giggled and razygryvavschih of yourself young Natasha Rostova. I went over to his wife and, with downcast eyes, offered to dance. It is, oddly enough, agreed. At the Lyceum discotheques she always finds a suitable excuse for me - for me alone! And now, hugging her waist, I felt that I swam somewhere under the sensual singing Italian. Clinging to her, I felt the firmness of her breasts, felt, thought, even through the jacket of her hard nipples. Gave this sweet feeling, I did not notice as the song ended. Feel baritone gave way stereotypical bleating of the "Combine-126" or something like that. Quick rhythm made me take off his jacket and loosened his tie - getting hot in them. Then there were a few more dances, and every time I sneak glances at Eugene: it's there? With whom? The air in the basement every minute became less and less. Soon, in order not to lose consciousness, we were forced to take to the streets. There, on a summer area, it had a disco - for parents and teachers. Seeing us Tamara Markianovna fun (yes, the director of studies can also be fun, and tipsy) waved her hands, inviting to dance. From the speakers came the first chords of half-forgotten "Rasputin". We are all - and the students and teachers, and some parents - held hands to form a circle. Music sped faster and enthusiastic - and our merry dance all picked up speed. Director and then slipping into a gallop dissonant, threatening to overturn the stand on the canopy or a palm tree in a tub. Finally the dance ended. And in time - some of the oldest quite out of breath. I moved a little to one side and did not notice that went back Zhenya.- Come on, walk a bit, Misha. They are now without us having fun! - The voice sounded strange girl zhenstvenno.- ... Come on ... - And who would wonder refused We quietly went to the corner of the building?. Without saying a word, proceeded further - past the car park, in the direction of the new stadium. Caught in the middle of a strange way preserved meadows, she stood among the asphalt fields. Stars in the sky as if today was many times greater. And on the ground on my viewed 2 stars - it glaza.- Well, here we are on the spot. But why were here go? For what purpose? - I asked Zhenya as possible in cold blood, although the sweet premonition and burned me iznutri.- Misha, I wanted to ... talk to you ... to apologize to you ... - She lowered her eyes - I saw you. .. What do you like me. Yes, you naive little boy, I thought that this is not obvious? And I pretended not to notice. But now ...- What now, Genia? My dear ... He suddenly threw her arms around my neck - I even cry did not - leaned his lips to mine. The kiss lasted for what seemed like an eternity. I did not notice that his arms around her and hugged her. I did not want to let her go, I wanted to extend an eternity even if only for a few seconds. And she was not letting my lips, suddenly I undid the top button of my shirt. She did everything as something impulsively, hastily. For a few seconds - and the shirt on the grass. Here me finally regained consciousness. I firmly embraced Eugene, and felt the bottom of her belly rubs against my swollen pants dostoinstvo.Devochka on the second took her hand off my torso. Short buzzing - and silk dress falls to her shapely legs. Around - extinct at night Office windows. The city sleeps. In the eyes of Eugene ...- and children meekness and the thirst for possession. Her breasts kolyshatsya poorly in the night. She remained alone lace panties. Blond hair in a strange world of stars and lanterns cast white gold. I gently lowered favorite on a soft and fragrant grass. Aroma spirit more powerful tickles the nostrils. Somewhere in the night with a bang flies trolley. From the cafe came the pieces of music loud and stupid. Her mouth parted in anticipation. Impatience and covers me. One motion rented his trousers. Member already stands at attention "attention", like a fighter waiting for the command to attack. Carefully, I'm tongue chest Eugene. She begins to breathe intermittently. My hand gently slides from the beautiful elastic below the chest - to the navel, tummy, and finally reaches the goal. The finger enters her innermost secrets - at first cautiously, feeling his way, and then, feeling a growing bump, begins to caress him. Genia moans softly and leads hips. Carefully take the teeth nipple. She was not hurt, on the contrary - she just moans louder and sweeter vzdyhaet.- Come ... Rather ... - the girl is clearly not wait. And me, too, if chestno.Okazavshis between her outstretched legs to the side, I'm starting to grope the way to the cherished goal. As soon as a member of the concerns Zhenya's jaws, she immediately zazhmurivaetsya like a cat in the sun, murmurs something unintelligible. And I'm fast and volitional movement enter. The rhythmic movement as a not very out - very much out of place she pulls full hips. And at the bottom collects and accumulates heat. To accelerate the pace. Honey is not moaning - she cries, rushing under me like a fever. Chest swaying to the beat of my shock. She pulls up her legs even steeper. Her eyes screwed up. Jack grabs my hand as if trying to keep. A little ... more 10 seconds of such mad jumps and ... Ecstasy came almost simultaneously. Genia stopped moving, her cry became louder. I moved even some few seconds when natiglo me. As if falling into a deep and wonderful well, I could priniknut a furious kiss and lost consciousness for a long time.