Happy day

My name is Christina and I am 33 years. I am married and have a fifteen year old daughter Xenia. I work in a large company, engaged in the sale of mobile phones. Sometimes I sleep with my boss, and my husband knows about it. Before the wedding, we decided that we will sometimes change their sexual partners, for a change so to speak.
And here I am sitting in my office and climb on porn sites. Having found a couple of very interesting pictures, I spread her legs and put his hand into the pants. Parting, lips sex and began to pull at her clitoris, and the most interesting place I interrupted by a phone call. Cursing, I picked up the phone.
- Hello, Christine? - There was a bass voice of my boss.
- Yes, Mikhail Alexandrovich, I'm listening. - I twittered, closing the window with the sites.
- Today, I come a couple of very interesting people to sign a contract, and you must be present. - Said the chief. I knew all I had to sleep with these "interesting people".
- Good. After 10 minutes, I'll be in your office. - I agreed. After washing his hands, to tint the lips and unbuttoned one button on her blouse, so that was visible to my chest, I went into the office of the chief. Passing Lence, secretary Mikhail Alexandrovich, I noticed that she was very red and with disheveled hair, which she was trying to put in order. "Yeah, again sex with him right in the office"I thought going to the office. My boss sat down at the table and brought the paper in order.
"Yes, and on the table", I smiled, seeing around table legs small drop of semen. Five minutes later, Lena told us that customers have come. I put on my glasses and began to treat the two people who have come into the office as soon as the secretary. It was a man about 45 years old (the same age as my boss) and the guy 35 years (well, almost my age). Operations presented them to me: Alexei Nikolayevich (45 s) and his assistant Sergey. Sitting at the table (I naturally next to Alexis), we began to discuss the terms of the contract. I accidentally dropped my pen and sat down under the table to pick it up while I "by chance" hand touched the groin Alexei Nikolaevich. The man flushed and breathing heavily.
- Excuse me. - I smiled, looking out from under the table. Alex brazenly began to examine my breasts that came into through a thin blouse. Sitting in his place I have little skirt rode up, exposing my slender legs. Alex economically put his hand on my knee. Pretending that I did not notice anything, listening to his boss. Alex bit bolder and his hand moved to my pussy. Pushing the fabric of panties, he found the clitoris and began to rub his his index finger, sometimes thrusting it into my wet hole. I groaned and put a hand on the man's groin. Mikhail paused and watched us. Meanwhile, I took off my pants with Alexei Nikolaevich and began to suck his cock, slowly swallowing his head, and after that, everything else. Sergey fearfully pressed himself into a chair, and my boss is already fiddling with the lock of his trousers. I motioned him and helped him to cope with this difficult task. Mikhail let out a groan of pleasure when my hand wrapped around his cock and pushed the crimson skin, exposing the head. Misha put me cancer and stuck his penis into my anus. I screamed with delight and even lightly bite member Alexis, from which he came. I swallowed all his sperm and hopefully looked at onanariruyuschego Sergei. At that time the office has gone Lena. Closing the door of the castle and undressing on the go, she moved to the boss. Michael violently ended in my ass. I moaned coasting orgasm. Chef Lena spread her legs and entered her womb.
She moaned and asked to fuck her faster. Sergei, who is tired of stroking his dick, went to Lena and stuck his penis in her mouth. The room was filled with muffled moans and chmakushie sounds.
- Alexei Nikolaevich, please lick my pussy. - Gently, I said, pushing the legs. Alex put me on the table and even wider spread my legs. Pushing the tongue, lips sex he began to suck my clit. I groaned and squeezed her nipples.
Meanwhile, Sergei began to ram the poor Lena in the anus and in the mouth the boss. Alex, puffing, climbed on a table and drove his cock into my pussy.
- Oh yeah. Fuck me, fuck. - I screamed. Alex went in and out and after a minute or two left off. I screamed, clutching her breasts, by coasting orgasm. Slightly moving away from it all, I got dressed and left the room leaving my Lesha on voluptuous Lenchik. Sitting in his car, I went home. Entering the apartment, I heard moans and cries. On tiptoe I moved into our Vlad (my husband) bedroom. Little opened the door, I saw just such a picture of my daughter Ksenia vigorously sucked at his godfather Dima and her father fuck her in the pussy. I was very excited by this spectacle, and came into the room, throwing off his clothes. When she saw me, my daughter pulled away, frightened by Dima member, but Cross grabbed her by the hair and thrust his enormous piston in her mouth.
- Hi, honey. - Said my husband, gently pinching my nipples. I nodded my head, kissing him on the lips.
- How was your day? - I asked my brother Dima, moaning with pleasure brings Susie mouth.
- Perfectly. Already I managed to have sex with two men. - Have fun, I responded, pulling and inserting a vibrator, Ksenia ass.
The girl screamed and again he sent a member of Dima due mouth. I took advantage of it, catching his mouth, a member of his brother, I started to suck it. Unfortunately, this did not last long, Dima violently ended by filling his tasty sperm all my mouth. I swallowed it all and looked at her husband and daughter. Xenia affectionately kissed a member of Vlad, and he gently drives the vibrator in her virgin asshole. Dima came to the goddaughter and began to lick her pussy.
- Oh, well. - Moaned my daughter. I took a member of Dima and sent to her in the vagina. Spitted on him, I began to fuck himself to them. Vlad is clearly tired of the fact that the vibrator fuck his daughter in the ass. Throwing the toy, he drove his penis into the anus of the girl.
- Ah, come on Dad, come on. Yes, I'm your slut, Tarajal me stronger. - Ksenia screamed, wiggling her ass and helping her dad to drive more of its members. I moaned from it, and drove deeper Dima member. Vlad finished, and Ksenia screamed, falling to the floor. Dima also finished right at me.
- It was a beautiful day. - I murmured, putting out a little limp dick brother.
- Oh, yes, Mommy. - I withdraw Xenia.
The end.