Games in the country

The story of my life is almost entirely true. Slightly I certainly embellished, something nedogovorit, but in general, about how it was.
Since childhood, I secretly wanted to caress my ass. These thoughts are constantly swirling in my head but I did not dare to execute them, because he was afraid. It was a shame someone offer it, I humble man.
And it so happened that we have an old friend Dima drove me to the cottage. It was years 16.Tam there was no television or radio, the only entertainment was the card. We began to play the fool to desire. First turns guessing the usual desire pokukarekat, jump on one leg. Then Dima put forth to remove pants and run around and smiled. Since this all started. I wanted to show him my ass, I succumbed and lost. Slightly embarrassed pulled his pants with shorts and smiling started jumping around, sticking out his ass back. Dima is clearly amused. I wanted to pull the pants back, but he stopped me with his hand, forbidding it to do. I did not resist and even could not, I thin and weak and he is stronger than me. Then we continued to play on the strip and with interest looked at the private parts of each other.
Left completely naked I really wanted to feel in my ass that it stick. I realized that Dima like to make fun of my hole, and make a thrust into the anus pencil. He had already guessed that I specifically give in to the card, so do not hesitate agreed slyly smiling and guessing what will happen today. Of course, I lost, crawled under the blanket with his head, so that nothing is seen as if it was not me and knelt. Dima threw the blanket off my ass and started laughing operation, saying that he was a doctor and making me a shot. I was lying under a blanket with his eyes closed. Pencil touched my anus, then with a little effort went into the anus. As my body shiver swept, mixed with a sense of new feelings. Dima slowly began to shove a pencil deeper, deeper ... He happily said that part like clockwork. Pencil carefully, centimeter by centimeter penetrated into my most intimate place. The best part of it was to feel that my friend was happy to deprive my ass virginity pencil.
Thrusting his pencil until near the end, Dima started as smoothly it pops out. I stood on my knees relaxed and felt like a nice ass. Sticking pencil almost completely, he again began to push in my pencil but is much faster, so that from the sharp pain I groaned. It was a pleasant pain. My only moan provoke Dima and he started with all the energy razdrachivat pencil my hole. I was very hurt, I started to protest and twitch and from this grew more painful. I demanded to pull out, but he just laughed and said that late budge and continued to fuck me in the ass with a pencil and have fun. I had to give up and meekly tolerate his bullying.
He finished raping my ass but left half a pencil sticking out of me. I got out of bed and wanted to stick it, but Dima forbade it. I'm afraid that he can tell all my friends and decided to fulfill all his whims. Moreover, I even like to obey him. I lay down on his side, and Dima from time to time with enthusiasm began to turn a pencil sticking out of anal sex in different directions, depicting a helicopter. Then he ordered me to crawl on the floor on all fours, barking, wagging sing and portray a dog with a pencil sticking out of holes instead of a tail. We both became fun. So I ran faster than he would grab a pencil and I drove them sharply vpihivaya inside.
Then he put on a stool a piece of paper and told me to sun painted with a pencil sticking out of assholes. It was very inconvenient, as I drew, he stared as I do it, and stroked his penis. I dorisoval, he removed the sheet, and said that I sat down on a stool so that the entire pencil crawled up your ass. I wanted him to talk, but it was useless. Referring to the stool with a pen tip, I slowly began to squat, nasazhivayas pencil body. Dima watched fingered his cock and smiled. He liked how his orders were carried out by me. When the pencil is almost completely disappeared in the depths of the anus, and I was sitting on a stool, Dima laughed and said that I was a magician. He called me on the bed, put the cancer, covered the upper half of my body with a blanket, and said that the doctor will do surgery. Then he took a pen, drew it around the tip of a pencil barely sticking out of the priests circle and finally pulled out a pencil me. The pope was just as it is empty. I already used that inside there is something, and wanted something else to shove.
Dima continued to play with my ass. He naslyunyavil finger and began to massage the anus, wiping off his pen.
I was lying under a blanket and baldel from a massage each other. Gradually Dima thumb began to penetrate into my hiding place. He gently massaged the inside of me, I delight arched so he could get as far as possible. He asked if me and I just muttered something nice in return, not to betray the secret of how I like everything. Sticking his finger from me Dima flipped me on my back, and with a smile, put my hand on his penis and took mine. I have no words to understand what he wants. We silently began to masturbate each other.
He then ordered to kneel down and tied my eyes. Dima poked his penis in my mouth and ordered to suck. I pursed his lips, but he wanted to force to shove a member of my mouth. I did not like, and I turned away. Then Dima said what I was most afraid of. He said that he would tell all that to do with me and I had no choice but to obediently take in your mouth and suck. I tried very hard so that he liked and he did not say anything, and diligently worked his lips and tongue rubbed on the head of the penis. Dima took my head and saying that to fuck me in the mouth is very cool and I had a great suck and began rhythmically pressed my head to his penis.
After enjoying my mouth he untied my eyes and led her onto the bed. Happily smiling again he made me a cancer, and threw a blanket on top of the body. Dima ordered strong push ass hands. Then his warm tongue touched my hole and began to lick her gently. The tip of his tongue at times penetrated into the anus and tickle him. Then Dima spat, hitting just in the anus, a little ass massaged his finger and put it inside. A little bit of a hole razdrochiv he smoothly introduced a second finger, while continuing to massage. I pribaldel under a blanket. My dream is to play with my ass performed!
Dima stuck his fingers and stared into my anus than a large, warm and slightly moist. I guessed that it was his cock, which I recently sucked pokes me. Does he want to push it in me? I was scared, but at the same time terribly interesting to feel his cock.
I stuck? - Dima asked. I pretended to be asleep, lying under a blanket and kept silent. He again asked, and realized that silence means consent began to introduce his penis sticky, which smeared with saliva, my ass. First pussy hard way through the narrow anus, and I was a bit tense and gripping anus. But time after time all Dima confidently sent to the members inside, I began to get used to his shock and completely relaxed ass. He took me by the hips and began pulling on the penis, putting it through. We both loved it. He continued to lower me in the priest saying that I am very bad girl, and I silently enjoyed, and felt like a girl. Suddenly, Dima began to move faster, trembled, and inside me that something flowed warm and thick. Dima metering member sticking in me, and I realized that he had finished. Little standing, so he pulled out of my pussy. From my priests flowed sperm. Dima tried to shove her fingers back, and gently wiped the remnants of sperm tissue.
At this point, I did kind of woke up and asked him what happened. Dima was smiling and said, I just slept. We both knew it was ... wrong.
Since then, we Dima never spoke on the subject, as if nothing had.
I would love to be repeated ever again, well, maybe with a few changes, a young man no older than himself. The experience was only one of which I wrote, but I want more. If there is a desire and a place to do me the same thing, write, I will be glad