On the starship

- I do not know the lady, but fulfill your request seems to me simply impossible ... I have no idea how to approach, who suggest that ... - said Chief of Staff Tempe spaceport after a leisurely scrutiny of thoughtfully-companion.
- Did not find any spare equipment at such a common ship class? - I asked in surprise starship captain "Louful", Shaking her black hair that covered the entire shaped collar and insignia on the left shoulder.
- No, - experienced administrator corrected wanders tie and held his palm on his bald head, smoothing the sparse scrub the oil brilliant that remained. - Professional-something techies we have plenty. Just who else would agree to fly with you? You are not the first of your company, please contact us with such a request. Never wanting to go. Everybody remembers the case when ...
- We have an urgent cargo. Devil's emergency landing! Technician lying in a local hospital. We must be in place for - the fees are high. Before Mangosta and again on the rods. Give us any trainee, on the way back to throw the back. Flight well paid. For example, two percent of my fee for the service you personally ...
- Unless intern ... Now is the time to release our Academy. I would have thought for a sentence of five percent ... Hunter to spend almost half a year in a closed box alone with hundreds of hungry Amazons find not just ...
Captain Derna Kaizen idyllic humbly looked for an administrator:
- On my spaceship stable morale and strict discipline, - she assured. - But if all your employees - boggling type female hip virgins, can send just two - to protect each other from their own facilities ...
Chapter 1
Captivating and magnificent star in a window and beckoned admired ...
Rave! Mark for the seventh time (as much as something yet to come - all long career borttehnika heavy class starship "Kicks") In space flight. And I never saw anywhere window. Only countless displays, displays, ...
Yes, the first professional flight not understand how turned. Instead of one laid technician took them together - for one does not hope that it? And after all appliances on the ship in exemplary condition ... Only regular maintenance - virtually no maintenance. Routine ... But obstanovochka - crew entirely female. One chaplain of the men, Peter says that he is old and always drunk - nominally to not apply the team, sitting in his office ... Mark it has not seen even once - not leisure somehow. Spetsbrigady: transporting criminals caught Weiss, but various rumors ... that something extraordinary about their cruisers for the planets roam. But the money they have - an indisputable fact.
And in general a good thing that he was here alone with Peter. These girls do not socialize. A beautiful, hell ... When they were with the captain flew on to planetship "Loufulu"Peter rejoiced: five months alone among so many some women ... How meek strangers to get to the source of pure cool ... ah! But the first few minutes on board dispelled them sweet dreams. Maid with steel cold facial expressions just welcomed the new recruits and fled to his apparently urgent, matters. A introductory remarks Captain Derna Kaizen (oh, what a figure!) Last immured slit their hopes.
Start vanity, check ... And the third day of the gray impassable boredom. In addition to "Loufule"As it turned out, practice prohibition. Well, Peter guessed to take a few bottles of good mood. Mark looked at his watch. An hour later a partner wakes up after a night and comes to him in the operator. Though with someone to talk to. With the rest of the crew, even the word can not be a bad break - only icy glance at any issue and a nod or a gesture instead of an answer. Mark swallowed. The room was hot, he unbuttoned his shirt. The numbers on the displays did not stop his unhurried melteshenie - all systems are functioning within normal limits. Towards evening planned bulkhead traktvermona ... Well, all the same, he was not alone, though, and one kind of exercise - do not beat lying. That's when it becomes a staff technician of a regular racer, love their (and only their) zvezdozverya ...
Stars enticing and exciting ... Excite, among other things, more than the silent figures, covered in oblegayusche-tout Kombez ... If you do not see the star in a window, run your favorite game. Mark ran over the keyboard, switch five of the eight screens of the game and a favorite "Fearless Furse" I went ... At this time, the job turned out to save the beautiful princess from the clutches of pirates-gritorian. In the fourth screen nasty gritorianin stripped tied to the wall princess. Mark pressed the keys and ran through the stars and look for danger pirate base. The room was filled with the sounds of imitation cod-squeak indicators and laser discharges. The fourth monitor pirate princess tore off her bra, breasts bared beautiful ...
Mark cursed himself - all thoughts of cycles a woman ... It should be a vacation after graduating from the Academy, and he and a friend were going to fly to Taysuksky archipelago bucks tunnel ... However, it does not go away, and the flight is very convenient - no wonder he hit him only because the best on the exhaust stream Arkskoy Kosmoflot Academy. That's just how to survive this flight ...
Mark heard the door wings move apart, sealed and immediately turned off the game (have noticed or not - flashed in my head). Glancing at work displays make sure he's all right.
On the threshold stood a splendid naked brown hair. Mark could not remember it, but it is still not very aware of all crew members (only a small lush navigator did not go out of my head).
Woman zavlekayusche held his left hand on the right cheek, then on the enchanting snow-white neck and gestured with his hand high dense breasts with a huge maroon spot nipple. Marc gasped, on the back ran a trickle of sweat, he felt delightfully pleasant chill and excitement. Fair was good - thick, high, reddish curls tubercle Venus closed that third day, Mark could not dismiss his dreams and obsessive vision that arose before his eyes, as in the corridor met any of the concerned zvezdoplavatelnits. Mark immediately embraced fear - suddenly go down the captain, she came yesterday several times to see how they cope with their responsibilities. But the desire was stronger. Mark got to meet a woman.
- Take me, darling - dearly she breathed. She has pink tongue around the enchanting coral lips and took a step toward him.
Mark ran to the unexpected gift, hooking keyboard that sverzilas the table and hung on a thin cord, it reached some ten inches to the floor.
But the woman suddenly broke up into a myriad of sparkling multicolored sparks and melted in the air. Mark struck stopped in the middle of hardware.
There was a loud laugh and scoff at the doorway holding on to Peter stomach. He looked at Mark and elongated face new bout of laughter threw it on the floor.
- Idiot! Kill you enough! - Mark growled and returned to the displays. I installed a keyboard board into place. - Because of you all the screens went out - and suddenly what will happen? ... I do not speak about their own moral damage.
Peter was still lying on the floor and giggled.
- Stop laugh! - Shouted Mark. - And your utknu lush curly head in the couch, and I take my virginity - for the entire flight problem will solve itself.
Mark svalsiroval nimble fingers on the piano keyboard and display will be flashing again obediently. Mark carefully scanned the screens.
- Okay, do not be angry, - Peter went up to someone and put a hand on his shoulder. - I think that will get into the harem without the owner, and got into a monastic order of some kind, the right word. On you go, - he handed Mark the glass, the bottom of which flowed lights ilianskogo minimum dose of the famous wine. - Peace?
- We are on the watch, - said Mark, but took the glass.
- We all watch on the flight. Sitting here does not necessarily, in the case of what we would find at the moment.
- Already we found - Mark said, pressing the keys - in the fourth spakarte pre-emergency condition.
Mark looked at the screen on the seventh starship plan and whistled.
- Wow! This is for your jokes will be punished. Take the robot diagnostician and forth ... While there you will reach all your laughter evaporate. And I'm here to pull their socks.
Peter looked reproachfully at his partner, but did not contradict. Put an open bottle of wine and my glass untouched, he shrugged and walked out of the hardware.
Mark pressed the button of closing the door flaps, and all went to the screens. This is not an emergency, it's not even breaking, so nothing, only time will leave. Often this would happen, and the flight will take place in the work. And do not be obsessive visions of naked female form ... Peter, then at least on this issue has an extensive - in his stories - the experience: half of the trainees of the Academy seduced ... Yes, Peter and Mark over nearly six years. And Mark only once been alone with a woman, a girl ... Night spent all her naked body with greedy fingers measurements, admiring and marveling at the enormous size of the swollen nipples. But it never made it to the coveted hollows - he was terrified of thought itself that is responsible decisive moment she stop him ... If he knew then that almost the entire course of her already slept, would not remain a virgin until twenty-three and did not suffer have their own disability ...
Casually gaze fell on the fourth screen. Somehow the game is not canceled - approaching denouement: gritoriansky pirate section completely beautiful princess and led by its lovely forms of hideous purple tentacles. Mark turned off the screen with regret - once. And watch such a scene no forces.
Peter got to the faulty unit and said that everything is in order, the robot holds the vacuum flipstonov change, they say, wait a couple of hours after, we note this business ...
Mark leaned back in his chair and tapped his fingers on the table. What to do ... His gaze fell on a glass of wine. He stretched out his hand and clinked glasses with glass of Peter and at that moment the door opened.
In came Lars Room - first mate.
But in what form it was! Evening ball gown little in harmony with the homely, simple, functional decor and atmosphere of the spaceship. Mark thought was that it was once again a hologram, but remembered that his friend was in the lower compartment and harsh crew members are unlikely to play a trick on him. To this visit mean?
She saw the glass in his hand machinery. Her eyebrows came together and she sternly and imperiously asked:
- How shoud I understand this?
But suddenly she remembered something, embarrassed and said:
- However, you are on a spaceship temporary worker, you our charter does not apply. - Coquettishly She straightened straps on the shoulder and asked, confused Brand: - Maybe you all are ask the lady to sit down?
Mark jumped.
- Yes, yes, of course ... Do you want some wine? - Confusion, he blurted out, then remembered about the dry law and regretted his words.
- With pleasure, - suddenly said Lars Room. - I hope something decent? Not swipes that take with them zvezdoletchikov tanks in flight?
- What are you saying, collection ilianskoe, - he said not yet come a mark. - Petr's father keeps vineyards Iliani ...
- You have a problem? - She asked. - Something serious?
- No, the usual nonsense. There's Peter, he has already finished.
He could not take his eyes off her deep cleavage. White dress only emphasized the beautiful peach color of the body, in the hollow between her breasts have grown three to four light hair and Marcus longed to hold your finger on this hollow, slow down below, hold on ...
He barely turned his eyes on the monitors ...
- Really fine wine - Lars reached out to put a glass on the table, leaned over and gaze unfortunate young man pictured in all its glory that should hide material. On it smelled intoxicating smell of unfamiliar spirits, he felt the warmth and intimacy of her body. She looked at him and smiled at him.
- And you is not bad complicated - she said languidly.
- You think so, - he said. - However, the feeble to the Academy is not taken, it is clear.
- You're so shy, as if for the first time in space.
- I did the first time in a professional flight ...
- So it must be noted! - She shot a clearly eyes on the glasses.
Mark, who in his soul mingled fear, hope and burning desire, filled her glass to the brim (which is to say, Peter - last bottle of it?).
Lars stood up, holding a glass in his hand, and walked to the door. The strap with shoulder fell off, revealing a small mole on the blade. Dress conceal a woman's foot, but Mark has looked at them when she was in a tight-fitting body suit and knew that they were good. He did not understand the reasons for such a dramatic change in the behavior of the first mate, but this change was clearly to his liking.
She blocked the door and walked over to the couch.
- Sit down with me, - whether ordered, whether she asked. Hair disheveled and her little curly lock of blond hair fell into his glass.
Mark, not just tail whirled in delight after so her words (no tail, that's a pity some - came up with the stupid idea), and as a lover Leave the planet Kragan flew to vizitershe.
He did not know how themselves should be conducted with a woman, but she just wanted to he decided that she let them and directs. He ran right hand invitingly alluring neckline and cool her body sharp wave washed over it all, every cell of the body causing tense in anticipation of ... In anticipation of what all ears buzz pals, what is unknown to him, that , what...
With his left hand he put his arm around her waist, but his hand immediately involuntarily slipped on the elastic rounded hips, but then again returned to the waist. He ran down her back straight and with his hand under his belt dress stroked his left buttock. The head somehow spinning. He was so excited, it's almost ... did not realize he was doing.
Lars laughed and pushed him.
- However, you're hot. Let me take off the dress, until you have not ripped to shreds, it is quite expensive ...
She drank a great gulp of wine, stood up in front of him and slowly, very slowly even undress, performing all over smooth exciting, exciting movement. Mark himself without realizing it, undid all the buttons on his shirt. On the more he is instinctively hesitated, he sat like forfolksky idol hard the service sofa and devouring eyes open his miracle, feeling the flesh of his male pride stiffened painfully and swollen, leaning into the clothes matter - it hurt a little, but simply delicious.
Lars took off her dress, smiled at Mark - so charmingly! - And suddenly he leaned toward him. Elastic large breasts have buried it in his face. He greedily stared at the rough and quivering lips nipple, her hands clasped around her waist and ...
And suddenly the excited voice of Peter Tracy instantly snapped voluptuous sighs:
- Mark! Mark! Svator to break through, the robot is out of order, Front fell on me. I feel fine, not hurt anything, but I did not get to. Do not panic only, but hurry! Take all the robots !!! All, Mark, do you hear !!!
Lars jumped with him. Mark clenched his anger and frustration teeth and swallowed loudly. He was shaking all over - in the face of the door slammed in a fabulous paradise pleasure garden. Lars kissed his lips and began to dress - no trace of annoyance in terms of beautiful and powerful woman's face, he had not noticed: only languid sensuality.
He grabbed a trace:
- Peter, wait! I would like be able to quickly! Do not worry, Peter! - He hung up the trace to the belt without turning it off.
- We are still ... - Mark hastily buttoned, and did not know how to tell her what bothered him. - We will be able to ... so ...
- Of course, I come today in your cabin - she said gently. - Just remember that I'm the first. The rest - a whore, drive them away.
Her last words, Mark heard. He hurried to the aid of another.
When Mark at the head of four robots (of course, he did not take - not the war is going to) burst into the room, where his companion got into trouble, he heard Peter tune singing lyrical popular song.
- Dally? - Mark said, sighing with relief.
A robot quickly freed Peter, while another has already penetrated into the damaged unit and two others repaired the failed companion and cleaned leaking sadesmazku.
Peter, of course, deceive his left leg was broken and the right half of his face covered in blood - Falling svermer rack ripped cheek. So far, the robot carried it on powerful manipulators to premises, Mark, to cut a long way and somehow encourage injured Peter told jokes, which they could remember - as luck would have remembered only scabrous. I could not keep still and told him about the visit of the first assistant to the captain.
- Do not you imagined? - Peter asked pointedly.
Mark felt himself blush, but the dim light corridors firmly defended his complexion from the ironic view of Petra.
- I interrupted the most interesting place, and now kidding? - Mark said angrily.
- Well, I'm sorry - I knew what you do, be persuaded to fall off the rack later. However, the tracer was not turned off and in fact I enjoyed the music of your sighs ...
Mark choked and blushed even more.
Doctor crew Kiln Travers suddenly gently greeted them. Mark thought that training did not allow her now to scatter icy gaze.
Peter laid on the couch, the laid stenopratovoy oilcloth sterilizer robot was already hurrying to the patient.
- Something serious, doctor? He keepeth long?
- Who will conduct the entire process, then an operation. On the legs will rise tomorrow, maybe today, if everything will be okay. A scar on the face, perhaps, will remain for a long time. If not forever ...
- Scars adorn a man - through the pain of Peter smiled.
Mark noted that Peter brings great pain and not to despair.
Dr. professionally cut up the patient's leg, now it took off the dirty and torn pants completely, the robot helped her. Silent nurse in a dazzling white suit went into the operating cooking equipment.
Mark noticed that his clothes, and he also pretty filthy some rubbish, and he had a burning desire as soon as possible to get under the shower. In addition, he wanted to be alone and think-prosmakovat visiting Lars - every gesture, every minute.
The doctor bent over Peter, turned her back to Mark. Under the pure white robe shone pink panties. Mark again experienced all-conquering lust - this time he wanted to be the particular woman - Twin Lars, he still felt on the fingertips cool its delicate skin.
Kiln Traver full section of his patient and the robot handle it something sterilizing under her gaze. A nurse came in and carefully-studied looked at Mark. Mark became uncomfortable.
- If I do you no longer need, then I go, - he said.
The doctor turned to him in surprise, then looked around his dirty clothes torn to pieces, nodded:
- As you wish.
Coming out of sickbay, Mark was surprised to hear how the door closed on the lock behind him. It seemed strange to him.
He drove the robots in the hangar and climbed into his cabin. With relief, throwing dirty clothes, he stuffed it into the converter. Gushing jets of water brought him to his senses. Furiously rubbing himself hard garmatitovoy sponge, he remembered every moment spent with Lars. He felt uncomfortable at the thought of how he greedily pounced on it. He felt the sweet anticipation that the opportunity to do so, probably repeat - do not stay as this beautiful woman without false modesty halfway. And the fear that he suddenly does something wrong, that all of a sudden not be able to bring her the same pleasure, which - he said - it would bring him.
Suddenly the door to the bathroom (a common human door, not hermetic, like everywhere else in the spaceship) opened and two women came in uniform overalls. Mark saw them in the dining room, but did not know their names.
He immediately closed his hand which was holding the man's jaw economy, one hand reaching for a towel. He is not reached, and slipped and nearly lost his balance and fell.
- How did you get here? - Mark asked shyly. Perhaps dreaming of Lars, he mistakenly wandered not in his cabin? Do not let some god.
- The door was open, so we went in - that said lower.
- We sent a captain to know how you feel. She asked you to come to her as soon as you can.
- ...Good - Mark swallowed, trying in vain to hide their piercing look (which they disappeared steel coldness, yesterday the former norm for all crew members - today there is no trace of it!). - You ... you can go ... - he said asking for girls.
- You are persecuting us? - The brunette asked.
- Yes ... I mean, no, - Mark just confused.
The one lower stepped forward under the water jets in small pool (just in overalls) and pulled the sponge out of his hands.
- You look so tired - she said - let us look after you.
- But ... But you will get wet! - Mark said.
- Oh, really! - Feigned fright exclaimed temptress, clinging to him all over. The Naked Mark was very awkward, because his flesh beginning promptly instituted. He tried to get up half-turned to the girls that they do not notice it.
Brunette, not taking his eyes off his powerful biceps, instantly, in one motion threw off her jumpsuit - there was nothing else for him.
- But I do not even remember your name! - In the latest effort to resist Marc begged. Before his eyes stood a bust of Lars coveted, but immediately overshadowed his small firm breasts of the second girl, also threw off his clothes.
- And we do not remember to call you their names - she laughed. - But this is easily fixable - my name is Patry.
- And I - Lauren - said the second girl came to him and glared at his lips a long sensual kiss.
At the head of Mark reigned complete mess. He already did not realize what to do but kind of female hair wet and flowing in their bodies young and strong jets of water pushed from his memory the image of Lars. His hands darted for the charms of the girls, it was delayed, he did not know how to proceed, how to get out of here standing under the harsh warm jets of water, rubbing their breasts on his chest, and his hands caressed them his most vulnerable spot.
- Maybe still come out of the bath? - Mark finally found strength to interrupt all this in order to continue in a dry environment.
- We will wash you, - said Lauren, he squatted down and suddenly grabbed him by the mouth of the mighty phallus. Mark trembled, his knees buckled, water streams flowed into his eyes, he tried to brush away the moisture, but again slipped, and only a miracle to keep his balance again. With difficulty by reaching cranes, Mark turned off the water - and forward stopped flowing hot and cold, penetrating shower made the girls scream and bounce.
Mark picked up a towel and looked at the girls. They stood against the wall, shivering, transparent droplets on the skin of a young strong only emphasized its elasticity, even more exciting. Mark suddenly noticed that their pubic hair shaved clean - cherished hollows are opened and he madly wanted to push both of them slender legs and a comparative analysis of their female charms. He tried to rid himself of this idea, but in vain. Then he handed them a huge towel, walked into the room, he took out of the closet three and brought them. But they are, apparently, has moved away from the stunning suddenness cold shower (to make a cold shower normal thing), laughing grabbed his arms and dragged him to the bed. Mark struggled, but his condition at the moment it is regarded as very close to bliss.
They wet the entire bed, but Mark is now a little worried. He fired the closeness of the young, and apparently sverhseksualnyh furies. His bed was obviously small for the three of them, and he did not notice that turned out to be crucified on a shaggy rug. Lauren was holding his hand, sitting on his chest, already covered with black wiry hair. Her legs were wide and pushed Mark just blinded for the first time opened his appearance.
Patry did not lose time and sat behind a girlfriend, hand pointing to the bosom of his it became hard ebony rod like a phallus. Mark realized that he now for the first time enter into a woman, and groaned. He suddenly wanted very much to Lauren again caressed his lips phallus. And he wanted to see her face at that moment.
And suddenly the two girls were out of it and rushed to the bathroom. On the threshold of the cabin stood Lars Room. She had changed clothes, and instead of the magnificent snow-white dress she wore already ostochertevshie Marc shaped bluish overalls.
Mark stood up and pulled out of the cabinet disclosed a red terry robe with yellow. Lars look was sensuality and outraged at the same time.
Mark looked into the bathroom. Lauren has pulled the overall (well, training - thought Marc), Patri and squeezed his clothes over the pool. Mark was nice to catch sight of the beautiful shape of her buttocks and legs. But he felt that Lars condemning caught his eye, and, blushing deeply, turned to her.
- I ... I'm waiting for you ... - said Mark Larsen. - But they were and I did not have strength to resist the pressure of their stunning - Mark suddenly realized that vygorazhivaya himself, he is put under the command of the wrath of the girls and he felt even more uncomfortable.
- The main thing that you were force to another - suddenly said assistant captain and turned to the girls.
They got out of the bath and stood at "attention". Wet suit stuck to the body Patri, and stood out clearly under the matter vzbuhshie nipples, which he did not have time to kiss. However, it seems, he still will have the opportunity.
Mark could only guess what the relationship was among the crew "Loufula", But you can see, the girls are very afraid of the wrath of the authorities for such blatant insubordination.
"By the way - suddenly thought Mark - but ice looks just disappeared after a visit to our hardware Lars Room."
- We sent the captain - said Loren Larsen - that we learned about the state of Griptona equipment and asked him to go to the captain, when he will be free.
- You run errands, and even too well. But your time has not come yet. You can go.
Lars lock the door after leaving the girls and turned to Mark.
- I asked you to no one contacted before my arrival, - she said.
- I must have listened to your request, - said Mark apologetically. - But I'm not going to mess with anybody ...
- I'm not angry - Lars smiled. - Help me get this stuff - Lars slapped her thigh, covered in cloth jumpsuit. - This witch turf makes us all go to the uniform tastelessness.
Mark came up to her. Sensing the smell of her body, mixed with a strong smell of perfume, he again passionately desired her. In addition, he suffered from the phallus - the constant fruitless agitation.
Mark dropped to his knees and clasped his arms around her waist and pressed his face to the bottom tightened in the matter of the desired abdomen. Lars ran his hands through his thick, wet hair. He wanted her, wanted passionately, but also to break away now from smelling the ship and then a little suit material, which trembled under the lust of the flesh, he could not.
Suddenly a voice came on transelektoru ship's captain:
- ...Technician Gripton, asks you up to his captain. Can you hear me?
- Witch!!! - Evil and almost inaudibly whispered Lars.
Mark reluctantly stood up.
- I hear you, captain. I'll go up to you, as soon give myself up.
- Are you one now?
Mark looked at Lars. She made a gesture that she's not here.
- Yes, Captain, one, - said Mark in transelektor.
- Then I'll come to you myself, ready, - said Dern Kaizen and hung up.
- Witch! Old terrible witch! - I croaked in the direction selector Lars. - Do not be tempted by it, dear Mark, she can not do anything, it will not be for you so than on this flight for you, I will. I will come after dinner. Not admitted to myself another one of these whores, and that I can be offended. - She kissed Mark on the lips and, unlocking the door, he went out.
Mark sank helplessly on the bed. Funny, but the flight is expected to be. He turned on the tracer, causing Peter, but he was silent. Perhaps Peter was in the operation. Mark left the room, came to Peter's cabins (cipher lock, of course, they did not hide from each other), I found a pack of cigarettes and a lighter Paterno. He returned to his cabin and lit a cigarette. His head immediately filled with thick fog - whether from what happened to him in the last hours, or tobacco. The latter is true of all, because he gave up smoking years ago and all this time firmly held. And now he could not resist.
Professional conscience spoke, he turned on the monitor connected to the hardware, and in a minute he knew that all systems are functioning normally.
Suddenly he remembered that now comes the captain and quickly changed - not in the same gown to make the bosses. Moreover, there is nothing nice to not have to wait for the conversation - though of emergency, of course, was not their fault. And they all are handled in a timely manner with him. Peter's only injured. And if taken on board (as it is necessary for the state) is only one technology? Yes, but ... Mark inhaled deeply, rolled up to his throat and an unpleasant whom he coughed.
Or maybe the captain should be the same as that of Lars as Lauren Patry? Because really - packing woman's body in the strict form, not deprive his natural needs. The flight lasts for several months, and even more ... By the way, Lars is not right - Captain damn attractive, although seven or eight years older than him. But Mark always liked the burning brunette, but the form of the captain "Loufula" stand the criticism of the most demanding connoisseurs of female virtues. Mark waited ...
From transelektora heard a faint buzzing background, and the captain's voice said:
- Gripton Technician, can you hear me?
- Yes, Captain, I am waiting for you, - said Mark.
- I changed my mind. Better you go up to my office.
- Well, Captain, I'm coming.
- Not "OK", a "there is"- Mark heard.
For some reason he was angry, and he is not waiting on himself, he said in a soulless machine:
- I'm not a military man, the captain, and here you voluntarily. If you want me to obey all your rules - to renew the contract.
- Waiting - Captain said coldly and hung up.
Mark shrugged and left the cabin.
Captain Derna Kaizen was waiting for him at his table and carefully studied some information on four desktop monitors, quickly picking up something on the keyboard.
Mark looked around with interest the captain's office "Loufula" - The first time he came here. It is assumed here to see the displays, but could not imagine that they were in the office of the captain so many - from the standard sizes up to four gigantic, five meters diagonally. Those that duplicate the chart - guessed Mark and thought apparently duplicated here all vehicle management system: usually is not practiced on a starship of this class. Next to the huge table captain Mark noticed the entrance to the high-speed elevator that leads as he knew, right in the hangar planetship. This corner of the room - a desk and the adjacent wall, consisting of displays, sharply discordant with the remaining two thirds of rooms, all furnished in a comfortable, a bit old fashioned, and totally unsuited for the ascetic environment prizonerskogo starship: soft, comfortable sofa and two armchairs, table with a tray on which stood a silver wine glasses, a carafe of juice and a bowl with some fruit (Mark is not particularly versed in a huge number of all kinds of fruit growing on different planets habitable space). Above the sofa hung two large volume phonography: one smiling man with a woman and a five-year girl in a little Straining imagination could find itself with turf, and a great image of the island Cite bird's-eye view (Mark knew all the monuments of the Earth, and all interested in history and spent a year in the world, required for every teen-Terran, Mark held until his best year).
Seeing Captain Mark got up from the table and graceful movement brushed a strand of thick blue-black hair off his forehead. Mark again marveled at her beauty, and was surprised noticed that nowhere in the study do not have mirrors. She smiled politely Mark, gestured toward the couch, and also went to the table with fruits.
- Please do not hesitate, technician Gripton, - she said in his deep, velvety voice, which nevertheless could receive and steel shade. - I would like to speak to you informally.
Marc admired her figure. Dern was not dressed in standard overalls, different from the clothing of other members of the crew just a hint of color, and in full dress Women's Special Space Sterzhenskogo Battalion Earthlings. Strict dress does not spoil the impression of femininity, but only emphasized the sophistication and excellence of her figure. And Mark had forgotten that yesterday dreaming of a pretty girl-navigator that so recently occupied all his thoughts Lars ... They had only been extremely sexual desire. Now, he felt it was a thrill in my heart and a deep respect for his captain - all recent irritation towards her disappeared in Mark, as it was not. At the same time, he instinctively felt that in any case you need to keep your distance (or the chain of command - as you like), if it wants to achieve its location, not only as a male, for which it has achieved twice for date. And Mark really wanted to woo the turf Kaizen as women. Very I wanted. And for some reason, now he did not want as much sex as it is to experience a deep sense of love - Marc even surprised himself at will. However, he was interested in the study of epic of different peoples, different planets, and in all of them the love of a woman (but not sexual desire) to move the characters to perform feats, so admired brand. He even feared that the captain is now behave like Lars. Once acquired a different shade of its last word on the informal conversation, and he thought, and whether the juice in this wonderful countess?
He sat on the couch with his hands on his knees and embodying his posture modesty and attention to itself.
The captain sat down in a comfortable chair in front of and filled the glasses. Guess brand is not justified - in the decanter ... really turned out the juice.
- How long have you known Peter Tizhanom? - She asked.
Mark surprised her question. He did not know why, but for some reason he did not like what she said about Peter, but still in the very beginning of the conversation. He shrugged and decided to meet at the confessional.
- As much as you. We met just before boarding the planetship.
- Do not you studied together? - I asked in surprise turf.
- No. Peter graduated from North Academy pace. At Tempe few Kosmoakademy practically almost all the astronauts are trained Terran on this planet.
- And how is it that our order carried out two different Academy?
- I do not know - honestly said Marks. - I was offered a part in the voyage, as the best graduate, and was told that I myself can select a mate. I would like to fly with his good friend, but at the last moment, the Academy Director, said that, I'll go alone. Frankly, even I thought that the second you do not needed - and correctly, one kind of exercise ...
- And Peter told you anything about it? - Interrupted the captain.
- Well, to say that it was not easy to achieve this purpose ...
- Usually men do not break our spaceship .... - Captain smiled somehow his thoughts. - Why did you and Peter agreed to do?
- For the simple reason - wind parsecs, then to make it easier to get an appointment. Now less build ships of this class, our courses penultimate generally more Academy these spaceships do not teach.
- So what?
- And the fact that you can do to remain without work.
- Are not you scared the reputation of our battalion?
- And what is your reputation? - Mark played in naivety.
- Well ... entirely female crew ... - she suddenly stared into the eyes of Mark. - Or was it the other way around - the main cause of enticing?
Mark was embarrassed and after some hesitation answered honestly:
- I most wanted to fly. On a good technique, rather than three centuries rattletrap, on which most of the graduates have to fly. And who - for me at the time was not fundamentally ...
- And now you also think so? - Still looking into his eyes said Dern.
- I have to answer? - Question Answer Mark, wondering what, in fact, the purpose of her call. I do not stand the sight of Captain piercing black eyes, framed by long lashes fluffy and stared into his glass of juice.
What's her hard-willed mouth - Mark thought - and folds his lips only emphasize it. And she did not use makeup. But as you want one`s lips in this strong-willed mouth and suck all of her, all without the rest, to show that he is still a man ...
Mark suddenly felt ashamed that he was confused, and he again looked up at her. The captain stood up, holding a wine glass in his hand.
- Well, - she said. - You may have noticed a change in the crew to do with you?
- Why do you ask? - Mark blushed.
- Because I know. Charter prohibits in the early days of the start to do anything, except for the service. At the same flight - please, not yet announced by the ship's number one position.
And it is, in all, to be announced visibility - flashed in my head Mark.
- And I can not prevent his subordinates interested in you ...
- And what should I do? - Mark broke the awkward silence. Somehow, he knew that the captain hard to have this conversation. Something she decided to herself and could not come to an unequivocal answer to the question tormenting her. "If it concerned the same problems as Lars, what she hesitates - just a hint, I'm ready"- Mark thought. And then he realized that it is now does not want to - because then it would be a simple first got in her way after a long abstinence muscular man. And if Lars is quite suited him, in the case of the captain he wanted something completely different. What? He could not afford to explain.
Captain sipped juice from wine glasses and slowly, thoughtfully, answered his question:
- Do what you think is necessary. But keep in mind - while flying ... while a job the crew receives a minimal dose ankripiana that exciting acts on the female body, on the feminine nature in particular, as a side effect ...
- I also get this medication? And I never heard of such a ...
- It operates solely on women, and why is practiced only in the women's battalion, more than anywhere else in the cosmos. For you it has no effect at all - this has been repeatedly tested and guaranteed - she smiled again. - So be careful of you sucked all the juice ... To get you in the end could cope with their responsibilities! You have, I hope, for all of the equipment is normal?
Mark went to the wall displays. They worked not all - of its displays, Mark noticed.
- When you went to all was normal - he said.
- What happened this morning?
- In fact, a trifle, but for some reason, with unexpected consequences. - Mark suddenly realized that careless attitude to their duties and that should definitely be back in the compartment and personally check everything yourself. Somehow to hide his embarrassment, Mark decided to try to escape from the slippery subject and asked: - And this is the drug ... you give it to each flight mediocre? Male astronauts do not need any stimulants?
To the surprise of Mark, he noticed that the captain was confused. But after a moment of embarrassment on her face was gone, she finally came to a firm decision and said:
- This is no ordinary flight. We act as bait. For we must hunt Glorvilta pirate ship captain. Have you heard about this?
Mark nodded.
- Everything has been done to our swallowed the hook ... everything is ready for several years, in a move away from us some of our powerful ships. Emergency landing at the Tempe and your presence on board - part of a carefully planned plan.
Mark stood up:
- Why then do we with Peter were not made aware of?
The captain suddenly looked quizzically at Mark:
- Are you afraid of danger?
- No, - said Mark.
- Then calmly continue to perform their duties. If an attack does happen, your participation in the operation will consist only in ensuring the uptime of equipment.
Mark clenched his teeth. It is clearly not respected. It was taken for a coward.
- I can go to perform their duties? Today I planned work and, in addition, I would like to check the compartment where the fault occurred - he said dryly.
- Yes, go - Dern said, and put ... a wine glass on the table. - And do not get carried away with my gymnastics girls - are tortured to death. - It re-mocking look at him and suddenly added a completely serious tone: - There have been precedents. By the way, pass the same to your friend, but that I told you about a possible attack - do not tell. I myself. But that was posderzhannee crew pass today.
- But he was in sickbay ...
The captain stood up abruptly and walked to the transelektoru by typing code, and said:
- Doctor Kiln Traver, you ask the captain.
She waited a few minutes, but the machine was silent. The captain looked at Mark and smiled slyly:
- It can be seen will have to rescue your friend. No, no, I'll go myself. And you be engaged in their own affairs. And remember what I told you, do not get carried away!
- I'll go with you to Peter, - Mark said firmly.
- You will go wherever just going: to check the compartment where the accident occurred. And that's an order!
However, Mark resolutely went behind the captain. She gave him a searing glance, wanted to say something, but said nothing.
MedLab was locked on the inner lock on the audio signal no one answered. Captain's personal power key (which is suitable for all blocker spaceship and had only her in case of emergency - can be seen in the opinion of the captain of this special event and had the place to be at the moment) unlocked constipation. Mark followed the turf came into the medical unit.
On the operating table lay unconscious naked body of Peter. Nude Kiln Traver made him a blowjob, but to no avail, and was entirely absorbed in doing this - not even heard that the room someone came. Also nude nurse stretched in a black leather chair, his eyes closed and his legs wide apart. Mark hurried to look away.
Mark was struck by Peter View - relaxed, limp, even slightly bluish body does not usually resembling taut and wholesome astronaut athlete. His eyes were closed, he gave no sign of life. In the blue basin lying empty syringe and a dozen spent cartridges, the name on one of them, Mark realized that the ampoules was strong biostimulant. Mark was frightened - and whether his friend even alive? Warning captain suddenly fell to Mark in all its grim realities, dispelling at once his frivolous doubt.
- Doctor Travers !!! - The captain called out imperiously.
Kiln looked up from his work. her eyes blurred and distorted by unbridled lust mouth vividly reminded Mark of the Vampire numerous videoknig and computer games. Seeing the captain, the doctor slowly, with effort got up, stretched to attention - it is difficult to return to reality. Realizing something, and flashed a dazzling buttocks flesh (which caused some reason did not make lust and disgust), he turned for a bathrobe and still slowly wore it. Dragged gradually disappeared from Kiln green eyes, but guilty, caught in the act, it is itself clearly felt.
- What does all this mean? - Strictly asked the captain.
- I'm fighting for the life of the patient, the captain. You have prevented the operation ... - barely moving his lips tired out the doctor said.
The nurse opened her eyes instinctively ran her hand between her legs, shivered, finally woke up, went to the thrown carelessly on the floor near the table overalls, which adorned some spots, and stood near the Kiln. Peter did not move.
Dern went to turn off the monitor, ran confidently on the keys, and Mark was relieved - Peter's heart was beating, although figures were not ideal.
- Seven days in the cooler at the first parking lot. Special suit for the entire flight. Two parking without a descent from the starship! - Ordered the captain.
- For what?! - She exclaimed in surprise Kiln Traver.
- Both? - Nurse asked gently.
The captain looked at them sternly.
- You know that I usually do not let your natural encroachments, - she said. - Punishment only doctor Traver. For malpractice.
Dern looked around the room angry gaze, she saw Mark and his eyes upon Peter.
- Immediately give the patient the feeling and bring in his cabin. It will get better in bed, - turf made emphasis on the word "his". - You can go, - she turned to Mark - I personally will see to your friend safely was in his cabin. Later you see him.
It remained at least an hour for the ship before lunch time, when Mark came into the dining room. And it was far from that, he was hungry - he just does not actively want to see anyone from the crew. Why? He later it all out. I did not want - and all!
The waitress Jacqueline saw him, already lit up all in an effort to please the customer (as seems to be who he is for it - an ordinary member of the crew, even though in an officer's title, how many of these on "Loufule"!). However, in fairness it should be noted that before it is the only one of the crew is not dispensed them with Peter icy silence.
Mark sat down at his table and turned to Jacqueline:
- I have a lot of work in the lower compartments. If possible, I would like to have a meal in a hurry and take something with him for the evening.
Jacqueline stopped to wipe the captain's table, and smiling cute young technique, went to the premises.
A few minutes later she brought him a tray laden with plates and sat down at a table in front of Mark. He took up paysovym soup, which admittedly turned out excellent, and not paying attention to the waitress, thinking that he must now be made. He was thoroughly checked in all the hardware performance, and although the figures were completely ordinary, some strange feeling of anxiety never left him. To the table came boatswain, concurrently overseeing the galley (Mark it were, but he did not remember her name) and sat down next to a waitress.
- Delicious? - She asked.
Mark looked up at her.
- Yes thank you.
Jacqueline languid movement shoved the palm of a collar jumpsuit and pulled the cloth poluobnazhena shoulder, her tongue unconsciously licked his lips slightly cracked. Marc before the eyes instantly got that ugly scene in sickbay - unconscious body of Peter, Kiln Traver, not seeing anything around, with the disfigured face of lust and unconscious prostrate in a chair naked nurse.
He stood up, almost knocking over the plate. He clattered behind his chair. Jacqueline Boatswain and also stood up, keeping an eye on him, and their eyes have raised some primal fear into the soul of Mark. Lord, because in the morning he could not rid himself of obsessive sexual visions! And now ready to ensure that in all haste to run away. Yes, the man he eventually or not?
Jacqueline Boatswain and from different sides began to get a table, closer to Mark. They pulled out his arms and did not take his eyes off him. They are very common ... Mark reminded videoshtamp of zombies, but this was not videoknige, but in reality, to him - and another moment he would have cried out in horror. But he pulled himself together and retreated a few steps, he said firmly:
- Stop! I never would have never raised a hand to a woman, but if you make a step further though, I remember all the things I was taught in gyms Tempe Fight! - He saw the woman stopped and breath, he added: - Is it too large dose of your exciter you swallowed the? I wish much alcohol ...
Then Mark noticed that the girls stretched out at attention and looking somewhere over his shoulder. He turned. At the entrance to the dining room was Lars Room with an ironic smile on his handsome face and casually patting himself on the excellent form of hip long barrel stunner. Convinced that her presence last seen she removed the smile from his face, appeared angry sparkle in his eyes.
- Go away! - Imperiously she hissed pokusitelnitsam failed to honor Mark. - And does not appear in the hall while I'm here!
The waitress and the boatswain fearfully hid in the back room. Lars came to the overturned chair, bent down, picked it up and made a gesture of invitation to Mark.
- Sit down. Bon appetit, - she said softly and sat on a chair, which recently took Jacqueline.
- Thanks - Mark sat down again and picked up a spoon.
Lars put before him the stunner.
- Use know how?
Mark looked at the gun and nodded.
- The captain had already explained to you that our flight dangerous - Lars said. - So do not be offended by the crew - a little nervous girls.
- And you? - Marc Lars looked into his eyes. Beautiful still, damn it hell, and how to hold - like a queen in the grand reception! Perhaps it is not inferior to the turf Kaizen, but they are infinitely different - like Yin and Yang.
- I do not put on staff, - she said quietly.
- And the fact that you came to me in the hardware ...
- And you did not like? - She threw up her thin eyebrows. - But I, unlike some, nobody violence.
Mark suddenly realized with astonishment that it rises again wave eager to this unusual woman, and he began to work diligently with a spoon, his eyes on the plate. After a while he said:
- I really wish that you would come to me. But now it all turns out to have several unpleasant side.
Lars grinned.
- Here in this case, and I begged the captain to you stunner. I warned - all on this ship just whores finger in their mouths do not put ...
- And indeed you were precedents when your girls for Any someone to death? - Mark that he asked not expecting.
Lars looked at him.
- And from whom this information?
- The captain said.
Lars nodded.
- Yes, you are ... But it is no longer threatened. After that moment for you, but me no one will approach, guaranteed. And if someone from too hot too zasverbilo in shorts and she in the heat dare try to rape you - use the stunner. - Lars for some time silently watching him eat. - You know, - she said slowly, - you give me more and more like you. You're not like the others ...
- Than? - Mark asked in surprise.
Lars smiled and got up from the table.
- What are your plans now?
- I visit my Peter and go into the lower compartments. In fact, today we have planned work, but if you are not driving today, and tomorrow you can finish ...
- In the evening I come to you - she paused for a moment, lost in thought, and added: - It should be a lot to talk in a relaxed atmosphere ... for purposes of this flight in particular ...
- Glorvilte about pirates?
- And this, perhaps, too. - She went to the door, but suddenly stopped and turned around: - Now you hear that anyone fend for themselves is not necessary?
- Yes - Mark blushed.
Mark with a tray came up to the cabin of Peter - he decided himself to someone to carry lunch to avoid even the slightest risk of exposing Peter's new sexually assaulted. And Jacqueline, according to Mark, it could decide on that.
Zapihnuv stunner in his belt, he scored with his right hand lock code. Going in, he nearly dropped the tray in shock: Peter lying on his bed again completely naked in front of him on the carpet was sitting cross-legged, his legs wide apart, naked girl, and staring at the man's pride of Peter (which, as Mark thought, Now hardly anyone could initiate, in such a state was unpresentable) excitedly fingering her nipples.
Mark traffic zapravskogo Superman snatched from his belt and pointed guns at the girls. cabin doors closed. She saw Mark and stood up, did not hesitate to their nakedness. Mark knew her - it was the title of Treki, she was responsible for the ship countless computer equipment and other electronics. Two days ago, she was rebuilt in their auxiliary multiprocessor hardware and a half chacha Marc stared at her ass covered with cloth. Now Mark almost disgustedly remembered then-his immoderate desire any female flesh.
- How did you get here? - Mark asked and looked at Peter. On his head was a huge wet towel. Suddenly Peter groaned and stirred. Mark sighed in relief and looked at the titles. - I ask you - he said impatiently.
- Do you think for an electronics there are any locks on this ship? - She replied mockingly.
Mark waved his stunner.
- I am the captain's permission to use this toy. Not at full capacity, of course, but still unpleasant. So quickly get dressed and get out of here. See here once again - vsazhu portion without notice, - Mark said, and he marveled at his peremptory tone.
Ranks in silence and dressed quickly in the sights of the radiator and flew out of the cabin. Mark watched her, put the tray on the table and bent over Peter. He opened his eyes and looked blankly at his friend.
- How are you, Peter? - As Mark said, more can be warm.
- Live harmful - this die - a weak voice said Peter smiled crookedly somehow, a breath, he added: - If a horse can not run to the finish, it should be shot. From charity.
It was clearly a quote, but where she could not remember Mark. He looked at his injured leg companion drenched stekotaynom.
- How is your leg? - Mark asked.
- Normally, - Peter said. It seems that strength came back to him - a young trained body took the upper hand in the fight against severe circumstances. - Craft her, however, she knows ... Pour the wine, please.
- ...Damn, in the control bottle remained. - Mark looked at his watch. - It does not take a lot of time, I'll go right now. You do not let anybody in here, Peter. - Well, to hell with them all their exorbitant demands. So long become impotent ... They then turns out to be some horse pathogen given - so they do not kill brutalized ... about this ...
Mark hesitated a little: to speak or not to Peter about the expected attack on "Louful" pirates, or not worth it. But still I decided not to disturb fellow - what will be, will not pass, and he knows everything, yet let regains its composure.
Mark put on the table by the bed next to Peter and tracer set transelektor.
- If that - call me. Or the captain - no one else! Good?!
Peter smiled Mark:
- Good.
On the way to the hardware Marcus came up with an amazing idea. He went into the hangar and chose a huge hulking robot loader. Bring him to the door of Peter's cabin, he programmed it to ensure that it is not to let anyone inside the cabin at all - apart from the Mark and the captain of a starship, of course. Hardly turf Kaizen pounce on the exhausted Petra - it is quite unlikely.
Mark suddenly caught myself thinking that recalls the captain fondly and smiled to it.
Peter was sleeping, turning nondescript color padded plastic wall. Mark did not wake him up, put wine and a wine glass on the table and left the cabin. Patted the robot on the cold body, he went to perform their duties.
Starship "Louful" He belonged to the most successful of all time Terran civilization class spacecraft "Kicks". The first ships of this class have gone the slipway just over three hundred years ago and is still flying. Then, at the end of the twenty-seventh century, it seemed that they surpass the impossible. They are amazed by its power, its speed and its invulnerability. They were originally multipurpose and used with equal success both for freight, as passenger airliners and military purposes - everything depended only on the inner parts, designed for a particular purpose. At this point, of course, "Kicks" We could not compete in speed with the latest starships, overtaking them almost ten times, but as always did not concede in reliability and functionality.
Powerful military spaceships capable of resisting any military threat to any heavy duty galactic civilization were designed and built prototypes. But as civilization that lived-in found in the cosmos were not such a threat, and a local problem in the form of suppression of interplanetary misunderstandings copes "Kicks"Then supermonstry never built, although the issue could begin at any moment. And it is on that giant outer mill, which so successfully until recently made "Kicks".
Mark spent on this plant eight months of practice, remember that hard work and his admiration for the innards of these huge artificial kosmozverey. However, built in huge vacuum shops no longer "Kicks"That some frustrated when Mark - because from the moment when he first took the airlock of this technical miracle, he knew what would devote his life.
Mark smiled. He always remembered with some children and naive fear then climbed into a small old city planetship. He left his home planet Qatar incomplete fifteen years. Each Earthman before citizenship is obliged to spend a year on the earth itself. And every child is at all multiple planets Terran tremblingly awaited the event. For this purpose, every three years on Qatar flew specially equipped spaceship and pick up all the world's children between the ages of fourteen and seventeen.
And Land Mark seemed much more beautiful and interesting than imagined him in boring lessons in a small rural school in Qatar or in the great hall of the school at the spaceship that took them to their historical homeland. After the riots the twenty-fourth century, when more than seventy years of civil war was cosmic, Earth has become a historical and cultural center. She lived only scientists and support a huge number of museums and the hotel staff. And children from all terrestrial planets. And countless tourists, for the citizens of Terran is not forbidden (and even heavily advertised-recommended) visit the earth as many times as the soul requires.
Mark remembered how in the library of the Sorbonne on the tour showed them old dusty tomes, which caused him no less awe than the heavy duty units superzvezdoleta. As he begged for permission to study the ancient books. As with the help of specially learned mentohropa Old French language and a day spent at Oxford, studying the most ancient manuscript "Song of Roland", Which is loved even in talented retelling for children alshalskogo famous poet Eduard Penh. That's why he was so clear it was so romantic starship name, etc.