With sister best

That day I went home early. At school, the teacher fell ill in English and last class was canceled. Near the school is still drunk with his friends on a couple of bottles of beer and spirits rose considerably. Especially because drinking "Baltic-9". Therefore, even a little razvezlo. Throwing off his shoes and clothes I got unsteadily to my room. He threw a backpack under a table, and a careless movement of the hand turning the handle of my room door, I was alone with reflections - what to do next. The decision came quickly. A friend gave me a tape with porn yesterday - that it's what I see. Comfortably in a chair with remote control in hand, I relaxed and got ready for a pleasant pastime. Rewind the titles and make a sound so loud, so as not to hear located sister, I began to come off in the next room. On the screen, a young girl came to visit his friend and they have already started to flirt with each other. The guy pulled the girl's clothes, and she began to undress him. I pulled out of his pants his dick already instituted. Ananizmom - rulez, when nothing else to do. Despite his 16 years, I still do not fuck any girl. Meanwhile, the girl has stripped her boyfriend spent the tongue on the head of his penis. The boy groaned. She put her head and jaws worked with might and main. I do not waste time and satisfy himself.
- And with the girls you have been?
I shivered and tried to turn the TV off with one hand, and the other to fill their dignity back into his pants. My sister was standing at the door with a smile and looked at my futile attempts. Heck has been a few times when I was drunk and do not end up turning the door handle. But to see me for such a thing has never happened before. Sister with a smile, looking at me, then looked at the TV. On the screen, she continued to work hard on a member of her boyfriend. Sister closed the door and came over to me.
- Well, what was that?
She knelt down and held his hand in my pants reared under the member.
I gulped: "Did not have.".
She smiled and took my cock. Her tongue walked on the head delivering unbelievable feeling. I groaned. Sister at this time licked my cock and took it in his mouth. Her tongue tickled the hole on my head and jaw went up and down the trunk. It was terribly nice and I moaned. On the screen at the time the guy started to caress his girlfriend. Sister saw that I turned his gaze on the television ceased to caress me and eyes pointed to the sofa: "Now it's your turn, whatever.".
She lay down on the sofa and took off her jeans. Now there were only tiny panties and T-shirt. Taking off her panties she beckoned me with his finger: "Come on. I am waiting!".
I walked over to the couch. I shaved pussy looked so innocent and seductive. My tongue went through her delicate skin folds. Sister arched her back in pleasure and ran her hands through my hair. My tongue caressed her clitoris (by the time I read many magazines and reviewed a great number of tapes so he already knew where that is the girls) and she moaned softly. Slightly biting it and licking I forefinger into her hole. It was humid and hot. She moaned louder. Finger I caressed her tongue and the inside of the crease of the clitoris, which has slightly increased in size. This went on for several minutes, then sister lifted my head.
- I want you. Come to me.
Awkward pulling off his clothes, I approached her. She had removed her shirt and held out her arms to me. Kneeling on the couch between her legs I touched his lips to hers. Prior to that, I kissed the girls a lot of times, but completely naked with a naked girl - it was new. She hand sent my cock inside. Wet head easily slipped past her lips sex, and was right in "vent". For a moment we lay eyes closed getting used to the new sensation. Then she reached out eagerly and hands made me move. At first slowly, then faster and faster I was moving inside sisters. It was fabulous. At my sister a cool figure and a beautiful face. I had a feeling that I am with the super girl in the world. Our lips met in a kiss again. I penetrated her mouth with his tongue and she was biting it with his teeth. She podmahivala me your hips, and I quickened the pace. When I felt the approach of orgasm, she suddenly jumped out from under me and wagged a finger.
- No really! It is too early! Parents will not soon come.
She got on her knees and turned to me his magnificent ass. I sent my dick inside and took her hands behind her hips. The first penetration caused her to moan even louder. Of course! In this position, the penetration becomes deeper than the former. I quickened my movements. She podmahivala me his ass and through her moans could be heard: "Faster: Faster: mmm:". I was also very nice and I also moaned trying to make their member rapid, sudden movements. As well as trying to get into it as deeply as possible. My testicles plopped on her buttocks faster and louder. She arched back and moaned. View my penis entering and exiting from it almost framed her pussy lips even more excited me. In me as if possessed by the devil. I pecked her stronger and stronger. Her moans and broken my breath sharply. It seemed that at the moment all over the earth exist only us. I licked his thumb on his right hand and began to massage her anus cream. It gave her an even greater pleasure. Gradually I began to gently penetrate a finger in her ass making it the rotational movement. My sister is also moving, deeply nasazhivalas his ass on my finger and penis. It was narrow and hot in her ass. I felt through stenochku her ass his dick. Sister passionately moaning and almost screamed with pleasure. Then he moaned, so I stopped and got out of it. She ran to her room and returned with a tube of cream. Smeared them my penis, she smeared her finger a few times and plunged it into his ass. She wants me to fuck her! She got up on his knees again uperevshis hands in bed. I put a his penis to her little anal hole and gently began to introduce it inside. With some difficulty, penetrated into the grease with a cream head, and then easily slipped into the barrel. Sister moaned. By removing one hand from the couch she began to caress her clit fingers. I carefully made movements afraid to hurt her. I gradually quickened the pace of movements and she also started podmahivat ass to the beat. Soon she even asked me to move faster. Inside her ass it was hotter than in the vagina, and the friction of the wall in the narrow the hole gave me unbelievable pleasure. My cock shining from her juices and cream all quickly moved. Sis moaned even louder and removed his hand from her clitoris down on his elbows. I realized that she had finished and continued his movement bringing us mutual pleasure. Soon I felt the approach of orgasm and wanted to remove a member, but she asked me to finish it. Member throbbing in her ass harder and the temperature there seemed to reach a boiling point. I am a strong movement drove him as far as possible and poured semen in her entrails. Exhausted, we fell onto the sofa. A few minutes later we just lay there. My cock was inside and it was a bit painful but did not want to move. Our wet bodies fused together resembled figurines "Lego". I wanted to sleep and if I had not thought that the parents will come soon. Finally, she gently freed my cock and kissed me, ran to the bathroom. When she climbed down from the couch, I still had time to enjoy ... some wet her pussy and it follows from her ass my sperm mixed with her juices.
After that we made love to her almost every day. As it was she was not the first experience of sex she taught me, and I became more skillful lover. We tried it all a huge number of poses and constantly improved on magazines and videotapes. We just fell in love stopped to look at the other of the opposite sex. We spent all their free time together. We walked all over Moscow and Moscow region. Kissing openly and openly in the streets for fear of being seen by acquaintances, but unable to keep the passion. We make love in a variety of extreme conditions imaginable. We thought that the best pairs in the world than we do not exist.