Give a woman the freedom and excitement husband

Tatiana and have been married for more than 10 years. And all married like normal, but where it had happened to that thrills, there was more than some sort of routine. I hasten to say that it has got me a virgin, and we live in a sexual life to 14 years. Fuck it in full, but only with me in this 100% sure was yet most do not want to give her rasslabon.
I always saw in her eyes, just like a dog, the desire to give it a try someone else's dick. In principle, I myself did not mind and even more wanted her to uboltat MZHM or at least the swing, and one day my work was given a ticket for the May holidays at the campsite in the mountains. We were going to go together, and then I got sick like that, and frankly perehotelos, so invited her to go herself. She first broke down for decency, but her burning eyes I saw that she was waiting for me just resolution. In short when they began to collect it on the road, I'll put it in her bag of condoms and 5 note. "can be used for other purposes".
As I realized later, for it was tantamount to a sentence of pardon, a kind of indulgence. I will not dwell on what happened there (although she told me then everything in great detail and even confessed that even re-buy package) The most interesting happened next. As soon as she entered the house, I realized that it was my turn for sexual pleasures. We immediately agreed that this is not betrayal, and little sexual adventure and it was my turn to lead us. And somewhere in a month we went on holiday to relax by the sea. Rented house decent, scored meat, alcohol and indulge in relaxation. Somewhere in the evening watching my drozhayshy bit drunk and we went to take a refreshing dip in the sea. It was not yet quite dark, almost dusk.
On the beach, people did not have a lot of vacationing near the company of three boys of 16-17 years. We got into the water and began to dive. I ducked Tatiana hugged her and began to stick. She was embarrassed at first, but then relaxed and gave in to my caresses.
Imagine her surprise when I began to fuck her, but just took her clothes and climbed ashore. She only whispered, "And I?" . "Get out"- I said, as if nothing had happened. She hesitated, but took his cold (it was somewhere in the middle of June) and began to get out. Guys that were resting near a ohueli from this picture, they almost immediately all the passes on their bellies and crawl nervously hiding your riser. My noticed it too, and I thought she understood me and accepted the rules of the game. She came to me and asked, "what's next?". I did not like what had happened suddenly remembered that he had forgotten cigarette and asked her to shoot at children. This bitch is not only not ashamed, but when it came to the special squatted so that her charms were turned out almost out. She sat them somewhere for about a minute, talked about something and returned with the cigarettes. When she came, I asked her what she was talking. She simply replied that they offered: "give to give".
"Well, let's give them a good beer, kebabs let come to visit"- I said with views like nothing to think. "And if they want to fuck me, you're too loose?"- Tanya said, but her voice I did not notice the disturbance. "And even prompt them how"- I said calmly. "Are you sure that you want to see how to make out of me a whore?"- Just as she asked, unfazed. "And unless you do not want to spend whore? You've dreamed about this for a long time, and have tried a month ago. And if you do not like it, then get dressed and went into the house, and if you like it, suck me right here. You have a choice. So let's think sweet"- I told her. It is a little thoughtful, then he knelt backwards towards the guys spread her legs and swallowed my cock right to the full depth. She began to suck as if doing it for the last time in his life. I was ecstatic, but the corner of his eye looked at the guys. Those who do not hesitate to sit and masturbate their young guns. And the trunks were actually decent, and one was just the real huische, so I was very worried.
Tanya looked at me, too, understood everything, and only asked: "Well, that one ..?". I just nodded and waved the boys. To my surprise, they all came two unbending steel crush Tannins chest, and the guy with huischem just drove it into her pussy and began to fuck not only her, but really dryuchit like a bitch. My darling was about bryknutsya, but its trunk just stabbed her. I even thought he was going to push out my dick out of her mouth. After a few seconds, I felt that Tatiana paused, then realized that she cums and just shy of me. I liked it so much that I immediately began to unload in her throat powerful streams of sperm. It seemed to me that it happened more than can fit in the eggs. I grunted, and leaned back just a little not fall. Then I stood up and said to them: "Guys I went to kindle a fire, and you entertain guests while Tanya".
When I showered coal and lit them, I decided to go see what was happening on the beach. And here I just ohuel friends. They do not just fucked her three of them fucked her in two holes. I just did not expect to see this. One lay below, one on top and they both fucked her in the pussy. The third held her head up to his balls rattled and did not give her a break. My wife not only did not oppose, but podmahivala them as though for her it was the most common. Suddenly, as if the load FREEZE. Everyone stopped and then from my dear pussy began splashing fountains from two trunks, and from the throat was heard a strange gurgling. Boys left off just like tin soldiers all together. Then he got up and came to me said: "we want to eat". I showed them where to go, and he went up to his wife took her in his arms and dragged him to the sea washed away. She gently hugged me and said quietly:
- Thank you darling.