Girl Sasha. Part one

Sasha was born very much like a girl. Blond curly hairs, doll face, plump lips and huge blue glazyuki with long eyelashes - all betrayed a girl, except for the segment and testes, which seemed a complete misunderstanding on this child yet, but a beautiful body.
Misunderstandings began in kindergarten, when my mother wanted to cut a boy Sasha, what he actively resisted, and even tears. Mom retreated, and Sasha loved to try girly outfits and then with his long curly hair no one could not tell from the girl. In the garden, he played mostly with the girls liked to dress dolls and coddle them.
One night, in the country house, where the children were taken in the summer of garden, Sasha climbed into bed with a girl who has built his eyes, and asked to give him to touch her pussy. The girl did not mind, and Sasha, with a sinking heart missed a hand under the girl's panties and gently stroked and squeezed it soft hairless treasure fingers parted the lips and slightly submerged in innocent mokrenkaya insides. Then, in the children's head flashed the thought - why he does not have a recording, but there is no one with interesting pod scrotum?
Women start more made itself felt, and when Sasha went to school, then enrolled in drama club specifically, with the condition that he would only play female roles. He had no more reason and opportunity to try on women's clothes, which he loved very much. All these dresses with ruffles, lace nylon stockings with elastic bands at the waist brought him into raptures.
And as time passed, and the boy began to be interested in sexual matters. In the fifth grade, he was jerked off his tiny dick in the bathroom with their peers. By that time, he already knew that the girls have a clitoris, and he liked to call himself a segment of this exciting word. As before, he drove a great friendship with the girls, and they trust him all your secrets, treating him not as a boy, but as his girlfriend. Even when the girls began menstruating, he learned about it first.
Grieving that he will never be the vagina, like a girl, he paid more attention to their rounded and slightly upturned ass. Once he was at home in the bathroom smeared cream comes into its "vagina"He began to call his anus, and brought back the handle of the toothbrush. Manipulation Sasha liked, and he began to wonder what would be possible to replace a toothbrush. Then he has not yet had any thoughts, and knowledge about homosexuality. In the course went all the thicker cylindrical objects such as candles, cucumbers and other carrots. By seventh grade, it easily accommodates the vagina has a sharpened his own candle tral diameter.
After the seventh grade, he was sent to summer camp in the Black Sea. There he met with Sergei, who came from Nizhny Novgorod. Their beds in the bedroom were close to each other and they are often at night, when all were asleep, move under one blanket and chatted about various things. And it came to masturbation. Member Sergei was much more Sashenkin, fifteen centimeters and three and a half in diameter. And Sasha finally got the idea to try to feel it in my ass.
Before the decisive night, Sasha put a pillow under his tube of Vaseline, which is specially for this purpose has asked to buy before leaving her mother, citing the fact that he had the sun is very dry lips. In the morning, when the boys led by Sergei blanket engaged in masturbation, Sasha took a deep breath and whispered breathlessly friend's ear ...
- Serge, and you do not want to try to finish in my ass?
Sergei thought for a moment and asked ...
- And you will not hurt? Are you already tried?
- No, I have not tried it, but why not try? It hurts to think it is not.
Sasha did not tell a friend about your home exercises, which in the end has caused him an orgasm, even when he did not touch the penis. Besides Seregin member I did not go to any comparison with those items that Sasha inserted into the vagina. Sergei put his hand on his thigh and said Sashenkin ...
- Let's try it, I have not fucked anyone, it's probably nice.
Sasha turned to each other back and reached for Vaseline. Sergei hands went to his charming ass, pushing the buttocks apart, and he could not help her meet otklyachila I wish the members. Sasha has got his hand behind his back, feeling his friend's hand, gave him a tube of Vaseline. He understood without words, and began to lubricate fingers Sasha developed its vagina. Sasha was trembling with excitement and anticipation, while other fingers dived deep in his gut. Here Sergey already put two, then three fingers, trying compliance ringlet. Finally, he changed his fingers other member easily entered into conditional virgin ass Sasha.
Hand Sergei Sasha turned on his stomach, and, without removing a member, fell on top of him. Sasha was lying under the other, and it has rolled unprecedented wave of excitement. His clitoris has erupted on the first sheet of semen flows, when he felt that one is prepared to shoot him. Movement Sergei became chaotic, he propped himself up on his hands and furiously drives the pace quickens your dick in Sashenkin vagina.
Sasha thought at the time that he would die from the pleasure. It fought a live, real and warm member. I flashed the thought that here it is, the moment for which he sought all his short life is. Sasha in gratitude to a friend for the pleasure began increasingly podmahivat his ass towards tolsteyuschemu and hardening member. Sergei twitched in orgasm, semen warm streams flowed into Sasha, who felt it and soaked up every cell in your body the seed of another. Then Sergei collapsed on Sasha, clasping his hands.
When he came to, he fell on his side, carrying Sasha behind him, so as not fallen member. Sergei began to stroke each other in the chest and abdomen, feeling him an extraordinary tenderness as the first in my life girl who gave herself to him, and gave such an unforgettable experience.
Later, in the following joint night they developed a slightly different rules of conduct. Sasha leaned into his mouth and took a member of the other, to feel the organ with every fiber of his soul. His vagina ached and longed to quickly take up this magic wand, but he restrained himself masochistic, trying to prolong the pleasure. They tried all possible poses, of which Sasha especially liked when he jumps to the other member. He ran a body, which came into him, swaying from side to side, trying to bring a friend and myself, and maximum enjoyment. He loved the first man in my life and no idea how he will part with it.
But everything comes to an end over a change in the pioneer camp and Sasha went to Moscow, and Sergey in a Lower. Sasha was closed boy and especially no one spoke, however, the experience gained in the pioneer camp, demanded continuation.
Sasha crook got hold of myself and women's clothes, to close himself in his room, trying on her in front of a mirror. He was stripped naked and wore translucent panties, then a belt with elastic bands and nylon stockings. Then I put on a bra by putting it to the volume of wool. Finally, the whole outfit Vershilo her short body-hugging dress, which he stole from the girls in the pioneer camp .... it is beautiful lipstick and mascara, and finally turned into a clumsy boy cool girl with slim legs and a delicious ass. To twist the mirror, he lifted his dress and began to stroke his thighs and ass, then passed to the clitoris, and played with him until he had finished.
He haunted the memories of the living penis in his ass and he went looking for. Walk around the city, he could not in a woman's appearance, so put on the top coat, a dress pants, and not glory. Sasha started with a toilet on Savelovsky station. He went into the cabin in front of the urinals and start shooting trousers. He is desperately unlucky. Once in the hole, done in the door of the stall he saw the man, not drochaschego your small penis. Sasha threw open his coat, pulled up the dress to be seen were his stockings with elastic bands and panties and opened the door.
The man saw him, went into the cabin and closed the door behind him. Then he began to paw Sasha and finally bent it and, pushing aside her panties roughly fucked in the ass. No pleasure from this act Sasha has not received and therefore ceased to go to the toilet. He needed to focus, not naked sex. He was already a woman psychologically and romantic mood nature craved love, rather than a simple physiological proximity.
The following summer my parents sent Sasha for the summer in the village to stay with relatives. The village is not far from the Oka in the Ryazan region. Sasha was completely on his own, no one was watching him. All her feminine clothes, he naturally took with him and hid in an abandoned barn on the outskirts of the village. He wore his clothes, paint and the path went away to the river and there was walking along the beach, going to the fishermen and examining how they fish. None of them had no doubt that he sees in front of a girl, youngster, not the boy from the neighboring village.
Ivan was very fond of fishing and often run into the Oka River for a week, leaving the business to his deputies in Moscow. He was president of a major bank and a person is not poor. And he loved the boys, and his estate near Moscow often brought cute lads who made a living from his ass and mouth. Ivan liked to dress them girls, from this he always got up a little not its member, shestisantimetrovy in diameter and twenty - in length. He was fifty, and he looked very sporty and always loved women.
When he saw Sasha, something in this girl seemed suspicious. At first he did not even realize that. It was strange that the village girl wearing nylon stockings and painted, as the city slut, and reminded the banker that yesterday saw the boy bathing with exactly the same long hair. He had thought then, with what pleasure would fuck him in this delicious, plump ass. He even then stir in the pants.
Sasha stood not far from the banker and silently watched his actions. Banker finally spoke up ...
- Girl, and you do not want to participate in fishing? I'll give you a fishing rod, or even bored one stand. And in the evening soup cook and eat.
Sasha liked this guy, something in it attracted him, and he dared not refuse. Ivan unwound the second rod and gave it to Sasha. He zapravski planted a worm on a hook and threw a tackle. By evening, the fish in the cage had enough and Ivan started to prepare soup, Sasha said, that she could relax while in his tent until it is all this stuff to cook.
Sasha breathlessly climbed into the tent and lay down on the unfolded sleeping face down. He coyly pushed towards leg and a short dress ridden, exposing a female band with elastic bands and white fishnet panties, almost transparent and does not hide his beautiful ass. Pulling out his little tube of cream and pushing aside a thin strip in the crotch, Sasha gently rubbed her vagina and strip back into place, but it specifically shifted slightly to the side, to be seen were his little testicles. At the door of the tent was left slot and Ivan Ivanovich, passing by with an armful of firewood looked inside.
Seen picture made pounding heart. On the pants began to grow rapidly imposing mound sizes. Sashenka pretended to be asleep and snoring loudly, even by closing their beautiful eyes. Ivan postponed firewood aside and quietly climbed into the tent. Standing in front of Sashenka on his knees, he pulled his pants to his knees with shorts and grabbed standing pillar member of the hand. Second hand dress lifted even higher and started stroking the boy's buttocks, going to the testicles and gently fingering them. Very exciting view of the boys' testicles on the background of the female attributes.
Sasha was trembling with excitement, and finally opened his eyes. View reared manhood, surprisingly big and beautiful, unwittingly made him stretch out her arms to him. He knelt in front of a banker, small little hands grabbed his hot cock and pulled a face to the lips of Ivan Ivanovich. He wanted to be the new man kissed him, caressed his young body. Ivan did not wait long. He hugged the little boy, running his hand under the dress. They kissed for a long time, to stupor, his face flushed from Sasha bristle banker, but he is just like that.
Sasha with one hand holding the man's penis, the other stroking his hairy buttocks. Finally, he leaned over and started licking the head, as if he had done it all his life. He had to strain to thick dick Ivan least half disappeared into his mouth. Sasha caressed member, licking his entire length, passing on hairy testicles and the banker could not resist. When once again strained, the boy swallowed deeply member, a powerful jet of sperm hit fragrant tart in its sky. Startled, he even choked, but then managed and swallow, swallow the nectar.
In the end he took a member of the mouth, sent to your face, and the last jet sprayed daubed his face, frozen in brightly made up lips. Ivan collapsed on the sleeping bag, and Sasha at the last moment he suddenly began to cum, cum panties splashing. He lifted a frightened dress and pulled her panties. The banker saw a small segment, spewing sperm and reached for his lips. Sasha understood the desire of her husband and sat down in front of him on his haunches so that all its naked in front of the farm was now the favorite person.
Ivan swallowed segment ends with eggs, finishing the remains of a boy's semen. Then he engaged in rubber bands, stick stockings and began to unfasten them one by one. He did not hurry to take off her panties and plant Man, but he did it deliberately slowly, trying to prolong their pleasure, and to restore erections. Finally panties were removed, and Ivan grabbed the boy from behind ass. One finger of his already hard walking in well greased Sashenkin vagina. Feeling grease on his fingers, the banker instantly excited, a member took the firing position again.
Sasha felt pressed against his stomach swollen body, quickly turned her ass to the banker, and arched his body substituting it for easier invasion. The man saw before him the young sexual organ framed lifted her dress, belt with elastic bands and poluspuschennyh nylon stocking. Polly was clearly not a virgin, a well-developed rosette of the anus is trembling shrinking, then clenched.
Ivan pushed the boy's buttocks with his hands and raised them so that the head of the penis was just in front of the vagina. He enjoyed watching the foreskin, exposing the prick is shifted higher and higher ... on the member, and that, pushing well greased hole, sinking deeper and deeper in the ass. The boy gasped and first banker stopped moving forward, fearing to hurt him, but Sasha, gritting his teeth, leaned back and flew into a member of his body on the eggs.
And it began ravishing race in which there were winners and losers, and had liked each other at first glance a solid man and a little sweet girl. The pain slowly passed, and the piston Ivan already smoothly slid inside the vagina, more increasing the tempo. He even lifted the body of his mistress strong hands and sit down it to your count. The boy twisted his body and felt the approach of orgasm. The last straw that broke the patience, become a member of the swelling of the beloved. They approach orgasm each other and finally both shots. The man with one hand gripped the small Sashenkin clit and felt the ends. Everything was covered with cum Sasha, and they fell exhausted to the side without disconnecting.
The banker carefully took a member of the ass and bent down to see how she will close. But Polly did not think to shrink, Sasha coached her pussy muscles and could keep it open for a long time, the man delivering the pleasure of contemplating it. Sperm from the opening hole, and Ivan bent tongue plunging into this voluptuous hole. Sasha gently squeezing the muscles of the anus of his tongue and enjoyed.
Ivan delayed his departure for two days and these two days and fucked her Sasha in the tail and mane. But always it could not last, the banking business in Moscow demanded his presence, and he left, promising to return soon. Sasha several times every day out on the beach and waited there the appearance of his men, but did not wait. Apparently things overwhelmed banker and he could not escape.
Increasingly, the banker recalled Sasha and those 3 days, when they were together. At night, he jerked a member, because the other boys, corrupt, he did not get up. He closed his eyes and recalled their meeting, and as soon as his eyes got up its details instantly finished. He knew only about where the boy lives, and apart from the name - nothing.
He began to systematically go around on the jeep all the schools of the area and wait until they tumble from students. In late September, he finally got lucky. Sasha came home from school and was walking home when he saw Ivan. Sasha too often remembered for her man and very grieved about his absence.
The black SUV pulled up about Sasha and opened the door. From her smiling face seemed to Ivan Ivanovich, he beckoned the boy inside the car. When the door closed, lovers fell into each other's arms. They have not seen each other for so long that they could not wait long, and immediately in the jeep Sasha twice surrendered himself to the man in the back seat.
They began to meet frequently and to a banker in his apartment and country house. But it ceased to hold both of them, because they are so fond of each other. Ivan indulged his girl, as he called it, and gave the French lace underwear and all kinds of exotic outfits from sex shops. Finally the banker decided.
- Sasha, I am absolutely alone in this world, let's live together as husband and wife, I promise that neither you nor your family until the end of his days will not need anything. First, I'll be his wife, then his daughter, her husband's younger podyschu you.
Sasha has long been waiting for this proposal and agreed with pleasure. His only condition was that he wanted to become a real woman for his men, and this required a sex-change operation. Huge money the banker had done their work. The only condition was the banker to Sasha left his "clitoris" still, only circumcised him, because in the opinion of Ivan segment looked more erotic. At Sasha appeared genuine female breast one and a half rooms with large dark nipples. Even the voice of Sasha was a real female.
Medications gradually turned it into a real woman. The toilet he walked like a woman sat on a push, even if it was only necessary to pee. For a long time hovering at the mirror, pleased considering their new female body, color cosmetics French, which has filled its banker. Life was good. The only depressing thing - is that Ivan could not devote much time Sasha, business and age made themselves felt.
All day Sasha was left to himself. If he was in a Moscow apartment, then dressed with the latest fashion trends, I loved to go on expensive shopping, choosing their gifts. Often he went into the female toilets and looked at the representatives, now your gender. At the risk, he went to the women's sauna, putting on small trunks, which are carefully hidden in its segment, so that it is clear and it was not. With pleasure, he looked at women's bodies, their shaved and hairy pussy, breasts and thighs, often he was able to see the parted lips of the vagina. Of course he wanted him to have been the same, but the banker would not hear.
By evening, Sasha thoroughly cleaning your intestines special structures in preparation for the coming of "husband". But more and more it was not necessary, Ivan began to forget about their "his wife" and increasingly to call her daughter.
When Sasha was in the suburban villa, then to stupor bathed in a luxurious pool and soared in the sauna. Its all the time surrounded by servants and guards. All of them were male and extremely impressive physique. Most of them did not know who this Sasha, believing her daughter Ivan, but some, particularly trustees of course everyone knew.
He knew it, and Vadim, bodyguard Sasha, vozivshy his shopping at the luxurious BMW seventh model. Most of all, he took part in all the amusements Sasha, in particular in the sauna and in the pool would not let her away from him. Vadim was inflated slender man of thirty years, good-looking and with a beautiful figure. Under the swimming trunks he hid a very serious weapon, to which Sasha all the time pyalil eyes, Vadim will drive into the paint. Vadim was straight, but when I saw the gorgeous "girl" Sasha, which all knew, he began Bouguereau melting and it there's nothing he could do.
Sasha specially urged on him, trying to check his spell at another male. One day, when the banker left for a week in Paris on a business trip, Sasha decided on the last attack. When they are in the pool after swimming and sweating in the sauna went into the shower, Sasha knocked into the wall of the adjacent stall, where washed Vadim.
- Vadim, rub my back please.
He swore to himself this "fagot", As he called himself, and pulled melting, followed in Sasha's stall. When he opened the door, I saw Sasha standing with his back to him without a bra but in batches. That is not looking stretched Vadim soaped washcloth.
- On the, rub, and then I have something bad coming out today.
Vadim began to slowly drive back "girls"Occasionally touching it with his hands. His eyes, not listening to themselves trying to look under the forward Sasha stretched hands to see chest "fag". A member of a torn swimming trunks and Vadim had to improve his hand to avoid being jumped. When washing was completed back, Vadim handed loofah Sasha saying.
- Here, I washed.
Sasha gracefully ... turned 180 degrees and said with a gentle smile.
- How did all this while?
And she began to drive with both hands on the swaying breasts. At this time, her eyes accidentally fell down and, oh, Ivan Ivanovich was not that far in this regard to Vadim, but this Sasha had never seen. Main was not the size, and the pressure which pushed a strong rubber band heats three centimeters. Through this gap Sasha could not see anything. In the writ tone she demanded that he washed her and front.
- Just come on this washcloth, let's hands, and that it is for the chest rough.
Vadim squeezed out of washcloths remnants of gel on your palms and gently brought it to Sasha's body. She leaned forward and both her gorgeous breasts covered two huge men's paws. Because breast Sasha escaped a groan, and the hands themselves have fallen into the slot heats Vadim. That has nothing to do with him could not have floated on the waves of strange it is lust that covered his warm wave. Breasts Sasha were so pleasant to the touch, and her fingers are so gentle and adept that in a couple of minutes, he wanted this ud "fag"As desired neither one of the women before.
To be continued...
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Moscow, May 22, 2002.