Return. Act 1

RETURN. Act 1.
I was born and raised in a small country town in the heart of Russia. Our little family - a father, a prominent man of about forty, the mother of 36 years old and I am a seventeen year old - lived in the city center in a large two-bedroom apartment. Father after the collapse of the Soviet regime plunged into business and provide good family. His mother was a homemaker. I had a great relationship with my parents. I was a quiet boy, a home, a lover of books and talked with the same Tikhonov. School has finished as a solid, with a predominance of fives horoshist enrolled in our university at the Department of Psychology, recently opened.
Endemic youth anesthesia me miraculously spared, as a natural disaster. Alcohol - a little beer does not count - not fond of. In short, rodoki me it was a sin to complain. They did not complain, invisible dust particles blown from the ideal of the lapels of my jacket when sent to a solemn ceremony at the University of registration. I was Holim and cherished child. And then disaster struck.
I faced the first serious test in his life barely begun. At the university after the first week of training did compulsory vaccination defterita. I went with joy - to be ill, and there was a risk of the epidemic, categorically does not like. The irony: my vaccination gave a complication. I picked up a heavy neuroinfection. The virus damaged the intracranial nerves and struck some parts of the brain. I was hospitalized and I spent a whole month on the bed city hospital. For the first time in isolation from his family.
Naturally, I missed. Books - two thick bundles on a chair - gave only a respite. As soon as I broke away from reading, melancholy I took by the throat. Get up out of bed to me was not recommended - dizziness feared weakness, etc. But I felt good - that only a person paralyzed ... And my whole day occupied medprotsedury, eating and sleeping.
I lay in the nerve branch - the only young man in the whole floor. Old men, delivshie me ward were unbearably boring. All that they could and would like to discuss - this is my own innumerable sores. For the first time in my adult, meeting, not scolded Democrats. I wanted so much to my mother! ..
Two weeks later, everything changed. To us have settled a new patient, complaining of back pain. It was a healthy strong man, blood and milk! And only 55! Against the background of the rest - just my age. I then knew nothing about Randall McMurphy, even film Foreman looked only a year later. But this guy - Kuleda - was exactly the type. Invaded our house charity, like a fresh wind, quickly changed the order of our small household - trips for boiling water, hypnotics exchange - but, more importantly, has brought on his shoulders a huge piece of, unknown to me, the punk, the world.
First, he was the son of a local celebrity - a legendary combat pilot during the Second World War - and was well behind the scenes dirty urban policy. Secondly, he was an old hand, knew homespun truth of life and led me to a crash course in the young fighter everyday reality. From the parents I have not heard of such intricacies, I took care of, and so on shaking his stubby usishki. And yet ... Kuleda was terrific womanizer ... On the women he talked a lot, willingly and with aplomb hunter male. Basically, conversations were as stunning stories about how Kuleda spread his legs another well, completely inaccessible Baba. The details he did not hesitate, I was a virgin, and so caught every word.
Such savory domestic details in any porn you will not see. For example, this: Kuleda fucked in the middle of the party a woman in the ass, and taking out a member, found that his prick envelops undigested tomato skin is salty. In that spirit here. As I jerked off nicely then in the hospital toilet, remembering his stories! ..
But as time passed, the novelty of communicating with Kuledoy passed, and I longed for her again. So much so that I dreamed of two consecutive nights my mother, and in the morning panties were wet. I am disappointed. With me for a year it was not like this.
The truth is that from the beginning of puberty, I wish my mother as a woman. Not always, but quite regularly, I jerked off, dreaming about how to have a mom in a sugar-sweet pussy. I am very ashamed of this, ashamed, he kept his secret in the depths of his sick mind and did not share them. Sometimes I "let go" for a few months and I, like other children, and dreamed of a classmate with the broads favorite pornokassety. Then shameful lust, like a wave, doused my head. Mom in the most vulgar associative series constantly fired my idea. In a couple of weeks, I turned into a quiet monomana that does not bother anyone, but completely falls out of society. I could only masturbate and sigh about my mother. At the same time, she told her friends with pride: "My son lives an intense spiritual life!" I just like Lermontov, grinning sardonically-sad.
Not that my mother had some special beauty. Low woman with a mop and cropped bleached hair and charming smile. Full shoulders, soft abundant chest stored waist, wide hips and heavy big ass. Her legs were stout but slender. In short, these women under forty - attractive and sexy thousands, millions! But that's the trouble with us perverts. I wanted it not just as an abstract beauty, as well as his own mother!
Here we go again! After the second "night with my mother," I would even like to discuss your problem with Kuledoy. So, with laughter and jokes.
He seemed open and kind person, was a great temptation to trust him ... But I restrained myself ... natural shyness prevented ...
And I was again alone with his madness, immediately after suffering a serious illness.
And the next day I was released ... I even opened his mouth in surprise:
- How?
- Yes, that's so, - said the chief doctor in the department - we'll face restored. Of nerve pillars viruses removed ... In short, you are healthy. Enough Philo's time to gnaw granite of science ... genius! ..
So, Mom and I managed rastrezvonit here about my indescribable talents.
In short, it was time to collect belongings. On my site I am already trying on my grandfather suddenly taken away from his feet. I have collected a huge backpack, slung it on his back and get your hands only a certificate of exemption, fluttered into the light. Freedom!
After a month of his release at the hospital seemed to me that the world had been waiting for my return to permanently change. I breathed in deeply. No aches and pains tortured me, I could have any number of wink and make faces, I gladly did. Rare passers-by can see an idiot I am. And let ... And may never know what a facial paralysis.
It was a wonderful time to mid-autumn. Warm, dry, world embraces the fading light of the sun. Leaf fall is almost over, and passed whole piles of rusty orange and gold, swept away on the side of ruthless dvornichimi brooms. The streets were almost empty - Saturday, no cultural life was not. People watching telly, enjoying a brief respite in the struggle for survival. I was walking down the sidewalk and stared around. I felt like I was back home after a long journey. Faced Kuledu, I thought that now my life would change forever. Excellent students and an inveterate womanizer - so I imagined the first steps of a long journey. Becoming a mature male-intellectual, I will always be able to say goodbye to the lustful thoughts about her mother.
Call parents and ask me to take, I did not intentionally wanted to make a surprise. And find out if they are happy to see me, as I have them. I have done and learned. Childhood's End - it's a disaster.
On the third floor, to our apartment, I ran through the three stages. Backpack-deck bounced back and beat back pain. I almost did not feel uncomfortable, so eager to go home! In our house shovels era considered an elite cooperative. Two apartments on the floor, separate rooms, separate bathroom, large kitchen and hallway. In the nineties it was ... just a decent human habitation.
I opened the door to private keys, with which he never parted. Face cut through my joyful smile hovered shout "Surprise!" In the language. Going into the hallway and closed the door, I turned on the light. It is not clear to anyone. Generally, in the silence of the apartment.
I could not resist and looked into the large mirror on the wall, my mother's favorite. The doctor did not lie - the person was in order. Here are just a cheek young abundantly overgrown with soft down. We'll have to start shaving - in a way the university can not be for girls.
I finally was able to throw a backpack with emaciated shoulders. Aches released collarbone plucked from me loud moan of pleasure. And the apartment is still quiet.
He looked into the room. None. Large suite of furniture was all piled books. I came back to you, friends!
The master bedroom was also empty. King size bed was neatly made bedspread. They are not here! Maybe even went to the cottage. I have to be a lonely weekend instead of a joyful meeting.
Listlessly I went to a private room. She even tiny and mine. There's only ever spread out sofa, wardrobe for personal belongings and a desk with komputerom. My private space. Just at the door I heard some rhythmic mechanical noises coming from the room, and heavy breathing.
Dear Mom and Dad! They decided to make repairs to my return, and yet warm. Oh, how wrong time! But never mind, I will stay a few days in the hall. I returned the smile on your face - because now I see them! Then he carefully opened the door and saw.
First, the overall picture of oiled - two naked bodies embracing on my couch. I was scared and excited ... Some people ... Who is this? .. What to do? ..
Then the details ... My mother lies on her back, spreading his legs and bending the knees. It strongly embraces hands a man giving her up, and closer presses it to his upholstered rasteksheysya chest. The man - my father. His body was almost motionless, only abundantly hairy ass is lifted above a mother, it falls on this gentle bed, his big hard belly with the dent in my mother's soft.
The window was covered only by a curtain, and I saw everything perfectly. Father feet slightly apart, leaning on his knees. Mom still picked up his feet, clutching his thigh to the calf. The barrel of a powerful member of his father decisively parted the lips of my mother's recording and entered the interior of the most overgrown testicles, and then went back, and dark lips stretched behind him, afraid to break the link. The whole cycle is repeated in quick enough pace. Buttocks father of black hair, quickly crawl between white thighs mom. She moaned loudly, sometimes screaming, and his father was puffing like a hunted animal.
I could not move forward or backward - his feet were rooted to the floor. My mouth was razzyavlen and chin drooling. Heart tossed under the ribs in the manner of a bear awakened in the middle of winter. I saw something that did not dare to dream, and in the most delusional fantasies - eblas mother in front of me. And those eyes were wide open.
But it seems that the show ended. Father strengthened my mother's ankles on his shoulders and now his cock was part of her almost vertically. Oh, beauty! Oh, it's dark in the middle of white soft focus body. And it is attacked by some raging elements. The creaking of the sofa was deafening, my mother pisya champs when stuck dick in her. Father grunts.
- Pasha, darling! - Mom cried. - Cum in me, me!
Their faces were turned to the opposite side of the door. I did not see them, but vividly imagined how my mother korezhit passion. Father several times in vdvinulsya powerful mother, and then stopped, tightly clutching his groin against hers. I saw his cock jerked back as tightened testicles, sperm flow pumping mom. Mom screamed and squirmed booty, finally went limp, lowered her legs on the couch.
- Thank you darling! - The Pope said, and, rising from the couch, turned to the door.
He saw me, and I am his face. The second recognition, and then he stepped back and immediately turned pale.
- Hello ... na ... na .. - I said.
Mom got up from the couch and stretched out his hand towards me, or fenced off, or calling to him. I felt his legs become like wool. Outside the window, suddenly dark.
- Hi, Mom! - I said ... and fainted.
My mother had once worked as a nurse and knew the techniques of first aid. I remained unconscious for a couple of minutes. In a sense led me sharp stench of ammonia and slaps on the cheeks. I took a deep breath and threw up, opened his eyes.
It turns out, I laid on the couch. I felt chilled moisture back their love of sweat. My mother was sitting on the edge of the sofa in a dressing gown and anxiously peered into my face. Father loomed behind her. He also managed to hide the nakedness, I was in sweatpants and a T-shirt.
- How are you feeling, son? - Anxiously I asked my mother and for some reason, put a hand on his forehead.
I carefully watched her lips - they recently uttered "Cum in me!". This is not to forget.
- Thank you, okay.
And it is true. The heart beats evenly, though quickened, head works, and his hands and feet, again in complete subjection. But the state of mind ...
- What happened? Why are not you in the hospital? - I asked the father.
- I was discharged, I'm healthy.
I tried not to look at his father. I was simply bursting from the influx of conflicting emotions. The pain, hurt, shame, feeling that I had been betrayed. I was afraid that either burst into tears or raskhohochus them in the face. I do not want neither one nor the other.
- And why not call, we would have you met?
- I wanted to make a surprise, but, probably, you are not very happy ...
Mom grabbed my shoulders and squeezed.
- What are you, something you are very welcome! You're our only .. - Mom tears welled up in his eyes. - How fortunate that the disease has receded ...
- Awful that you saw my mother ... - somehow awkwardly and crumpled father interjected.
I could not look at the faces of the parents, because I could see their bare behinds, and therefore asked:
- Mom, I'm really tired ... I can get some sleep?
Mom looked at me with affection and admiration. I first noticed the corners of her eyes a few wrinkles.
- Of course, son, rest ... Do not think of anything bad ... Mom and Dad will always love you around to help. The evening will be a delicious dinner and you will be a surprise ... Now rest.
The door closed behind them. Last I saw, downcast shoulders of his father. He was apparently alarmed in earnest. He does me always particularly worried, contrary to popular myth about male severity.
I thought I go mad from the abundance of thoughts filled her head. Chaotic images interspersed with scraps of emotions agitated soul. I am tossing, tossing wet sheets and ... suddenly fell asleep.
I dreamed that dad fuck mom in front of me.
That same evening. Our family has a long tradition of the Saturday family dinners. Father businessman plowed from dusk to midnight and rarely could afford a complete rest in the family. Leave a rare trip to the country and dining - that's all. The rest is on the run, on the floor of the ear, in a hurry. So Saturday dinner became mandatory ritual.
We sat in the audience at the round table coverings beautiful tablecloth. All dressed up in style - in his father's favorite pants and shirt from Armani, I T-shirt "Gretfulded" and the best "Levis". Mom was wearing a burgundy dress fitting with the closed gate. Her breasts, thighs and ass were highlighted dress with amazing grace, and I'm not particularly trying to take from her sight.
The table was made to all the dishes. Cold appetizers, two salads, roast and mashed potatoes. Plus two bottles of wine and fruit for dessert. Mom really tried!
I was presented to the first cell phone, after receipt and recovery. Parents congratulating and hugging me gently. The father opened the wine, and we drank to my health and future success.
I blushed, protested and tried to keep quiet. In my head after today ... and unpleasant dreams prevailed mess. I was angry at myself and the parents for the silly situation in which we found ourselves, and afraid to blurt out something offensive - in fact, I loved them. Earlier in our family was an atmosphere of love and trust.
In all, I was limited to toast with two glasses of wine - I do not like the feeling of intoxication - the rest were sentenced parents. Red went well under the meat.
Parents occasionally whispering to each other and threw me a piercing gaze. Something was on their mind.
When dinner was almost over, the father decided to push rechugu. Literally forcing himself to look me in the eye, he said:
- Son ... Sergei, we are extremely uncomfortable with my mother, that you found us ... ... MGM in a homely position. As you can see, that you are about this much worried.
Judging by the voice of his father, and the brilliance of an eye, his wine yet understand. Mum drunk chimed his words, nodded her head and looked at me, like a faithful dog. In general, drinking is harmful.
- Sergei ... We all - now you - adults - all ranted dad, conducting himself with a fork - we need to discuss with all the difficulties and sharp corners. Now we are very guilty in front of you, so tell me, how to make amends ...
I never thought that my strict father utter the like. I was even more ashamed, if at all possible. I thought for a while, as they say, and then I realized that the push is useless, it is necessary to cut the truth, return to sincerity, and take out the curve there.
- I'm scared to hear that - I said. Parents came to life. - All that I have, since life and ending with this phone, I owe you. And only you. In fact, it's my fault, terribly wronged you.
Mom put her elbows on the table and leaned his chin on his folded fingers. The father rested his hands in the edge of the table still holding the plug. They were preparing for the worst. The worst I have laid out.
Looking into the space between them, I was told about his secret passion for her mother. About insane masturbation all night and dreams, temptations, desires. Without, of course, the physiological details. Rather poetically, with anguish, with the pressure on dostoevschinu. At the same time he reminded them of the story of the Prince of Oedipus and that of her Freudian thought.
My father shook his head and did not take me with sad and sentimental look, Mom fidgeted in his chair, sighed, and even threw up her hands.
- So much for the sharp corners, - said my father, when I had finished. His eyes sparkle played desperate drunken fun: all types vanish propadom. - And what, son, you hate me ?!
I sincerely indignant.
- You what? You - FATHER. You are a god! God, of course, you can hate, but I am your faithful parishioner. It does not like a man to be said, but I love you ...
Father held out his hand across the table, and I said, shaking hands.
- My son - he said with pride - not afraid of feelings and boldly speaking about them.
Mom is now looked at me like a dog on a nailed.
- Mom, - I said - but you can not worry about. I never tried to spy on you or doing other disgraceful things. On the contrary, he tried to ignore, but it is beyond my strength.
- And how can I not worry! .. Please disease, now this ... probably will have to turn to a psychologist ...
For me it was a punch in the stomach. I did not expect this from her. Instantly I forgot that he himself has recently considered a madman. It was painful and frightening, I was completely at their mercy, the minor.
- It is better to hand over to a psychiatric hospital! - I cried, jumping up from the table. - Let me there haloperidol pumped and shirt holding!
- Sit! - Quietly and powerfully father said, and obediently landed on the chair. - You, Lena, too, give! To the psychologist! The town is a tiny ...
Yes, a month later the whole town will know that the son of the Queen crazy pervert, but that does not know what will come up with!
- But what do you do? - Anxiously I asked my mother.
My father looked at me.
- You're a virgin, Sergei? We talked to you about these issues, but in practice you tried? ..
I was embarrassed, blushed and said "no." Father exaggerated sigh of relief.
- Well, Lena ... And you - "a psychologist!" The boy does not know what it is ... Forbidden beckons ... We find it cleaner and fresher girl, guy all rasprobuet and calm ...
- Here's another! - Mom stood up and beating the table, came up to me. She took my head and leaned her against his soft belly. - Here's another! I'll give her baby in the arms of some contagious prostitute or just davalki. And do not tell me about any condoms - a deadly risk!
I pressed her left ear to her mother, listened to her inner work and tried not to breathe loudly - the conversation took a very excited me circulation.
- What to do? - I asked the father. - Until he finds someone to clean, and that you liked, svihnetsya from masturbation and unspent fervor.
Mom stroked my cheek.
- So I can take care of herself for Sergei ... I can not see how he suffers! ..
I stared at her in amazement and swallowed what I hear?
- Indeed, son, you do not mind if Lena will show you that sex, of course, the nice thing and enticing, but the soul of the mangle of him nothing?
They talked about it quite seriously, without any smeshochkov and jokes, as we do in secondary closet. Just a man and his wife to discuss the urgent domestic problems.
I turned to my father.
- Dad, you let? ..
- I do not allow, and I ask you, like a full-fledged member of the family want?
I looked at my mother and ... nodded. Her brown eyes sparkled.
- Mom, it does not offend you will offend?
She stroked my cheek.
- What are you, my son ?! We all love each other, what is there to insult ?!
Father according assented.
- What to do? - I felt like at the feet of me again weakening.
Mom pulled me by the arm and forced me to get up from his chair.
- Come on, nothing to put off!
I saw that my father also rises.
- Pasha, are you with us? - Mom asked.
- No more secrets between us! .. That's what this means ...
I agreed: his father is not so scary. I know - because he taught me how to swim.
We went to the parents' bedroom. Father beat us, having come into the room and lit the lamp on the two sides of the bed and took off her veil. He himself sat down in the chair that was closest to the door.
The center of the room held a huge bed. To her left was a large wardrobe, to the right - a small office. Two chairs on the opposite wall. At the foot of the bed near the door stood a trellis-mirror shuflyatkami decreased. All this is covered by a soft orange light floor lamps.
Mom went to the bed, turned to me.
- Sergei, the first thing you should know about sexual practices: the main thing is the openness and sincerity! The more honest you are going to talk about their desires, the more you will be more pleasant and useful.
Father-of supporting meaningful nod.
- For example, - my mother said, taking my chin and looking in his eyes - if you want, I'll do so that you just get up?
In support, I just swallowed saliva.
Mom pulled away and put his left foot on the bed, the hem of her dress while stretched between the knees. And then I began to pick up the hem, collecting in the folds in the middle of her thighs. I could not take my eyes off her flesh, covered with a dark nylon stockings. Now I'm completely crazy. We all went astray.
And it is tempting bent leg is almost bare. Then Mom put her right hand under the hem of her pick up and began to touch and caress themselves there in the concentrated darkness. And then stuck his tongue and held it on her upper lip, her eyes closed.
- Look at his pants - his father said.
I obeyed. Before "Levis" pulled five centimeters forward. The severe riser! So that's why my groin is literally torn from the pain!
Mom again lowered her leg and pulled down her skirt. Show the law ... ... She came up to me and grabbed the collar T-shirt, pulled my face to his. My mother buried her lips in my lips, and then slipped sharply tongue in my mouth and began to roll like a real drill. The first time I kissed passionately with a girl, and it was my mother! Her saliva was incredible, fantastic taste! Even complex combination of meat, vegetables and wine only added spice to our affection.
But Mama broke the kiss, though I was still ready to smooch with her all night. I felt that my whole body is shaking shaking. Mom smiled.
- Do not be afraid, son! child soldier will not offend ...
Then my mother again pritisnulas close to me, put her arms around ... and started to slide down my body, without taking his eyes from my face. When my jeans sticking member rode between the hills of her breasts, I could not help but groan from the instant of ecstasy. Mom finally stood in front of me on my knees and unbuttoned my pants, pulled them with shorts to the knees. My tusk protruded ... as befits a tusk.
- Oh, how he's a handsome man! Mama loves her boy - my mother turned to his father. - Pasha, see how our boy has grown!
Dad nodded approvingly from his chair.
- My rock! Year four finally force pour - the women will give no quarter! - He sat clasping his fingers on his stomach, his eyes half-closed, his face pleased with serenity.
- And do not the women Seryozhin "descent" I what? - Mom turned back to me and asked: Do you want to mother you do blowjob?
I nodded frantically. Without taking his eyes shining in the darkness of his eyes from my face, my mother opened her mouth wider and gently planted them on my cock. I gasped with pleasure attack. Hot! Soft! Protectively sweet! - A whirlwind of sensations. Mom began nasasyvayut and swallow whole, and lick the head and poke myself in the cheek and licking along the entire trunk.
At the same time it is constantly watched my reaction as I squirm with pleasure and mutter through clenched teeth, "Mommy, Mommy '...
After removing a member from the mouth, my mother asked:
- Like?
- Ltd…
That's all I was able to squeeze out of yourself.
- Do you want to give pleasure to my mother?
I nodded.
- Then undress me - my mother got to her feet.
I'm shaking hands, lifted the hem of her dress, and - for the first time! - I took her by the waist. Then he hooked his fingers the edge of stockings and underpants and pulled down. Himself down on his knees, carefully removed them and, unable to resist, fell down and began to kiss and lick her bare feet.
- Oh, dear - my mother said, and sat down on the bed. She picked up her skirt and spread her legs wider. - See, now it's your ...
It was plain bad. Only bush of curly hair between magic thick thighs. Then mom sat on his back, leaning back in his arms and lifted her legs, bending them at the knees. Her pisya opened in all its glory. Dark purplish-designed with large lips, the tips of which shone with moisture droplets. Mom wanted me! And I do not wait.
Of course, I knew about cunnilingus only the theory, but put all the ardor! I licked her mom a big round clitoris, licking his lips and tongue thrusting as deeply as possible into her pussy, while firmly holding her hips. I reveled in its juice, tart-sweet, aromatic, maddening. I smacked his lips and lapped like a dog. Mom moaned and then lowered, then raised his feet, and then guessed to put them on my shoulders. I was choking from the influx of feelings. Mom fidgeted ass, and then cried out, strongly squeezing thighs my head, huddled in orgasm. When she let go of me, my ears and neck burning overload.
She stroked my head and smiling very happily.
- Thank you, dear ... You're so delicate ... Let Mommy give you for it ...
I stood up and took a deep breath. Then he took off his jeans, but remained in a T-shirt: I'm a little ashamed of his body loose. Mum pulled her dress over her head and unfastened her bra, let loose his white soft chest. Her tits sagged, but the pert nipples protruding from the center of the small dark circles. I again fell to her knees and sucked to the left chest, caressing his right fingers. I sucked sisyu few minutes, enjoying the moaning mother, and then she began to lie down on the bed, pulling me along. We went, we do not like, they usually slept, and head over to the mirror and door. I lay there - just - on the mother and the last time looked at his father, as if demanding authority.
He was sitting in the same position - only without pants, shirt unbuttoned - and its hefty nadrachival thick drin. In my opinion, no other evidence was required. I, without turning his head, looked like his mom has parted thighs as suits their eggs on my ass. Then I looked at her face.
- Now the focus will be, dear mother whispered and took my hand to his penis. One movement of her hands, and I found myself in some warm, moist and tender place ... As her mouth, but even smaller and tastier. Kids, there is no place safer and more enjoyable than a loving mother's pisya.
- Move, move in her son, - I heard my father's voice. And disobeyed him, trying to emulate the heroes porn.
Oh, they were not fools! As great as well! I stared at my mother's face, distorted with passion, her rasteksheysya breasts and soft belly.
- Now you prigolubit mom - hot she whispered, and began to roll under me in full booty. Inside there was something unimaginable, it is compressed, then released, then some waves rolled along my trunk.
I grabbed my mother's thick thighs, leaned on her and began to swing wildly, trying to drive a stake deeper into her pussy. He began to scream with delight. Favorite Mom screaming beneath me! Passion fogs my mind, like a member of the enveloped thousands of languages. I could not resist and also shouted:
- In the pussy, in the pussy, in the pussy!
Member exploded, like a box of Chinese firecrackers. I twitched convulsively on her mother, taking her in the flow of sperm. And in two days it had accumulated considerably! Then I fell exhausted on the mother. She hugged me with his hands, as earlier his father, closely hugging her.
- Dear, dear, - she whispered. - You will be well? It does not hurt, not scary?
I watched with gratitude in her happy eyes.
- Thank you, Mom. You are the best in the world!
- Not at all, dear ... Now you're a man - and so be generous and kind to the woman he loves, it's my command.
And then we had a long and tenderly kissed.
- Kghm Son ... - I heard my father's voice, - Let him show off the old guard!
I looked around. Father hung over us, and the first thing I saw his big belly and protruding underneath parallel to the floor thick drin. Quite an impressive sight.
I dutifully rolled off and lay down next to my mother, taking her hand in his. Father took me, that is its rightful, place between the mothers legs. He busily tucked cock in her pussy and swung several times, checking sensations.
- Many nakonchal, he noticed my mother, probably, had not jerked off.
- Nothing so nice - Mom said - and I have a spiral ...
- Yes, - said the pope, gradually increasing the pace - your mom, Serge, a great French bun. Dessert after dinner.
They do ebley carried away moaning, slapping flesh on flesh and champing her mother's pussy, and I for them enjoyed watching. Then he crept closer to her mother, and has stuck to its Sise, the benefit she almost hung side. Someone while I stroked on the head, and my mother all squeezed my hand tighter.
I pulled away from her tits and down, without stopping to kiss my mother's belly, legs and ass, to the event center. I lay my cheek on the bed and leaned close to my mother's thigh. Right before my eyes, thick, wiry, brilliant grease with squelch drin father was a member of her mother's pussy. Dad pulled my mother's feet up, so I could see better. Fat greedy pussy incorporates a member, and then temporarily released him into the wild. And it repeated.
Just do me! Almost eighteen years ago! Shaggy eggs father fought on the mother's back - this is ... was the beginning of a new life. Here it is the mystery of Creation! I like present at the birth of the universe. A unique experience!
But the father has accelerated and croaked loudly:
- Look, sonny! - Its members huddled in mom pussy and sperm became part drain out, dripping on the sheets. Mom ass last podmahnula relaxed and still.
Father got to his knees. Smiling, looking at me.
- Well, all he saw?
I'm pretty nodded.
- And that's okay, right? And there is no psychology Oedipus plant ... some ...
My mother, too, sat down on the bed and gently stroked me.
- In fact, my son, should be easier to treat this ... We love you and will never harm is done.
I happily agreed, moreover, that I was standing again. I was their slave forever.
- Oh, no - in mock horror moaning mom, seeing my problem - in the beginning it is necessary to eat! Something I love starved ...
We returned to the room to the table. Amusing sight: a father in unbuttoned shirt, I'm in a T-shirt, and my mother and all naked.
We even did not sit down. We ate standing as a hungry horse. To throw at each other tidbits eatables, laughing and leaning across the table, taking turns kissing with her mother.
I first filled his belly slegontsa and was not going to take it anymore. He went back to his mother and became oglazhivaet her gorgeous thick ass. It is quite growled, without ceasing to chew food. I was going to take her rollicking, hurriedly. Not a bit of it! I tilt it slightly forward to the table and began to carefully examine her naked head space mezhnozhya. And stumbled on the correct hole, immediately vdvinulsya it for the most eggs. Mom was wet and ready. She moaned approvingly and became slightly podmahivat.
I gripped my mother's ass and pulled her quickly to a member. Long did not tortured again pumped her pussy full of sperm.
The father, meanwhile, included a TV set and video recorder, and put the tape with porn. But we almost did not pay attention to it: we have enough ourselves. My mother offered to make love three.
- But as? - I asked curiously.
Parents need to and to teach children "how". I was shown. Father sat on the sofa, my mother on top of him in a pose rider, and I smeared with Vaseline before a member, has taken in its narrow hot ass. Oh, and I tore it! Holding on to the mother's fat ass I perdolit her father almost flew into the back of the couch while yelling that she zhopastaya bitch, and I'm on the part of its tear.
I felt through the thin bulkhead member of the father in my mother's pussy, and I liked to give pleasure to both of them. We finished at the same time, rapidly and sweetly. Hardly a breath, the father said:
- Well, you and the eagle Serge! .. Just sold! And it seemed so meek!
- Our blood! - Satisfied tone the mother said.
This went on all night. So I fucked my mother with cancer, and she sucked a member of his father's tired. It recovered the father changed places with me, and I pushed her mother on the cheek. Then we took turns with her father lying on it.
In between copulation, I offered to call my mother, "the queen sweet pussy," and his father "King cock I». The proposal was approved.
- And you what? - Laughing, my mother asked.
- For example, "Prince Eldachok" ... It will be our secret intimate names ...
- Come on, Prince of Denmark, I kiss you, - my mother said, and pulled me by the neck.
I thought that this is the beginning of my new crazy crazy life. But it took the second act of the drama, with shearing, all and sundry masks. About him, I tell you another time.