The evening sun is already slightly gilded crowns of trees, when a roadside cafe noisy and together the three young men and a woman came out. Nikolai Chernyshevsky, Toll Brawlers and Kostya Blackbeard took turns telling jokes their companion Masha. After a hot summer day at the lake were all a little tipsy already, so the jokes laughed at everything, even the always gloomy Kostya Blackbeard. Home to go yet nobody wanted, and the weather cleared up in earnest, the second week of Petrograd pleasing tropical temperatures and lack of rain. Slowly moved to the lake; after abundant libations all revealed a desire to swim again. Approached. Examined. A narrow trail led straight to a small gangplank and ... - into the lake. Of course people in this hour was gone.
- And, let's not just swim - suggested Nikolai, looking askance at Masha.
- Anatoly for !!! - Brawlers cried and began to pull off his pants, not allowing room for any objection.
- And what about Mary? - Said Konstantin punctilious - she is a woman.
- Duc who easily right now, then? - Blurted out, together with Chernyshevsky Buyanov already bared podernuvshiesya light blue on the evening chill eggs.
- You won, Masha better look ...
Masha was already in the water, bathing in the truth, but all the same bluish from the cold eggs two young men suddenly noticeably flushed at the sight of Masha.
They jumped into the water. Constantine remained on shore to digest eaten hodgepodge and observe what is happening on the water. The water was wonderfully warm, and after half an hour Spatter childish and naive and touchingly funny conversations with Masha did not want to get out to the beach. Suddenly Brawlers screamed:
- OOOO! I see the bungee, Uraaa all bungee!
On the other side of the lake is really hanging rope tightly tied to a branch of an old oak tree leaning over the water. Nicholas and Toll, sailed up the coast of the first, quickly and without a bit of hesitation and embarrassment came ashore and went up to the rope, trying his strength on the alleged flight distance into the lake. Swam and Masha, in girlish giggling and embarrassed, became splash in the water in the shallow part, without leaving the shore to the two young people, although from time to time glancing in their direction. Without thinking I jumped into the water one after the other with Chernyshevsky Buyanov, while expressing a lot of enthusiasm and desire to do it again. And further jumped, thus coming up with the best way to twist or roll in the air and thus enter into the water so as to avoid damage from the exposed and unprotected sexual organs and brittle. Masha, meanwhile, still went to the beach and with a touch of embarrassment came to preparing for the jump Nicholas. Nicholas ... all the sports excitement, wet, disheveled, shaking elongated member, turned to Masha.
- Come on, Mary, do not be shy, jump - and Masha put the rope in his hand.
Mary, still a little embarrassed two naked male torsos of bronze, took hold of the rope and with a loud squeal jumped into the water. Kohl and Anatoly standing on the shore applauded approvingly, thinking individually about the same.
"Ah ... good Mashulya, aah ..."
Masha, meanwhile, emerged and came out of the water. In the body of its thousands of small streams dripping lake water, clean and clear, as well as Mary herself. Already a little bolder she came to admire her children. But ... apparently from a strong cotton on the water, Masha left breast fell out of a bathing suit, revealing a pink girl's nipple - wet, covered with ants ... Seeing the disorder in dress, Mary has a fun and energetic, and ran to the children as a sign of solidarity slightly nude exposed and the second breast. Nicholas, fascinated, stepped forward and held his hand on the car pink nipples. Members of the guys had long stood, swaying slightly in the wind. Toll slowly slid his hand under her panties, and abruptly broke their hips with the machine. Masha already felt begins to sink and melt under heavy feverish glances of two young men. Neat and sparse pubic hairs on the car as though moist. Kohl cleverly took Masha by the armpits and ... neatly planted on the already cooked and sitting on the ground Anatolia.
Member easily entered Anatolia in the car anal and started to work energetically, performing with incredible speed reciprocating friction. Nicholas also leaned on the top Masha and thrust his huge erect phallus in her pale Rozwi youthful vagina. A little discouraged such a turn of events, Masha was initially resisted slightly, but quickly relaxed and gave the athletes to complete.
Nicholas stuck out his tongue and ran it on the chest Machine. Anatoly, increasing the frequency of movements confidently approaching orgasm. Masha, sighing languidly at first, began to shout from the hitherto unknown pleasure of carnal love. Five minutes later it was all over .. and the rapid and unstoppable flow of sperm gushed into Masha Anatolia and Nicholas, filling every pore and cell of her calf animal-brutal pleasure.
It came to an end and the evening and the trip to the lake. I finished and Constantine, ended with his right hand on the other side of the lake, and tucked into the left leg of his enormous and enormously swollen member. In his binoculars, he no longer watched, he put his next orgasm much earlier, saw all his soul ..