Hi, my name is Cristina, I am 16 years old. I want to tell you my real story.
One fine summer morning, the breakfast comes up to me, my mother said to me: My daughter, I hope you do not obidishsya we and Dad have to leave for a week to Aunt Annie, she was sick, and I will need to look after her, and she one lives the father's car, too, need, but unfortunately you will not be able to take us .... I said: Do not worry, Mom, I'm a big girl can handle! I could not wait until the time when my ancestors left the city and call me, that they have reached, of course left me a little signing "agreement" - No party and the guys ... well, of course I agreed. What you will not go for a week of complete freedom ... Finally, I'll stay alone and nobody will torture me ... Finally it has come true, after 5 hours of Departure. The ancestors of the call that they got excellent, and Aunt Anne was very ill then they can just as well stay there even much more ... I was 7 the sky ... joy. It was somewhere 7 pm. I went for a walk with my dog, and then I saw that navprotiv is very good-looking girl, and she was very familiar to me, of course! I knew it, it was Vic. We learned it in elementary grades, and then she and her parents moved to another town and I forgot about my good girlfriend. We got to talking and I invited her to his home. But first we went to the store. We bought a bottle of wine and champagne, lots of chocolate and ice cream.
We went to my house and I left her friend in the kitchen, because I had to change clothes, I went to her room and then back I heard her voice, "Kristin, and I thought that you live with the ancestors?" "Yes, Vikulya, but they left a sick aunt, and will be in 2 weeks ..." "Yes, it's cool - my friend said, and added softly, I even thought that I was. heard, We're great fun stuff" I changed into a T-shirt and skirt with large cutouts pobokam when I sat down it was obvious my smooth thigh. And all the time I tried to close it as it is. I saw that Vic has brought with it some little box, but did not ask for it, as it seemed to me that it would be very impolite. We have moved all bought on the table in the living room, sat themselves on the sofa, and began to speak, I have noticed that Vick very closely looks at me, I asked, "What??? Why are you looking at me like I have, that the mascara smeared ,?" she says "No, just you become so beautiful, just a doll, I do not think that such hair you ... so long, but I did not get their otrostit". Indeed Vick was trimmed as a boy, she was a beautiful slim figure, but she was a little plump, but that it even is beautiful, she looked awesome, she was dressed, in a short denim skirt and an open topic, the bra is why the not dressed. We opened a bottle of champagne first, drank a glass and began to discuss life, and then I noticed that my friend looks at my thigh, I felt like that is not on its own, and I covered it with a skirt, but she opened her hand again my hip. I asked "Why are you ... and did not have time to finish her ruin touched my lips ... I pushed her away from him. . and ran into the bathroom, I forgot to close the door ... Vic, came immediately after me, and told me "Christina, I fell in love with you .... do you want? I could not resisting and timidly nodded ... Vick pulled me to my room, where I have a big bed, she began to undress me, I pulled off her blouse, rastegnula my skirt and it fell to my feet. Her hand slid down my belly, and fell into her panties while continuing to kiss me, she took off her panties, undid her bra. . and began stroking my chest, I enjoyed it very much, she toyed with my nipples, she became like two cherries, then I her section, took the topic, skirt and turned. What she did not wear underwear ... she dumped me on the bed and kissed me all ... then. she sank lower rozdvinuv my legs wider, and then said with surprise: "Chris, and what are you still a virgin? I guess, huh?" I said nothing, Vic understood everything and said, "Wait here to see prices. Do not go away, we will now make of you a woman." She left and after 2 minutes she came back with a box, I remembered it right away ... there it took two vibrators.
One large and two slightly smaller. And she said: "Well, then, pussy, do not shout! I hope that will not hurt, I'm going to do everything gently, n you first need to bring a little more! She left vibrators and dropped to my hole, which has already been wet with excitement, she began to lick my pussy lips, clit she twirling round it so that I came once, but Vick did not know mercy, she fucks mnya his tongue, which was part of my hole deeper and deeper ... I again finished in her mouth. And then she stopped, and said, "Well, that, pussy, we fuck you in the present" she took a vibrator more, smeared with grease, which flowed from me in streams, and abruptly shoved him to the very end. I was not hurt, then she switched it on polntsyu power, I think he will break me. . This contraption jerked me until I finished three times, then Vick pulled him off me, licked, kissed me on the lips and said, "And now it's your turn" I put her cancer, her smeared with grease both the vibrator, one stuck in her pussy and the other in the ass, she screamed that I was scared, but apparently she liked it very much. She told me to sit on her face, and I did it vylizovala my pussy, and she was fucked two huge vibrator. When we had finished almost simultaneously, she stood up and said, "and now the baby will be a surprise" I lay on the bed, Vic told me to lay down on his stomach and lifted her ass as soon as I did, she neozhdanno vvognala my anus wide vibrato I both screamed, Vick put me her panties instead of the gag, and whispered softly" Suffer, baby, can not is your sanitz ostavatsya devtvennoy" She fucked me for a long time. . then in the end, she licked my pussy, ass. From this I came again. Then Wick said" Now you lick me!" She lay down and spread her legs, I began to lick her pussy, clit pososovala entering rough tongue deeper and deeper ... Vick finished very quickly, because I was very excited, then we pavalyalis in bed for an hour or more. Let's go take a shower, pamper still there. And so it went until the arrival of my parents. And they came back two weeks later. Now imagine how many times I came for all this time.