Role playing with Victor and Olga. Two slaves

Readers obviously remember how I met and started having sex with my teacher Olga and her husband Victor.
Going to your we loved to play different games. More than just a slave and masters. Most often was Mr. Victor. I and his wife - slaves. But sometimes, the roles have changed, and one of us became a mistress, however, being in subjection to Victor. Such game is not often, but it happens. I, and Olga, too, liked to obey than to command. The next three stories will be dedicated to these games. Therefore, if among the readers there are those who are not interested in the topic can easily scroll down the page. The rest - welcome.
The first story will be devoted to two slaves, that is, me and Ole, who were subordinate to the Victor. One such game, we usually lasts a day. At this time, I ask for leave from their parents under the guise of the fact that another friend's birthday and I from it will go directly to the school. I knew my mother, where she lets her daughter!
For this kind of games, we had a lot of attributes. Special costumes made of leather, whips, cuffs, collars, leashes, stacks. By the way, we ordered Victor collars registered. On my collar sported the words "sex - slave Dasha". On the collar of Olga "Wife - slut Olga." For these collars Olga and paying blowjob. Each of your collar.
I will describe our clothes for the day, to which this story.
So. Ya I was wearing leather pants, half hiding my ass. Opposite the entrance of the anus and the slots were made in my pussy, just by the diameter of the member Victor. My breasts supported leather dressing. Imagine a bra cups from which there was only the lower part, which has a chest. In the hands closer to the shoulders, I had the metal latch. Her hair was gathered in a ponytail. Around his neck was just a collar, which was a three-meter circuit. On his feet were steel shackles connected meter chain. On the belly sported the words "Dasha fucking here." Two arrows that went from her up and down pointing at the mouth and pussy. On the back wore a similar inscription, only the arrow pointing down on the ass. The inscriptions were made with lipstick.
Olga was a more colorful outfit. Since she had pierced nipples, clitoris, labia and the navel, she was wearing a lot more circuits. Neck nominal clutched the collar, which ran the same three-meter circuit. Rings that have been pierced nipples, connected by a metal chain, which hang loosely centimeters by three - four from the chest. From nipple chain stretched to the tummy. Rings that have been vdet in the clitoris and labia are also connected by a chain. Earrings in the clitoris and navel in turn were connected another chain. Thus all of its body two triangles formed chains interconnected line. On wrists were leather bracelets. The legs were also shackled. Inscriptions, like me, were absent. But there was another. "I give everything" was derived around the navel lipstick.
In addition, our Olga collars connected by a length of chain a little less than a meter, without giving us the opportunity to move away from each other at a considerable distance.
Victor just been completely naked. The two chains are coming from our collars, attached to one ring, which he held in his hand, and they manipulate their slaves.
And here we are in such attire standing in front of Victor and wait for orders. Victor comes to us with a whip in hand and backhand hitting his wife in the face. I was then, but for the chest. We will in no way guilty. Just like that, because he so wanted. However, it is not absurd it sounds, he loves his wife. Therefore, he hits it hard. Just to demonstrate their power over us.
- On your knees, bitch!
We went down on his knees and looking at the legs without talking to Mr. and objections. We are slaves, and we can not look into his eyes.
- Suck!
We have to guess. We are given a lick or legs, or dick. If one of us did not guess that the owner wants - for it will be punished. I hesitate to lick feet master, his wife - on the contrary - a member.
- Good for you, Dasha. You see that slave primarily obliged to lick the feet of Mr. And then, if you deserve, member.
- Bitch who you allow to touch your filthy mouth to my penis? - The question was addressed to his wife.
- Sorry, the host, - wailed Olga - I was hoping you please and wanted to please you.
- Pleasant does Dasha. And you nagleesh every day. And who gave you the right to speak without my permission?
Victor gives his wife a slap and shoves her foot to the side. Harried bitch waiting for punishment.
Victor takes us from the living room to my room. We have the right to move him exclusively on all fours. When he came into the room, Victor collapses on the couch.
- Bitch, - he said, referring to Olga, - go and stand next to cancer. Now I'm going to punish you.
- And you rewarded for having so faithfully licked my feet. I authorize you to suck dick while I smack my wife. You can thank me.
- Thank you, my lord, because you let me touch your filthy mouth to your magnificent cock and suck it. I will not forget your kindness.
Saying thanks, I crawled up to him and gently took the dick in your mouth, I start to do blowjob.
Meanwhile, Victor birches in the hands of a plastic stack. At the end of his fixed solid rubber strap, which is the impact tool. Waving stack, Victor puts his wife on the ass. Rubber screams and falls on the poor woman's ass, making her scream. I know it hurts. This modification of the stack has been specially created to punish slaves, at a distance. Also Victor has the usual hard plastic stacks, which he has to close, but such attacks are much less painful.
Victor let me suck for a long time. Ten minutes. All this time he beat his wife. Her ass has fallen about 20 strokes. Every blow was accompanied by her desperate cry. Finally, all was quiet. Victor threw the stack, and picking up my head, became rigidly fuck me in the mouth. Soon it was poured into my mouth and I swallowed all the sperm rumbling.
Drink all the sperm lord in our games is considered the highest award. If Mr. condescended to order to feed their nectar tiny slave, she certainly obliged to thank him.
- Thank you, my lord, that you have rewarded me as a magnificent dessert that I wanted since I first tried it. I will never forget your kindness, and I will faithfully serve you. Please do not forget me in the future and feed their dessert regularly. I'm always happy to drink it.
Victor approvingly patted me on the cheek and unclipped the leash from the collar. I'm moving on all fours, she moved into a corner. Victor pulled the leash and Olga immediately crawled to him.
- Lick all clean, whore.
Olga pressed her lips to his cock, which is already slightly opal, and began to carefully lick the remnants of sperm and my saliva left after my blowjob master. During the time while she licked and cleaned every member, he could take the form, peculiar to him fucked slaves.
Victor ordered Olga to climb on the sofa and become cancerous.
When she followed his orders, he swung and went into her ass. His wife screamed. Its fucked in the ass dry ... a couple of minutes she screamed and writhed in pain, then just whines and panting, dutifully took a master's cock. Her lips were dry, and she, his tongue, licking them. Beaten girl, writhing in pain, gave her a member in the ass looked pretty darn exciting. I wanted to be in her place. But to say I had no right. Finally, unable to bear the sight, I decided to break the ban say.
- Boss, let me ask you ....
- Ask, but five strokes you've earned for being violated my orders.
- Fuck me in the ass, you fuck your wife.
- Well, mind you, I'm going to fuck you dry and it will be very painful.
Viktor foot shoved off the couch Olga. I crawled on all fours to the couch and climbed on it, has become a cancer. Member re-entered in the ass, but in mine. I screamed in pain, but in fact the pain was tolerable. Moving in Olya's ass little dick had become wet and I was a little bit easier.
Olga watches as her husband fucks her student. To play along with lord I cry and wriggle, mimicking pain.
- Sama wanted slut endure.
And Fucking is continued again. But I do not care. And vice versa. Very happy. When Mr. approaching orgasm, he decides to allow Olga to suck his dick and drinking sperm. She is a devoted dog, fulfills the order and drinks cum his master. Then thank him.
The owner again brings me back to the circuit and goes into the bathroom. Ordered us to get into the bath, he sends us his already fallen member. His urine comes out of him and a flood covers our faces, wets the hair, body. When urine flow expires. We, as a team, cling to a member of the host and begin to lick and suck it in gratitude that he allowed us to wash.
Then we go into the room. There is still a lot of interesting ...