Vanina birthmark

Chapter first
There was nothing surprising in the fact that Vanya Rassudina on his right hand, where it is rounded, passing on the shoulder, - had a birthmark in the shape of a triangle or a heart, if the reader so it seems more poetic. There was nothing surprising, because one is not, although not on the shoulder or in the form of heart? - There was nothing surprising in the fact that the mole has not been seen, and who saw it did not pay special attention. Several surprising was that this morning, standing at the open, but curtained Kise window itself Vanya did not look at the yard and blossoming lilac him, not on the blue summer sky, not running around Nero, - and in his hand, squinting and dangling sleeve shirts. Let's hand was very nice, in adolescence almost thin, but round, from the early sun and birthmarks which seemed white and rosy - but watch what quarter of an hour on his own hand? Nevertheless, this contemplation is obviously very took the boy, as a knock on the door, he is lazy and reluctant to put deflated sleeve, depicting on his round, snub-nosed face some displeasure, went in haste to wash.
A knock on the door meant that Uncle P. Esper is already out in the dining room and began to "New time"That struck half of the ninth, and that in this house no dreams and contemplation, even the most innocent, did not have time to break the established order.
Perhaps Vanya was more languid look. than assumed his uncle's way of life among the living, because Esper Petrovich, looking for papers for its gray, somewhat bleary-eyed, asked his nephew:
- Did you sleep well, boy? you something pale.
As if to refute the speaker's words, before blushing ears, Vanya said:
- Well, you thought so.
- If you're that worried, open up, you know I do not have prejudices.
- I know that, but I have nothing special to report to you.
- So much the better, - he said the uncle, - is necessary to avoid the emergency.
The boy did not say anything, but I could not wait for the end of the Tea Party and leaving his uncle's office: it seemed to him that Peter and lingers with rolls; Andrew and groom quickly enough pours and spreads tea; and that he was knocking boots and clatter of chairs more than ever; and that the newspaper contains double the amount of telegrams, chronicles, dead, and humorous anecdotes; and that chews Esper P. slower than usual - although it happened in the bright dining room, similar to the wardroom as yesterday, the third day, a week ago. He did not know how to stay behind books like sit breakfast (on the long, obnoxious, hateful breakfast!) Until the arrow shows, finally, the coveted three hours.
We habitually and call for speed his hero boy, but in fact it was the young man of eighteen years, a few thin, blond and pink - but when he is looking in the mirror and whispered: "she loves Me", He smiled and kissed his reflection - of course, it was a boy, just a boy. He whispered: "she loves Me" and again, squinting, he looked over his shoulder, like a cloth white blouse was visible that the birthmark on which hand seems even more white and pink.
Chapter Two
On the face of other hours, but where the arrow slowly crawled to the same three, closely watched, arms around each other, the three girls. They were in the same dresses, similar to one another, rosy and fresh, so that the old poet or poetry-loving tradition of successfully clerk would compare them with roses. They were all smiling when the arrow was made even with oily Roman numeral, all three once again rushed to the window, crying: "here it goes"They ran out of the room.
Mother of Graces, Anna Pavlovna Komarova, had not only sustainable, but even a few original world discernment. However, it was not so much of world discernment, as a look at the ratio of the sexes. Itself - a widow, not chayavshaya soul in Sonia, Varenka and Katenke, she was convinced that the world exists only for women, and even, in particular, for her girls, strong same sex born with, and then only with great oppression, just as the entourage for lovely roses. All the young population of the universe was divided into her girls, her friends, and the Cavaliers "boys"The rest were "old men", Which was used for several other measurement, and they humbly reckon Anna Pavlovna herself. "boys" eradicated in every way, and even their faces were not noticed; NOTE Cavaliers and consistent devotion to caress, girlfriend praised and glorified, but "roses" - Roses were a deity. And even gentlemen holilis as victims of the slaughter - no more, "boys" same, and countless faceless, it was declared the eternal, holy war.
Deprived of excessive fanaticism of mother and daughter shared the Amazonian vaguely looks, and in the house Komarovs and glorified, and chant, and claimed only the eternally feminine, as the only gem created. Men can only receive a salary, a good row and rule, when young ladies ride, hunt and dance, but you'd be incredibly surprised and offended by these lovely ladies, asking, for example: "Whether handsome neighbor realist?" It would have been unheard of. That was the question when there is a host of friends and, finally, three roses!?!
Three roses in the garden down towards Van, but two, and feigned poschebetav remembering something, fled, leaving Vanya Varya in the middle of the lawn, open on all sides. Not inviting the ladies in the shade and not letting it out of his hand, he said:
- How I love you, Varya, if you only knew ...
- I know - she said, downcast.
- But you, you ... do you love me?
- I would not be here right now anyway.
- But how sweet she is, cheat! kiss! - Dream mother, looking out the window through the eyeglass at the scene.
- Ah, the beauty, the charm - rustled Sonia and Katya, embracing.
And on the lawn between the conversation continued.
- I can not believe it: Do you really love me, dear Varya? Will you kiss me? response girl wordlessly held up his cheek, which, almost approaching, but stretched his neck and lips, kissed the boy. The site was completely open, the sun was shining, and the curtain for the pants shone pleasure three pairs of eyes.
Varya, her hair, said: "Come into the house, we were going for a walk".
And to meet them out already, Anna Pavlovna, Katya and Sonya. The girls looked at each other and smiled knowingly, and the lady said gently red as a lobster, cavalier: "Maybe Vanya, you drink some tea before: samovar is still hot". Ivan blushed even more, is not accustomed to the kind treatment and not knowing that he was instantly transferred from a number of the hated "boys" in an honorable discharge Cavaliers.
Chapter Three
Strangely joyless Vanya returned home that can re- kolznulo even not very affable look Esper Petrovich. My uncle, who had the habit without permission to enter other people's business, not his nephew asked about the cause of his disorder, but that it did not go unnoticed was clear from the fact that Esper P. thin voice singing an aria Delilah. When troubled Vanino state in less than ten days, the uncle asked himself:
- What, Vanya, you did not seem quite yourself?
He sighed in response, saying nothing. Then uncle started again ...:
- I do not force my confidant, you know? But perhaps you yourself will be useful and advisable to get advice from a person, unfortunately, more experienced than you. Then you will need to reveal to me what was going on. I can not say anything without it. And yet, you did not look like themselves, do not eat, sleep poorly, apparently, and very unimportant look. You know, I'm a man without prejudices, but health - it is the main basis of our happiness.
Health was her uncle's forte, and he enjoyed on occasion or even without occasion, distributed about the safety of their relative youth and freshness, losing nevertheless sight of their concerns colds, late decomposition, their regimes, diet, corsets and sinapizmy.
Vanya and the second sentence of Esper Petrovich provzdyhal only, and only when they have already reached the bench on the hill - the second place of the usual stops of the few solitary walks - he began his confession, then punctuated with sighs, even meager, not frequent tears.
- Esper Petrovich, I loved ...
- Well surprising in this, my friend? I thought so ... So what, you do not meet?
- I do not know how to explain ... I think so, but understand that this is done as if in reward for my loyalty and love, not on its own initiative, and that I was responsible for love, not love I love and how I would like to be loved.
- Explain. It's not stupid what you say.
After a pause, Ivan began again more excited, but even more deplorable tone:
- Well, for example, I love someone, his soul, his body, I admire him and kiss him and expect the same from him towards me. You. See? me a little that I just love so much as Varya Komarova ...
- Oh, it - Varya Komarova?
As if not hearing inserts and sweeping in their outpourings, Vanya is now continued a ringing voice:
- I need someone who loves me, just kiss me, as gently fingered my hair, caressed me, love my eyes, arms, shoulders, neck, like me, like me ...
- At your age is, of course, a legitimate desire - remarked uncle and, after a pause, he added. - Come somehow to Aglaia Nikolaevna, do you want?
- Perhaps - silently said Vanya, somehow hanging on his arm Esper Petrovic, which was handy.
Chapter Four
Aglaia N. Schreiber. despite the summer lived in a stone house, he had a graceful things, books, and the first flower garden in the neighborhood. Those who passed through the entwined hops and nasturtiums balcony into the narrow vestibule, hung with British lithographs, and tiny, but two living rooms, blue and pink, and so on - in a number of small, but somehow different-sized clean the room - to a new, already no entwined balcony overlooking the clean paved courtyard - never occurred to him that he is on the Petersburg country, and not in Fiesole, a shelter of some international estetki. This impression would not have passed, perhaps in the form of an inattentive observer and the most hostess, fine, medium height redhead lady with a big mouth, the narrow, almost always gray dress. She lived a very closed and held Esper Petrovich, so there was nothing surprising in the fact that Van was invited to visit his uncle the salon where he hitherto not been among the few visitors to its prominence. However, hardly Aglaia Nikolaevna visitors could be called "salon"As her guests were going in all directions, without forming any mug, and few friends among themselves.
Vanya Esper Petrovich led to a neighbor is not his first visit, he had previously traveled alone and, after waiting, when will go the other visitors had a long talk about something with the hostess, even changing his regime to go to bed at eleven o'clock, and goodbye, kissing little hand , said:
- So, if you allow me, I will give it to you.
- Please, I'll be very happy. Whatever you say, I am very interested.
When, a few days later, my uncle in the afternoon if briefly told his nephew: "Today you're doing? floodplain dem to Aglaia Nikolaevna, and even so in the summer and does not gather"- Ivan was not at all neither surprised nor pleased. All the same, it has been two weeks did not go anywhere, not pulls muslin curtains, did not touch the books, and all the time almost lying down, his hands behind his head and said nothing.
He even went to Schreiber, as he was at home, a few crumpled white jacket with a camomile in his buttonhole. The sun had not yet set, shot exactly in the upper half of the frame, and several theatrical lighting pink light smiles from Aglaia window.
She remained at the window, but turned their backs on him, waiting for the visitor to reach it; She looked at Vanya, who is now falling red beam from the window, and said, laughing voice:
- I did not know, my friend, that you are so big and so cute nephew; why do you. it so carefully concealed? Did you find what you he is old? My friendship to you further strengthen from this new acquaintance. Only he does not know how to brush the hair, it is not necessary to do so. Do you want to date, I will be your Kaufer? Do not think I do it for myself, only for myself, because I was hurt to see you disgrace yourself vortex.
Vanya was very grateful to the evening sun for what it is, flooding the room with pink light, deprived of the opportunity to observe a bright glow, which drove the boy's quick word Aglaia. He did not have time to recover, as he was taken to a nearby pokoychik and sitting on an uncomfortable, low pufe, not knowing what to do with high-risen knees, he indifference (suddenly - fatally indifferent), though for whom the stranger, watching in the mirror by candlelight as not visible in the reflection of his face changed hands. And only when the depth of the window looked at him a new face, which he liked and did not seem his usual, he stood up, turned around and kissed the hand of Aglaia Nikolaevna. Same silently laughed, and his eyes and mouth, and a small handle in the rings, and gray with green stripes dress - everything seemed to tremble with silent laughter.
Chapter Five
Esper Petrovich did not sing an aria Delilah, but with some secret contentment walked through the dining room, not asking Vanya, as if waiting for his recognition of the * It is obviously well" I knew his nephew, because in less than two minutes as Ivan spoke from the window.
- You see, Uncle, you're worried about my health, now all gone. I'm very grateful.
- For that, my friend!
- For the fact that you introduced me to Aglaia Nikolaevna!
- Ah well! Do not mention it; I'll be very happy. Is not it a lovely woman?
- Ax, really. Such thin formed, with such flavor. Uncle patted him on the shoulder and silently called to give towels, as the hour of swimming. From the clear, sunlit greenish water swimming all seemed green - green seemed narrow and Bay Lake, which reflects the green of the dense birch. Bunnies running around the walls with boards, sometimes falling on the leg, back, chest bathers. Noticing that Vanya looks, squinting his eyes, on his shoulder, Esper Petrovich asked:
- What are you watching this?
- Nothing - Vanya answered, blushing, and seeing that the silence of the other as it continues its question ... said:
- I've got a mole.
- So what?
- Nothing else.
Uncle also looked and suddenly dissolve into a smile, asked:
- Aglaia had not seen it?
- What are you, uncle! After all, for it was obvious I need to take off his shirt.
- You're right: I did not realize - how strange Esper Petrovich remarked, as if to himself.
With bathing it had to be back by Komarov. Vanya is now always in a hurry hurry to pass this place, for fear of random encounters. But if you can avoid accidents, it is difficult, without unnecessary roughness, get rid of intentional visits. Meanwhile, it was obvious that Sonia Komarova, standing at the gate this morning, someone was waiting for, and when Rassudiny caught up with small acacias bordering the garden three roses, it became clear that it was Vanya, "whom" She is expecting a girl. Uncle bowed and proceeded forward, the boy with a towel over his shoulder, stopped on the catwalk, not knowing how to start a conversation. Sonia came to him for help, saying:
- Sign, you have completely forgotten. Greengrocer of the guard, but he too, can be seen through.
- And what Varya, Varvara Nikolaevna, how are you?
- Nothing, we live, what we should do? - Dryly replied the girl, smiling random. So, in silence, they walked up the stairs, then went down the path to the balcony, where Sonia loudly said, referring to is in the house" "Here, I brought you a fugitive!" and I went inside.
Behind her followed rushed Varya, all red, whispering something to bother and sister by the hand. Ivan was still standing on the porch until a voice of Pavlova:
- Come, come, young man. My girls, of course, ran to brush the hair, you know them, ever since.
Vanya knew it, though always wondered why Uncle Esper, and it is not being girls in the morning were more or less ready and available Ferris; moreover, before, when he often visited Komarov, he had seen three roses in different types of household enough. So he thought, fingering plucked a blade of grass, meanwhile, as the lady had already sent for her daughters and then when it became Van prove ungracious such disappearances when a gentlemen.
- What to do - she whispered - girls are always wild and bashfully.
One of the girls said Van wild:
- Let's go for a walk on the web today is not hot, - look for a hat and disappeared.
All the way along the green rolling hills, open meadows, where the distance on blue with lambs peeped through the sky like a gray flash, railway bridge, along the flat with a cane, and clumps of the lake - all the way Ivan did not speak with an embarrassed and somehow falsely cheerful Varenka. Only when they went up to the bridge and began to look at straight as a ruler, line, leaving no way to turn through the swamps, forests and hills to the north, - he said, without turning his head, quietly and separately:
- Sonia, I need to talk to you, arrange it. Nodding his head in the affirmative, she spoke loudly with his sisters.
When they fell behind, Sonia first start.
- As our desires coincide. I myself need to talk to you.
- About what?
- Of course, on the Var, you know yourself.
The boy nodded his head, he said: "So what?"
- Yes, the same that did so? You said that you love her?
- It's true.
- Well?
- But she does not love me.
- As you are not a sin ?! Is not she sets you on walks, everywhere ... Do you not kiss her, at last?
- I myself have approached her on walks, everywhere, I was kissing her because I loved her, was in love with her. She only allowed to do so.
- But what more do you need to, you stupid man?
- For she loved me.
- But what does this have to do: to be hung around your neck, to run after you, and kiss his hands? This is, perhaps, you will not wait.
- I dont know.
- Understand, this is ridiculous, you can not miss. What do you want?
- I do not know - sadly remarked Vanya.
- Varya pure girl and loves you.
- I - too clean, - whispered the boy. Sonya glanced at him, grinned and remarked:
- It is quite another matter. - Then, zdrug if illumined thought, on the whole meadow exclaimed: - You fell in love with Aglaya? Yes? Yes?
- I do not know, leave me alone! - All flushed, he replied, and ran forward.
- What happened? - Asked the sisters came to the rescue. Sitting on the grass, Sonia laughed loudly, repeating:
- It was crazy: in love with Aglaia!
- Aren `t you ashamed. Sonia! - Varenka said, pouting.
Chapter Six
So quiet, so reassuring, so serene was throwing paddles, stand in a canoe on a smooth, quiet, whitish-blue lake. Aglaia Nikolaevna, dismissing the white umbrella, silent, silent and Vanya, removing the white cap, so that now the combed hair parted in the middle seemed golden in the sun.
- You're very pretty, Vanya, you know? you have green eyes and perfectly outlined mouth, you have soft hands and long legs. Show your neck: the neck can judge the color of the skin on the body. Nothing, pinkish and tender.
Ivan wanted to add: "And on the shoulder I have a mole"But I refrained. Aglaia, meanwhile, continued:
- You know what you're not bad?
- Yes I know.
Aglaia, a few dissatisfied and asked:
- Who told you this?
- No, I know myself.
Houses, pouring tea, the lady asked:
- Do you, Vanya, a lot of friends of young people, comrades?
- Almost not at all.
- It is a pity! - Aglaia held. To recover, Vanya said quickly:
- Here I go to Komarov; there are gentlemen.
- When you wean from this terrible word? But that's not it. Do not you understand?
- I have an uncle, there you are, - he added sheepishly.
- Yes, it is, of course; but then again it is not. Vanya Aglainu timidly took her hand, she said:
- What is there for me more than you ask for? If you allow it to be always near you, if you it will be nice, why me more could you want?
- Of course, to me it will be a pleasure: you are such a sweet boy, you look nice, you want to caress, fondle - but if you are not afraid of such a friendship? it can easily go to another feeling.
- From my side? - Asked Vanya, once choking.
- And your, and my, - said Aglaia seriously. Vanya suddenly moved ... to a place where she sat Aglaia, fell from her chair to the floor and whispered: "Aglaia Nikolaevna, that I love you". She just leaned over and somehow inappropriate laughing, I began to cover the rapid and sharp kisses her hair, forehead, eyes, cheeks and lips boy. "And you, and you?" - As if stunned, Vania whispered, hugging her knees.
Aglaia, as if remembering something important, took a cup of fine Chinese and embracing Vanya with one hand, he took a gentle finger on the figure, saying:
- Look, Vanya, what combination of colors, and that is shown here! You see: sitting family on a small terrace and drink tea, here are the fishermen going to fish, goat standing on a hill, the beloved asleep, while the girl fan drives away the flies, but only that they both played checkers and tore currants, a bird flying through the sky, and its pink color from dark speck appears even pinker. From the smallest speck of both tone and brightness is enhanced.
And as if lost in thought. Vanya got up on his knees and whispered in her ear:
- I have a mole on your shoulder!
- Yes? - Polusprosila woman, not realizing what was happening, but smiling, just in case.
Knocking at the door, the maid came in and handed to the letter tray. Aglaia, saying, "sorry"Quickly I tore open the envelope and read it several times a few lines on thick gray paper. Then he thought, as if forgetting about Van. He stood up with a suppressed sigh and said: "I'll go, Aglaia Nikolaevna".
- Go, my friend, we'll see you soon, - gently, but distractedly she said, and kissed the boy.
Chapter Seven
It must have been really an emergency, which is so avoided Esper Petrovich, that Ivan came to his bedroom after eleven at night, uncle talked, sitting on the bed in night clothes, that Vanya walked around the room, fanning the flame of a candle, which is likely to , on the occasion of such urgency was lit instead of electricity.
Esper Petrovich was silent, resting his hands on the bed and his legs dangling, Vanya is saying something, then he fell silent, and again taken to be a monologue, no one interrupted.
- You know, it's not that, not that she loves me just as a rare dish, as a binder of the book, but I'm a living man in me bleeding when I shot, I get hurt. I love and want to be loved and admired not only by me, as the cupboard Louis XVI. There, Komarov, and did not even realize where I just cavalier with young ladies, but here - a toy. And I, I'm here with the arms, legs, breasts - Vanya Rassudin, here ^ I. And as I love, I want to love me just as I am. If it can not, then what is ?! What then !?
Vanya sat down as if all unsaid. Esper Petrovich rubbed his ear and began:
- In the morning I would have realized all much better, but now I understand what your desire. It's really hard time even Aglaia Nikolaevna'm not satisfied. Rarely have such feelings ... usually just fall in love with the young ladies Komarovs, they also innumerable. It's not stupid and correct what you're saying. But it occurs later, when love awakens. Now I think about it, the city is hardly what can be done. Only you must promise not to do anything stupid: they shoot, burn, etc. Aglaia rights, you have no suitable mates; it entertains, you know? You know how I know you well, I have not lost sight of, even your moles, if you please. Believe me, everything will be arranged, and urgency, such as today, will not soon be repeated. Sleep well.
Vanya kissed Esper Petrovich, she said:
- I do not know why, but I believe you.
- Of course, we must be without prejudice but discreet and not go to extremes.
- I know.