Private lessons

The day preceding the
The first stars appeared in the deepening twilight. But for the audience this evening at Mr. Vincent, to celebrate the graduation of his daughter, Joyce, this circumstance did not make absolutely no difference. Night in front of a long, alcoholic beverages, are now allowed for yesterday's students is enough space in the garden as much as necessary. The most fun is now reigned at the pool, where young people danced to the upbeat fast music or sat in pairs at cozy tables.
Two boys - brother of Joyce Sherman and his sidekick Philly - lay on the grass in the bushes not far from the main scene. They held optical instruments, Fili - marine binoculars, and Sherman large telescope, and in strict secrecy watched the fun.
- Look, Sherman - Fili surprised - and what we have got here? would sit with the others, would have had finished the cake.
- You're a fool, romance do not understand! - Sherman snapped. - There are teachers, parents ... Well, them! There navedesh pipe on splayed legs and admire how much you want!
Words do not diverge from his business and Sherman, lying on his belly, he kept his telescope from the eye catching lens slender tanned legs sitting at the tables of young girls. He was unusually thick, short, with a comical plastic face, wore round glasses with thick lenses and differ nasty character. He always wanted to be a leader, but not always with him, it worked.
His best friend Fili was the complete opposite Sherman, both appearance and character - and so they were not friends-spill-water. Fili, in contrast to other classmates, patiently enduring the antics of Sherman, without losing, however, the case in turn to pry it. Fili was a tall, dark-haired, with beautiful large features, athletic-looking young men. However, he always stooped, why did not look very confident.
- Won my father and thy about something talking - said Fili with indifference in his voice. - Now, perhaps, again go to the cut card.
- Do not look back, you fool! Look, like this Ted paw my fool-sister's tits - squeaked its thin voice Sherman.

- Cigar, Dick? - Suggested Mr. Vincent, the owner of the house. - This Cuban cigar as well?
- No, no, Robert. I stopped. Already a month as the cast - it is necessary to keep in shape. Years. - Mr. Fillmore slapped his hand on the belly starts to grow.
He was tall, slender for his forty-five years old, with beautiful well-groomed face, solid brown mustache and a silver at the temples, unruly curly hair. Immaculately cut expensive tailored clothes, carefully selected by the color of his tie suit, a gold ring with a diamond on the middle finger of his left hand - everything in it to meet the high position which he occupied in society.
- As time is running out, however, - he sighed Mr. Fillmore. - How long has your Joyce's a run, - he pointed his hand somewhere in the waist-level - and have graduated from high school! Fun ....
- Time now they have fun - echoed master of the house and lit his cigar vaunted. With pleasure plume of smoke released. - I feel like even as it is now superfluous ... let the fun, go play bridge, everything is ready. We must have been waiting for.
- Yes, do not look at our age these furies slim tempting - broke away from the contemplation of Mr. Fillmore fun dancing young people (mostly, of course, he saw dancing girls in which, because of the beautiful weather was not very many clothes).
Mr. Fillmore cunning: his age in relationships with women he has not complained. But he was bored standing on a brightly lit with colored lights melteshaschimi site stun groovy music. He felt here as a bishop, who in full vestments, was in a strip club.
- Come on - he said his old neighbor. - Not only late, like last time. Tomorrow I fly to Washington, and I still have a lot of cases the house.
- You're talking about his new housekeeper? - Eyes flashed with Mr. Vincent. - I saw, I saw this morning - in the berry juice, I have a housekeeper and wife ...
Mr. Vincent was a dark-haired, small, stout man with a bald head and the early oil eyes. Usually he went to the colorful, wide open on the belly shirt and loose pants, but today on the occasion of a gala evening at his home had to dress up in full dress. But he had long since removed his jacket, his tie was now weakened and buttons of his shirt undone, giving it a homey, welcoming feel. Yes, Mr. Vincent and itself was the epitome of hospitality - until the case came to his finances.
- I will never break my principles. - Mr. Fillmore picked up a glass with a cocktail and took a sip. - A good cocktail. And one of my basic principles - not to have sexual affairs with his employees. By the way, where's Feely? - He began to inspect dancing and sitting at the tables of people.
- Runs probably somewhere with my Sherman - Mr. Vincent shrugged and picked up an old friend by the elbow. - Stare, probably on girlfriends Joyce - remember how he was at his age .... - evidently remembering something Mr. Vincent broke into a dreamy smile.
- Yes - he confirmed Mr. Fillmore and took another sip.
- It is difficult, perhaps, to be controlled by a single fifteen tomboy? - I sympathized with Vincent.
- No, - said Fillmore. They went into the house, where it was been prepared for an evening of traditional games, in silence, without this dazzling dance of colored lights. - Fili - a good boy, I'm proud of him, - he said. - Although, maybe I should give him a little more attention. But rise today Lilian from the grave, she did what could not reproach me.
They entered the house. If revelers in the garden near the large swimming pool, young people pay attention to it, they may be, and breathed a sigh of relief. But the evening passed already in the phase when such trifles as the presence of parents and teachers cease to constrain growing spree.

Many porcelain dish with the remains of a celebratory cake towered proudly on a large table. On the cake carefully preserved inscription "Congratulations on your graduation!".
The mood at the recent school, of course, was about somewhere in the height of bird flight. Yesterday's difficulties behind, tomorrow - tomorrow. Have fun and do not think about anything!
Joyce was not going to think about anything except how to clench her hands and stretching to her lips, embracing her passionately and eagerly Ted. They stood on the edge of the pool, in a transparent greenish water which, reflected bright tropical stars and patches of light-music. Eyes obscured by a heady pinkish veil and had to be shut down - not to see anyone, and imagine that they are only two of us in a sweet fairy country. Their hands eagerly felt through clothing fabrics hot young bodies to each other, breathing merged in unison - as even now to think about?
In a burst of flame merge young people shaken, did not deter the precarious balance and, laughing, splashed into the water. Fountain spray caused by their joint fall ... attracted glances holidaymakers guests - seemed to frolic in the pool fairy leviathan.
Ted got out of the pool, shook himself, spraying water droplets, like a shaggy dog, and offered his hand to his girlfriend. Joyce swam up to the curb - happy, happy, laughing happily, and sat up in the water in all growth.
Wet blond hair plastered to his head, framing a pretty face and emphasizing youth and purity. White festive dress clung to slim dense body, wet cloth has become transparent and clearly stood out chest girl - she was wearing a bra is not. The views of almost all young men were confined to two small, crimson, like a carnation, buds of her nipples, burns, seemed transparent material air dresses.
Joyce got out of the water and re-dug a long passionate kiss in the hot lips of her Ted. All around the world once again ceased to exist for them.
But that's just for them - the present, enjoying the sight of couples in love, do not forget about the delicious sweets and fruit, about now officially permitted, and such delicious, heady cocktails in their hands already adults, the severity released and secretly envied.
The idyll was interrupted by the stern voice of their teacher. Now, thank God, their former teacher!
- Could you do it somewhere else? - She asked sternly.
No, the teacher did not have anything against the youth-friendly kisses. But she does not longed to be surrounded, follow the example of Joyce and Ted pairs.
Joyce returned to the real world and the eyes stared at a pretty woman, I say something to her. Then the meaning of words came to the girl and she was a little ashamed engulfed her passionate impulse. Of course, the right teacher, though ...
- But this is my home, Miss Phipps - Joyce said on many years of habit to argue with teachers. - My house! - She repeated stubbornly.
Ted pulled her away from here, to take on the advice of a teacher in the same, but in a more secluded spot.
Miss Phipps with the air of a man who carried out his difficult duty, returned to the other party - the instructor Sherman and Fili tennis.

- Well, this Miss Phipps ... - disappointed handed Sherman. The fat man barely breathing watching the exciting scene of the pool. - Why it has got the most inopportune moment ?!
- Similarly, - I agreed and Fili pulled away from the binoculars, which looked at the slender legs sitting at the tables of girls. - And your Joyce damn sexy! - He announced his friend.
- She looked much better, while the hair is not dyed - Sherman said, and shifted a thick belly on the ground, settling comfortably.
- All the same, it is very sexy.
- And in my opinion, she freak! - Sherman sat down and adjusted his round glasses, for which he is constantly teased at school. Small, thick, black hair, he was different from his father, Mr. Vincent, only childish naive face expression and the lack of baldness. - Oh, if it were not Miss Phipps, - frustration he slammed his palm on a plump knee. - Well, what if it is the most sexy teacher in school?
- On the other hand, and the most severe - said Fili.
- Yes, but Joyce, now graduated from high school, - the fat man sighed, knowing that he was something more than once will have to experience the rigor Miss Phipps in their own skin. - The idea! - Suddenly his squeaky voice he cried and jumped up. - Come on! Hurry!
- Where? - Fili surprised. He again put his binoculars to his eyes and did not want to break away from the spectacle opened his beautiful feet.
- Joyce will now change! - Sherman said, and grabbed each other by the arm, dragged him through confidence plunged into the impenetrable darkness of the jungle garden.
- Then we do not need to go there! - Said Fili.
- You think I do not know your own garden, right? - As far as possible ironic squeaked son of the house owner.
They made their way through the thick bushes, between tall trees. Fili completely stopped orient where they are - the music could be heard from somewhere very far away. Suddenly he came to overclocking stopped suddenly another.
- What are you doing? - Fili surprised.
- Hush! - Hissed the fat man by the hand and led Fili squat.
Fili heard ahead of some low voices, Sherman has carefully made his way there.
Fili crept to Sherman and heard a thin girlish voice, uttered with a sweet aspiration:
- Do not do this!
- Why? - Came in response to a gruff voice of youth.
To understand what is happening in the thick bushes friends could not in the gathering dusk, but he could hear perfectly. They looked at each other and giggled softly.
- Because! - Categorically said the girl's voice.
- Why because? - I insisted on the man responsible.
- I just do not want you to touch me here.
- Why?
- Because I said so.
- Can I just put a hand? I will not do anything.
- Fair?
- I swear.
- Oh well...
Friends heard girlish giggles and kisses sounds. And then came the indignant cry of the girl:
- You said that nothing is going to do! You promised that only put a hand!
- I cheated - coolly admitted guy.
- Well, do not do it!
- Why?
- Because.
- Why because?
- Because I do not want.
- I promise I will not do anything further.
- Well, the last time, do not do it.
- What to do?
- You know that perfectly.
- No, I do not know.
- Well, stop doing it.
Friends bothered to eavesdrop. They looked at each other and nodded Fili. Sherman adjusted his glasses, carefully stood up and suddenly coughed into his fist - loudly and angrily, quite uncharacteristically bass. And, stamping heavily, I went to the bushes.
From there, we jumped classmates Joyce in disheveled clothes and rushed headlong through the bush in the opposite direction.
Fili and Sherman laughed out loud and enthusiastic slapped each other's hands.
In the end they got to the house for Sherman and crept up to the window located high Joyce room. From the windows poured a warm, even light. Friends in preparation for the planned action of espionage, gently laid his optitku at the wall of the house, so as not to interfere.
- Come on, become! - Sherman confident movement took other's shoulders and put to the ground ... if their instructor in training for the fight.
- Yes, why did you first ?! - Outraged Fili.
- How why? - Surprised fat. - This is my sister - I have to check - suddenly it is not even there! And if something happens, I'll lie that came after her ...
Fili resigned. Even without taking off shoes, Sherman climbed on his back standing on all fours, his friend and barely reached up to the window sill.
- Well, what is it? - I asked impatiently from the bottom Fili.
- About ... - and could only utter admiration Sherman. - Yes...
- What's there? - I almost cried Fili.
It was hard to keep on the back of his friend's weight is not a pen, also tormented unbearable curiosity. Before my eyes rose erotic pictures - tempting one another ...
- Joyce ... She ... - Sherman could not look away from his sister.
She stood in the middle of a brightly lit room in front of her and Ted, not taking his eyes from his lover, slowly took off the wet, stuck to the taut seductively delicious, is not in the father's complexion, tanned body, white holiday dress.
- What Joyce ?! - Small pebbles dug into his hands and knees Fili. But the pain, he almost did not feel - all thoughts obscured priniknut longing for a moment to the window and see ...
- She ... - choking with experienced feelings, whispered Sherman - she undresses ...
Feely could not resist and jumped to his feet, completely forgetting that the fat man barely holding on to the window sill unreliable, is clearly not designed for the weight. Sherman heavily plopped down on the grass and groaned, rubbing his bruised buttocks. But Philly was no time for a friend suffering, he hastily set it on all fours and, throwing off his light sandals (still thought of the clean shirt Sherman - not that one!), I looked in attracting him to his cherished box.
The reality surpassed all his expectations. Pink, almost translucent panties playful inscription at the bottom, where converge the gorgeous shapely legs, and a small navel at the center of a flat stomach is literally blinded him. Fili staggered, almost fell from his precarious pedestal, and grabbed the pipe, so successfully passing directly above the window.
Joyce pulled, finally, head, hateful wet clothes and stepped toward the trembling either from swimming in the pool, or from passion to Ted, who also managed to remove the soaked shirt. They were so engrossed in each other that any attention is not paid to the strange commotion of the closed window.
- Well, what is it? - Heard a small voice to Fili Sherman. - Great, huh?
- Wow ... - and could only utter Fili, wide eyes devouring the scene revealed to him: Ted went to Joyce and began to pull off her last thing it is now completely unnecessary clothing. She hugged him with both hands and eagerly sought his lips lips lover.
If kto-nibud contrived to be at this moment to photograph the face of Fili, then later, when placing such photographs, he hesitated for a long time and would be angry with myself: I almost fell out of their sockets greedy sparkling eyes and wide open mouth with delight - extremely stupid and look silly!
- What's this ?! - Suddenly came to an amazing spectacle absorbed Fili stern voice of Miss Phipps. - Sherman! Philly !!!
Miss Phipps stood on sprinkled with finely broken brick path in a posture of good cop catch the thief red-handed.
Sherman jumped up instantly, immediately forgetting about each other, glasses flew with him from an awkward movement. He bent down quickly behind them, his head ringing single thought: run, run anywhere, only not suffer from the severe as the law itself, the eyes of Miss Phipps.
Fili fingers convulsively squeezed a little warm metal pipe, he turned his head to the side so not during the teacher appeared (oh, would anyone else in its place - it's not so bad!). Out of the corner of consciousness Feeley noted the sound of hurried steps receding away Sherman.
- What? - Said Fili, he felt that he should at least say something. - Oh, hello, Miss Phipps.
Hanging on a pipe on a background of brightly lit windows was extremely uncomfortable, but to jump to the ground, to stand and turn aside from the look of Miss Phipps Fili wanted even less. Well, that although Joyce entirely absorbed Ted kisses and walks to the window with his bare chest lovely dimples ...
- What are you doing here? - Icily I asked the teacher.
"And a question - flashed through my head Fili - nothing more stupid she could not come up with?"
- I? - He asked bluntly, without moving his fingers. - Charging takes.
He began to catch up on the tube. Whether it is now in its place Sherman, either the pipe broke under his weight or he would be hung on the pipe as a tremendous overripe pear.
- And again .. and two ... and three ... - to the beat of his movements start counting ironically Miss Phipps. - Enough, feely, get down!
Fili doomed jumped, fell to the ground and immediately got on his knees, his hands resting on the ground.
- Well? - I asked the teacher. - Are you all right? - She looked back and saw standing close to the elegant white garden bench.
- Yes, all right, - Fili nodded without rising.
Miss Phipps sat down on a bench and look quite Fili accidentally ran into her slender beautiful legs. The skirt of her purple suit teacher barely reached to his knees and Fili, even gathered all his will into a fist, could not take her eyes off slightly spaced apart legs ... What he did not see in the dark nights approaching, the dorisovyvat his inflamed imagination of the evening .
- Feely, you spy on the girls in the shower? - Suddenly I asked the teacher.
- No, no, - he shook his head Fili. - I'll just pull myself up!
Miss Phipps was a good teacher, despite his young age and still a very nice appearance for the teacher. Its highly valued in school. And she knew how much tact and patience is required to communicate with the fifteen-pupils - whether boys or girls. Love for all ages.
- I know Fili - gently began Miss Phipps educational talk, - it is normal for your age boy interested in girls ...
- Yes, ma'am, - obediently said Fili, his whole appearance indicating that it accepts all the above, as the word of God. But look attractive given deflect between her legs still could not.
She finally caught his greedy mind, but did not make a scene and move modestly legs, only smiled faintly.
- Feely, but you should find yourself some girl more suitable you age.
- Yes, ma'am.
She stood up and straightened her skirt fabric. In the wrong moonlight and distant glow of light-it seemed the embodiment of all Fili female beauty in the world. He shook his head to get rid of surging obsession ....
- Come on, - said invitingly Miss Phipps - find some girl with whom you will be able to dance.
Feely stood up and walked in the opposite direction in order to stay one last try and deal with everything that is happening to him.
- Fili! - Demanding called him Miss Phipps.
Fili dutifully turned in her direction. She made a soft, but does not tolerate wrangling gesture inviting him to follow her. Fili sighed heavily and followed the teacher, if sentenced to public flogging whips.
He followed Miss Phipps for a neat garden path at the maximum possible distance, in his opinion. He wanted to avoid the dubious pleasure to listen to her speech on educational topics of morality, by any chance it will have a similar desire. In addition, it was nice to look at her tight buttocks, smoothly moving at walking under tight cloth purple costume.
They went to the pool, the fun was in full swing. Rhythmic music unwillingly called to dance at Fili again flooded sense of celebration. Alien holiday.
Miss Phipps took his hand and carefully considered the people around them, looking perhaps it suitable partner. Fili submitted that it is now forced to dance with some silly and talkative with a contemporary flat-chested and skinny legs and he felt sad.
"A Sherman is also good - Fili thought indignantly. - Gave me a cowardly leaving listen to her notation. A hand her such a fine and warm ..."
Fili glanced at the teacher. The top button of her white embroidered shirt under a purple jacket unbuttoned, he saw a thin strap bra and swarthy flesh of her breasts. Look slid a seductive hollow mentally Fili imagine what's next - and the imagination of its sprawling right in the hollows on both sides: on the right breast and the left, and then converge rapidly cascading down to the belly and ....
Fili closed his eyes.
- Fili! - He suddenly heard his father's voice. - Where is you? Lester you looking all over the county. It's time to go home!
Fili was relieved.
- You leave us so soon? - Miss Phipps was surprised and looked at the reddened Fili.
He felt at that moment as if sentenced to death, which declared amnesty.
- Yes - Mr. Fillmore said. - Tomorrow I fly to an important business trip, and I would like to sleep.
Mr. Fillmore was not in the best frame of mind - the game today, did not work (and indeed could not - in such a cheerful atmosphere, noisily!), And a foreign holiday began to bore him. Besides, he lived anticipation of a trip to Washington, where he was, apart from the usual affairs and concerns, we expected magic night with buxom blonde Nellie, whom he met at a reception in his last trip ...
- And why do not you allow Fili still have fun? - Do not leave their attempts to carry out educational work on the positive example of Miss Phipps. - Such a beautiful evening today. In addition, he has in fact begun a vacation!
- Perhaps you're right, Miss ...
- Miss Phipps.
- Yes, Miss Phipps, but time is getting late, and he left his bike home. - Father Feely put a hand on his shoulder and smoothed his mustache. - Ah, that's Lester! Goodbye, Miss Phipps.
- Goodbye, ma'am! - Fun with flashing eyes, the last time the teacher looked up and down appreciatively, lyubuyuschimsya look Fili.
- Well ... - I sighed Miss Phipps. - Then, good-bye, Mr. Fillmore. Good night, Philly! And how to think about my words!
Mr. Fillmore, still holding his hand on the shoulder of the boy went with his son to his driver, stopped at the edge of a brightly lit area.
Leicester in its unaltered black suit and starched shirt, a foolish white flower in his buttonhole and tighten around the neck narrow unfashionable tie, a black cap with a huge canopy, with its mefistofilevskimi mustache, which in addition to smile could not cause any other emotions seemed perfectly out of place at this celebration of youth.
The driver gave Fili scowl (supposedly made, brat, to be worn around the garden respectable adult!) And went to the car, parked in the backyard. Cadillac Mr. Fillmore stood out among the machines in a variety of crowding on not intended for such a cluster of cars parked at the house of Mr. Vincent.
Leicester obsequiously opened the door of a black Cadillac, and waited until the owner Fili sit down and whistling once popular song "Where are you, where are you, my Milland ...", I walked to the driver's cab.
In an old sports sedan, black and crimson in the moonlight, hugging couple, anyone not wanting to pay attention. Climbed into a car stopped at Fili kissing friends Joyce carefully-long and thoughtful look father noticed it.
- Do you have a problem, son? - Said Mr. Fillmore, when the Cadillac pulled away.
- No, Daddy, no problem! - Feely said, staring out the window.
The car slowly drove through the gate, turned onto the highway and rushed to their house. The ride was not far - about five minutes to seven on a quiet cozy streets of the small southern American town planted with lush greenery. It could take a walk in this wonderful summer evening under the velvet black sky dotted with shrill sequined stars. But ought not to Mr. Fillmore wander on foot through the streets of his native city - for walking there is a huge well-kept garden and therefore the driver was forced to suffer the whole night alone in the car, waiting for his master.
- Fili - with some tension in his voice, Mr. Fillmore said - I've been wanting to talk to you man to man ... You're an adult and ...
Fili turned to his father, throwing a meaningful glance at Leicester, which he greatly disliked. In the rearview mirror Fili saw unpleasant grinning face driver.
- Let's not today, Dad - asked Feely.
He badly wanted his father to read him a sermon (as it is now can I say?) At Leicester. Besides, happily escaped notations Miss Phipps, Fili does not want to run into an explanation on the same, apparently over with his own father.
"Away from Scylla - I thought Fili ,. - To get to this ... as it ... But it does not matter ..."
- Oh well! - He slapped his knee Mr. Fillmore. - Time suffers. We'll talk after my return.
- Dad, do you have to fly? - Said Fili.
- Yes, Fili. - Mr. Filmore sighed. - I perfectly remember that we were going with you to Canada to fish ... and we will do it .... As soon as I get back. Good? I'm just going away for a week, and then - right on the lake. Progress?
- There is - happily agreed Fili ....
He loved his father, and he liked to go together with him to Canada, where they had a small, but very cozy cottage on the shores of amazingly beautiful and pristine wild little lake, where were carried out in such by-trout.
- You're a big boy, Fili, - said Mr. Fillmore, when they enter into the gates of the park. - I hope you will be worthy to behave during my absence.
- Yes, Dad, - said Fili obediently.
- I will give you only one piece of advice - Mr. Fillmore Feely stroked her hair. - Do not do anything that I would not do.

Black long Cadillac slowly pulled up to the front door of a huge mansion of Mr. Fillmore. Lester came out, walked around the car and opened the door.
- I still need you today, Mr. Fillmore? - Helpfully asked the driver to the owner.
- No, Lester. Car corral and rest, - said wearily Fillmore and with Fili went into the house.
When he heard that the owner came to the hall was a new housekeeper, who arranged for them only at the beginning of this week instead of very old and retired on a holiday, Mrs. Tenn.
- You will be dining, Mr. Fillmore? - Politely ask the new housekeeper.
Mr. Fillmore and Fili turned in her direction. She stood in the middle of the stairs leading to the second floor of the house, in one working light dressing gown and slippers, but on both wrists coquettishly adorned with huge bracelets made of black agate, miraculously in harmony with its blue-black shoulder length thick hair, bottomless blue eyes and delicately outlined scarlet lips. Bathrobe blue of matter barely reached her knees, and did not hide, but on the contrary - emphasized the beauty of its dense, slender, a delightfully-exciting shapes.
Fillmore Senior ascended swallowed his saliva with difficulty suppressing the urge to jump into the abyss of her eyes, forgetting everything in the world, as if bewitched by the evil spell. "Meat - he thought admiringly. - Real meat - young, fresh, and extremely delicious for an aging wolf like me. But the principles have to be steadfast. If exceptions to the rule and there - and on it will be possible to contemplate at leisure - it still is not the time. Tomorrow I will have to cover their hot kisses so coveted Nellie. And yet, Bob rights - berry juice in ..."
Fili about anything did not think, he just watched and admired, knowing that this beautiful body, one of its kind to instantly make him useless erection will never be available to it, and it can only be looked upon as an exhibit of the annual exhibition of works Fine Arts.
- No, thank you, Miss ... Mellow - finally found the strength to answer Mr. Fillmore. - We are satisfied.
- I will now no longer needed? - She smiled that smile causing tremors in both Fillmore.
- No, thank you, good night, - said Mr. Fillmore and went to their rooms. - Good night, Philly!
- Good night, Dad! - Not taking his eyes off the new housekeeper, Feely said.
His room was on the second floor, but the stairs blocked the passage of Miss Mellow, staring at Fili mocking black eyes, framed by long, thick lashes.
How many times he passed the ladder and never had any problems, so to miss with anyone. But before Fili like there is now an insuperable barrier. He gathered all his courage and walked up - not to bypass the back stairs to go in the end!
- You can go? - With displeasure felt herself blushing, stammered Fili.
- Of course - charmingly she smiled at the housekeeper, showering Fili waves delightful perfume.
Feeley against the wall, passing by the housekeeper continued to smile at him kindly. Suddenly, she squinted her eyes swollen in the fabric of his pants where his pants zipper. Fili completely confused, stumbled and waved his hands, trying to keep his balance. His hand suddenly rested on the elastic flesh of her breasts.
He even closed his eyes in horror and surging at him with pleasure. She grabbed him around the waist with both hands, causing him nervous and surprisingly pleasant shiver.
Feeley finally felt that stands firmly on his feet, panic broke out of the hands of a young woman and took off a few steps up.
- Excuse me please, I did not want - and could only squeeze out of it himself.
- Yes please - still smiling, she spread her hands.
Fili rushed ran to his room.
He closed the door and leaned back to her, in a vain attempt to restore normal breathing and calm the pounding heart.
But what happens to him, what the hell ?!
Do not turn on the lights, he went to the tape recorder, and without looking poked in the playback button. Speakers stunned his shrill roar of guitars and thud of drums.
No, not now! Fili hastily shut favorite record, sighed, pulled the lace - came on a night light with a soft soothing light. Fili took a long look at his tapes in the wrong light a lamp, then picked up and he did not know why Joe Williams set a record. Her someone once gave him - then listened Fili half of the first songs and more to this film touched.
Quite unexpectedly, sounds simple but old-fashioned music seemed to him pleasant. Velvet, well-delivered voice of the singer sang with feeling:
"Tu vase, flower where you are to save the gentle,
Blow fan pushed you carelessly,
And crack, barely visible on her
There was ... But since then, it took not a lot of days,
A vase too threatening unexpected trouble!
Its faded flower; I left her water ...
Do not touch it: it is broken."
Feely came to the bed and flopped on her than it was. Above the bed hung: the camera - his long-standing fascination, sea spyglass and a poster with the image of Neil Armstrong and his two brave companions.
Fili lay with his hands behind his head, in the dim light of a lamp, and thought what was happening to him.
He knew that someday he would be sure to Big Love. Love with a capital letter. He did not know when and with whom, but he knew that someday will be. What is family and children, worth living. But it is still a very long time future. What hurts him now, probably has no love for nothing. It's just there, as well, and Sherman, and others of his contemporaries, awakened an instinctive physiological attraction to the opposite sex, nothing to do with true love is not having. But you can not also tremble and go crazy with excitement every time you look at the matter fitted by a tight chest and slim hips, or tanned legs of any girl passing by! How to get rid of the constant burning sensation in the chest and in his pants?
"So my heart you touched his hand -
The hand of a gentle and beloved -
And from that time on it as the insult of an evil,
He left an indelible trace.
It beats as before and lives,
From all his suffering is hidden,
But the wound is deep and growing every day ...
... Do not touch it: it is broken."
Sentimental songs of the album, which speaks of love - happy and unhappy about the platonic and voluptuous, oddly reassured Fili. In the end, he was only fifteen years old and in his life is all. Necessarily will. And the happy anticipation of "Total" absurdly mixed with fear that now he does not know and does not know how to love, and suddenly when it happens it is disgrace ... Fili already shuddered.
"I got used to this dream, exciting and strange,
In which I love and I know that love ..."
"I wonder what Miss Mellow busy right now? - Suddenly thought Fili. - Miss Phipps? A Sherman is also good, damn him. More hands do not shake it!" - With this thought Fili fell asleep, never undressed.
He dreamed of their new housekeeper in pinkish mist dancing unusual exciting dance, evoke thoughts of eastern culture. In dance, she slowly picked off at first bracelets, then shoes, then his tight-fitting robe figure, as in the dance with her bra fell off, then her panties, then all Zavoloka veil of pink mist and Fili not had time to consider it ...
"And the shape of the woman sometimes elusive -
And the same and not the same, it is as if the mist".
The first day
- You have a large, Fili, - said Mr. Fillmore - and not for the first time are left without me. But now Mrs. Tenn no longer works for us, the new housekeeper is not yet aware of all cases - you have to be for the owner. Leicester help.
They stood in the huge hall of the airport, Mr. Fillmore already it was time to pass the gate. He hugged his son on the shoulder of his mighty strong hands.
Next to them stood the driver, holding in both hands at hefty suitcase, and even master diplomat under his arm.
- Do not worry, Dad, everything will be fine, - said Fili recklessly.
They went past the tall, slender brown-haired twenty-five, in tight figure with a purple sheen dress with a yellow suitcase heavy imitation leather in his hand. Mr. Fillmore unwittingly followed her admiring glance. Feely did not depart from his father - his female figures are not interested in smaller.
- Sorry, Philly, that your mother is dead and can not see what you've become ... - Mr. Fillmore said, and sighed. - Okay...
At this point, a woman in a lavender dress, walked past them, stopped, put his suitcase on the floor and bent over him, thrusting aside Fillmore tightly covered with cloth a seductive kind of camp. Feely missed the casual mind his father's words, absorbed the idea that how great it would be to touch a hand to this hidden cloth, but a delicious flesh (which at that moment thought Mr. Fillmore author modestly keep silent).
- Listen Lester, Fili, - said the father. - And help to deal with the economy Miss ... ah, Miss Mellow. Show her that the house where, to my return, it was completely up to date. To the right?
- Yes, Dad ...
If the father is now offered to him seven days did not drink, do not eat, but only to dig a huge pit, it still would Fili also said - at this point the owner of a lavender dress with shimmer straightened and Fili beheld her delicious figure in the movement.
It is not known how long Fili could look after her - was a long hall and to target the woman was still far away. Mr. Fillmore saw finally absorbed than his son and wanted to say something, but behind it there was a dull roar. Father and son together unfolded.
Diplomat slipped out of the hands of Leicester. Trying it somehow catch the driver raised his hand with the suitcases. Fingers Leicester relaxed to grasp the diplomat. With a thump thumped the ground suitcases and fell on its side behind them collapsed diplomat.
Leicester spread his hands apologetically.
"Again," - Sadly noted Fili, watching Lester hurriedly leaned over the luggage.
"Damn the old man - evil swept Lester - why would he so much stuff for a week?"
"I would be surprised if it did not happen," - Mr. Fillmore said, and cried out:
- Leicester, O LORD God, do not leave you well my stuff!
- I'm sorry, Mr. Fillmore, - the driver said, standing up. He again tucked under his arm diplomat.
- There are very important things, you know that? - Fillmore took him a diplomat.
- I'm sorry, sir. Excuse me.
Mr. Fillmore shrugged his shoulders and said:
- Time is short, Leicester. Come, hand over my luggage. Diplomat I'll take, Work ...
Lester dutifully carried the suitcases to take.
Mr. Fillmore remembered that he wanted to talk with her son about the passing of female figures. But Philly has all kind embodied itself attention and sons piety. Mr. Fillmore sighed.
- Well, let's say good-bye, son. - He pressed his chest feely. - I'll be back - do not be sad. And do not do anything I would not do!
Seemed Leicester without suitcases.
- Godspeed, my father! - Feely said.
Mr. Fillmore hugged his son hand over his shoulders and went quickly to land lightly waving diplomat. He tried not to detain look at women passing by, so I knew that Philly looks after him and Fillmore did not want to give her son a bad example for others to follow.
"Although for some reason - bad - thought Mr. Fillmore. - What is natural, then nebezobrazno. The boy soon sixteen ..."
Lester went to Philly and also looked at the back who left them for a week of strict master. Then he looked at Fili and ruthlessly smiled. Feeley felt that Lester was looking at him, and turned to his driver. Their eyes met.
Feely did not want to look in the eyes of the driver and the oil on his stupid mustache sticking out like arrows barometer in opposite directions, but Lester he looked away.
Fili again looked toward where his father left and went after Lester to the car.
Holidays! Just do not do nothing! In the three months to get rid of notations Miss Phipps, it certainly is great! And what to do in those days he had always come up.
Fili left the building and went to the parking lot. Leicester stood at Cadillac and smoked. Fili was headed in his direction and he noticed kissing far from the glass doors the young couple. They were completely absorbed in their intimate occupation and did not pay the slightest attention of others.
Fili admired them terribly jealous - he had not kissed anyone ever. Paternal kiss on the cheek, of course, does not count. Fili mentally transported to the place of the broad Hoosier, so unceremoniously, without realizing how lucky he halts, squeezing in their paws is a delicate heavenly creature. She already stood on her tiptoes with excitement. Fili licked his lips.
Interrupted his dreamy contemplation thick porter, with a stack of boxes in his hands - boxes ... there were many, and they are obscured part of the review. A man came to Philly, almost knocking him off his feet. The top of the box flew from the stack, the porter instead apologize dirty curse, saying, that there are on the road, all kinds of ...
Feely did not doslushivat his heartfelt speech, and went to the car. The thought opened the door, under the carefully-ironic look Leicester, climbed into the cabin and turned on the TV front seat backrest. Lester sat down in his seat and started the engine.
The house Fillmore was twenty minutes from the airport away, no more. Fili bored staring at the last lit up the screen. Young girl in a cowboy hat, cowboy shirt in the box, in jeans and with a whip in the hands of a dashing music excrete some dance steps. Suddenly the camera rested on her outstretched professional appetizing ass (Fili swallowed, trying to clear suddenly appeared in his throat), fitted by jeans, and soon the entire screen is filled with the inscription "Wrangler"Sewn in these jeans.
Outside the window flashed the lush thickets of carefully trimmed bushes and colorful billboards with catchy slogans, winking beauties and smoking camels in different poses - the helmeted racing driver, then a multi-colored sail boat, then how.
Feely remembered the words of his father, he helped to enter into the course of affairs of the new housekeeper.
He remembered a morning meeting with her, remembered her strong tanned legs and a short bright robe ...
In the morning on an old bicycle rushed Sherman apologize for their shameful flight yesterday: "Yes, come on sulking, feely, well, what of it?".
During the night all the rage on the other somehow vanished without a trace and Fili was pleased with his visit. But he was going to accompany his father and he had no time to enjoy the company buddy - the whole day ahead, will have time to stop talking.
Fili decided to walk a bit with Sherman in the garden.
And in the garden friends came across a new housekeeper.
She stood on a high ladder in the short robe in bright morning sun and clippers cut off the leaves with a spreading bush, probably for seasoning.
- Fili! - He called to his housekeeper.
- Yes! - Politely replied that, and they Sherman approached her.
Sherman openly admired woman, he saw her for the first time, although he was already heard. Even the glasses adjusted and slightly turned to the sun did not stop.
- When you are dining, Fili? - She said, smiling affably. The floors of her robe parted slightly, exposing almost up to the thighs, slender legs that can compete with talented carved legs perfectly fine antique statues, which admired feely with his father in the museums of Paris last summer.
- I probably perekushu with his father at the airport - blithely said Fili.
- Well, - has agreed to a housekeeper and politely asked: - And when will you have dinner?
- I do not know ... at seven.
- It will not be too late? - To continue to show zeal before the young master of the housekeeper.
- No.
- O'key - even charmingly she smiled and raised her hand with large scissors to return to the interrupted lesson. The collar of her robe fell open, the floors newly parted - and even a little curious gaze of friends would open her panties. - As you wish, sir, - she added, and turned back to the bush.
Children in high spirits went on.
- This is Miss Mellow - your new housekeeper? - Sherman asked, turning to take another look at the woman.
- Aha - confirmed Fili.
- What do you think, how old is she?
- I do not know ... - dumbfounded Fili, he somehow did not think on this subject. - Twenty-five years ... or thirty.
- Old - Sherman made a harsh sentence. A little thought, and added: - But it is not as old as the rest of the housekeeper! Do you think it gives?
- What? - Fili not understand, thinking more about the different (although, by the way, about the same, but in its own way).
- Fool! - Sherman offended his slow wits. - I ask, she fucks?
- And I know where ?! - Flared Fili.
Past a seedling box in his hands was a gardener. Seeing the boys, he smiled happily:
- Hello, Philly!
- Good afternoon, Mr. Green.
- Do you think that your housekeeper will give the gardener? - Sherman did not let up.
- I do not know ... - handed Fili. - May be...
- And the driver?
They had just passed the Cadillac. Lester was standing by the trunk, pushing back tightly packed suitcases. Fili realized that the driver had heard their last phrases and maliciously throwing derogatory look at Lester (still lose nothing - their relationship worse will not be), looked surprised:
- Lester! What do you mean, Sherman, completely mad? Lord, let him no one would ever give nothing in life! - Fili tried to speak loudly to the driver certainly heard.
An old bicycle Sherman stood not far from the car. Fili noted with satisfaction how Lester angrily slammed the trunk.
- I'll walk you to the gate, - said Fili friend, not wanting to part with it.
- Yes, it will be better - a rather fat man agreed, and took the wheel of his bike on the neat garden alley. When they retired from the driver at a sufficient distance, he asked: - And you give your housekeeper do you think?
- To me? - Fili surprised, but then he said: - Of course! - Interception ironic look fat and added: - I guess ...
They just come to the beautiful cast-necked, freshly painted with black paint and is now wide open.
- Excellent - Sherman said, sitting on the bike. - In this case, when you get to it, do not forget to then send it to me! Agreed?
- Are you crazy or what? - Feely laughed.
Sherman pressed the pedal and go. Feeley threw after him:
- You do not even know what to do with it!
- This is something I do not know? - Sherman shouted and disappeared around the corner, barely blended - branches dense bush hurt slapped him on the side and leg.
But the last word is left for him.
Fili slowly went to the house, intending to again pass by the housekeeper, that drew him to her as the sweet siren drew brave explorers.
But, to his sincere regret, from a distance, he noticed that Miss Mellow already left the house.
At Cadillac with a rag fumbled Leicester. I pass by him strong stocky Mr Green in an old straw hat, cover up from the merciless sun of his bald head. On the shoulder of a gardener holding a plastic bag, which is usually worn ... manure.
- Green, please, step away from the car, I just had it washed, - peevishly asked Lester.
Gardener almost caught up with the driver. He broke into a wide smile and a satisfied demonstratively threw a bag from one shoulder to the other - so that from it the sparkling cleanliness Cadillac poured dung.
- Yes, of course, Leicester, - quite the gardener said, making sure that the car will have to be washed again.
- Well, look, look what you did, eh ?! - Barren rage exploded in Leicester. Gardener, he was afraid - do not touch the manure, the smell will be cleaner, Lester thought.
- Yes? - In the mock he raised his eyebrows, Mr. Green. - So what?
- That's all you can say? - A wave of righteous indignation swept over zealous chauffeur.
- No, not all, - said the gardener. - You have a huge pile of shit car, Mr. chistyulya!
- Then I'll tell you ... - began Leicester, clenching his fists, but the gardener calmly turned his back again to throw the shoulder to your goddamn bag. Dung obediently flew in the face Leicester, interrupting his tirade in mid-sentence.
I am pleased to observe what is happening, Feely laughed. Lester gave him a look that would be at once incinerated mocker, own chauffeur black magic.
Feely remembered today this morning scene came in excellent spirits, and looked out the window. Cadillac drove up to the mansion Fillmore.
Feely caught in the rearview mirror reflection smug face Leicester and indecent laughed.
Lester puzzled turned in his direction.
"Hm - Feely thought - I live with him and the housekeeper alone for a week," - And he pretended that he was something to laugh TV.
Lester smiled a nasty smile and turned away. The car slowly traveled huge circular flower bed in front of the broken front door of house, built in the style of southern planters end of the last century. In the middle of flowerbeds stood elegant marble fountain, which is very fond of Mr. Fillmore.
Then the Cadillac drove up the path and stopped.
Fili surprised looked out the window.
- Why are we stopping here? - He asked irritably. - This is the service entrance!
Lester turned off the engine, and turned to the passenger, his hand on the seat.
- All right, Mr. Feely, - his voice sounded blatant mockery.
Fili polusognuvshis crept through the vast interior of the Cadillac to the chair of Leicester, turning off the TV at the same time.
- But usually you do me a ride to the normal entry!
- Generally - yes - brazenly he smiled Lester.
- Well?..
- Well ... - Lester handed serenely, straightening his tie unfashionable. - Well, now it is not a ride.
Fili sighed and returned to his seat. He sat down and crossed his arms over his chest, his whole appearance indicating that awaits.
- Feely, you can still come out here? - Looking him straight in the eye said Lester.
Fili wanted to answer, but still restrained, he did not understand why. He sighed and got out into the fresh air.
- Thank you, Fili, - threw him a smug Leicester.
Feely with strength he slammed the door and went to the front door, although it was required to undergo extra two hundred meters.
Hurry anyway nowhere - vacation! And what to do today, and all the others too, Feely did not know.

And to do was absolutely nothing. Music listening as yesterday - there was absolutely no desire. Lie on the bed, turned on the TV. I turned off.
Then Fili decided that in such weather in the room to be completely impractical, took another book unreadable in bright paperback and went out into the street.
Along the way he looked for juice in the kitchen. In fact, the juice was a pretext, he subconsciously drawn to the kitchen, in the most likely place of residence at the time the new housekeeper - feely for some reason wanted to see her again, may accidentally touch. He remembered how his arm last night stumbled upon her such an elastic chest and smiled.
But the kitchen was no one. He poured pomegranate juice in a decanter, took the glass and went to the garden. He sat down on one of the wicker chairs, standing around a white round table, opened the book.
After drinking small sips a delicious, chilled juice, feely once unconsciously transported into a spooky enchanted forest, where the fearless warrior with a powerful bare-chested and a huge sword in his hand, made his way through the impenetrable thicket to get to the next castle next evil sorcerer who has stolen another ball of fire. Fili immersed himself in the entertaining story, knowing that the muscular hero destined to save the same blindingly beautiful, of course, the prisoner and that she will give him a night of love. Love without love, because somewhere out there, far away, the hero is waiting only for the sake of which, actually, and perform feats ...
Fili reached for the carafe to pour more juice and suddenly noticed that the opposite is sitting on a chair, his legs crossed, a housekeeper and smiles modestly with her hands folded on his knee. Fili splashed in eyes lit up her bare legs, covered with a light golden fuzz, and the appeal of a mysterious cosmic darkness under his robe, where these same legs converge.
Fili hastily buried in a book, feeling his cheeks fill with hot red.
- Feely, maybe we'll talk? - She asked.
- About what? - He muttered without looking up from the book, although the letters could not be discerned. He expected notation for his awkwardness on the stairs yesterday - perhaps she was hurt ... or even for any moral reason - you never know what adults may want to read him a lecture ...
- Well ... - she spread her hands - in general ...
Fili apparently reluctant to put the book down.
- What for example? - he asked.
- I do not know - she smiled with pleasure looking at Fili, and he blushed even more from that smile. - What you want. For example, that there is to do in your free time? - She took off her right leg to the left and slightly parted them, leaned back in his chair.
Feeley finally realized that she just wants to chat with him had nothing to do and was glad - he was also not averse to talk to her on abstract themes. Especially when she's sitting in front of him like that, and he is free to look at, that there is a robe that although nothing special to see, but all the same - great!
- Yes, there is nothing to do except watch the telly - summed Fili.
- And what will I do when I have a day off or a free night? - Playfully asked the housekeeper.
- Come in - Fili handed down - there are in our town a cinema, a restaurant, a couple of bars, I think ... Well, - he spread his hands apologetically ... - Nothing.
- And what we are engaged in the evenings other girls before me? - Faced with blank look Fili, she said: - Other housekeeper.
- Other housekeeper ... - Fili puzzled scratched his head not knowing how to answer, - they were not really girls. That is, we have worked before Mrs. Tenn, she was much older than you ... well, an elderly woman. She went to bed.
- That is, the previous housekeeper was an older woman, huh? - Once subtly (? Or perhaps accidentally) is even wider spread her wonderful legs, and Fili finally saw the fabric of panties, lace trimmed around the edges. - I guess it was not very interesting? - She stared at Fili slightly quizzical look, but he could not take his eyes off her feet.
- What do you have in mind? - He asked, glancing at the moment her eyes.
- Probably not very much was interested in the young man fifteen years ...
- I was almost sixteen - corrected Fili. - What do you mean, "not very interesting"?
- Perhaps it was not very interesting to sit in front of an elderly housekeeper, and look under her skirt, like you now to look to me. - She smiled, but not angrily, quite the contrary, and again threw her leg over the other. Floors robe fell helplessly on the sides, restrained only single button, opening the view Fili all the charm of its forms. She opened her hand a little gate, supposedly hot, showing that here, she does bad things.
Fili swallowed and broke:
- Why do you say so?!
- And why should I not say so? - Making surprised housekeeper.
- You embarrass me - Fili stared morosely at a glass of pomegranate juice.
- I'm just teasing you, - she smiled cute.
- Well, as - burn themselves Fili - fun?
- Yes.
- I am very pleased - said Fili, and stood up, his whole appearance indicating that on the contrary, it is not happy.
She quickly grabbed his arm.
- But I did not want to embarrass you, though!
"The skin of her fingers is as nice as Miss Phipps yesterday," - Said Fili.
She leaned her forehead against his arm, Fili felt faintly slightly pungent smell of her body, which overlaps almost intoxicating perfume.
- Will you forgive me? - She said in an apologetic tone, looking him in the eye.
- I do not know - said Fili, and looked away.
In fact, he did not know how to behave and what to say to her. He hastily snatched her hand out of her fingers and retreated, having forgotten the book on the table. Almost flight left the battlefield.
She brushed off his forehead dark unruly hair, held out his hand, took the owl a glass of juice and took a long drink, smiling something.

Sherman with mind so thick and clumsy, but jumping into the water jumping class - minimum spray.
Pool in Sherman, though not as respectable as that of Fillmore, but the two times will be more, and jump is made comfortable. Fili has long wanted to ask his father to him, and ordered the same jump, but somehow it all out of my head took off. He remembered, as a rule, except that it is now - swimming pool in Sherman.
Feely put his hands on a rainbow decorated tile sidewalk and out of the water easily. He sat down on the edge, bowed legs in the clear water.
Along the path to the pool was Joyce in beach suit - tonyusenkaya strip of red panties with white polka dots and the same thin strip bra - all feminine charms both the exhibition and sale. But in the eyes of the eyepieces of sunglasses, a hat on his head with such vast fields that these fields could be sufficient to make a race on a circle of a collection of toy avtomobilchikov Sherman. In her hands she held a magazine with a bright glossy cover.
Feely did not take his eyes off the enthusiastic girl's body - that is, it turns out, all just out the window and do not have to pry. A minimum of imagination and all at a glance.
- Good morning, Florence - cheerfully greeted girl fingering the fruit on the long summer table an elderly housekeeper Vincent.
She raised her head for a moment, nodded, smiled, and returned again to suspend classes.
Joyce came to the striped deck chairs, standing at the very edge of the pool, and sat down, settling back and wondering how best to substitute their trained, athletic body under the hot sun of grace.
Sherman swam to Fili, help him get to the curb and they both stared at Joyce sunbathing. She felt, seen, on other people's views and looked up from the magazine.
- Hi, Joyce! - Cheerfully greeted her Fili. His mood was just perfect.
- Ah. Hello, Fili, - she said, as if waved nuisance, and then buried her in the magazine.
The boys looked at each other and laughed out loud - just for no reason. Solely because life is beautiful and amazing.
- Children, you can not go play somewhere else? - Angrily threw them Joyce.
- Go itself ... in another place! - Sherman retorted. - We came here first!
- Fie! - Disdainfully replied sister.
Sherman flopped into the pool and the open palm of targeted